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The King and His Fool

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The King’s Fool


Billy has the new jester between his legs at the snap of his fingers after only the first week. Billy does not usually tolerate jesters, lets the people enjoy them and ignores them until they say something to offend and then they all meet with an unfortunate end. That is until Steve, he is much too pretty to entertain Billy’s court, except for the occasional show of how much he really loves his King. 


Billy is taking a meeting with foreign dignitaries, but as soon as he hears the tale-tale jingle of bells as Steve makes his way to the throne room he is getting hard in his pants. Billy does not care for decorum, what are they going to do invade, with their laughable military, that would be a big mistake. As soon as Steve is in view Billy snaps his fingers getting those pretty brown eyes on him. Heat pools in his stomach at the coy smile, and the intentional bob of Steve’s head, knowing exactly what that sound reminds Billy of.


Billy snaps his fingers again, pointing down, and Steve bites his pretty pink lips before sauntering over, making sure those bells keep moving. The conversation of the dignitaries halts as Steve drops to his knees in front of the King, staring wide eyed as Steve works Billy’s pants open. “Is there a problem?” Billy asks, eyebrow raised, as Steve licks over his cock teasingly, snickering softly at Billy’s annoyance with the court.


The dignitaries and Billy's own court start up again, trying to pretend like they are not watching as Billy hooks his hand against the back of Steve’s neck, golden rings catching the sunlight streaming in through the high glass windows as he presses until Steve does what he wants. Billy grins licking over his lips and starts taking part in the conversation again as Steve takes him in his mouth, head bobbing, bells jingling insistent and loud, lips pulled wide around Billy’s girth.


They start talking about commerce between their two nations and Billy starts tuning out as Steve bobs his head eagerly, spit dripping down the corners of his lips. Billy uses the hand on the back of Steve’s neck to hold him down, forcing Steve to swallow around him or choke. More drool drips down onto Billy’s embroidered pant leg, pretty wet brown eyes looking up at him as Steve squirms breathing through his nose, groan muffled around Billy’s cock as he hooks a thumb in Steve’s mouth stretching his lips wider. 


Billy shifts his hips, fucking Steve’s mouth with the tiniest of thrusts, Steve’s tongue rolling around him, throat working to swallow as the bells give little hollow sounding rings, before Billy slides his hand up to Steve’s hair and pulls him off his cock. “Up.” Billy commands ignoring his advisors annoyed disapproving huffs, what is the point of being King if he cannot do what he wants. 


Sometimes Steve will refuse, will demand Billy ask nicely but only when they do not have an audience when he can get away with having an attitude. Especially with forging dignitaries around Steve knows better than to press his luck, last time he got a mouth in public Billy spanked his ass raw and then fucked him until he could not stand, and that had only been two weeks ago, he definitely is not yet ready for a repeat. Billy is still always pleased when Steve is quick to action, bells jingling as he scrambles up.


Billy stops him before he can climb into his lap, pulling at the laces on Steve’s pants, untucking his shirt and pushing them down. Steve, getting with the program starts to help, manages to get one of his legs free before Billy impatiently pulls him into his lap, spreads him over his thighs, uncaring that Steve’s pants are still tangled around one ankle. Billy presses two fingers against Steve’s lips, kissing at his neck as he swallows them, tongue sliding around them just like it had Billy’s dick.


“Which trade routes is it that you need our military assistance in protecting?” Billy asks as he pulls his hand free of Steve’s lips, the digits shinny with spit. Billy trails his hand down Steve’s spine and presses both into him, using his dry hand to press Steve’s face to his neck when he lets out a loud breathy moan. Steve is still loose and slick from an hour ago when Billy took him in the courtyard, making sure they were in full view of the guards training. 


Billy pets his hand though the hair at Steve’s nape, as he presses his fingers in and out of him, not that Steve needs the prep, Billy just likes the little half aborted jingles and breathy moans he gets as Steve shakes against him, hooking his fingers to make sure he is hitting Steve’s prostate. Billy keeps fingering Steve, making the occasional comment, grinning as he watches one of the dignitaries' faces go redder and redder in rage another, red in embarrassment as he subtly adjusts his pants.


“My King, please.” Billy pulls his fingers free at the soft whine against his ear, eyes on his court as he presses a gentle kiss against Steve’s neck before shifting his hands down to his hips.


“Up.” Billy says gently, as he gets a look at Steve’ cock hard and leaking as he lifts up on his knees, eyes glassy and wanton, hands clenching at Billy’s shoulder as he steadies himself. Billy gets one hand around his stiff cock, lining himself up with Steve’s hole as he commands “down.” Steve does not have to be told twice, moaning loudly as he seats himself on Billy cock, Billy groans and grins as a few more people turn their eyes on the two of them.


“What are you proposing to trade in return for our more than ample lumber yield?” Billy asks, tongue out as Steve starts bouncing on his cock, bells jingling in time with his movements, and Billy can see his head advisor's eyes starting to twitch. People start babbling, snapping from their starring to shuffle through papers looking for the answer to his question. 


Billy does not care about the answer, just wants to ruffle them, hand on Steve’s hips as he encourages him to move faster, throne room filling with his moans and the jingling of his bells. Billy works the laces of Steve’s shirt loose, pulling it open and leaning in close to mouth at a nipple, one pointed tip of his crown pressing up against Steve’s throat, making his hands clench tighter as he works himself even faster. 


Steve shouts as Billy’s teeth clench around his nipple, spilling cum all over Billy’s shirt, thighs shaking as he keeps sliding up and down on Billy’s cock. “Your highness, this is extremely disrespectful.” The foreign dignitary who has been watching in outrage shouts, Billy is pretty sure he is some sort of religious figure, not that he really cares.


“You don’t like it, you can get the fuck out of my court.” Billy says as he switches to Steve’s other nipple, wringing another shouted cry that echoes as the man storms out a few of his dignitaries following and a few staying for the show. Several of Billy’s own advisors huff and leave, as Billy cackles against Steve’s skin.


“My King.” Steve whines when Billy spends too long with his teeth tugging at a nipple, one hand tugging lightly at Billy’s curls asking for him to stop. Billy kisses up his chest, to his neck, mouthing at his spotted skin, and lapping up the sweat starting to pool, all while Steve keeps moving, bells keep jingling as he works himself on Billy’s dick, his own cock rising again. 


“That’s it pretty boy, you’re doing very well.” Billy encourages, before catching Steve’s mouth in a kiss, hands sliding up his back and curling around his shoulder as Billy fucks up into him, swallowing all of Steve’s little half aborted moans and groans. “You going to cum for me again?” Billy asks as he breaks the kiss, biting at the skin of Steve’s neck, bells tinkling in a slightly different melody as Billy forces his head to tip up. 


“Yes my King, yes.” Steve moans loudly, fingers curled in Billy’s curls as Billy keeps slamming into him, right against his prostate.


“Do it, cum for your king” Billy commands pressing Steve back, making him stretch out and fold horizontally off of the throne, hands falling to his own ankles, thighs still around Billy’s as he keeps fucking him. Billy is a little disappointed when the jingling abruptly stops, Steve’s hat falling from his head and flopping onto the ground with one last abrupt jingle. 


Billy keeps one palm on Steve’s hip the other splayed across his back making sure he does not fall as Steve arches in his hold, with a shout of “My King!” Cum shooting up in an arch, falling down over his belly, and the imported carpet that has been in this throne room since before Billy became King. Billy only thrust a few more times before pulling Steve back vertical, chest to chest as he catches his mouth, groaning into it as he cums. 


They are panting into each other’s mouths, as one of the less repressed foreign dignitaries starts clapping, Steve laughing and pressing his face into Billy’s neck as Billy gives a laugh of his own. Billy nudges Steve up, smirking at the little whine that leaves Steve as his softened dick slips out before settling him back down. Billy narrows his eyes when one of the foreign dignitaries that stayed behind to watch moves closer, stopping abruptly at a warning gesture from one of Billy’s guards.  


“Oh we missed the show.” Heather complains loudly as she comes strolling in, Lady Robin on her arm making a face at the amount of skin Steve is showing.


“If the two of you are done, couldn’t you at least cover up. This is court, not a brothel.” she sniffs, Steve shakes as he laughs into Billy’s neck at her distasteful tone. 


“Could be both, I know a lot of people who would shell out a lot of coin for a piece of your pretty jester.” Heather says nonchalantly, a teasing smile pulling at her lips as Billy glares at her. 


“King's private fool, nobody else gets a piece.” Steve mumbles tiredly, Billy grinning smugly as he pets a possessive hand down Steve’s back to his ass, fingers pressing in as his seed starts to leak, forcing it back where it belongs.