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Bound in Blue

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“I said kneel, you stupid bitch.”

Blaine swallowed hard, fought to control his body, to keep his shaking knees from giving out completely. Every submissive instinct he had was screaming at him to obey, but he couldn’t. Sebastian was holding out a collar, and if Blaine knelt for him there wasn’t a judge alive that wouldn’t see that as an act of consent.

“Leave me alone,” Blaine whispered, forcing his head up, wincing as his eyes met Sebastian’s.

Sebastian’s lip curled into a vicious smile. “Oh, I’m really going to enjoy you,” he whispered back, stepping closer and reaching out to grab Blaine.

Blaine knew he shouldn’t have gone out by himself during Claiming season. He knew he should have waited for Cooper to get home, but his submissive instincts were on fire and he had just needed to get some fresh air, he had been so sure his neighborhood was safe…

Blaine backed away, looking around frantically for some means of escape. A small crowd was gathering on the corner, watching the boys’ interaction. But no one was there to help Blaine. If anything, they would probably be more inclined to help Sebastian.

“Please…” Blaine couldn’t help but whimper. Sebastian’s eyes flashed with hunger.

“Kneel,” he repeated, his voice sharp. Blaine dug his fingernails into his palms until he felt the skin break, knowing he couldn’t last much longer, knowing that it was only a matter of time before…

“I believe he asked you to leave him alone,” a voice rang out, high and clear but thrumming with so much power Blaine almost gasped.

And when he saw who the voice belonged to, he did gasp.

The boy was gorgeous, tall and lean like Sebastian but with softer features and kind eyes. Kindness that shone through even as the boy glared at Sebastian like he was something he’d found stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

“Fun,” Sebastian said, lip curling and eyes sparkling with amusement as the boy broke free from the crowd and approached him. “Now, are you a girl or a boy, because I really can’t--”

“You don’t have to obey him,” the boy interrupted firmly, looking straight at Blaine. “You don’t need to do anything he tells you to do. He is not your Dom and he has no right.”

Blaine let out a dry sob at the sheer relief he felt at no longer fighting to resist. He felt his shoulders loosen, his fists unclench.

Excuse me?” Sebastian shrieked. “I don’t have the right? I’d like to know exactly what gives you the right to-”

“Tell me your name,” the boy demanded, the intensity of his eyes pinning Blaine in place. The boy radiated a Dominance unlike any Blaine had ever experienced before. Obeying him made Blaine feel…warm. Safe. Home.

“Blaine,” he replied, lowering his eyes deferentially.

“Blaine.” Hearing the boy repeat his name made Blaine want to drop to his knees without a second’s thought. Blaine casually glanced at the boy’s wrist. There was no key there. He felt his heart speed up.

“My name is Kurt,” the boy said. “It’s very nice to meet you Blaine. You are unclaimed?”

“Yes,” Blaine whispered, unable to look away from Kurt’s bare wrist.

“Not for long,” Sebastian growled, grabbing Kurt by the shoulder.

Kurt whirled around to face Sebastian. “Blaine, go sit on that bench while I handle this,” Kurt said.

Warmth rushed over Blaine as he scrambled to obey, his body sinking to the bench and relaxing completely. Kurt was going to take care of him. Kurt was going to take care of everything.

Blaine watched as the two Doms exchanged heated words, not entirely able to make out what they were saying, but definitely hearing his own name more than once. The little crowd on the sidewalk had grown, but Blaine didn’t even feel the weight of their eyes on him anymore. All he felt was Kurt’s sweet Dominance. It was incredible.

The boys did not come to blows, much to Blaine’s surprise. And when Kurt pulled out his cell phone, Sebastian threw his hands up. “Fine! He’s pretty but he’s not worth that much trouble. Although I’ll have you know, my father is a State’s Attorney, and-”

“Impressive. Mine is a congressman. One that has a very thorough understanding of sub rights laws, as I’m sure your father-”

“I said fine,” Sebastian snarled again. “Have fun breaking that one in. Don’t be surprised when those blowjob lips of his do more talking back than sucking cock.” And with one last lingering gaze at Blaine, Sebastian turned on his heel and strode away.

Kurt approached Blaine on the bench. Blaine stared up at him, refusing to beg openly but hoping that Kurt could read the desperation in his eyes.

“Do you – do you need someone to walk you home, Blaine?”

Blaine couldn’t hide his disappointment. He bit his lip and looked at the ground. Of course someone like Kurt wouldn’t want someone like him. Kurt was probably looking for a real sub. One that would never refuse a Dom during mating season.

“Blaine, look at me.” Blaine looked up, swallowing hard when he met Kurt’s eyes. Blaine gasped when he saw the deep blue leather band Kurt had pulled out of his pocket.

“Blaine, I…I want to. But you don’t even know me. You deserve to know what you’re getting into.”

“I don’t care,” Blaine whispered.

Kurt raised an eyebrow at him. “Blaine…”

“I…don’t you feel it?” Blaine asked nervously, terrified of Kurt’s answer. “Don’t you-”

“Of course I feel it. I’ve never felt anything like this for anyone before. But I – I just want you to be sure, Blaine.”

Blaine sank to his knees, looking up at Kurt through his lashes. “I’m sure.”

“Holy shit,” Kurt hissed, apparently overcome by the sight of Blaine kneeling before him. “God, I just – Blaine. Will you accept my collar, the Dominance it represents, the control it offers me and the security it offers you?”

“Yes.” Blaine lowered his head, allowing Kurt to fasten the collar. It fit like a glove. And when Kurt reached a hand down to help Blaine to his feet, Blaine saw that there was now a key at his wrist, attached to a simple leather cuff in a deep blue that matched Blaine’s collar. Blaine’s heart surged at the sight.

“There you are,” Kurt breathed, still staring at Blaine. “I’ve been looking for you forever.”

Blaine sighed contentedly as Kurt kissed him, and he’d never felt more safe or happy or unburdened in his entire life.

“You took the words right out of my mouth,” he whispered in return, before allowing Kurt to claim his lips once again.