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When She Came Along

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3 Years Ago - Part 1/2


Ellie was sitting on one of her high school cafeteria tables, alone, eating her lunch. She was drinking from her juice when someone approached.

“Hey freak!” They hit on the juice pack and it spilled on her face and clothes. “Ups, you better clean that up...” They laughed loudly and went to get their own lunch.

“Fucking Abby and her friends…” She murmured. Her shirt was stained and cleaning it with napkins was no use. She stood up and walked to the bathroom while everybody looked at her. She poured water on some paper and entered one of the bathroom stalls.

She scrubbed and scrubbed but it was still dirty. Fuck it, I’m just gonna wait until the bell rings... She thought. At least lunch time was almost up and the corridors would soon get empty. She could just carry her backpack in front of her body so it would hide the stains.

The bell rang and she waited a bit, letting the students disperse from the hallways. She got up from the toilet seat, walked to her classroom and knocked the door.

“Sorry I’m late, can I come in?”

“Yes Ellie, try to get here on time okay?”

“Yes, sorry” She walked to her desk and rested the backpack on the floor.

“Pssst” She looked back and someone threw a folded paper at her.

You're weird

Ellie crumpled the message with anger and put it inside her jeans pocket. She would throw it on the garbage later, or maybe she would read it countless times while crying.




She finished her classes and went straight to her locker to grab her jacket. Before she could do it Abby showed up and bumped intentionally against her, making her drop her things.

“Watch where you walk bitch” Ellie said loudly.

“The fuck did you just say??” Abby walked to her and grabbed her shirt shoving her against the lockers. “Do you have a death wish or something?? I mean, if I were you I would’ve killed myself by now and yet, you’re still here...”

Her friends laughed.

“Fuck you.”

“You’re really starting to piss me off, do you wanna know how my fists feel against your face? It would be a pleasure to show you.” Abby was basically all muscle, she was two times bigger than Ellie and could probably kill her with her bare hands.

“You're just mad cause your dad doesn't care about you.”

Abby raised her arm to punch Ellie right there “HEY!" The teacher called. "Abby, go to the principal’s office right now!”

The beefed girl let Ellie go and straightened her shirt. “You crossed the line Williams, we’re not done.” She said through clenched teeth, turned around and smiled at the teacher.

“With pleasure ma’am.” She walked away.

“Are you okay Ellie?”

“Yeah, thank you” The alpha grabbed her things from the floor and got out of school towards the truck. It was Joel’s car but she used it sometimes when he didn’t need it.

It was better do drive alone than to take the bus and have everybody staring at her.




It was no surprise when Abby didn’t get detention or any kind of punishment from her behavior. Her family was rich and funded the school every month. They bought new computers, made renovation in bathrooms, classrooms, changed the old desks for new ones and bought new uniforms for the cheerleaders and football team.

Every time she went to the principal’s office, he would say some things to her and she always got away with it. Every student she made fun of would just have to take it. She was a daddy’s girl and he did everything for her.

This basically made Abby the ruler of the school, she was untouchable. If she made fun of someone, nobody tried to help or even spared a second glance. They would just end up in her black list. Her friends were no better, they just stayed behind her and laughed while she humiliated others.

Sometimes people thought how weird it was that she was a beta. She was so violent and everything had to be like she wanted it to be. And besides that, she worked out every day, her body was a lot bigger and stronger than most male alphas in school.

Unfortunately, Ellie was her favorite one to torture. She pushed her in the hallways, made fun of her, called her names and made her feel like shit without any sort of mercy.

Female alphas were really rare, and since Ellie was the only one in the whole town she quickly became the school’s “freak”, as they called her.

The alpha always tried to stay strong and not let Abby have her way with her. She always talked back, even if it meant she would get punched and start bleeding. Ellie wasn’t scared of her, she was scared of her words, how they made her feel powerless, sick and sometimes disgusted at herself.

No one liked her and she spent her days alone just trying to get through them. This is my last year, I just have to bare with it a little more.




She got home and quickly changed her clothes. She went to the barn where Joel was feeding and brushing the horses.

“Hey kiddo, how was school?”

“Same old shit” She kicked the dirt on the ground.

“Hey, language… Are you okay?"


"Come here, take this bucket and fill it with water for Shimmer.”

“Okay” Ellie went outside and filled the bucket with a hose and brought it to Shimmer’s stall. “Hey girl, how are you?” She touched the horse’s nose and neck and placed the bucket on the ground. “There you go.”

Shimmer gladly started drinking from it and Ellie called Joel.

“Hey Joel?? Can I take her out a bit today?”

“Humm… The sun is close to setting, only if you don’t go too far?”

“Yesss” She smiled. “I promise I’ll stay close!”

“And take your phone with you okay?”

“Yes sir!” Joel waved at her and went to the house to start making dinner.

Ellie started preparing the saddle on top of Shimmer before bringing her out of the barn. She kept patting her neck and body showing how much she loved her.

She opened the small gate that kept the sheeps from running away and guided the horse to the other side. She closed the gate and climbed on top of Shimmer after whispering in its’ ear “You’re my best friend”.

Ellie always tried to spend time with Shimmer after school. It was the only thing that made her forget every insult and every humiliation she had to get through. The horse didn’t judge, it didn’t call her names or pushed her to the ground. Well, maybe the last one but Ellie always ended up laughing.

It was the best time of her days. The peace and quiet from her rides made every second in school fade away. She always thanked Shimmer for what it did for her, it always made her realize how she loved to be alive and experience these little things.

She just hated people, hated everyone in school that made her feel less than what she was.




Ellie came back from her ride, walked Shimmer to the barn and said her goodbyes. She went back inside the house.

“Tommy? Maria? What are you guys doing here?”

“Hey! There’s my favorite niece!" He walked to her and gave her a hug.

“I’m your only niece Tommy” Ellie scoffed.

“It’s Friday so we thought we could come and stay the weekend. How are you?” Maria kissed the top of her head.





They talked a bit more and ate dinner. After cleaning everything up, Tommy grabbed his and Maria's bags and went upstairs to start preparing a room for them with Joel.

"Ellie, wanna come outside with me?"

"Sure" They walked outside and leaned on the porch.

"So, how have you been?" Maria looked curiously at the younger girl.

"The same, I think..."

"Is that Abby girl still messing with you?"

"Yeah... She actually spilled my juice on my clothes today... But I went out with Shimmer after getting home, it was good." She always tried to be strong and not let it get to her.

"Ellie...The things they call you? You know they're not true right?"

She sighed. "I think so?... I just... It's hard to ignore them..."

"They're just scared cause we're different, people always tend to judge what they don't know." The little alpha cleared her throat, the familiar weight on her chest like she was about to cry.

Maria continued "Abby probably just wants to be like you, like us, you say she's all muscle and agressive but she doesn't have a scent or, well, a body like ours." Ellie blushed and looked down.

"There're not many people like us and that makes us special, she likes to be the center of attention and that alone makes you a threat to her."

"I guess so... She's just so annoying and she gets away with everything because of her stupid rich dad..." Ellie sighs and scratches her forehead. "And the rest of them? They always follow her like fucking puppies..."

"The rest of them are just scared of her, they see how she treats you and don't want to end up on your shoes."

"Pfff tell me about it..."

"You know I'm gonna keep telling you all of this right? Until you believe that you're worth more than any of them?" Ellie sniffed and felt tears forming in her eyes.

"We're strong okay? And you know I'm always here, this is just high school, it's not gonna be like this for the rest of your life. Just take me for example, everyone in Jackson likes your uncle and I, and we're really happy."

Ellie laughed sarcastically "Maybe I should move there..." She shook her head.

"Who knows"

"It just... it makes me mad cause I actually like being an alpha, I don't understand why they keep acting like it's a bad thing..." She wiped her tears with her shirt.

"It's not your fault okay? Kids these days do anything to fit in or be popular, even if it means being mean to others."

"I suppose that's true..."

"And you already told me her dad is never around, she must've already seen Joel picking you up at school, you two are just saps" Maria smiled and the little alpha smiled back.

"He's the one that always hugs me in front of everyone" Ellie rolled her eyes but kept the smile on her lips.

"See? She's just jealous of you, you're such a great kid Ellie and she's not worth it."

"Thanks Maria, this means a lot to me" She was smiling more brightly now.

"I love you" She grabbed her for a hug. "And you need to eat more" She poked Ellie's stomach making her laugh "You're too skinny!"

"Okay okayy stop tickling me ahaha"




Ellie was thankful for her aunt. She was like a role model to her, a proof that she could actually be happy after high school.