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V2 The Fallen Star

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He's walked mile after mile. Climbing up onto a rock. And then Starscream screams to his name sake into the empty desert. He needed to get out all his rage. Release and take in the fact he'd been left in the ice for four million years. Did his Skyfire even look for him? Where was he? It wasn't fair! Nothing is fair and Starscream curses time and space itself.

But little to Starscream knowledge he's not alone out there in the desert and dust. So far from safety. Above him, far above, glints a pair of jets that were alien to Starscream. One a brilliant blue, another black and purple. Coasting ever slightly lower to his screaming.

Starscream tenses working his wings back in a threat display. They ache and stiff, giving him nothing. Even if the screaming and anger loosened them ever slightly.

This isn't the Seeker twins. These are very well another pair of them. Starscream can feel it, even if they look so strange. He steps backwards on his rock he'd climbed upon.

The strange pair are lower now. Before the purple suddenly dives. Its more curious then anything else, with a cautious wing waggle in greeting. At least untill Blue quickly flicks out a sharp order with his wings and Purple sullenly pulls back.

Certainly more military then himself. Starscream moves forward and attempts to take off, finding he can only hover a few moments and crashes planting face first into the dirt and sand. Slowly pushing himself up.

There's a laugh from Purple who has suddenly landed in front of him, the unfamiliar form even in robot mode. It does however match the twins. Blue joins his partner but remains hovering above the ground, his reserved cautious expression a far cry from his friend's chaotic grin.

Purple still laughing says, "Wow. Nice landing."

"Skywarp. Rein it in."

"Shut it. I just woke up from a very long stasis." Starscream gets to his pedes and stares at them. Boredly. Not even realizing the danger he is in.

The both of them have purple marks on their wings, interestingly enough. But Skywarp flicks his aggressively in dismissal and distracts from that. “Stasis, huh? Where the slag did a tetrajet crawl out of on this mudball?” he snarks.

“Skywarp.” His friends optics are narrowed. “What’s your designation, Seeker?” He sounds like he’s in charge. There’s an edge of a commanding presence in how he speaks, how he holds himself.

Starscream snorts. "Designation of what? I'm a scientist. I don't work here. In fact. I am busy screaming my troubles away. So please. Frag off."

“Hey! Don’t talk to the Air Commander like that,” Skywarp snaps. “We're in charge of you.”

Thundercracker glares holes into the back of Skywarp’s head, but firmly, “Your name, Seeker. What’s your scientific specialization?”

"Air Commander..." Starscream snorts. "I'm Starscream. I deal with Energon primarily and what ever fancies my interest. But frankly I don't care right now who you are. I just woke the frag up and I am mourning my displacement."

“You don’t have any faction symbols.” Skywarp is walking around Starscream, taking him in.

"Yeah. Like I said. I don't work here. I just woke up out of the Primus forsaken ice."

The two Seekers share a look, and Skywarp puts an arm over Starscream’s shoulders. “Woke up out of ice, huh? So you don’t know what’s going on?”

"I know vaguely that I'm a planet with organics. And that there's a war. Or something." Starscream tenses and bucks his shoulder at the strange and overly familiar seeker.

“Oh, we’ll tell you the rest. Set everything straight,” Skywarp reassures with a wink.

"I don't feel like returning to the Ark right now to talk. I'm kind of rather pissed at someone I thought I knew." Starscream feels sick. In a strange way.

There’s another look shared between the two Seekers, and then Thundercracker says, “We’re not going to the Ark.”

"Where... are we going?" He asks sounding suddenly concerned. "Maybe I should alert the twins I might be gone for a bit...." He then realizes no one gave him their comm data.

“It’s fiiine, they’ll understand. Besides, don’t you wanna know where most of the other Seekers are?” Skywarp has the friendliest smile upon his face. But something is dark just behind the surface.

"There's more Seekers?" Starscream looks over to them. A guard being let down. "Yeah.. I was starting to get alittle concerned with only seeing Dawn and Cross."

Thundercracker nods. "Follow us back. Can you fly?"

"I think I'm slightly grounded. I can hover but not much more then that."

“Hm. We’ll carry you, then. Come on, Skywarp, help me do this.”

"Right. Thanks.. Air Commander." Starscream walks closer to them.

They’re careful in picking him up, surprisingly so. “Okay!” comes Skywarp’s cheery voice. “Next stop, the Nemesis!”

Starscream holds still for them. "The Nemesis?"

“Yep! That’s home. You’ll like it, there’s lots of us there.”

"The Arc isn't home?"

Skywarp grins, razor-sharp, and - god knows how many miles up in the air with Starscream - drops the bombshell: “Yeah. For proper Decepticons."

Thundercracker instantly groans.

Starscream's face drops. He starts bucking his legs in the air. If Starscream hadn't believed the rights group has actually changed. He sure believes it now being kidnapped.

Skywarp, voice suddenly vicious, “I’ll drop you like a slagging stone if you keep squirming!”

Starscream freezes. Deathly cold now. Like under the ice. He looks at the Air Commander. Like this is just some sick hazing the Autobots are pulling.

Thundercracker’s face is completely unreadable, though there is a flash of something... Else, in his optics. He turns his face away soon anyway, comming back to base, “Ready a cell. We’ve got a prisoner.”

"Why! I'm useless to you! I don't know any of the politics of modern Cybertron or this war!"

“Seekers are Decepticons, or they’re dead. Nobody tell you why there’s only two with those Autobutts, huh? We don’t owe anything to those fucking grounders.” Skywarp sounds so sure of this. “You belong with us. You’ll see.”

Starscream feels his whole Spark sink. "Weren't you all originally for self identification, choosing your own place in the world?! Why are you forcing Seekers to be Deceptacons? This is backwards!"

While Starscream pleads, at the top of the Nemesis at the Sky Entrance. Megatron is there to greet them. Silently.

Thundercracker doesn’t say a damn word, while Skywarp spills the whole bullshit of how they’re better off as Decepticons, how it’s for Starscream’s own good. They just land in the Nemesis, Skywarp’s hands firmly on Starscream’s shoulders to keep him from running.

Thundercracker salutes Megatron. “Our prisoner, Lord Megatron.”

Megatron walks over to them. Eyeing Starscream. "You didn't tell me you had found an unmarked Seeker. Where has this fool been hiding?"

Starscream bucks his shoulders. "I am not a fool. And I will not be talked about as if I'm not here."

Megatron looks to Thundercracker and Skywarp. Daring them to control the prisoner who should be under Thundercracker's command. Or else.

“He said he was under the ice somewhere, sir,” Thundercracker reports, shooting Skywarp a look- Who only holds onto Starscream tighter.

"He obviously seems disinterested in our beloved cause. Perhaps he doesn't know the rules here. Or who I am." Megatron looks down on them all.

And Starscream spits at his feet. "You could be Primus, himself. And I wouldn't give a frag after your Mechs Abducted me!"

“This is Lord Megatron, supreme commander of the Decepticon armies. Show some respect, Seeker.” Thundercracker’s voice is so cold. “As a Seeker you are to follow the ruler of Vos, and as Air Commander that’s what I am. Megatron’s rule is mine.”

"You asked so nicely for my name before, Air Commander why not use it?"

Megatron smirks. He fucking smirks. Amused at the defiance. He hadn't had his mechs need to break someone in in a while.

Thundercracker is not good at that part. “Show respect to our leader and I might.”

"Are we having trouble's, Thundercracker?" Megatron asks. Coldly with hints of some kind of sick amusement from the whole thing.

Starscream just bucks his shoulders.

"Put him on his face, Skywarp." Megatron states to the other half of the command Trine.

Skywarp complies instantly, kicking the back of Starscream’s legs to force him to the ground.

Starscream grunts and falls to them. He hisses out his vents and his wings ache trying to move into a threat display.

Megatron smirks. "I see at least someone here knows how to handle a prisoner."

Thundercracker sets his jaw, and nods. Skywarp, of course, kicks Starscream again while he’s down.

Starscream is now bent over on his hands. Groaning in pain.

"Thundercracker. I know you have it in you to put in place your soon to be subordinate. Prove to him you're worth listening to. Before I make Skywarp the new Air Commander strickly because he listens."

“Yes sir.” Thundercracker hauls Starscream up to his feet, ruby optics narrowed, and... Lands one ruthless, solid punch into Starscream’s cockpit. If he hasn’t cracked it, it’s a miracle.

Starscream coughs out. Oh how badly he wants to return with a flying fist of his own. But being abit grounded paired with being at an extreme disadvantage of the fact he's a Scientist. Not a Soldier.

"Congratulations, Commander you keep your rank one more day."

"Thank you, sir. Skywarp, take him to the cells. We'll deal with him more fully later."

Starscream keeps steady on his legs. He'll just have to work on surviving this. He curses ever being woken from the Ice.

The cell is nothing cushy, nothing nice; if anything, it's damp, and cold, and there's a leak somewhere in it. The woes of living underwater.

Starscream looks at Skywarp. "Are you really happy like this, kid? Kicking the fallen and listening to that all day." But he enters into the cell without a fuss.

Skywarp snaps, "Better than what I came from. I owe this faction shit, so don't get mouthy."

"I liked you better when you pretended to be creepily friendly. Lets have that back, huh?"

"Nah, you get that when you join. Sorry!"

Starscream huffs and takes a seat. Sitting directly under the leak. "Then I'll make friends with drowning."

"Have it your way, Screamer!"

"Starscream! You haven't earned giving me nicknames!"

"I think I can call you whatever I want when I'm the one with the gun," he taunts like the brat he is. Skywarp then locks him in and returns to his duties.

Starscream stays under the leak. He will NOT BUDGE. He is sticking to his bed and that's final.