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at the end of the road, i see you with me

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Sarawat groans as he finally wakes up, staring at the ceiling as he recalls how many days have passed. 

567 days.

He’s not really keeping tabs on the days, but when you’re immortal and you have run out of things to do, you find yourself counting the days. He stands up from his bed, going to the balcony to overlook the city. In this hour, people are busy; there are workers running to get a taxi, a secretary probably ordering coffee for his boss, a little child with his mom going to school, noises of the cars going on to their daily routine, and Sarawat feels… lonely.

In fact, he’s not counting how many days since he has been alive, he’s counting the days since he last saw the love of his life.

Sarawat smiles to himself as he hears someone laugh from below him, the laugh sounding a lot like Tine’s laugh. The ache in his chest grows as he remembers the boy whose smile can outshine the sun, the boy who makes him feel like he didn’t have this curse stuck with him. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not fun to be immortal. The people you’ve grown up with goes old, then passes away. All your childhood friends, your family, everything goes away until it’s just you trying to survive each day.

However, you do get to meet new people. On each decade that passes, Sarawat meets different people and gets to know their stories. For example, he once met this guy named Boss who he found drinking away his sorrows at a bar. He lets out how he’s pinning for this girl but she won’t even look his way, Sarawat doesn’t even know him at that time yet.

He helps him though, to get the girl, but on his mission to help Boss, he ends up finding more than a love interest for his friend.



Sarawat remembers when he first met Tine Teepakorn. Boss dragged him to a place, told him it’s where this girl he’s pinning for works. On the fourth floor of a building, Sarawat found himself looking at a music club –for kids, he realized as he was greeted with kids running around, few of them playing instruments on their own and someone playing the piano.

“She teaches musical instruments to kids,” Boss said then, his eyes shone with excitement, “Isn’t that cute? She loves children!”

Sarawat could only smile at him as he had no idea who he should be looking for or how he can help Boss. The latter talked to him about this beautiful girl who would spend hours teaching kids how to hold a flute, or how to find the right chords for a guitar when his eyes landed on a man playing the piano on the other side of the room—producing the music he has been hearing ever since he entered the room.

There was a kid next to him, watching carefully as the man’s fingers danced around the piano like he’s been doing it his whole life. Sarawat realizes he’s actually playing Beethoven, which amazed him more. He felt like he’s just as entranced as the kid sitting next to him.

The song ended, the kid next to him clapping for him which made him turn and Sarawat saw that he was wearing glasses. If his heart wasn’t thumping loud before, then it is now. He saw how the boy smiled at the kid, his heart warming as the man’s eyes turned into crescents, obviously happy on how the kid appreciated his music.

“You’re really good at this, Mr. Teepakorn,” the kid said, looking up at him, “I don’t know if I could be like you.” the kid dropped his head sadly, to which the man—Teepakorn, he recalled, cooed at him.

“Hey,” Teepakorn said, putting a hand on the boy’s shoulder, “It only takes a bit of practice here and there, I promise you.” He laughed then, “I took years to master Beethoven, but you? I’m sure you can do it within months.”

That seemed to light up the kid’s spirits as he looked back up again, “Do you think so, Mr. Teepakorn?” He had his fists clenched, obviously delighted with the idea. The kid was so pure and innocent that Sarawat misses being a child, back when he thought that being immortal was a blessing, instead of a curse.

Teepakorn smiled, then nodded, “Of course, and please, call me Tine instead.”

Teepakorn. Tine. Tine. The name echoed on his head.

Sarawat is brought back to reality when Boss snapped his fingers at him, he shook himself out of his reverie to find Boss looking at him.

“Hey, Wat,” Boss snapped his fingers again, twice, “Are you still with me?” He snapped his fingers again, this time using both hands purely to annoy him.

Sarawat brushed him off, “I am, stop snapping your fingers at me.” He rolled his eyes at his friend’s antics, preparing another speech why Boss should stop annoying him with his snapping fingers when the said man held on to him suddenly, “Boss?”

“Wat, she’s here!” Boss whispered faintly, “She’s here, Wat,” he grabbed Sarawat’s hand, placing it over his chest, “Can you feel my heart, Wat?”

Sarawat just pushed him lightly with a laugh, then he looked at where Boss’ attention was directed at, finally seeing Boss’ love interest in sight. She was pretty with her timid voice as she clapped and gathered everyone to sit in front of her, she waved at the two by the piano and invited them to come closer. Then, her eyes found them, “Oh, Boss!” she said, waving at them, “Kids, these are Miss Pear’s friends, Boss and uhm,” she paused, looking at the new guest, shyly.

“Sarawat,” he introduced himself, waving lightly at the kids who greeted back, “Boss’ friend.” He nudged Boss by his shoulder, pulling him out from his stare at Pear.

“Mister Sarawat,” a kid said, the same kid that Tine was teaching earlier, “How old are you?” He asked, obviously with no harm intended but Sarawat felt his lungs gave out, would he lie to a young kid? Or feed them with the truth that he can take back as a fantasy?

Before he could answer, the kids erupted in laughter as Tine put a hand over the kid’s mouth, shutting him up. Even Pear laughed and she was right beside him. “Pear,” Tine said to her, “Why don’t we start today’s session?” He gave a pointed glare at her then to the boy he has his hand on, “And you, no more questions about Miss Pear’s friends, okay?”

Another round of laughter to which Pear told them to shush, having mercy on his friend—or was it his co-teacher? Sarawat doesn’t know but he found that Tine’s ears were red and so was his neck.

After the session, that Boss had persuaded him to sit down and watch—even making an excuse that he wanted to learn guitar (he knew Sarawat played guitar), so he had to sit down on the whole session with Boss watching Pear teach the kids what they want to learn. He thought that the session was organized with Pear teaching the half and Tine with the other. The kids said their farewells to both of them as they head out, exclaiming how Miss Pear and Mister Tine are the best music tutors they ever had.

“Hey,” Pear said to them as the last child exited the room, “Glad you stopped by, not a lot of people wanted to see a music club with kids.” She laughed as she looked for a chair and sat down next to them, “Tine is just checking if the kids got picked up, he’d be back soon.”

Sarawat nodded, well that’s a good thing, isn’t it? He probably has time to get the know him. He has to thank Boss for making him sit down throughout the entire session.

“I know it was for kids,” Pear started, “but did you guys had fun?” She looked at them both, a smile on her face.

Boss coughed beside him, catching both of their attention, “Yeah,” he wheezed out, “It was great!” He laughed to loosen the tension but it only elicited an awkward laugh from Pear.

It left a tension it the room that all three of them were glad when Tine finally went back in the room, “Pear,” he smiled cheekily, “Look who came!” he said, then he pulled another person—a girl, into the room.

“Earn!” the girl mentioned said, standing up from her chair and hugging her. Sarawat took the chance to look at Boss and found the bewildered look on his face that he can’t help but laugh, which got him a nudge to his side.

“Oh, hi!” Earn said to them, waving, “I’m Earn, Pear’s girlfriend.” At the word girlfriend, Pear moved closer to her and held her hand tightly.

Sarawat laughed again as Boss stuttered beside him, flustered. “I didn’t know,” He started but stopped as the two girls laughed, Earn letting go of Pear’s grip to hug her sideways and squishing her.

“And I’m Tine,”

This time Sarawat stopped laughing to take a look at him, his eyes turning crescents again as he offered his hand to him. He lets out a small laugh then shook his hand, and he liked how his hands fit Tine’s. His hands were calloused from all the years he had been alive and playing guitar, whereas Tine’s hand is soft with a bit of rough edges probably from all the years of playing piano as well.

“Pear’s friend who became her third wheel.”



It was easy being friends with Tine, Sarawat remembers. He’s easy going and will laugh at any given joke even though Sarawat knew they were corny. He randomly sings out of the blue, then tells it to Sarawat, claiming he found this song through one of his students. He’s loud sometimes, but that’s what Sarawat liked about him, he’s the loudness he needs after living in silence. He also gives him part of his food every time they eat together with Pear, Earn and unfortunately, with Boss too. Although, the latter is finally accepting that he had no chance with the girl he likes, so he opted to be friends with her instead.


Sarawat waited by the door this time, he doesn’t join the sessions anymore, giving space to Pear and Tine’s work, when Earn walked out of the door.

“Hey, Sarawat, you’re here.” Earn said, smiling, then she pointed to a bench near the door, “You could sit, you know? They still have an hour or so.” She went first to the said bench and tapped the space next to her.

Sarawat took the space next to her and enjoyed the low hum of the instruments inside and the silence of the hallway. He was used to the silence after the last of his known family died. Sure his family had other generations, but he was more close with the ones he grew up with. Hell, he probably thinks the next Guntithanon he meets is his great great great nephew or something.

“Sarawat,” Earn said, breaking the silence, “You don’t mind if I ask you a question, do you?” She looked at him warily, waiting for his signal. Sarawat nodded, “How old are you?”

He felt the air giving up on him again when Earn asked that, should he—

“I’m 278 years old,” Earn said flatly, still looking at him, “Do you believe me?” She asked, daring him, a look on her eyes challenging him to see if he’d say the truth.

Letting out a breath, Sarawat nodded again, “I’m 300 years old.” He shrugged his shoulders as if it meant nothing, he has been celebrating the last 200 years of his life all alone after all.

Earn let out a whistle, “Damn.” She said, laughing, “Didn’t know you stopped aging, physically, at 19 years old.”

Sarawat felt the weight slowly loosen, after being alone for so many years, he’s glad he finally found someone who was like him. So, he laughed with her, “Technically, it was 22.” For a while, everything is alright.



Tine didn’t know about his immortality; it was always slipping out of his mind even though Earn never fails to remind him to tell him, already dimwit. He even had multiple talks about with Earn how she slowly told Pear that she’s immortal. According to her, Pear broke down and Earn was worried that she didn’t take it well and she was ready for Pear to walk out the door when Pear exclaimed that she’s sad because if she died, will you fall in love with other people? That’s when Earn knew that, yes, this is definitely the love of her life.

Every day was a ticking time bomb for Sarawat, he doesn’t know how to tell Tine but he’s also afraid that Tine will walk out of the door and he’s alone, once again. He tried to find ways to tell him, but it was either he’s cut off or Tine managed to charm him once again. Not to mention he always shake whenever he’s going to tell him.

It all comes down to Tine accidentally finding a photograph of Sarawat with, what Tine thinks, his family. Of course, Tine being Tine, with his curiosity, he asked him about his family and the photograph. Sarawat paled, snatching the photograph away from his hands. He wasn’t ready to tell him that time yet, he was scared and he was so not ready for whatever Tine’s reaction would be.

However, to his surprise, Tine wrapped a hand on his arm, and softly told him, “You don’t have to tell me right now,” and he smiled at him, and Sarawat thinks how he can be so lucky to find Tine Teepakorn on this lifetime. With a newfound strength, Sarawat held his hand on his arm then dragged him to the couch. It’s time he knew.



What Sarawat loved about Tine was that, he knew his biggest secret but nothing changed. He’s still the same Tine that he met when Boss dragged him into a kids’ music club. Still loud, still smiles the same and maybe, Sarawat loves him. However, he knew he can’t let himself feel things like that, he should’ve stopped himself but every time he sees Pear and Earn, there’s always a hope in his chest, that maybe he can have that.

And when Tine kissed him, unexpectedly, just right after the kids have left, he just let it happen. Sarawat doesn’t know what pushed him to do that but Earn told him on that same day, Tine saw him teach a kid how to properly hold a guitar and spoke to her in such a careful manner that Tine just said fuck his immortality, I love him. And yeah, Sarawat loves him just as much.


As much as Sarawat loves to look back on the first time he met Tine and how he fell in love with him, he doesn’t like how it ended. His heart aches whenever he remembers how horrid, and painful, destiny took Tine away from him. He remembers feeling the same pain and agony that he experienced when he slowly lost all his family members. His mom, his dad following soon after, then Phukong, then every death just felt the same for him.

With Tine, the pain comes back in full force, it aches, it burns, and he wants to scream it all out. He feels his heart breaking in very small pieces, and when Earn, tears in her eyes, told him to scream it, break things if needed, he did just that. He screamed until his throat hurt, he clung to Tine’s pastel blue sweater, wishing that he could’ve had the power of bring back the dead rather than being immortal.

To this day, he still curses that drunk driver that took him away. It wasn’t even just Tine, they took Pear as well. They were just going home after a long day from teaching little kids, and a drunk driver ruined it all. Looking back at it now, he should’ve also comforted Earn, but he was too devastated, too broken to look at everyone and realize it wasn’t just him who was affected.



Sarawat didn’t believe in reincarnations, sure, maybe he saw some people he had definitely saw in the past ages but he thinks those are merely coincidences. Maybe they just had the same face, or they’re from the same family. The possibilities are endless.

That is until Earn came crying to him, saying she found her. She was crying heavily, but Sarawat heard “I found her, Wat!” over and over again so he let her sit down and explain what happened.

“I found Pear again, Wat.”  Was all Earn said before she cried again, probably because of happiness. His heart ached thinking what if Tine is also out there? He looked up at his plain ceiling, thinking if that could be even possible.



After a few days after Earn’s breakdown at Sarawat’s apartment, he saw her again on the local coffee shop. His eyes widened when he realized that its indeed Pear sitting across from Earn. His hands and figure shook, he remembers seeing Pear and Tine’s bodies at the morgue, he remembers it happened years ago, specifically, 30 years ago. There’s no way Pear is alive and talking and laughing with Earn—

“Shit, sorry!”

Sarawat is shaken out of his reverie when a body collided with his. He first saw the papers on the ground, and being the gentleman he is, he bended down to collect them to give it back to the person, only to stop when he saw the name written in messy drawl on the top of the paper.

Tine Teepakorn Aekaranwong, Faculty of Law

With his heart thudding in his chest, he looked up and oh my god.

“Really sorry,” Tine mumbled, picking up the papers and grabbing the ones on Sarawat’s hand as he’s stuck staring at him. He smiled bashfully at Sarawat before dashing away to enter the coffee shop where Pear and Earn was.

Watching from outside, he saw how Pear looked up in surprise when he saw Tine, then she stood up waving goodbye at Earn, and that is when Sarawat saw the apron laced on her and he realizes, Pear works here. When Pear went back, Earn waved Tine over, tapping the seat in front of her.

Sarawat felt like a computer, with too much information clouding his mind, his heart. Overflowing with emotions that he can’t place, with emotions mixing in his mind as he saw Pear and Tine again. He ran back to his apartment with one thought in mind, “Maybe I was wrong.”



The second time he meets the reincarnated Tine, it was because Earn annoyed him so much to go to the coffee shop. Sarawat didn’t really want to, having his thoughts jumbled with the mere fact of seeing Tine again. The thing is, he can’t resist Earn’s pleading eyes so he ended up sitting on that coffee shop, hearing Pear’s “May I take your order?” in the background while Earn just stares at her.

“If we’re here just so you can stare at Pear,” Sarawat started, annoyed and tense, “Then maybe I should just go,” he said moving to stand up but Earn stopped him with a hand on his arm.

“No,” Earn said, fiercely, “She’s going to finish her shift, and you’re going to talk to her and realize that reincarnations do exist.” She stared him down and that’s enough for Sarawat to cower back in his seat. He doesn’t want to ruin her chance with reincarnated Pear though, so he stayed and sat back while Earn stared at her.

About five minutes of waiting, the bell chimed making Sarawat turn his head. The bell has been chiming for the past hour but this certain chime made him turn his head and his fight or flight instinct kicked in because its Tine walking in the door again. He watched as Tine reached for the counter, talking with Pear, and then finally having his order.

“Tine!” Earn said, making Sarawat turn to her instead, his eyes wide. He tried to tell her to take it back, but the girl just continued waving at him until Tine is standing at their table and Sarawat wanted the ground to swallow him. This can’t be real, he thought.

“Hi, Earn!” Tine greeted, sitting down on the open space next to Sarawat, “You don’t mind me sitting here, do you?” Sarawat heard Tine ask Earn, he swore on his life he’s going to—

“Yes,” Earn replied, “Sorry, Sarawat here is kind of shy.” She motioned to him and that’s when Sarawat realized that Tine was talking to him. He turned to him and oh my god, how much of an idiot he can be?

“Oh, it’s okay,” Tine said, laying out his papers on the table as well with his order, Americano and a donut, “I’m Tine Teepakorn.” He introduced himself to him, offering a hand.

Sarawat has a moment of nostalgia as he remembered this is how he first met Tine. A hand offering. With his hands shaking, he gripped Tine’s hand and for a second, he was back on that music club for kids (now a room for worship or something) laughing as Pear and Earn make Boss realize that Pear’s taken.



He noticed, on this second time around, there was something different about Tine. The way he carried himself, the way he spoke, and just basically everything. Maybe Earn failed to mention how reincarnations differ from the person they were before. However, even if he’s kind of different, Sarawat’s heart never failed to soar whenever Tine calls him, or the butterflies he always felt when Tine is in the room.

Just like before, falling in love with Tine is easy. He still has the brightest smile, his gorgeous laugh and his love for kids. He’s still loud but sometimes Sarawat notices how he keeps to himself, as if he’s sharing everything but keeping parts of a story hidden. He wondered what changed with this Tine Teepakorn.


“Going to take this call,” Tine said one time on their lunch with Pear and Earn, excusing himself to the bathroom to answer his phone. Something settled in Sarawat’s chest that he can’t explain, like worry perhaps, but what could he possibly be worried about? He felt something that hit his face, turned to the two girls and saw them giggling and a ball of tissue on his lap.

“He’s going to come back,” Pear muttered, still giggling, “Stop missing him so much.” Earn nudged her, making them both look at one another. Sarawat saw how Earn tells something to Pear with her eyes, making the other gasp, “Oh wait, sorry!” She said, waving her hands in front of him, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

Sarawat looked at Earn, “What did you tell her?” He asked, voice wavering. He knows Earn is always one step ahead of her, but his past is his story to tell. It’s his story to share to people he only trusts.

Earn shook his head, “Nothing, I swear.” She looked at him, her eyes pleading him to not say anything anymore. She knew if Sarawat spoke some more, they’d have to open the topic they’re both not ready to share yet.

Sarawat nodded his response, but the comment left a bitter taste on his mouth that he doesn’t want to eat the dessert in front of him. So, he excused himself too, going to the bathroom to possibly check for Tine as well.

He was only at the hallway leading to the bathroom when he heard Tine talking to someone, probably the caller he had. He doesn’t want to eavesdrop but he can literally hear Tine being frustrated and he’s worried. So he moved closer, right by the door where he can see Tine’s back.

“Yes mom,” He heard Tine said, dejectedly, “I am doing everything I can, I promise. I am studying well, okay?” Tine sighed, “It was only one subject, ma.” Tine sounded so down, and defeated that Sarawat’s heart ache. He wanted to reach up to him and hug his sadness away, but he doesn’t know if he has the right.

“I promise it won’t happen again,” Tine said, his voice low then he sniffed, “I’ll do better on the next semester.” His voice broke and Sarawat can’t take it anymore. He knocked on the door to make his presence known, and Tine turned. If Sarawat’s heart can break even more, it probably did as he saw the tears on Tine’s face.

The younger moved, wiping his eyes as he mumbled quiet “yeah” and “okay” to his mom on the phone. Sarawat denied all odds and reached out for him, turning him so he can rest his head on his shoulder. He heard the dial tone and Tine brought down his phone and started crying on Sarawat’s shoulder.

It scares Sarawat how easy it is, how he can just put his hand over Tine’s head and rubs the little spot by his ear, then moving towards his neck to get Tine to calm down from his cries. It’s like Sarawat is the calm for Tine’s storm. The crazy thing is? He would calm Tine’s storms at any given time.

“I’m sorry,” Tine spoke, head still buried in Sarawat’s shoulder, “I’m a crybaby, I know.” He laughed bitterly, like it hurt him but he decided to play it off.

“You’re perfect.” Was only Sarawat could say.



This time, it was Sarawat who kissed him first. On Christmas Eve, underneath the mistletoe by the doorway that leads from the living room to the kitchen. Of course, Pear caught it on camera and Earn giggled by her shoulder. Pear had her gift of a polaroid camera and the first thing she took was, of course, her and Earn and the next was Sarawat kissing Tine underneath the mistletoe. That Christmas was spent lazing on the couch, watching anything really while Pear slept on Earn’s chest and Sarawat and Tine play footsie underneath the blanket.


This time, however, Tine didn’t die from any horrendous accident. It was the dumb, stupid, cancer cells that took him away from Sarawat.

Everyone thought it was going so well, they’ve been dating for years, but of course, destiny will always have a way to ruin everything. Was it even destiny? Or the lack of fate on their side? Sarawat doesn’t know anymore, it feels like everyone is pulling a sick game on him. Make him fall in love with Tine then take him away as soon he’s happy.

On his death bed, weak and fragile, Tine held on to his hand, “I’ll see you on my next life,” he whispered, a weak smile on his face. Sarawat felt his tears then, he doesn’t know if it’s from happiness—a promise of meeting again, or from sadness because Tine is running out of time.

With tears dripping down his face, Sarawat grabbed both of his hands, he kissed them both before looking at Tine, “I love you, and I will never stop.” He said to him, holding him tightly as if he’s Tine is going to slip away, which in fact, he is.

Tine only needed to hear Sarawat’s I love you before he closed his eyes, and Sarawat wished that the next life can come soon.



By some miracle, or work of fate, the third time he meets Tine was on a train station—more likely on a train.

Sarawat was standing near the train’s door, texting Earn that he’s coming home after a long time of hiding from the city where he has memories of Tine. For the first couple of years after Tine’s death, Sarawat kept seeing him in people’s faces, in the coffee shop, in the school where he studied, and it drove him mad that he wanted to get out.

And so he did, after years of hiding, he’s finally coming home.

Just as the message was sent, he looked up and by pure coincidence Sarawat’s eyes locked upon familiar ones and with the heart on his throat, he realizes that it’s Tine.

Tine was on the other train, looking at him.

They were both shocked and Sarawat stuttered what to say, and both of them didn’t even had the chance to say something when both of their trains started to move. He doesn’t know what made him mouth the next train station to him, but he has this gut feeling that this time around, Tine recognizes him.

When the train Sarawat was on finally stopped, he ran towards the exit, and looking around if Tine is anywhere near the said station. It was impossible as a hoard of people were blocking his sight, so he just cursed under his breath and ran to the other train station where Tine’s train may have stopped. He doesn’t even care about his phone ringing on his pocket as he kept running.

Somewhere along the way, Sarawat realized what if he’s running after no one? What if Tine doesn’t even recognize him? What if it’s just his mind playing tricks on him?

With a defeated sigh, he turned to go back to his original route. He should’ve thought about this first before running into the unknown. With his hands on his pockets, he started the way home.

He was about to call a taxi when someone tapped his shoulder.

Sarawat turned to see Tine, smiling widely at him, “Hey, Wat.” He said, before hugging the life out of the older boy.



Of course, Sarawat lost him again. Just as expected for being immortal. However, there was a saying that third’s time is a charm, because in this lifetime, Sarawat finally got to call Tine his husband. He had a ring on his finger that matched with Tine’s, and there was a simple wedding by the beach, and the best of all was that Sarawat always got to wake up to Tine’s sleeping figure.

If Sarawat could describe this lifetime and this Tine, he would say that this is the happiest he had ever been.

He got to slow dance Tine at their wedding or on any event, but sometimes he gets to slow dance with him on their home, a soft melody playing by the speakers. He got to hug Tine whenever he cooked, or when he’s sleeping. He got to kiss Tine’s forehead, cheeks, and his lips any time he wanted. If Sarawat believed in heaven, maybe this is it.

“You’re happy,” Earn said to him one night, under the stars and night sky, “I’ve never seen you this happy.”

Sarawat sighed, a dopey smile on his face, “It’s just Tine.” He leaned back on the bench they’re sitting on and looked up, “I know he’s going to go away again, but for now, I’m happy.”

Earn nodded beside him in understanding, then looked up at the sky too, “You know, every time I see you and Tine, I’m reminded that Pear would come back too.” She giggled, “They’re kind of the platonic soulmates, you know? They’d always find each other.”

Sarawat laughed next to her, “You’re right,” he replied, “On the times we met them, they always always knew each other somehow.” He recalled the time he first met Tine, the very first one where he and Pear taught kids. Maybe he should’ve realized that then—that the both of them would find each other, one way or another.

“I wish I could find her soon,” Earn whispered onto the night, “I miss her.”


If Earn called Sarawat the next day and screamed because she found her again, well, no one has to know.




Before, Sarawat didn’t like that he’s immortal. Well, maybe he still doesn’t like it but he’s at least grateful that his immortality gave him a chance to fall in love again and again with the same person. He may have changed on some lifetimes that Sarawat has to know him all over again, but he’d do that every time if that’s what it takes to feel like he’s alive.

On some rare chances, Tine remembers him, on most times, Tine doesn’t. Sarawat always has the best memories whenever Tine remembers him. He gets to talk about certain memories with him, Tine gets to pick up his random sentences because Sarawat, you said this before, and most of all, Sarawat knows him the best like this.



On day 567, Sarawat sees him again. The hope blossoms in his chest once again, as he watches how Tine plays the piano.

Tine Teepakorn, on this lifetime, is a well-known pianist. Of course, Sarawat has to buy tickets to see him perform.

This is what his first Tine should’ve been. Making the audience amazed as his fingers dance around the keys, his head and body moves along with the melody and Sarawat has to take in his tears because Tine is an art. An art that he’d never get tired looking at.

When they meet again just outside the auditorium, almost bumping to each other even and then as if all the galaxies finally aligned; like it finally went on their favor when their eyes meet.

Sarawat makes the first move this time, “I’m Sarawat Guntithanon,” he says, offering his hand, “I’m a huge fan.”


Maybe his immortality will fade away soon, or that he's going to lose Tine again, but right now, he’s kind of glad that he feels the warmth of Tine’s smile again.