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My Heart is for you, Feathers or Not

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Genos has been staring at him an awful lot lately. He also had a pretty good idea what he was trying to figure out too. His wings. No matter what, everyone had wings, big or small.
They were always to be displayed, it was just poor hygiene otherwise. Wings like skin needed air and space, not constant constriction beneath clothes. If so the wings became extremely unkept and weak, basically hell to deal with. It was even seen as a form of self harm by society.

It wasn't that he was trying to hurt himself, it’s just…. Well.


His feathers had fallen off….

Along with his hair.

It’s just what happened during his training and to be honest it made him even more self conscious than if he was just bald. His wings were nothing to brag about before his training, just basic black wings to go along with his basic black hair. They weren’t glossy and beautiful like the models' wings were but they were his. Now all that remained was just the skin and bones of the wings, and he would be honest he did freak out and have a panic attack when he saw what had become of them.

But over time he just accepted it, he didn’t need wings to fight monsters, or go grocery shopping. It didn’t really matter anyway, especially when he probably couldn't even get pleasure out of them in the first place with his emotional state just disappearing. It was kinda hard to focus on the whole wing thing when he was just so bored all the time. But it probably didn’t say much about how he didn’t care since he hid them beneath his clothes all the time.

Then genos came along, examining every little thing he did and said, lighting up his life in a way he didn’t expect. It was just nice to have someone, even if it was a kinda annoying disciple who didn’t really know personal boundaries, like. Right. Now.


Genos has become more and more tense these past few weeks. What used to be subtle stares at his back became full blown glares. As if his shirt was to blame for him not being able to have his wings out. Which, fair. The skin on said wings became smooth over time, and so it was just easier to have them under clothing, they just kinda blended into his back.


Pulled from his thoughts, he looked up from his manga. “ whats up?”. God he knew what the question was going to be but he couldn’t help but be a little nervous.

Genos smoothly went to his knees and sat himself down, back ramrod straight as if he was preparing himself for an important speech. Oh boy.
“ sensei, you know that in the months we have been together-”

“ehh! What's with that wording?”

“ - my dedication and admiration for you has only grown, and you know that I am here for you if you ever need consolidation-”

“Genos I’m fine, what-”

“ or someone to lean on, so there is no longer a need to keep to yourself, especially since, I, your loyal and most trustworthy disciple-”

" genos-"

" am ready within a seconds notice-"

"GENOS", He snapped.

Genos closed his mouth with an audible clack, staring at saitama with nothing but concern. Damn, now he felt bad.

" just ", he sighed. " tell me what this is about".

Genos stared at him for a good moment before adjusting himself and putting his hands on his knees. His metal wings rose for a second before settling down.

"Your wings sensei. I have never once seen them, even on that fateful day we met. I…. Am concerned for you." He lowered his gaze to the floor. "You know as well as I that they need care and attention. And yet I have never seen you preen, never seen you fly. I am….confused…". When genos looks back up he can see the slight fear and hurt behind them. Screaming at him, please don't let this be what I think it is.

He gripped his manga and willed himself to relax.

"You think I'm purposely neglecting them".

Genos pulls in a breath, before letting it out. "Yes".

His face slightly scrunches at the thought of telling genos the truth. More anxiety fills him even at the thought of showing him.

"It doesn't matter how small sensei's wings are, I would never think any less of you for them."

He thought he was ashamed? Ehh.. eh. Well he was kinda on the nose. But it had nothing to do with the size. He could feel said appendages twitching under his shirt, shifting across his back. Genos being as vigilant as he is, spotted the shifting and his face became more serious, as if preparing for a fight.

He sighed and put the book down to his lap. “Genos.. It’s just. Well, uh. Mm”. Damnit! He didn’t know what to say! Okay think.. Should he lie? Should he just spill the beans? What if he got disgusted? What if he was so horrified he just up and leaves! Ok. okokokok, I’m overthinking things and now he’s staring at me, the sensei, for an answer!

“Uh, well. Groceries”.

Confusion spread across the others' face. “Groceries? Sensei?”.

“yea, we haven’t gotten any this week and I think I remember a sale going on in city B”. He quickly stood up to rush to his shoes near the door but was stopped by metallic feathers in his way, glinting dangerously in the light.

Genos had thrust his long wing in front of saitama, blocking the way to the door ahead. “ sensei… there are no sales in city B. I would know.” aw crap.

“ I know this is a sensitive subject to talk about. You don’t have to tell me now or ever, but… when it comes to sensei’s well-being, I cannot stand idly by.” Genos’ hands began to fist into his jeans, his wings puffing and rising in a display of distress. “ Forgive me. You and the doctor are the only ones I have left. The ones that are truly important to me. I… Love you.. Saitama.”

Saitama stood there stunned. A mix of emotions swirling through chest. Fear, warmth, love. He really cared about Genos, and avoiding talking about something as simple as a loss of feathers was hurting him because he thought he was self harming. He really was an idiot sometimes. A selfish idiot.

He softly spoke, “Genos…”. He kneeled before his disciple, gently grabbing his shoulders and giving them a reassuring squeeze. Genos slowly rose his chin to meet his gaze, wings no longer puffed but poised over him protectively, covering them so that only the light could shine in, leaving them both in their own world.

“I'm not hurting myself… I just don’t really have wings”. A look of confusion passed through Genos’ face. He sucked in and let out a breath. “ I’ll show you”.

He shifted himself back, he grabbed onto his oppai sweater and started to slowly lift it up, hesitating halfway. In response Genos’ wings curled tighter around them, a clear show of, It’s okay, no one will hurt you, not while I’m here. To reinforce this, Genos put his hand on Saitama’s leg.

Okay.. He finally pulled his sweater off his frame, feeling the air on his skin, especially on the limbs on his back. They gave a soft shiver and slowly began to stretch out, hanging by his sides and the ends partly laying on the floor.

Saitama's heart began beating hard and fast, the anxiety eating him from his chest to the rest of his body as silence hung in the air. He hadn’t the courage to look up from the oppai sweater wrinkled in his hands. They must look awful, just 2 pairs of fleshy sticks protruding from his back. He felt tears being produced behind his eyes, waiting for a chance to burst forward and make the situation all the more awkward and stressful. He should be used to being alone. All this time with Genos had buttered him up, made him almost dependent on the others constant company.

Just when a tear was getting ready to slip down his cheek, his chin was caught in such a gentle hold by metallic fingers, his other cheek grasped lovingly by Genos’ other hand. They slowly tilted his view up until all he saw were golden eyes staring back at his, full of such love and devotion he forgot who he was for a moment.

“ Thank you for trusting me”, Genos began to wrap saitama in both his arms and wings and held him tight. “ As I said before sensei, I think no less of you”. Saitama felt himself burying his head in his disciples neck, giving a tired chuckle.

He wasn’t disgusted.

He wasn’t going to leave.

After some time had passed and the two began to settle, it was mutually agreed that they would both take this time to clear up any misunderstandings that were going on.

“ so this was during sensei’s training?”, Genos' full attention on his master.

“Yea, it’s just something that happened, along with the, y’know, hair”. They had both settled against the wall, laying back on their wrapped up futons. “ but you are right in a way”. Genos waited patiently for Saitama to clarify. “ I wasn’t taking care of my wings. Ever since I lost my feathers I just let them hang there. I mean I wash them but that’s about it. I should be putting more care into them, no matter how much I might dislike them, they are just as important as everything else”. He gave a small smile and looked up to meet Genos’ gaze, well tried to.

“ Ehh?”. He looked around before spotting Genos in the kitchen, vigorously writing down what he can assume is what he just said. Huh, so that’s where he left his notebook. “ Brilliant sensei! Such words of wisdom, coming from someone as experienced as yourself. You grow wiser everyday!”.

He let out a sigh and a chuckle. Good, nothing really has changed.

Over the course of a few weeks he began to slowly become more comfortable letting his wings out in the apartment. The holes that are pre-existing in every piece of fabric for the sole purpose of allowing the wings to be out while being fully clothed began to be used.

He would even let Genos touch them during their ‘preening’ session. Mostly him helping Genos maintain and care for his own wings, smoothing oil and other substances on each knife of a feather. Genos had also gotten an oil for the skin on his wings, claiming he got it on sale and that feathers or not, the skin also needed moisturizing and care. He began to notice a difference after a week of their preening sessions, the skin on said appendages looked much healthier and more flushed than their usual slight pale color. They didn’t look dry in some places and the itching in others had gone away.

“ Hey Genos why do you have wings? I thought wings were only a social thing and to help people fly and stuff. You can already fly without them, I thought you said you didn’t care about any of that when you were younger”. Genos looked up from his notebook, sitting cross legged on the floor.

“ I did not. I almost didn’t have them installed at all. However, the doctor insisted that I could use them as extra weaponry, and as a pair of shields. He was hoping that one day I would find myself a lover.”

“ ahh”. He looked down at yet another manga he had bought, his mind drifting to that day when his secret was revealed. I love you.

“ Hey Genos”. Said person lifted up his head again, a blush spreading across his own cheeks at the thought of what he was going to do, “ I love you”.

One moment Genos was hunched over his notebook and the next he was standing straight, a small jet of steam leaving his body, Before marching over to Saitama and getting on one knee before the man.

“ Sensei, there is actually something I have been meaning to ask for awhile now”, Genos hung his head low before rocketing back up, determination in his eyes. “ Sensei, I truly mean this when I say that I love you. It would give me nothing but joy if you would go out with me!”.

All he could manage was a small yes before his face was taken in the others hands and lips were pressed to his own. He placed his own hands on Genos’ chest and they sat there until both had to come back for air. Saitama's cheeks were more flushed than they were before. This could work, they could work. Genos made him so happy, and god by that kiss Saitama made Genos happy. He looked behind Genos to see that his wings were slightly hung and splayed out a bit to form a heart.

Something was going with his wings, they had been itching like crazy lately and he hadn’t been able to do much about it, between the monster fighting and the dating. It was more manageable in the beginning but now it had gotten to the point that he was scratching at it until his fingers came back with blood.

Genos, the poor guy was so concerned that he eventually gave in to the suggestion that they visit the doctor so that he could at least get some form of check up.

And uhh, apparently he was growing back his feathers. At a surprising rate too, because by the end of the week he already had shafts covering his wings. It looked like a porcupine had gotten to them. Sucked that his hair wasn’t growing back along with it.

This only seemed to egg Genos on during the preening sessions until one day the shafts started to fall apart under Genos’ touch and instead of the black feathers he had been expecting, they were white. Genos took such care in every feather, making sure to get enough oil from the gland above his tail bone before smoothing it over. It felt embarrassingly good. Both his wings and body were nothing but a puddle after Genos was done, Genos standing over him with such a pleased look like he had accomplished an achievement.

He now understood how preening was a sacred bonding experience. They had only gotten closer after that, he was so excited that he had gotten his feathers back that he insisted they go to the same spot where they ‘trained’ last time so that he could try flying again.

It was bumpy and rough at first, but Genos was there for him every step of the way and did not laugh when he fell straight on his face. After a while him and Genos were zooming all over the place, being careful with his wings just as much as his punches after he accidentally sent Genos flying to the other side of the canyon they were in.

It felt so great! Everything has been great ever since Genos and he had gotten together, the wind underneath his feathers, the warmth of Genos’ hand in his own.

“ you look like an angel sensei”. The words making him turn red in a matter of seconds covering his body with his wings after they stopped to take a break on an abandoned building in city Z. He felt Genos’ hand going through the opening of his wings to his face and let him, pulling them both in a loving kiss for the 6th time of the day.

Later they had both gone home and after dinner Saitama found himself sitting in the lap of his boyfriend, Genos’ face buried in his wings while he watched tv.

“ Your feathers are so soft sensei.” God how many times was this kid gonna make him blush?

After a couple of hours of tv they both prepared themselves for bed, each in their respective futons before Saitama second guessed himself and shimmied over to the futon his lover was laying in. pressing in close Saitama brought his face to Genos’ chest while the other wrapped his arms around the former. They drifted off to sleep with the comfort of the others presence and warmth pervading their senses.