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Stay With Me Until Sunrise

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Something sweet and smoky began to rouse Kagome from her sleep, as if her dreams were cooking… bacon? Kagome’s eyes shot open and she lurched upward. Daylight streamed into her bedroom as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

Someone was cooking bacon.
Inuyasha was cooking bacon.

That’s right. Last night, Kikyo and Kagome went on a double-blind date with two men: Suikotsu and Inuyasha. Last night, Kikyo and Kagome swapped, which meant that Inuyasha became Kagome’s date. Last night, Inuyasha had asked her to stay with him until sunrise, all so that he could show her that he was a half-demon.

Last night… Kagome went on the best date of her life.

She’d never clicked with someone so fast, whether it was about losing their parents, about their siblings, about first experiences and weird dates, about why Berkeley was far superior to ‘Stanfurd.’

And… where Inuyasha the human was handsome and sexy, Inuyasha the half-demon was beautiful (and handsome and sexy). Kagome didn’t think she would ever forget the moment Inuyasha’s eyes began to shine amber as the first rays of light hit them. She hoped he’d let her watch him change again, because it was enthralling.

She’d bartered for snuggles. Begged him to stay. Hinted at the many things she wanted to do to him when she got him home. Yup… apparently sleepy Kagome was as bad as drunk Kagome… At least sleep deprivation didn’t mean waking up with a hangover. And even with all that, he’d stayed, because he told her he would. She’d fallen asleep against his chest, listening to the beat of his heart, his arm wrapped protectively around her. And now, he was still there, cooking.

Kagome rolled out of bed and plodded toward her kitchen, where the bacon smell was coming from. When she rounded the corner, she saw him. Inuyasha’s back was to her, but his ears were pointed in her direction. He had a spatula in his hand, and was adjusting the position of the bacon.

“I know I did not have bacon in this house when I left for my blind date last night,” Kagome mused, happy to see Inuyasha throw a sheepish little glance in her direction.

“Uh… Well… Berkeley Bowl is really close, so I just… instacarted it,” Inuyasha answered, his spatula still playing with the bacon.

“Wait… did you buy all the food you are now cooking?” Kagome saw eggs, chèvre, sun dried tomatoes, and basil stacked next to him, as well as a pound of coffee beans. And… was that a bag of potatoes?

“I uh… I got hungry.” Inuyasha turned his face back to Kagome again just long enough for her to see the little blush across the bridge of his nose. “And I figured… well… you could probably use something to eat.”

“So instead of raiding my refrigerator, you… bought my groceries to cook for me?” Kagome crossed into the room, inspecting the Blue Bottle coffee sitting on her countertop, trying to keep the smile on her face from morphing into laughter. “Guess you really want me to owe you something. I mean… my peanut butter brownies are the best thing anyone can ever eat...”

“That a promise?” Inuyasha turned around and grinned, his fangs gleaming in a sunbeam that had found its way into the kitchen.

“Depends… what exactly are you making?” Kagome winked. She would be baking him brownies, no matter his answer; and she hoped she’d be doing a whole lot more than that.

“Uh. Was thinking bacon and homefries, and makin’ chèvre, sun dried tomato, and basil omelets,” Inuyasha answered, turning his attention back to the food. “Saw you had a coffee grinder and figured you’d need some of that too.”

“Hmm…” Kagome tapped her chin. “I’m pretty sure that making me breakfast-as-lunch with that sort of food is worth at least a couple batches of peanut butter brownies…”

“Be careful or I’ll just have to stay and make you ramen,” Inuyasha teased.

“Be careful or I might just take you up on that,” Kagome answered. “You did hype up your ramen after all. Gotta see if it’s up to standard.”

Kagome really wanted Inuyasha to stay. Even before digging into the fluffy omelet he was now cracking the eggs for, or the bacon he was pulling out and resting on a paper towel, she wanted him to stay. She’d spent a night with him. Had slept in bed with him. Had met him on the most miserable night of his month, and still, she wanted more of him, because it was so clear she had barely scratched the surface.

The other problem was that he was scrumptious. The t-shirt he was wearing was doing nothing to hide the marble-cut muscles that laid underneath it, and his track pants could not obscure his perfectly formed butt. It had been a while since Kagome had slept with someone, so her craving to be pressed underneath a finely muscled man was getting unbearable. And now, the most attractive man she’d ever laid eyes on was in her kitchen cooking for her.

Kagome knew how people reacted to half-demons. She’d watched it happen to Shiori over and over again. When he changed, Kagome saw the haunt in Inuyasha’s eyes, as if now that she’d seen the “real him,” it was over.

It had, in fact, had the opposite effect.

The way his silver hair caught the light mesmerized her, and she wanted to see if it kept its unearthly glow even into the night. His golden eyes too seemed alight with their own fire. His fangs were teasing her and making her wish he’d drag them across her skin, just a bit (though she wouldn’t forget about that awful “Eri” girl and the stupid bunny/beast stuff). She wanted him to run his claws over her scalp (probably while he was dragging those fangs across her skin).

Then there were his ears. It wasn’t just the silken silver fur that covered them, or their perfect triangular shape sitting symmetrically and naturally on his head, it was what they did. It was how they would follow sounds he was interested in. It was how they would wiggle when he was excited or shoot backward when he was a little nervous. It was how… they always seemed to be trained on her. When she was facing him, they were fully forward and erect. And if he was not facing her, one ear always was.

“Maybe I shoulda made ramen instead of… omelets.” Inuyasha chanced a little glance back toward her, his ears drooping.

“We could always… have ramen tonight?” Kagome blurted it out before she could stop herself.

She clapped her hand over her mouth. People didn’t go on 24 hour dates… Before she could take it back, Inuyasha started to chuckle, which quickly morphed into a laugh that seemed to vibrate through the whole of him. Inuyasha flipped the omelet he was working on onto a plate, then turned around to face her fully.

“You’re somethin’ else Kagome,” he said between snickers, “I… didn’t get anything for ramen tonight… So we’d have to go to the store.”

Inuyasha wanted to stay. Kagome couldn’t stifle the smile that lit her whole being.

“I hear instacart delivers here,” Kagome winked; she had plenty of ideas for what they could do to pass the time between now and sunset.

“So it does…” Inuyasha agreed. “How about this. You make some coffee and I’ll take care of ramen stuff.”

“You’re just angling for a dozen batches of brownies…” Kagome giggled, grabbing the coffee beans he’d picked up and heading over to grind them. “But… I also make a mean cup of coffee.”

“Oh yeah?” Inuyasha raised an eyebrow. “Putting my half-demon senses up against your cuppa joe?”

“I guess I am,” Kagome cooed, grabbing her grinder and french press.

She’d made coffee enough with Shiori to know the little changes that made it palatable to sensitive noses. She set to work as Inuyasha punched in the ramen ingredients order on his phone, then went straight back to the stove to make the second omelet. It wasn’t long before their breakfast-as-lunch was finished. Inuyasha served the plates of bacon, homefries, and omelets, and Kagome brought over two mugs of coffee.

They sat at Kagome’s little kitchen table, and dug in. Kagome tried a bite of omelet and Inuyasha sipped the French-pressed coffee. As she pressed her tongue to the fluffy egg, an explosion of chèvre and sun dried tomatoes hit her palate, followed by the basil. The egg balanced the flavors, and all melted in her mouth without so much as her having to chew. It was, simply put, the best omelet she’d eaten in her entire life. Kagome didn’t even attempt to stifle the moan that broke from her.

“Holy shit.” Inuyasha’s eyes were wide, the lip of the mug still level with his mouth. “This coffee is… good.”

“No extra flavors, a little extra water in yours for your half-demon nose,” Kagome shrugged.

“...Shiori,” Inuyasha murmured, looking down at the mug. “I’m not the first half-demon you’ve given coffee to.”

“That you’re not,” Kagome agreed, then leaned across the table. “And you are going to have to tell me how the hell you learned how to cook like that!”

“You like it?” Inuyasha’s ears were wiggling again.

“I do.” Kagome took another bite, and again, failed to stifle the moan that broke from her, especially when she tasted the home fries—the bacon fat fried home fries. “Why do you ever go out to restaurants when you can cook like this?”

“Probably because a double blind date at my place would seem creepy…” Inuyasha chuckled, taking another sip of coffee.

Kagome laughed too hard for the half-joke. He wasn’t wrong. It seemed so long ago. It seemed like she’d known Inuyasha forever even though it was only for a single night.

The two ate the rest of the breakfast-as-lunch that Inuyasha prepared, and Kagome didn’t stifle a single one of the happy noises she made as she ate. It had not escaped her notice that he watched her. Or that he licked his lips when she let out a sigh from the way the bacon was perfectly crisp. She didn’t miss the little vibrations in his ears or the dark and predatory glints in his eyes. She hoped it was because he was thinking about what he wanted for his next meal, and she certainly hoped that it was her.

After the last bite of omelet and the last sip of coffee, Kagome made a decision. She wasn’t going to dance around what she wanted, because she was pretty sure that it was what he wanted too. She stood up and grabbed all the plates and the mugs and threw them in the sink. They could definitely wait. She on the other hand…

“Inuyasha? I am going to take a shower,” Kagome said confidently. Inuyasha nodded and made his way toward her dishes, seemingly unaware that the announcement was more an invitation. It was now or never… “Care to join me?”

Kagome barely finished her question before she heard the crash of dishes and Inuyasha’s arms were wrapped around her, and he was kissing her again, as if he was starving and she was the only thing that could sate him (...if he only knew…).

“I… I wasn’t sure you still…” Inuyasha whispered as he focused his kisses on Kagome’s neck, “…wanted me.”

Kagome reached up and pressed her fingers against the soft fur of Inuyasha’s ears, causing him to go limp against her.

“I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone as much as I want you,” Kagome admitted, the excitement and anticipation of what was to come already pooling inside of her. “Please?”

Inuyasha gently removed Kagome’s hands from his ears, then leaned his forehead into hers.

“Me either,” Inuyasha whispered, then the softness in his eyes turned mischievous. “And you don’t need a shower. You smell delicious.”

“Oh I sure do need a shower, dirty dog!” Kagome let out a rapturous laugh, before grabbing his hand and taking off for the bathroom. “And so do you.”

Kagome heard a little ‘keh’ from behind her, as well as a chuckle. He could probably scent her excitement (and other things), but somehow, that made it even better.

She still couldn’t believe it. She had no expectations for that double date. Miroku was infamously bad at setting people up, and technically he had failed again, but in exactly the right way. And it was not something Kagome could have predicted either. Inuyasha was perfect, and in none of the ways she expected. Inuyasha’s bluntness was honesty disguised behind a shield: he didn’t want people to see his heart and yet he couldn’t help but show it. His smiles were always genuine (and so were his frowns) and he seemed to worry endlessly about taking care of others. He didn’t like bullshit, and seemed to be trying his damndest to heal from the wounds of half-demon bigotry that had left a lifetime of scars. Oh, and he was gorgeous—she-wanted-to-lick-the-sweat-off-all-his-muscles gorgeous.

The moment that they were both through the bathroom door, Inuyasha pulled Kagome back into his body, his hands now finding their way under her camisole. Inuyasha’s tongue hesitantly probed Kagome’s lips, which she immediately opened to allow him entry. He tasted like the coffee they drank, with the slightest note of chèvre. Kagome let her tongue curl and meet his, and ran her hands through his hair.

“Showers usually involve water,” Kagome mumbled while they kissed. She didn’t want to stop, she didn’t want to let go of his lips but… the shower promised so many other things, better things. “And a lot less clothing…”

Inuyasha whined momentarily when Kagome broke their contact. She turned on both spigots, trying to calm her own racing heart. It helped that Inuyasha clearly wanted this as much as she did, but that didn’t mean that the first time butterflies weren’t fluttering through her stomach. As she turned back to him, they looked at each other, silently asking the question, do we dare?

Kagome stripped off her camisole in answer. She did dare. At Inuyasha’s widening eyes, she looked down and realized that she was not wearing a bra. Kagome then pulled down her pajama shorts.

In two moves, she was standing naked in front of him.

“Need help?” Kagome giggled, bringing a dumbstruck Inuyasha back to the present by placing her hands on his shirt.

“Y-yeah…” Inuyasha muttered, letting Kagome guide his t-shirt over his head.

She was not prepared for what she saw. She knew Inuyasha was attractive, well-muscled even, and she called him beautiful unironically. Then she saw him shirtless. His skin shimmered slightly golden, and only served to bring more attention to his muscles. Inuyasha looked sculpted from marble, with perfect peaks and valleys of his washboard abs carved down toward his groin. His chest and shoulders were broad, like an Olympic swimmer’s: not too beefy, not too slim, just right. Kagome swallowed, and willed herself onward. She wanted—needed—to see more. Inuyasha stood stock still, his eyes dancing with some combination of awe and lust and joy, glancing to her eyes, then taking in her body.

“You’re beautiful,” Inuyasha whispered.

“So are you,” Kagome whispered back, pausing her hands just momentarily to brush against one of his ears.

Inuyasha leaned in for another kiss. It didn’t project the hunger of the others; it was more. A kiss meant to let her know what she meant to him. It was the kiss of a half-demon alone in a world he had to navigate by himself, looking for someone who’d never call him a beast. And it was a kiss of a half-demon who’d laughed at his first drag show, and teased her about stealing the peanut butter cups, and waited and hoped that she could accept him as he transformed in front of her. It was the kiss of someone who was beautiful inside and out. Someone, Kagome believed, who was going to be an important person to her for the rest of her life.

Though right now, even while she could feel the warmth of his honest kiss blossoming and spreading through her body, she needed him. And she needed him bad.

“Can I…” Kagome put her hands on Inuyasha’s waistband.

“Fuck, yes,” Inuyasha answered. His smile bathed Kagome in electricity.

Kagome wrapped her hands around the waistband of both his track pants and boxer briefs, and slowly lowered them down his legs. If she thought his chiseled muscles stopped at his abs, she was sorely mistaken. The cut of his hips pointed directly down to his groin, which Kagome could now see was crowned in the silken silver hair that topped his head. Then came the moment Kagome had been waiting for and drooling over. Inuyasha’s dick popped out over the fabric. It was… impressive—should-be-molded-into-a-sex-toy impressive. Kagome felt her knees go a little weak thinking about what it would feel like inside of her.

“Cat got your tongue?” Inuyasha chuckled, reminding Kagome that there indeed was a man attached to the dick was salivating over. A hot man. A really really hot man.

“I was hoping maybe a dog would get my tongue!” Kagome giggled, then she turned from Inuyasha and hopped into the shower.

At the same moment that the first of the hot water splashed against her body, Inuyasha’s arms came around her. He leaned his body into her back, and he kissed her neck. Kagome moaned at the double sensations of the relaxing heat and his slippery skin and lips. But even as Inuyasha was there, he held himself a little bit away. His hands touched her but hovered. His lips hid the fangs Kagome knew to be there. As if… he was worried about reminding her that she was naked with a half-demon.

“Inuyasha?” Kagome wheeled herself around, so that she was facing him. “You don’t have to hold back, you know.” At his puzzled look, she continued. “Your fangs. You can use them on me. And your claws. I know you’re not going to hurt me. Don’t hide the things that make you you, because you think I won’t like it. Trust me. I will.”

The shock and delight that flashed across Inuyasha’s face had only been there an instant, but Kagome didn’t miss it. It made her smile. The next moment, he was kissing her again, this time letting all of him press into her. He stopped pursing his lips over his fangs, and let them drag across Kagome’s skin. The sharp prick sent jolts of electricity cascading down her body, pooling ever more intensely in her center. Kagome moaned appreciatively, which led to Inuyasha taking sharper bites (which… made Kagome moan even deeper). When Kagome felt Inuyasha’s claws scratching at her back in congress with his teeth, her moans became more guttural and less controlled. Soon Kagome was letting her own hands explore Inuyasha’s body, tracing the lines of his muscles with her fingernails, squeezing his arms and his ass (only to find that they were all muscle too), and running her fingers through his ethereal hair.

“We should actually use shampoo, dirty dog,” Kagome whispered, her body still buzzing from Inuyasha’s careful attentions.

“Don’t wanna,” Inuyasha murmured, his mouth sucking and licking the nape of her neck. “I like how you smell.”

“Please?” Kagome begged, raking her fingernails through the silver hair on Inuyasha’s groin. “But… only if it’s not too smelly.”

Inuyasha groaned, his body falling limp at her touches. “Fine.”

Kagome smiled, then brought her mouth back to his, pulling him in for a deep and joyful kiss. At Inuyasha’s hesitant but permitting sniff, Kagome lathered up her hair. She then rubbed the shampoo into her palms and rubbed down both her and Inuyasha’s bodies. The lather made them slide against each other, flesh pressing flesh in such a way that they were both moaning. And neither of them had gotten what they actually wanted yet. As she rinsed her hair and skin, Kagome wrapped her hand around Inuyasha’s dick, which was rigid and throbbing under her touch.

“Ka—” Inuyasha breathed, right as she was about to start stroking up and down its length.

“Is this… okay?” Kagome stopped her motions. She probably should not have assumed he’d want her to do that without asking.

“Y—yeah,” Inuyasha exhaled. “Whatever you want.”

“Anything?” Kagome giggled, she knew exactly what she wanted and planned on doing.

“Any-fucking-thing,” Inuyasha agreed, finally raising his face enough to look at her, a luminous smile upon it.

“Time to rinse you off then,” Kagome teased, then she dropped down to her knees, so that she was face-to-face with Inuyasha’s perfect dick. “And… maybe another thing.”

It had been a long time since Kagome had done this for… anyone. With most of the douchebros she’d gone on dates with, sex at least felt good. This though, this was something Kagome only did on special occasions for special someones, and she hadn’t had one of them for a while. But… Inuyasha was special. He made her want to remind him every single day that he was gorgeous and loveable and… special. To her. So she leaned forward, and opened her mouth, and welcomed his cock.

“Holy fuckshit… Kagome…” Inuyasha moaned, leaning himself forward against the shower wall, but he didn’t move the lower half of his body.

Kagome opened her mouth wider and leaned farther forward, engulfing more and more of him. He was… big. And she knew she would never be able to take all of him in, but she wanted to worship him all the same. Wanted him to know that looking at, touching, and tasting his glorious dick was something she reveled in. Kagome added her hand to her mouth, stroking up and down his length with one hand, and gently caressing his balls with the other. Kagome licked and sucked and curled her tongue around the head, humming and teasing him as he growled and moaned her name. She lapped up the water that trickled down his body from the shower, relishing in the taste that was entirely him. Soon she could feel his answering thrusts as he got lost in the pleasure of her mouth and her hand, and she felt him tensing and tightening.

“‘Gome… I’m gonna…” Inuyasha warned. Kagome nodded, then set her hands to work, stroking up and down vigorously while he pumped into her hand, bellowing her name as he released, his seed rinsed away by the shower.

Kagome put her arms on the edges of the tub to pull herself up, only to find them both met with Inuyasha’s. He pulled her up, then leaned his whole body into her, engulfing her in a hug.

“Th—thank you.” Inuyasha didn’t look at her, but she could feel the rapid beating of his eyelashes against her neck. “You have no fucking idea… ‘Gome. What you just did for me.”

“I’m just buttering you up for ramen,” Kagome giggled.

Inuyasha’s answering laugh boomed so loudly that Kagome was pretty sure she heard the neighbor dog bark in response.

“Oh… you buttered me up alright,” Inuyasha purred, turning to face Kagome again. “Buttered me up nice and good. I hope you’re prepared… ‘Gome.”

The way his entire body rumbled as he spoke tightened the coiling pleasure in Kagome’s core. She was prepared.

“Want to towel off and—” Kagome started.

Yes,” Inuyasha blurted, his eyes luminous and predatory. “But… let me.”

Kagome nodded. Inuyasha guided them both out of the tub, toweling himself off quickly. He then turned his attention to Kagome. Inuyasha touched her tenderly, letting his claws graze over her goose fleshed skin before massaging it with the terry cloth towel. The teases and tickles and rubs were causing Kagome’s body to buzz with anticipation, with want. She felt loved, even though he was using no more than his hands and the towel.

And she needed more.

“There we go. Nice and dry,” Inuyasha said, touching the towel to the tip of her nose.

As they stood across from one another, Kagome felt the anticipation of what she hoped was coming next course through her. She wanted him so badly. And the way he’d dried her off as if he were worshiping a goddess had only made her body keen more acutely for the rest of him. As if he could read her thoughts, Inuyasha stepped closer into her space, and took her hand.

“I hope you… still want to…” Inuyasha muttered, but his eyes never left Kagome’s, leaving her with little doubt as to what he was asking.

“I do. I really, really do,” Kagome grinned.

She didn’t have much time to react before Inuyasha had thrown his arms around her and was kissing her. Kagome foisted herself into his arms and wrapped her legs around him, and he carried her to her bedroom. It was all she could do not to laugh for the joy she felt in his arms. Or the way some deep and dark part of her purred when one of his fangs teased at her skin.

Inuyasha laid her on the bed, his eyes still gleaming with predatory delight. He then crawled up and over her, kissing her on the lips, then down her neck, before focusing a little bit of time kissing and licking each of her breasts. Kagome moaned as he let the rough of his tongue lavish one nipple, and then the other. Next he licked the underside of her breasts before kissing down her navel, his eyes never leaving hers, even as his tongue tickled her enough that she giggled. Finally, he settled his head between her legs.

“I think,” Inuyasha’s smile was wide and wild, matched by Kagome’s. “It’s payback time. What do you think… ‘Gome?”

Yes,” was all Kagome said before Inuyasha dug his nose into the juncture between her thighs.

The moment Inuyasha made contact, Kagome got a taste of just how turned on she’d been since the shower. She understood just how tightly wound the coil inside of her was. Because with his first tentative lick, Kagome was already having trouble controlling herself.

She had to let her voice go, because holding it in was painful. So she closed her eyes and simply enjoyed. Inuyasha’s fingers teased the lips of her sex while his tongue explored the little pearl of nerves that set her on fire. And soon, he’d found a rhythm that managed to keep edging her closer, without ever letting her fall off the precipice. His ministrations were bringing her a mixture of pleasure and tension and anticipation, causing the start of an unstoppable chain reaction that promised to undo her.

It was unbearable. And it was exquisite.

Kagome wanted to watch Inuyasha work, wanted to see if his ears wiggled while he lapped at her. But she couldn’t do much more than… experience. Sensations flooded her brain, and the euphoric coil tightened ever tighter. Finally, when the electric pleasure was starting to become too much, Inuyasha lavished her with a decadent stroke of his tongue.

Kagome couldn’t remember if she’d screamed, cried, shouted his name, or howled. Because the moment the tidal wave of her climax surged through her, she was pretty sure she blacked out. Kagome had never orgasmed like that before.

Inuyasha crawled up the bed next to Kagome, propping his head on his elbow and facing her.

“Was it… good?” Inuyasha asked, his ears perked and a soppy smile on his face.

“The best,” Kagome answered, reaching her hand out to rub Inuyasha’s ear.

Inuyasha leaned into Kagome’s touch, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. He looked so serene, so content just laying there with her, but…

“Inuyasha?” Inuyasha’s eyes shot open at her saying his name. “Any chance you want to… continue?”

Kagome hadn’t failed to notice that Inuyasha certainly looked ready to continue. And, after she found out what he could do with his mouth, well… she really really wanted to know what he could do with his dick.

“S’okay. I um… I didn’t come… prepared,” Inuyasha mumbled, though Kagome didn’t miss the longing in his eyes.

Kagome couldn’t contain the cheshire grin that came onto her face. She was prepared, and she would never judge herself again for keeping condoms in her night table.

“Hold on,” Kagome giggled, then rolled over and opened the drawer, pulling out a single condom, “Looking for one of these?” At Inuyasha’s (involuntary) ear waggles, Kagome’s giggle evolved into a laugh. “Can I take that as a yes?”

“Fuck yes!” Inuyasha answered, his voice nearly as excited as his ears. He took the condom, but before opening it, he pressed a kiss to Kagome’s forehead. “You’re… well shit. You’re fucking amazing, ‘Gome.”

“So are you,” Kagome answered, bringing her lips to his and kissing him enthusiastically.

That she could taste herself on his tongue was oddly arousing. Not that, with a half-demon Adonis in her bed, she wasn’t already aroused and ready to continue.

Inuyasha didn’t break their kiss, angling himself to climb on top of her. As he straddled her, Inuyasha opened the condom wrapper and rolled it down his erect dick.

“Before I—we keep goin’, I am gonna make sure you’re still… ready.” With an impish smile, Inuyasha darted back between Kagome’s legs, then lavished her with a lick from stem to stern. It sent another shockwave of pleasure through her, resetting the coil that had already begun to reform. At Kagome’s squeak, Inuyasha chuckled. “I’d be down there all day if you’d let me.”

“I’d rather have you up here,” Kagome purred.

Inuyasha’s face softened, and he crawled atop her, his eyes focused solely and completely on her. Kagome opened her legs wide enough for him to line himself up with her. The moment she felt the head of his cock tease her open, Kagome shuddered with anticipation. She wanted him inside of her so bad she was pretty sure she was whining a high-pitched whine. Slowly, tenderly, Inuyasha pushed inside of her, sheathing himself in her heat. The moment he was buried as far as he could go, they both let out a moan.

“Fucking shit, ‘Gome,” Inuyasha groaned, his head dropping against her shoulder. “You should come with a warning sign. No one should feel this good.”

Kagome wanted to say something witty in retort, but at that moment, she wasn’t sure she was capable of forming words. Her body still thrummed with aftershocks of pleasure from her previous orgasm, and the stretch that Inuyasha’s cock brought to her insides was already coiling her core again in preparation for another, and he hadn’t even started moving yet.

Then Inuyasha started rocking his hips, thrusting in and out of her in languid, rhythmic strokes. Each time his cock retreated, Kagome’s sex tightened around it, pulling him back in. Even as her body hummed and sang with every new movement, she was fixated on his face. Inuyasha practically glowed from joy. His eyes burned with the fire of desire, but there was some deeper sadness and longing… and happiness in them too.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, ‘Gome,” Inuyasha whispered as he moved, running his fingers through her hair.

Kagome smiled. She could only hope that he could see that she was lit from the inside too, with the joy of being with him. Because that was the only word for what she was feeling. Jubilant.

Jubilant that so many things had to go wrong for this moment to exist. From Miroku setting them both up with the wrong people, to Inuyasha deciding against his best judgment to go and suffer through a date on his human night, to Kagome resolving ‘sure I’ll hang out with a random stranger until sunrise,’ to her sleep-deprived brain demanding to get what it wanted unhindered by a filter. 

The coil inside of Kagome felt again like an overstressed spring, and she moaned and whimpered as she started reaching for her second climax of their day. Inuyasha’s ears were pinned to his head, and his fangs were pressed against his lip. He was holding back his own orgasm. For her. So that he could bring her back to the peak before he let himself fall over it.

And Kagome would be damned if she didn’t give him that. Not after last night. Not after their glorious day. So she concentrated on his intense golden eyes. On his fangs. On his rippling muscles and his moonlit hair. She thought about how her body strained to accommodate him, and how each and every moment he was inside of her, Kagome felt filled, complete. And she thought about all the other dates they could have, showers they could have, exploring each other’s body and finding the things that made the other melt.

And she came.

It wasn’t as intense as the first, but it came from somewhere deeper. Somewhere in her soul. Somewhere that told her that she was meant to be with Inuyasha. And when Inuyasha followed her over the precipice, thrusting clumsily and roaring her name as he spilled himself into the condom, Kagome could only smile.

There were so many awful men, who fucked her like jackrabbits then stalked her on LinkedIn. There were so many who found out her best friend was a half-demon and threw in a little slur, just to make sure she knew where they stood.

And there were good men too.

But none of them had his golden eyes, or his perfect downy ears, or his silver hair or claws. And none of them made her laugh and roll her eyes in the course of a single sentence. None of them stared at her in earnest while they let her in on their most sensitive secret, or instacarted her breakfast.

None of them were Inuyasha.

After Inuyasha returned from removing the condom and cleaning up, he crawled into bed, resting his head against Kagome’s bare breast. Kagome stroked his ears and smiled.

Sure, Miroku was an idiot for thinking she would want to be set up with Suikotsu, but… she would need to bake him about a thousand batches of brownies anyway. Because Miroku was the reason Kagome met Inuyasha. And now that she’d found him, she wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to let Inuyasha go.

“Hey, Inuyasha,” Kagome whispered. “I was wondering… would you maybe… want to stay the night?”

“One sunrise wasn’t enough for you, huh woman?” Inuyasha chuckled, turning himself to completely face her. He then kissed her forehead. “And yeah… I’d love to stay. For as long as you’ll have me.”

Kagome smiled, and closed her eyes as Inuyasha’s head settled back onto her chest.
She wondered if he knew that ‘as long as you’ll have me’, to her, probably meant forever.