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Blood Moon

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Keith scanned the crowd over the top of his drink, wondering how the hell he’d let Lance suck him into this mess. Some college students in town were throwing their annual Halloween party and for whatever reason, Lance thought it was the best way to find some new prey. 


It had been a few days since Keith had last fed and his thirst was starting to get to him . Every person who walked by nearly set him into a trance, the smell of their blood pulsing beneath their skin enough to nearly make him lose control. It was almost as bad as when he’d first been turned, and it was frustrating to think he could so easily lose control.


It was a dangerous game they were playing, and Lance fucking knew it.


Lance elbowed him sharply in the ribs then. “Focus, man,” he hissed. “Don’t fuck this up for us.”


Keith gave a low growl in response but willed himself to calm down. Losing his mind and massacring a bunch of students would only end in them needing to leave town, and Keith had grown to like it there. He was tired of moving from place to place and wanted to just stay somewhere for a while—at least for as long as he could until people began to notice that he didn’t age.


Lance offered him a can of whatever shitty beer the students had supplied. When he saw Natty Light on the label, he couldn’t help the disappointed sigh that escaped his lips. 


The smell when he popped the seal made him gag, but he powered through and nursed it for the sake of blending in with the humans. If he couldn’t feed, then he may as well get a bit buzzed and try to go about his night like normal.


At some point, he realized Lance had disappeared. Keith figured he’d just gone into one of the back rooms with a cute girl he’d met earlier, so he wasn’t concerned about it. Bored, he went back to the table the host of the party had left out to scrounge a new can of lukewarm beer. 


The living room where the drinks were kept was packed. Keith was already dreading having to pass so many potential meals (People he reminded himself) and having to make himself resist the temptation. He could already feel his fangs threatening to break through his gums and his mouth was watering. He really needed to get Lance and leave soon; he didn’t think he could control himself much longer.


The front door to the house opened and slammed shut as two new people walked in the door. Normally Keith wouldn’t have noticed, but he caught the unmistakable whiff of dog and Earth and some unidentifiable musk. He immediately felt his heart come to a stop.


The two who entered the party were probably two of the most gorgeous people he had ever seen. There was a woman with long, white curls and eyes that shone blue but almost pink as well; then there was the man who came in with her and officially ruined anyone else for Keith for the rest of his eternal life.


The man was large, very strongly built and well over six feet tall. His hair was unusual, a black fade shaved close to his head, but with a tuft of white hair that hung long over his eyes. His jaw was square and strong, and his eyes were a dark steel gray and deep-set into his ruggedly handsome face.


He must have sensed Keith staring at him because he looked up and made eye contact with him. Keith didn’t miss the unmistakable flash of yellow in the man’s eyes that sent a shiver down his spine. Fuck. Werewolves. He knew he should have stayed home tonight.


“Keith!” Lance’s voice snapped him back to reality as he came bursting into the living room. “We gotta go—aw, fuck.”


The two newcomers fixed Lance with a glare but didn’t say anything. Keith looked down and pretended instead to find the tab of his can suddenly very interesting as he began fiddling with it.


Shit,” Lance whispered. “That’s Allura of the Altea Pack.”


“Oh. Shit.”


Allura was the daughter of Alfor, the alpha of the biggest pack in the state. They were known to be hardcore about keeping their territory and aggressive towards other werewolf packs as well as vampires. And while Keith and Lance were just a couple of loners who did their own thing to stay alive, they had absolutely no desire to get caught up in a turf war that had nothing to do with them.


With a barely perceptible nod, Keith threw his head back and chugged what remained of his shitty beer. He was just getting ready to leave when Beefcake himself suddenly appeared directly in front of him.


“We’re leaving. Don’t want any trouble,” Keith blurted out, holding his hands in front of him in surrender.


The Adonis blinked in confusion, cocking his head. Keith had to squash the thought that he looked like a confused puppy. A very large, sexy puppy.  “Oh, God. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t trying to tell you two to leave. I just wanted to say hi. I haven’t seen many other supes around here outside of our pack.”


Keith had no idea how to respond to that. He glanced over at Lance, looking for backup, but all he got was a shrug.


“Uh, okay. Hi, I guess.” He heard Lance groan at the awkwardness behind him and just barely stopped himself from jabbing an elbow into his ribs.


The large werewolf extended a hand in greeting. Keith tried not to stare at it, noticing it was a high tech prosthetic the likes of which he’d never seen before, but remembered himself and grasped the proffered hand with his own. 


“I’m Shiro,” the werewolf said.


“I’m Keith,” Keith replied, relaxing a bit as the atmosphere became noticeably less tense. “This is Lance.”


“Hey,” Lance waved from the safety behind Keith. Coward.


They stood in awkward silence for a minute, both unsure of what to say next. Lance was finally the one who spoke, announcing that he was going to go find that cute girl he’d been flirting with earlier before disappearing back into the crowd.


Shiro raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything about it. He motioned back towards the drink table and asked Keith if he wanted anything.


“Oh, sure. Although I’m not sure how much more of this god awful beer I can take.”


Shiro’s eyes darted between Keith and Lance for a second before settling back on Keith. “Have something better in mind?”


The meaning dawned on Keith at that."What? No. Not what you’re thinking. Too many people. Despite what this guy would lead you to believe,” he jabbed a finger in Lance’s direction, who had reappeared from behind a gaggle of girls, having clearly struck out. “We aren’t stupid.”


Lance heard his words even from clear across the room and began to shout a protest Keith’s way, but Shiro cut him off. “Oh! I didn’t mean it like that! I could just uh...tell you haven’t fed in a while.”


Keith gave him a cautious glare. “Are you implying I can’t control myself?”


“No. But I also don’t want you to starve so—okay, I’m offering my blood.”


That was not what Keith was expecting. 


“Oh,” was all he managed to say. He could practically hear Lance rolling his eyes behind them.


Keith was too shocked to respond, so instead, he just opened and closed his mouth several times as he struggled to find the words to say. Shiro raised his eyebrow, looking uncertain when Lance shoved Keith from behind and snarled, “Oh hell no!”


Shiro chuckled, completely ignoring Lance and his histrionics, and reached a hand out to steady Keith as he stumbled forward. “Come on. If it’s okay with you, I think I just saw one of the bedrooms open up.”


Too shocked by the whole situation, Keith just nodded mutely and followed the big werewolf down the hallway. Somewhere behind them, Keith heard Lance yell, “if you kill him, I’ll kill you, Fluffy!”


Shiro was at least a good sport about it and rolled his eyes. “He does realize that if I wanted to kill you, I’d have done so by now. Right?”


Keith shook his head. “I can never tell what’s going on in his head.”


They found an empty bedroom, and Keith was immediately assaulted by the lingering smell of sex left behind by the previous occupants. He noticed Shiro wrinkle his nose, and he briefly wondered if the stench was stronger to his werewolf senses. 


“So what’s your poison?”


“What?” Keith shook his head and turned to Shiro, blinking in confusion.


“I meant which vein do you prefer? No arteries, please, I hate spurting blood.”


For whatever reason, Keith burst out laughing at that. He wasn’t sure if it was the nerves, the absurdity of the whole situation, or both, but somehow everything just seemed absolutely hysterical. 


“Shit. God, I’m so sorry. I’m bad at this. I—”


“Stop!” Keith held up his hand to cut Shiro off. “It’s fine, really. I’m just really nervous and that reaction just kind of...happened.”


“Oh. Okay.”


“Wrist is fine.” Keith wiped his eyes and finally managed to get ahold of himself. “And just so you know, artery blood is absolutely superior to vein blood.”


Shiro said nothing more and just reached forward, palm facing up in offering.


Cautiously, Keith took his hand and pulled it towards his mouth. The skin of his wrist was so soft and vulnerable, he took a second to admire it and wonder if maybe this was a terrible mistake. But once he caught sight of the blood pulsing underneath the tissue, his instincts took over. He didn’t even realize it was happening until his fangs had descended of their own will and the familiar metallic taste was filling his mouth.


Normally, Keith didn’t like to feed on other supernatural beings. Their blood had a funny aftertaste and left him feeling empty and in that strange limbo of being less hungry than he started, but still not satisfied. But hey, he was starving; desperate measures and all that.


Shiro’s blood was different, because of course it would be. It was the most delicious fucking meal Keith had ever tasted, even before he died. It was a strange combination of chocolate and spice and something else that Keith couldn’t quite put his finger on. It was intoxicating and he would be amazed if he could stop himself before draining Shiro completely.


With every ounce of strength that he possessed, Keith let go of Shiro’s wrist and pulled himself away before he could do any damage. His breathing was coming in long, labored breaths, and it took all of his focus to get it back under control.


“Are you okay?” Shiro’s voice was barely a whisper, like if he spoke too loud or startled Keith in any way, he’d either run or attack him.


“Fuck,” Keith sighed as he finally composed himself. “You taste amazing. No trace of wet dog at all. Are you sure you’re a werewolf?”


Shiro laughed at that. “Yeah, I am. I can prove it to you next week during the full moon if you want.”


“I thought that was a myth?”


Shiro’s cheeks turned bright pink at that. “It is. I just wanted an excuse to see you again.”


Keith’s eyebrows disappeared into his hairline at that.




“So I take it that’s a no then?” Maybe Keith was imagining it, but Shiro looked disappointed.


“What? No! It’s not a no. It’s a…it’s a yes.”


Shiro beamed at that. When he spoke, it was both hesitant and hopeful. “Oh. I’m glad. Mind giving me your phone number? We can talk about plans later?”


Keith wordlessly punched his number into the phone Shiro offered before he could even question his life choices. Once he had handed it back, Shiro flashed Keith with the most ridiculous grin he’d ever seen in his over two hundred years of life. 


By the time they left the room, Lance looked to have been nursing a panic attack in the exact spot they’d left him. Upon Keith’s safe return, he let out an actual sigh of relief, which Keith couldn’t help but feel was dramatic given that vampires don’t need to breathe.


“Let’s go,” Lance snapped, not even bothering to look at Shiro. 


Keith rolled his eyes. Shiro shrugged in response and gave him an awkward wave goodbye while Lance dragged Keith out the door. Keith just hoped Shiro couldn’t hear the tirade Lance was going on about how he was lucky Shiro didn’t kill him.







Keith was sprawled on his couch, flipping mindlessly through his phone. Lance was off at his nursing job at their local hospital, and Keith was torn between enjoying the silence that was a rare commodity in their house, and being bored out of his skull and needing to do literally anything that didn’t involve staying home. 


You would think after a few hundred years, I’d have moved past random nights of being bored half to death, but nope. Keith couldn’t help but be bitter about it. What was even the point of eternal life if you still had to spend a huge percentage of it bored?


An image of Shiro popped into his mind just then, and Keith found himself wondering what he was up to. He had never texted after the party, and Keith couldn’t help but feel disappointment over it. It had been almost two weeks since then, and he couldn’t help but assume Shiro had forgotten about him by now.


Keith shook his head, trying to rid himself of the image. No use dwelling on something that was clearly not going to happen.


He groaned and opened Instagram for what felt like the thousandth time that night. He had no idea why he bothered, it wasn’t like he had any friends aside from Lance, so it was always sad browsing through social media.


Hunk at least appeared to have the night off as he had recently posted a picture of his newest baked concoction. Keith found it odd that a vampire chose to bake in his free time, but then again he’d seen other immortals pick up some much stranger and far less tasteful hobbies in their eternal time on Earth.


He was debating texting Hunk to ask if he wanted to hang out, but at that moment Lance threw the front door of their house open. A string of curses followed the sound of Lance’s shoes stomping down the hallway as he stormed into the living room.


“Get up. We’re going drinking.”


Keith blinked, taking in Lance’s disgruntled form, his nurse’s scrubs wrinkled with and askew with jacket half hanging off his shoulder, shoes scuffed but still noticeably on. “Don’t you want to change first?”




“What happened?”


“We’ll talk about it on the way. I just really need a beer—wait, no I need something much harder.”


Keith barely had any time to register what Lance had just said before his leather jacket landed in his face. He sat up and shrugged it and followed Lance down the hall to where his shoes were located. “Bad day at work?”


“Got fired.”


What?” Keith paused while putting on his shoes, blinking owlishly at Lance. “How?”


Lance visibly deflated. The sudden change in attitude almost gave Keith whiplash, but he understood where his friend was coming from. He didn’t respond right away, instead waited for Keith to finish getting his shoes on and they walked out of the house and paused only long enough for Keith to lock the door before they began the short walk down the street to their favorite bar.


“Dr. Iverson noticed a lot of supplies were missing. Obviously that wasn’t me, I’ve only been taking some blood here and there, but they were going to let this poor new girl take the fall. She was totally innocent and I couldn’t let her lose her job over it. So I said I did it.”


Keith pat him on the shoulder. “That’s rough, buddy. But you did the right thing. Come on, drinks on me tonight.”


They didn’t need the money from Lance’s job at least, but he knew how much helping people meant to Lance. He seemed to feel like he had to make up for living off of them, a notion Keith never fully grasped but respected his thoughts about it.


They arrived at the bar and went straight for their usual seats. Keith got them each their favorite drinks and it wasn’t long before Lance had downed several of them and was already unsteady in his seat. Keith was just getting ready to pay their bill and haul his ass home when a familiar scent caught his attention. Lance must have noticed it too, because he sat straight up and whispered something Keith couldn’t hear.


The door swung open then and in walked several of the Altea werewolves, Allura at their lead. Keith didn’t miss the way Lance’s eyes went straight to her, but he couldn’t dwell on it as Shiro was right behind her.


Shiro immediately honed in on him and waved, a big smile cracking his face. “Keith!”


Lance bristled beside him and Keith jabbed an elbow into his side. “Be nice.”


Keith was about to give an awkward wave back but one of the werewolves stepped forward, his long white hair falling into his smug face as he leaned forward to snarl, “Vampires.”


“Easy, Lotor.” Shiro grasped his shoulder, his grip tight and ready to spring if Lotor tried anything.


If Lance had already been on edge, Keith could now feel him coiled and ready to pounce if this asshole tried to antagonize them.


“Do not touch me!” Lotor jerked his shoulder away from Shiro, fixing him with a lethal glare. Keith worried for a second that he was going to have to throw Lance over his shoulder and run if a fight broke out, but Allura stepped forward and fixed Lotor with a look Keith would hate to be on the receiving end of.


“They’re not bothering us. Leave them be.”


Lotor looked from Allura to Shiro and back and with a snarl, then stalked to the back of the bar and plopped down in a booth away from everyone else.


“Sorry about him.” Allura turned to Keith and Lance.


One of the werewolves towards the back grumbled something about how disgusting it was to let vampires into their territory, but Shiro let out a warning growl and whoever it was shut up.


Keith just nodded dumbly in return. “It’s fine, we were just getting ready to leave.”


“No we—ow!” Keith kicked Lance in the shin under the bar. “Yeah, fine, guess we’re about done here anyway.”


The werewolves all filed to the back of the bar and joined Lotor, but Shiro hung back. Keith didn’t miss the questioning look Allura gave him, but whatever wordless conversation passed between them must have appeased her since she simply nodded and joined her pack.


Shiro walked over to where Keith and Lance sat, hesitating at the empty stool next to Keith. “Mind if I sit?”


“Go ahead.” Keith was finishing the last dregs of his drink and slammed the glass down on the bar, albeit harder than he meant to.


“Sorry I never texted. Things got a little hectic for a while.”


“Oh?” Keith raised an eyebrow, curious. But Shiro merely shrugged.


“Just…pack stuff.”




The bartender appeared then with Keith’s credit card and receipt. He thanked her and threw a large tip down on the bar before turning to Shiro. “Lance and I were just leaving.”


“Oh.” Shiro visibly deflated at that. If he were a dog, Keith knew his ears would be drooped and the image was oddly both adorable and hot.


Some invisible voice told Keith that he should say something, but when he opened his mouth, whatever words he had to say died in his throat.


After several awkward minutes of silence, Keith decided maybe it would be best if he just left. He began to gather his things and nudged Lance but Shiro grabbed his wrist as he started to stand.


“Wait, sorry. Please don’t go. I’ve been wanting to talk to you since the party and just couldn’t think of what to say.”


Surprised, Keith sat back down. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting but somehow it wasn’t that.


Lance took one look between the two of them and excused himself. However, instead of going home like Keith expected, he watched as Lance walked over to Allura and said something that must have been not totally nauseating because she smiled and even laughed genuinely. Odd, just a few minutes ago Lance was ready to bolt from her, but Keith brushed the thought aside to deal with at a later time.


With a huff, Keith finally turned his attention back to Shiro. “You could just start with ‘hi’.”


He winced as soon as the words left his mouth. Keith had never been good with people and his tone had come across much more critical than he’d meant for it to be.


If that wasn’t enough, the sheepish look Shiro gave him was like a stake to the heart. Damn it, why am I fumbling so badly with this guy?


Apparently, it didn’t matter that he was immortal, his inability to be smooth never got any better even after several hundred years to practice.


Thankfully, Shiro seemed to understand without Keith even explaining himself. “I know you just closed out, but do you mind if I order you another drink?”


“Sure,” he relented. “What can it hurt?”


One drink turned to two turned to three. The more he and Shiro talked, the more relaxed he became. Something about Shiro just put him at ease, which never happened for Keith. He was always oil to everyone else’s water; he never meant to be so abrasive, but it just seemed to be in his nature. But not with Shiro.


Somehow, Shiro broke through that barrier and was able to pull Keith into the stream like it was nothing.


Eventually, Keith looked up to realize Lance and the werewolves had all left. A spark of anxiety surged through him. He was always so attentive to his surroundings, how did he miss the lack of noise and the scent of wolves in the room? Shit, was Lance okay? Lotor did look like he wanted to rip his guts out and wear them like a necklace—


“Keith.” It was Shiro. “Breathe. Allura texted me that Lance was back at your house and he was returned home unharmed.”


“Oh, okay.” Keith wasn’t sure if he’d voiced his fears aloud or if Shiro was just able to read him that well.


Shiro smiled at him, although it was somewhat hollow. “Allura is trying to change our reputation. She’s tired of all the territory wars and just wants us to get along with the other local supes.”


“Lotor doesn’t seem to be on board with that.”


“No. He’s not. But so far Allura has kept him in control and doesn’t foresee it becoming a problem.”


Keith hummed a response but didn’t offer anything else on the subject.


The bartender appeared to tell them it was last call, so Shiro paid the tab and Keith made to stand up.


Apparently, he’d had more than he realized since he wobbled on his feet and nearly pitched forward into the sticky surface of the bar.


“Whoa! Easy, there. I got you.” Shiro wrapped an arm around Keith’s waist and righted him before he could do anything too embarrassing. So much for being a graceful predator of the night—Keith couldn’t even drink without becoming a sloppy mess.


“I shouldn’t have been drinking on an empty stomach.” Keith groaned, wriggling his way out of Shiro’s grasp and attempting once again to stand on his own.


“Oh. Well if you were hungry, why didn’t you say so?” Shiro’s hands stayed out, hovering over either side of Keith’s hips in case he fell again.


Keith fixed Shiro with a sharp look but managed to keep himself upright as they walked out the door. “Seriously? It’s not like I can just order a hot dog every time I get hungry.”


Shiro rolled his eyes. “You know that’s not what I meant.”


“Okay so what—oof!”


Keith didn’t even get to finish his sentence as Shiro grabbed him and pulled him back into a dark alley.


Once sure they were alone, Shiro held his wrist out and stuck it none too gracefully under Keith’s nose. “Drink.”


Violet eyes narrowed dangerously as Keith shot him the worst glare he could muster. “Stop it. I don’t want you to become my walking food bank.”


“I’m offering. Just take something.”




“You’re one to talk.”


They glared at each other, stuck in a face-off of wills. Keith knew his stubbornness was legendary, but Shiro seemed to have no problem going toe to toe with him.


In the end, the rumble in Keith’s stomach and the enticing smell of fresh blood pulsating just beneath Shiro’s skin won out.


He bit into his flesh as gently as he could manage, careful not to leave any permanent scars. Werewolves had fast healing, but it wasn’t quite as good as a vampire’s.


Once again, Keith was hypnotized by the incredible taste that was Shiro’s blood. He felt himself falling into almost a trance as he took several long pulls from the vein, wondering if Shiro was actually all werewolf or part something else because there was no way his blood should realistically taste so good.


With much effort, he pulled his lips away and retracted his fangs before he could take too much.


As he wiped the excess blood from his mouth with the back of his hand, he was shocked to hear Shiro say, “Fuck that is so hot.”


The laugh that came from Keith’s mouth surprised him. But Shiro just smirked and said, “What? It is.”


“You’re insane.”


“Yeah, probably.”


Maybe it was the fact that Shiro found him sexy simply by feeding. Maybe it was the way the moonlight was reflected off of the silver tuft of hair in his face. But Keith felt something come over him at that moment, and before he could stop himself, surged forward to capture Shiro’s lips with his own.


A surprised breath escaped Shiro when their lips connected, but Keith persisted. After a second, he felt all of the tension leave Shiro’s body as he returned the kiss with a moan.


Overall it was brief, nothing life-changing. But when he pulled away and saw the soft smile on Shiro’s face, Keith couldn’t help the wave of contentment that washed over him.


“Wow.” Was all Shiro had to say.


“Yeah.” Keith gave a shy smile.


Neither of them spoke for a minute, each trying to regain their composure. But when Shiro broke the silence, it was with a question Keith hadn’t been expecting. “So. Wanna grab coffee sometime?”


Keith didn’t even have to think about it before he replied with an enthusiastic “Yes!”


After a few exchanges on logistics, they agreed on a date the following week before splitting off to go their own ways for the night. When Keith got home, Lance kept ribbing him about the rare smile Keith was wearing. He brushed his roommate off and shut himself in his room for the night, nothing short of excited for when he would see Shiro again.


They never made it to coffee.