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Careful What You Wish For

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Chapter 1

Shigiraki sat while watching the news. It showed coverage of Deku’s fight with Overhaul. Toga was beside him, bouncing excitedly. Shigiraki violently scratched into his neck.


“Kurogiri, get me in contact with Giran.” Shigiraki’s voice scratched out.


“Right away.” Kurogiri nodded and teleported away.


“Why are you getting in contact with that geezer?” Dabi asked from the crate he was sitting on.


“I have an idea.” Shigiraki spoke. There was a pause before Dabi exasperatedly sighed.


“Which is?” Dabi prompted Shigaraki to continue.


“I want the green one. He’s powerful. We could use that.” Shigiraki spoke.


“Uh, last time we kidnapped one of the U.A. brats, it didn’t exactly work out in our favor if you don’t remember.” Dabi spoke. He had only a few seconds to dodge a rock that Shigiraki threw at him. Dabi simply laughed at the attempt.


“That’s what Giran is for. I’ve been hearing about this npc that’s just breaking out into the villain world. A very interesting quirk, the ability to force the worst of a person to take control. It can turn a normal person into a villain with a single touch.” Shigiraki spoke with a smirk growing on his lips.


“Oh please, how much evil could the little green bean have?” Dabi spoke.


“Enough.” Shigiraki spoke with a sinister smile on his face.


It didn’t take long for Kourogiri to relay Shigiraki’s message to Giran. During the few days it took for Giran to contact the villain Devil Within, Shigiraki was planning on the best way to grab Izuku. He decided that the best way was a more quiet approach. A simple snatch and grab using Kurogiri and some sedatives.


It was Izuku’s turn to get groceries for the dorms. He never really minded going out to get them, but something just felt off about today. He couldn’t quite place the reason why, but he knew something was going to go wrong today.


He was drawn out of his thoughts by the sound of a cry for help. He quickly powered up One For All and ran down to find the source. He quickly found it down a dark alley. He saw the villain Dabi holding the neck of a brunette little girl.


“Dabi? What are you doing here? Let her go!” Izuku spoke, switching into his hero persona.


He noticed as Dabi’s lips curled up into a smirk. “Fine, you want her? Catch!” Dabi picked up the little girl with surprising ease and threw her towards Izuku.


Having only a few seconds to react, Izuku sprinted forward to make sure the little girl was unharmed. As he caught the girl and covered her using his body as a protective shield. He didn’t have time to notice her eyes turn yellow. He felt a prick in his neck as he tried to stand up. He suddenly felt a wave of dizziness as his vision started going black. He still managed to force himself to stand, turning to Dabi, ready to defend for the life of the little girl.


He could feel himself slipping deeper and deeper as he saw a familiar black mist form around him. He tried his best but eventually succumbed to the forces of the drug.


Izuku couldn’t tell how much time had passed. He could feel himself slowly regaining consciousness. The first thing he noticed when he woke up was the feeling of chains wrapped around him. He tried to pull at them, but nothing happened. As he tried to activate One For All, he could feel the familiar buzz, but it was almost as though it was forced to remain under his skin instead of coming out. He groaned at the sudden flash of light when he opened his eyes.


“Looks like sleeping beauty’s finally awake.” Izuku heard a familiar scratch voice speak. Immediately forced into awareness by the panic that voiced caused him.


“Shigaraki.” He spoke.


“The one and only!” Shigiraki spoke with an over-exaggerated bow.


“What am I doing here? What do you want with me?” Izuku tried to keep the panic out of his voice.


“Doing? Well! You’re doing what any sane man in your position would be doing! You’re going mad!” Shigaraki spoke as he laughed a hoarse breath.


“What do you mean?” Izuku asked.


“Well! After our little mess up with that Baku-brat, I decided to try a new approach.” Shigiraki spoke as he clawed at the skin on his neck.


“I will never join the League!” Izuku yelled.


“Oh! But I think you will! You won’t even have a choice.” Shigiraki spoke with sadistic glee. “Bring her in!”


Izuku’s eyes turned to the sound of a door opening up. He immediately recognized the girl walking in. She wore a distinctive blood-red form-fitting dress. It had a slit that went up her right leg. Her lipstick matched the color of the dress, and she had onyx black hair. Her eyes were a soulless black that looked like bottomless pits. She had pale skin that made it look like it had never touched the sun. A devilish smirk graced her lips.


“Devil Within.” Izuku spoke with a dark tone. Most people wouldn’t know her with her being so new onto the villain scene. She had really only just started making a name for herself. However, Izuku wasn’t most people. He made sure to keep track of every single new hero or villain that walked the streets. He had a page on her in his notebooks. It wasn’t long. He only had a baseline idea of what her quirk did and no information on her fighting style.


“Oh? I have a reputation it would seem.” Her voice was smooth and carried a gentle feel to it.


“Whatever, just get on with it.” Shigiraki spoke as he scratched his neck.


“Fine, fine. No flair for the theatrics that one.” Devil Within spoke with a sigh. “Well, I’m guessing you know how my quirk works then?”


Izuku swallowed his drying mouth. “You force a person to become the worst version of themselves. Forcing all of their dark and twisted thoughts to the surface.” Izuku’s voice shook with fear.


“Very good!” Devil Within spoke as she sarcastically clapped her hands together.


“Please, trust me, you really don’t want to do this!” Izuku could feel his panic rising.


“Oh? And why is that? Is the little cinnamon roll scared of his dark thoughts? Worried that you’ll break school rules?” Her voice was patronizing.


“Please don’t… you have no idea what I’m capable of…” Izuku was shaking his head in fear. He was forced to stop as she grabbed onto his chin and forced him to look at her.


“Then let's find out shall we?” His voice was a sinister whisper.


“Wait! Don’t-” His voice was cut off as her lips were placed against his. Izuku momentarily felt his world go black at the sudden contact. His whole body went limp as his head fell to his chest.


“So? Did it work?” Shigiraki asked while he dug into his flaky skin.


“Yup, he should wake up any minute now.” She spoke as she straightened herself up. “Well, I wish you the best of luck, but this is where my part ends so I’ll be taking my leave.” She gave a bow and walked out the door. Toga and Dabi walked in as she left.


“So, did it work? Will I get to see Deku drenched in other people's blood? I just know that he’ll look amazing in red!” Toga cheered happily.


“The most efficient kills are ones where none of the blood gets on you so I highly doubt you’ll actually get to see me ‘drenched in other peoples’ blood’ as you put it.” Izuku spoke as he straightened up his back. He rolled his neck slightly to stretch it out a bit before turning to his captors with an annoyed expression that seemed so foreign yet so fitting on his face. “Now, could one of you please remove these damn chains?”


“Did the broccoli just swear?” Dabi spoke with a sarcastic tone.


“Why, yes, I fucking did, Touya! Now, will someone let me out of these damn chains?” Izuku spoke as he stared Dabi dead in his crystal blue eyes. Dabi couldn’t explain the amount of intense fear he felt in that one moment before Izuku blinked and broke eye contact.


Shigaraki had a vicious grin on his face. “I guess that npc was no joke, huh?” Shigaraki laughed. He threw Dabi a key. Dabi hesitantly walked over to Izuku and unchained him.


As the chains fell away, Izuku stood up and rubbed his wrists. He stretched out a bit. Looking at his hand he made sure that he had full access to One For All. When he saw it working perfectly, he smiled a sinister grin.


“You know, just for the record and everything.” Izuku cracked his knuckles. “I did give you a warning that you wouldn’t like the results of using that quirk on me.”


In a flash of green light, there was a sickening crack as Izuku stood over the limp body of Shigaraki.


Izuku clapped his hands together as he turned to Toga and Dabi who had both entered defensive stances. He put on a gleeful smile. “So then! The League has had a change in management. I certainly hope there aren’t any objections.” There was a long pause where Toga and Dabi just looked in shock. “Wonderful! Now then, let’s go and address the others so I can explain our plan for moving forward.”


Without sparing them another glance, Izuku walked over to the door and calmly walked out. There was a pause as the two of them heard the door close causing them to break out of their trance.


“What the fuck kinda monster did we just create?” Dabi spoke.


The other members of the League went quiet as Izuku walked through the door. “Hello everyone, I am the monster that you have made of me. Now, I suggest you silence all complaints unless you want to end up like your ex-leader, Shigaraki.” Izuku spoke with an eerily familiar blinding smile on his face.


“What do you mean ‘ex-leader’?” Twice spoke before switching his voice slightly.”Not like I care anyway!”


“Mr. Jin Bugbaigawara, so glad you asked.” In the amount of time it took to blink, Izuku made his way to Twice and wrapped his hands around his neck without truly putting any pressure. “You see, I just calmly twisted his head until I felt a snap and then just allowed his body to crumple to the floor.”


A suffocating tension filled the room as the others started to squirm uncomfortably. The silence was abruptly shattered when Toga and Dabi burst into the room. There was a pause as the members looked between themselves. Izuku released Twice’s neck before addressing everyone.


“Now then! How long have I been gone for?” Izuku spoke with a clap that made everyone jump. There was a long pause where no one dared to speak. “ Well ?”


“M-most of the night.” Dabi spoke.


“Thank you, Touya.” Izuku spoke with a mischievous grin at the shiver sent down Dabi’s spine. “Now, that’s slightly disheartening, but nothing I can’t work with. So! Let’s get to work everyone!” Izuku’s chipper voice didn’t match the sadistic glint in his eyes.


“I think we might’ve made a mistake…” Toga whispered into Dabi’s ear who merely nodded in agreement.