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Dust to Dust

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November 22, 2017 


It’s been more than a year, but Wynonna still isn’t sure if she’ll ever get used to riding around in the front of a cop car instead of in the back of one. 

Nicole pulls into the parking lot of the construction site, looking up at the large, daunting building. There’d been reports of strange things happening around here, and now one of the workers is missing. 

Lucado figured the strange things part fell in BBD’s area of expertise, while the missing person was crossing the line into Nicole’s territory. She’d passed the case off easily to Wynonna and Nicole. 

Working as a team like this is a dream come true for both of them. For Wynonna, doing things alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. Not since getting Nicole back. 

For Nicole, being the Sheriff has some perks. She can make her own decisions about which cases she works on and doesn’t have to risk being forced to do paperwork instead of being out here, by her girl’s side when she needs her. 

Wynonna turns and watches the way Nicole studies the large building that’s set to become some luxury condos, before turning her gaze to the building as well. 

“If the assholes in this town knew what was good for them there wouldn’t be a need for these goddamn apartments.” Wynonna thinks out loud, drawing Nicole’s attention to her. 

The officer turns back around, settling into her seat again and taking off her seatbelt. She reaches across the console to take Wynonna’s hand in her own and squeezes lightly, the corner of her mouth turning up just so as she watches the older woman still looking out the window. 

“Baby, if you knew how many times I heard something exactly like that when I came back here...” She almost laughs. 

People called her crazy for wanting to work in this weird little town. Told her she’d be better off somewhere else. Still, she knew this was where she had to be. 

Wynonna laces her fingers with Nicole’s and turns to face her, lifting an eyebrow. “I guess that’s fair,” she admits with a long sigh. 

Thinking about the unseen, unspoken danger Nicole, and even Waverly, were in each day before she came back still bothers her sometimes, even if that time is long over. “Let’s go find out what gross thing needs to be sent to hell. Whatcha say, Red? ” She asks after a moment. 

Nicole smiles at her and reaches out to tuck her hair behind her ear. “Well, who am I to say no to my future wife?” The younger woman tilts her head to the side, big brown eyes shining with love. 

Wynonna can’t help the wide grin that stretches from ear to ear at Nicole’s words. “Oh, come on, you loser…” She laughs, rolling her eyes playfully and shaking her head as she gets out of the car. Even though she pretends, she’ll never truly get tired of the way Nicole loves reminding her they’re engaged.

It’s been just shy of two weeks, but every day the feeling is new. Looking at Nicole’s hand and knowing that she really did it... Nicole will be her wife one day. It’s insane to her still, and each sweet or silly reminder from the redhead only makes it feel so beautifully real all over again. 

“Oh, that’s how it is? Fiiiiine…” Nicole says, getting out and looking over the car at Wynonna. Her eyebrows are raised and there’s laughter in her voice. 

Wynonna is still grinning and shaking her head when she comes around the car and grabs Nicole by the front of her jacket, leaning up on her toes to press a deliberate kiss to her mouth. Nicole makes a soft noise against Wynonna’s lips, one of her hands resting on her hip and the other on the back of her head. 

Wynonna pulls back with a smile and her hands slide down Nicole’s front, doing up the zipper of her jacket and pulling it up halfway. “It’s a little cold,” she says softly, patting her fiancée’s hip. 

Nicole watches her and thinks about how grateful she is that this side of Wynonna is and has always been reserved for just her. “I love you.” She sighs sweetly, resting her hand on Wynonna’s back as they walk closer to the construction site. 

“I love you, too, Haughty,” she responds, tucking her hands away in her pockets. 

They walk for a couple of minutes before Wynonna notices another seemingly familiar head of red hair a few feet away. She stops in her tracks, tripping Nicole up a little bit.

“Woah, baby! What…” 

Wynonna reaches out and hooks a finger in Nicole’s jacket pocket, pointing a little with her other hand. “Is that?” 

Nicole squints at the redhead, trying to get a good enough look at her face to see if she can figure out who Wynonna is thinking it could be. Before either of them get the chance, the woman turns around in her bright pink jacket and Wynonna instantly knows she’s right. 

“Earp?!” Mercedes says brightly, taking in Wynonna first. Her gaze then moves to Nicole and her eyebrows raise a little more. “And...Haught?!” She laughs, looking genuinely surprised to see the two women she’d known in high school standing in front of her. 

The greeting causes the two women to relax a bit and they both lift the hand that isn’t on the other one and offer her a small wave, smiling. 

“God, it’s been…” Mercedes starts. 

“Like 9 years or something.” Wynonna finishes, not realizing the way she’s still got her finger hooked in Nicole’s pocket. 

Mercedes looks over them again now that they’re closer and lifts her eyebrow at the way they touch one another, the corner of her mouth pulling up in a smug smirk. 

“Oh my god, Haught. The last time I saw you you were looking for her everywhere, now you’re a cop. And clearly, you did it.” She comments, sounding almost proud. 

Wynonna’s eyebrows pull together and she turns to look up at Nicole, who is already looking down at her with soft eyes.

The Sheriff looks back to Mercedes and dips her head. “Yeah…it took a while, but we’re here now. We got engaged, actually.” She smiles softly, still feeling the relief of being able to say that. 

Mercedes doesn’t miss the look on Wynonna’s face and reaches out to rest her hand on her arm. “Oh my god? Seriously?! You two...getting married?!” 

Mercedes is way more excited than Wynonna expects. It’s not exactly surprising that someone who knew all the shitty rumors about her would be surprised that someone wanted to marry her though. Wynonna nods proudly in response, leaning into Nicole’s side just a little bit. 

“Ugh, good for you! Congrats! You know, I kind of knew even back then... especially that night at that stupid Halloween party, do you remember? God, the way you looked at each other. And it’s still like that… that’s so sweet.” Mercedes beams, stepping back to look at the two of them side by side. 

“You hear that, Haughty? Your heart eyes were giving us away, even back then.” Wynonna says playfully, her blue eyes softening in a way that only Nicole would be able to pick up on. Her heart warms so much with the reminder, and with knowing that someone else thought that about them even all those years ago. 

“Oh, yeah I’m sure it’s all on me.” Nicole kids, rolling her eyes and chuckling her hand coming to rest on Wynonna’s shoulder. “Thank you, Mercedes it means a lot.” Nicole says genuinely, feeling a heavy wave of pride wash over her. 

“What the hell was that about anyway though? The disappearing act?” Mercedes says, scrunching up her nose. 

The abruptness of the question brings back feelings and memories that Wynonna has only shared with Nicole and some with Waverly. Nicole knows and tightens her arm around Wynonna’s shoulders.

“Ugh, I’m such an asshole — I shouldn’t have said anything about that, I’m sorry.” Mercedes apologizes sincerely, making Wynonna sigh in relief. 

“No it’s--fine. Just a long story.” 

“Well maybe some other time.” 

“Yeah, maybe,” Wynonna confirms with a curt nod.

“Well, what are you lovebirds doing here, anyway?” Mercedes finally says. 

“Oh, we got reports of some workers going missing?” Nicole answers, resting her free hand against her utility belt. 



Wynonna is so fucking thankful that Nicole was able to come with her here. The whole place gives her this sinking, sludgy feeling--something that she can almost taste and she hates it. 

Peacemaker is practically vibrating in her hand as they turn the dark corners and walk the long, dark halls. Up ahead, someone peeks around the corner before taking off in the other direction. With the way her gun reacts, Wynonna knows she has to follow.

Nicole notices the orange glow and pats Wynonna on the back, drawing her own gun.

“Go, baby. I’m right behind you. I’ll make sure it’s clear around here,” Nicole promises. 

Wynonna takes off after the runner, knowing Nicole will keep her promise. 

“Hey!” Wynonna calls after the guy who just keeps running. 

“Hey!” She calls again, picking up her pace a little but not running anymore. It’s a deadend anyway, and he’s fumbling like an idiot with a locked door. 

Peacemaker trills more intensely the closer she gets to him. Finally, when Wynonna is right beside him, he puts up his hands. 

“Don’t shoot!” He begs, trying to keep his eyes closed. 

Wynonna knows what that means and pushes up his hardhat with the barrel of her gun. 

His eyes burn bright red and the skin underneath them darkens but she recognizes him.

“Goddamnit, Earl.” She sighs, shaking her head. “You work here?!” She asks. 

“I-I needed somewhere to stay!” He counters. 

“Well, you know how this works, lifelong enemies…” She starts, sighing deeply. 

Even though Earl is as harmless as they come and Rosita and Waverly are actively helping her search for an alternative way to end the curse, Wynonna doesn’t want that information getting back to the wrong Rev. 

The man doesn’t seem phased, though. In fact, he’s distracted, sniffing at the air.

“Do you smell that? What is that?” He asks. 

In one swift breath, Wynonna’s lungs are filled with the scent and it seizes her.

“Shaladelle.” Wynonna breathes out, shaking her head. “I haven’t smelled that in…” 

Suddenly, the hall feels cold, and Wynonna feels something looming behind her. She turns, gasping when she sees the dark wispy figure hovering at the end of the long hallway. 

A feeling of dread washes over her and she’s overwhelmed with the memory of the last time she saw her big sister. At the end of Peacemaker’s barrel. 

It feels like she’s right there again, out in the cold, killing her sister. 

She’s pulled from the memory by the sound of Nicole’s voice in the distance.

“Wynonna? Baby?!” She calls, the sound getting closer and closer. 

Wynonna shakes her head, blinking away tears and trying to get a grip. 

Nicole takes Wynonna’s face in her hands when she gets to her, inspecting her with concern. 

“Wynonna, I turned the corner and you had Peacemaker drawn but there wasn’t anything... baby, what did you see? Are you okay?” She asks, smoothing Wynonna’s hair out of her face. 

Wynonna finally breathes, relaxing with Nicole’s hands on her face. She takes a deep, shaky breath. “I’m okay, Nic. There was… this black thing – looked like a ghost, something I’ve never seen before but there was this smell… and my head just went to Willa… I’m sorry.” She shakes her head again, trying to really figure out what she’d seen, feeling unsure. 

A second later, she hears feet on a staircase and it dawns on her. “Fucking Earl,” she growls, pulling out of Nicole’s grasp and taking off towards the stairs behind them. 

Nicole follows close behind this time. When they reach the stairs, she sees the man Wynonna is after, a few flights ahead of them. 

“Goddammit, Earl just stop running!” Wynonna yells, coming off the stairs and turning the corner she’s sure he’d rounded running right into a sticky web. 

She makes a high pitched noise and then Nicole is right behind her, running right into the web, too. 

“Aggh! What the fuck?! What is this?!” Nicole yells, twisting and writhing to get the massive, nasty web off her and failing. 

Wynonna pulls at what’s stuck in her hair and it makes no difference. She looks over at Nicole and stifles a laugh. 

Nicole glances at Wynonna, her face still twisted in horror from being covered in gooey mystery webs. “What?! What are you… are you laughing?” Nicole scoffs, still trying to brush the webs off of herself. 

“No, God, no of course not.” Wynonna clears her throat, looking away from the taller woman and back ahead. Any semblance of a smile she’d been wearing at the sight and sound of Nicole reacting to the webs dies away when she notices the massive, disgusting egg sac hanging from the ceiling. 

She points, getting Nicole to follow her gaze. The almost mummified hand sticking out of it confirms their fears. “Looks like we found Jesus.” Wynonna breathes. 




The drive back to the station covered in web goo with a huge, even webbier cocoon in the backseat is less than stellar. 

The plus is that they’re basically shoved into a decontamination shower together when they arrive. 

Nicole stands behind Wynonna under the steaming water, running her fingers through her long hair and making sure the last remnants of webs are long gone. 

“I think you’re finally, finally clean, baby.” She sighs letting her hands fall away from Wynonna’s hair and wrapping her arms around her waist instead, pulling her flush against her. 

“I’m so glad I cut my hair, or we’d be in here forever.” Nicole grumbles, resting her cheek against the side of Wynonna’s head. 

The smaller woman chuckles darkly, relaxing into the embrace and resting her hands over Nicole’s on her stomach. 

“Now, would that really be so bad, Sheriff Haught?” Wynonna smirks, turning in Nicole’s grasp and draping her arms around her neck. 

The taller woman settles her hands against Wynonna’s back, raising an eyebrow. “, I guess it wouldn’t.” She drawls, letting her hand drift down to Wynonna’s ass. 

Just as Wynonna is about to press her mouth to Nicole’s ––

“Earp! Get in here already, I know you’re clean and I need someone to cut into this thing!” Lucado leans against the doorway and her loud voice cuts right through their moment, causing them to jolt apart. 

“Jesus Christ!” Nicole hisses, running her hands over her face. 

“Fucking hell, does no one respect the sacred privacy of the containment showers?!” Wynonna groans, poking her head out of the plastic curtain to glare at the blonde. 

“Don’t take all day.” Lucado says plainly, rolling her eyes as she walks back out into the office. 

Wynonna turns back to Nicole shaking her head, arms crossed over her chest. 

“Who does she think she is?” She asks bitterly. 

Nicole laughs gently, reaching out to pull Wynonna against her again. She holds her against her chest for a moment or two, just enjoying it. 

“Your – well, our – boss. Sadly.” She states with a sigh. 

Wynonna knows she’s right but she doesn’t want to admit it. She hates being bossed around by anyone who isn’t Nicole. 

“You gonna help me cut into this thing when we get out?” Wynonna sighs, leaning back enough to see the redhead’s face. 

“Oh… about that.” Nicole laughs, shaking her head slightly. “See, I’m still the Sheriff, so… I gotta… y’know… scoot.” She motions towards the door with her head, trying not to look too amused. 

Wynonna deflates, pulling her eyebrows together and glaring up at Nicole. The expression almost gets Nicole to laugh. 

“Seriously? What, because there’s something more urgent than a dead dude inside a big nasty spider egg?” Wynonna shrugs, clenching her jaw to hide the fact that Nicole almost laughing is getting to her. 

“Baby, you know what it’s like – I’m positive there’s somebody going 45 in a 30 or peeing in public as we speak.” She finally grins, squeezing Wynonna’s sides playfully. 

The tickling sensation paired with the absolutely stupid excuses make Wynonna laugh loudly, twisting in Nicole’s arms. 

“Jesus,’re so…” She starts, but trails off, still smiling up at the other woman. 

“I’m so what , Earp?” She teases, leaning closer to Wynonna. 

“So fucking adorable. And sexy. God. And mine .” She chuckles again, leaning up on her tiptoes and pulling Nicole into a deep kiss. 

“You got that right. Especially the last part. And uh… does that mean you forgive me for not bein’ able to help cut up the cocoon?” Nicole asks a bit breathlessly when they part, biting down on her lip. 

“We’ll see. As long as you make it up to me later.” Wynonna lifts her eyebrow, cutting off the water. 

“Oh, that I can promise.” Nicole smirks, giving Wynonna one last kiss before they get out. 




Wynonna’s alone with the Jesus cocoon thing. This is so not her forte. She’s the woman with the big ass gun, not the dissect and analyze type of gal. She picks up a small scalpel. The aching in her chest reminds her that this used to be her dream. She looks at the small tool in her hand for too long. Every time she had dreamed about holding one of these, it had been in a hospital with a mask and one of those scrub cap things… In full scrubs and those stupid cottony shoe cover things. 

She shakes her head and the disgusting mass in front of her reminds her that all of that doesn’t matter anymore. A heavy sigh expels through her nose. She reaches forward and starts the “incision,” cutting through the sac. Soon after, she feels something… gooey. 

“Ewaaagh, not again, ew ew ew ew ew ew…” Wynonna groans, her mouth falling open and her tongue sticking out. 

“Baby, why aren’t you wearing gloves?” Nicole’s voice startles her and she spins around to find the sight of her tall Sheriff looking at her with a raised brow. 

Wynonna pouts and gives her fiancée the most pitiful puppy stare. “Well, if you’re so smart , why don’t you do it?”

Nicole grins, grabbing a few wipes from the desk near the decontamination area. She walks over to Wynonna and cleans the bit of goo off of her hands. “I thought you wanted to be a doctor…”

“A people doctor, Nic! I don’t want to cut open demon egg sacs with humans inside!” Wynonna whines. 

“Okay, well, people doctors wear gloves, too, you know.”

“Oh sure, rub it in… I still think you should put the gloves on then and help me. It’s not like you have a job to do or anything,” Wynonna teases. 

Neither of the women realize that Rosita and Waverly walk in quietly. 

Nicole scoffs playfully. “Oh hell no, I’m not doing your job for you, Earp.”

“But what’s mine is yours!” Wynonna bares her teeth adorably. 

“We’re not married yet,” Nicole shoots back. Wynonna pouts again--this time laying it on real thick. Nicole’s mouth drops open. “Oh no. Nuh uh! Not the pout. You’re not gonna win this one. I’m not getting all gooey again after that turnipy shower.” 


“Oh my god! What are you two going on about?” Rosita is the first to break, alerting Wynonna and Nicole to their presence. 

“Fuck! Christ! How long have you two been standing there?” Wynonna asks. 

“Long enough to confidently say you two are so married. We’re just waiting on the ceremony and papers at this point.” 

Waverly smirks at Rosita. “This is how they’ve been this whole damn time. You don’t know the half of it.” She turns to her sister. “What are you trying to pass off on poor Nicole?” 

Wynonna pffts and Nicole chuckles. “Poor Nicole,” she whispers to Wynonna who responds with a gentle shove. 

“Lucado wants me to examine this spider cocoon thing that has Jesus in it from the construction site. But I’m the girl with the gun, not the scalpel and lab coat.” 

Waverly and Rosita exchange a wordless look before turning back to the other couple. “Let me and Rosie handle it, then. Rosie’s got--”

“Three PHDs…” Wynonna and Nicole finish in unison. 

“We get it, Waves. Both of your girlfriends are super geniuses with PHDs and it’s sooooo sexy,” Wynonna says, sticking a finger into her mouth and her tongue out to mimic gagging. 

“On second thought, we have somewhere to be…” Waverly starts, reaching for Rosita’s hand. 

“No wait-- Ugh, fine. I’m just joking. Don’t get your knickers in a twist! Please, my dearest, bestest, most loveliest sister… Will you and your equally lovely, super smart and hot girlfriend take this one from me?” 

Rosita grins when Waverly huffs. “C’mon, baby, let’s give your sister a break. We can knock this out easy.” 

“Fiiiiiine…” Waverly drawls. 

The two geniuses suit up and glove up and take the scalpel from Wynonna. 

“See? Gloves…” Nicole teases under her breath. 

“Shut up, Haught, before I shut you up.” 

“Oh, please do…” 

Just then, a deputy knocks on BBD’s door. She calls out. “Sheriff Haught? We need you out here.”

“Duty calls…” Nicole sighs. “Have fun with your goo.” 

“Booooo. Have fun being the sexy boss.” Wynonna leans up and kisses her briefly before she walks out. 

When Wynonna makes her way back over to Waverly and Rosita she notes how precisely both of them seem to be approaching this. Again, she finds herself aching a little… Watching more closely than she would admit. 

“So why is Lucado sticking you in here with this when you should be out there sticking it to supernatural nasties?” Waverly asks. 

“Because she doesn't need dead humans, she needs the things that get them dead. She's... dangerous. If we don't follow her rules…” Wynonna answers, trailing off at the end, unable to finish her thought. 

“We’ve all got you, Wynonna… We’ve gotta do this. So that Dolls can stop hiding. At least he gets to see Henry.” 

“Oh shit!” Rosita’s voice cuts through the Earp Sisters’ conversation. A second later a spiderling creature hops out of the sac. Waverly jumps back and screams. Wynonna starts to hop around, trying to avoid it. Rosita and Waverly climb on top of the table while Wynonna grabs the trash bin and traps it underneath. 

“Shoot it!” Waverly calls.

“Lucado would want it alive!” Wynonna retorts and then winces, disgusted. “I hate myself for saying that.” 

Rosie comes down off the table and holds the bin down as it rattles. Her eyes glow red and her lids and under her eyes go black. 

“Rose, your eyes…” Wynonna whispers. Black Badge doesn’t know that Rosita’s a revenant and they all intend to keep it that way--the last thing they need is for BBD to dissect Waverly’s girlfriend. Rose closes them quickly and tries to get a handle on herself. When she opens them, they’ve returned to normal. Wynonna gives her a reassuring nod and a small smile. 

“How long before this thing eats its way through this thing?” Wynonna asks. 

“If you don’t take care of it, it’s going to eat its way through Rosie!” 

Wynonna groans. “Fine!” She pulls Peacemaker from the holster on her waist and aims it near the bottom of the can at the floor. “Okay, Rose, go!” 

Rosita pushes the bin over and nothing comes out. They all freeze. Rosita bends down to search for it.

“Rosie no!” Waverly calls out. 

The spiderling comes running out and Rosita jumps back, running to the table that Waverly’s still standing on. Wynonna aims Peacemaker and fires. Dead spiderling. Waverly grabs a container, hops off the table, and promptly shoves the disgusting demon into a jar, screwing the lid on tight. 

Waverly turns to look at Wynonna. “Oh! Goo alert!”

Wynonna looks down at her hand and groans. “Motherfucker, I’m tired of this goo shit…” 

“I’ll run and get you a towel.” 

“Hell no, I’m not getting in there again. I just got out of there. I’m going home… Coconut-y goodness is waiting for me. Fuck this, I’m not Lucado’s lapdog. This is my team. I’m taking it back,” Wynonna declares confidently. 

Waverly looks back at her girlfriend and smiles. She turns to her sister again. “Speaking of your team and taking it back… Rosie and I have a lead on a way to break the curse without all the killing. Is it okay if we--?” 

Wynonna looks to Rosita and then back to her baby sister. “Waves, duh. You’ll be careful?” She says pointedly, her eyes wandering back over to Rosita. 

Rosita hops down and walks to stand beside Waverly. “I’ll keep her safe, Wynonna. You know I will.” 

“Okay… Call me the second you two are done.”

“You got it, Sis! Now go get your coconut-y goodness!” 




“So what exactly is this lead again, Rosie?” Waverly asks as they climb into her jeep. 

“A book. Supposedly in some ancient language… With details about the Earp curse and how it started and how to break it. Hoping it’s more than the obvious shit--’kill all the revenants, the end.’ There’s so many like me, Waves. People just caught in the crossfires. Never wanted this.” Rosita says sadly. 

“Hey…” Waverly reaches over and grabs Rosita's hand as they drive. “We’re going to find another way. That’s kind of Wynonna’s whole thing.”

“It’s yours, too, cutie. Give yourself some credit,” Rosita urges, smoothing her thumb over Waverly’s hand. “And it hasn’t been all bad, Waves. Without this curse, I wouldn’t have been around long enough to meet my girls… You changed everything for me, Waves. Both of you.”

Waverly can’t believe it on the best days that she has not one, but two women who care for her so deeply--who take care of her and are so attentive and understanding. “Feeling is so mutual, mi rosa perfecta ,” Waverly says sweetly. My perfect rose.

“¡Que encantadora!” Rosita teases. What a charmer! 

They arrive at the location and immediately Rosita feels unsettled. There’s a tingle at the base of her neck, but she can’t place it nor can she see what is making her senses go off in warning. “Waves… Stay in the jeep a second? Please?” 


“Baby?” Rosita begs. 

“Fine, but I’m getting out at the first sign of trouble.”

“Let me have a little bit of credit, eh?” Rosita urges. She brings Waverly’s hand to her lips and kisses the back of it before stepping out of the vehicle and taking hesitant steps out into the open. 

A man in a suit comes into view. He looks… Very plain. Still, Rosita can’t shake the daunting feeling looming throughout her chest. “Do you have it?” She questions cautiously. 

The man doesn’t speak. He tilts his head to one side and narrows his eyes. He seems to take in a deep breath through his nose… Smelling? Rosita scrunches up her nose in confusion. She lets herself really look over the man, taking in every detail. That’s when she notices the slow dripping from one of his clenched fists. Black blood? Goo? Drips onto the snow from his hand. 

“What the…?” Rosita looks back at the man’s face. His eyes have gone completely black. “Damn it!”  

He smirks and lunges at her, but she jumps out of the way at the last second. Her own eyes come to life as she brings out the demon within her. The next time he leaps towards her, she catches him by the neck and lifts him off the ground. “Where is the book?!” Rosita demands, a deep guttural voice layering over her natural one. 

“What do you want with the tome, revenant?” the man practically hisses, voices layering into his as well.  

“None of your concern.” 

“You want it?” He taunts. A moment later, his fist comes down hard across the side of her face and she loses her grip on him. He tumbles to the ground, more black goo oozing out onto the ground. “Come and get it!” He takes off and Rosita chases after him. 

Waverly can’t stand the sight of Rosita being hit. The younger Earp woman scrambles out of her jeep and goes to run after her girlfriend when something seizes her chest and stops her in her tracks. Her eyes find pools of black goo where Rosita had just been fighting that strange man. 

Goo bad. Goo bad…  She chants it over and over to herself, but her feet seem to move on their own towards the shiny… Black… Her steps are slow. The dazed look on her face is lost on her. Completely unaware, she crouches down and presses her finger into a pool of blackness. Her eyes go black for only a moment before they settle back to normal. She stands and blinks. 

All at once, she can see again. Her feet move her towards where she’d seen Rosie run off, away from the pools of goo. “What…?” She asks herself. Shaking her head, she gathers her bearings right as Rosie runs up to her with a large book in her arms. 

“Waves, baby, are you okay?” Rosie asks, reaching one of her hands up to cup Waverly’s face. 

Waverly smiles softly and genuinely, not recollecting anything that she’d done over the last several movements. “Yeah. Are you? Everything okay?” 

“I got it! Let’s get the hell out of here… I have no clue what that man was…”

“My sexy baby… So brave. C’mon…” Waverly takes Rosita by the hand as they walk back towards the car. Her eyes flash black again, but she blinks them away a moment later. 

Rosita looks ahead, completely unaware.