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Bound in Blue

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Blaine couldn’t stop his hips from rising off the bed at Kurt’s words, whispered rough and low into Blaine’s ear. On your knees. His skin had been buzzing with arousal all day, but was as if Kurt had actually taken a match to him and set Blaine’s very being ablaze when he had walked into the room with a low, possessive growl, ready to take. Ready to claim. The way his body responded to Kurt was like nothing Blaine had ever felt before, even in the depths of his most vivid fantasies, even at the height of mating season when his sub pheromones got the better of him and made him sob with the effort not to drop to his knees before every attractive male Dom that passed him in the street. The very air in the room had taken on a warm, syrupy quality, cocooning Blaine in the deepest possible sense of tender safety and fierce arousal. Kurt was…Kurt was magnificent. It wasn’t that he hadn’t realized that already, but the man in bed with Blaine at the moment wasn’t merely the Kurt he’d known. He was still Kurt, still the beautiful, sweet boy who had rescued Blaine from getting claimed by force, who had sent Blaine to the guest room and then run to him, holding him and apologizing and confessing his own vulnerability. He was the same boy who had driven Blaine crazy with lust earlier that day, who had put such care into their contract, wanting to make sure that Blaine was comfortable. He was still that Kurt, still all those things, but now…

If Blaine had had the tiniest inkling that this man was lurking beneath that fastidious surface, he probably would have come in his pants the instant Kurt collared him. Because Kurt’s eyes were blown dark with a kind of animal lust that nearly scared Blaine in the most delicious of ways, and his voice was hot black honey. The way he touched Blaine spoke of absolute ownership, even though the claim was incomplete. Blaine was so turned on it his body could barely contain it, and then: On your knees, lovely boy.

Blaine’s body moved with lightning-quick grace, sliding off the bed and sinking to his knees on the carpeted floor. He looked up at Kurt, who sat naked on the bed facing him, pale skin glowing with a hint of perspiration, broad shoulders and firm chest and tight stomach and strong thighs and god, gorgeous cock, hard and dark and pink and thick and almost perfectly straight, jutting out of a neat, sparse thatch of chestnut hair, balls high and tight.

Blaine’s mouth watered. He crossed his wrists at the small of his back on instinct and looked up at Kurt through his eyelashes, awaiting further instruction.

God, look at you,” Kurt growled, his voice rippling through Blaine’s body like a physical force.    He rose to his feet, the increased difference in their status making Blaine’s cock throb.

“I could just stare at you like this forever,” Kurt murmured, threading his fingers through Blaine’s hair and tilting his head back roughly. “Could just jerk off nice and slow, make you watch. Would you like that, sweetheart?”

Blaine whimpered.

Kurt laughed, dark and rich, and Blaine’s nipples hardened. “Mmmm, don’t worry, sweet boy, I know what you really want. What you’re starving for.”

“Yes,” Blaine couldn’t help but hiss, eyeing Kurt’s cock and licking his lips.

“Well come on, then,” Kurt rasped, dragging the head of his cock across Blaine’s lips. “Show me what you’re good for.”

Blaine didn’t need to be told twice. He opened his lips, covering his teeth like he’d read about in the sub Service Guide, and breathing deep as took Kurt into his mouth. He couldn’t help the rough groan that tore out of him at the hot, hard weight of it, the salty, masculine musk on his tongue, the Dom pheromones he could all but taste.

“Oh, fuck,” Kurt whimpered, tightening his fist in Blaine’s hair.

Blaine closed his eyes and let his lips stretch as he took Kurt’s cock deeper, breathing steadily out of his nose and willing the slight panic away when he began to feel his gag reflex stir. Everyone knew how much Doms liked a sub who could deep-throat; the sub Service Guide had said—

“Don’t push it, sweetheart,” Kurt murmured, tightening his hold on Blaine’s hair even more and holding his head still before Blaine’s anxiety could gain any real traction. The jolts of pain along his scalp zipped straight down to his cock and made him gasp. “Feels so fucking good with just that much inside your mouth, looks amazing. Use your hand on the rest.”

Blaine obediently closed his fist around the portion of Kurt’s cock that he couldn’t comfortably take into his mouth, his thumb stroking lightly along Kurt’s ball sack. He began to bob his head tentatively, his fist moving in tandem.

Kurt let out a deep, loud moan. “God, yes. So good. You’ve never done this before, have you, lovely?”

Blaine gazed up at Kurt through his damp lashes, hand and mouth still moving, and gave a slight shake of his head.

“No one’s ever touched you before. No one’s ever had you.”

Blaine kept his eyes locked on Kurt’s as he pulled all the way off, letting his tongue lave slowly over the head of Kurt’s cock and then down the underside to the root, before making his way back up slowly. “No one,” he agreed in a whisper before taking Kurt back into his mouth.

“You little fucking tease,” Kurt growled, burying both hands in Blaine’s hair, pulling. “You’re mine. That gorgeous mouth, those fuckable lips, I don’t care how cock-starved you are, don’t care how many ways I have to fuck you to keep you satisfied, you are mine.”

Blaine’s cock throbbed like a beating heart at Kurt’s words, and he moaned around Kurt’s cock, his eyes glazing over even as they remained fixed on Kurt’s face.

“Jesus, I nggh—Blaine—“ Kurt’s voice went slightly high and cracked on Blaine’s name, and for just the barest second he sounded like the sweet, nervous, unsure boy from the night before, though no less hot. No less in control of Blaine. Kurt pulled Blaine off him roughly, even as Blaine gave a whine of protest.

“No.” Kurt was panting. “Need—need to cool off for a minute. Not gonna come that way. Not this time.”

Blaine bit his lip and took his own deep gulps of air, the mere thought of Kurt coming inside Blaine’s mouth almost sending Blaine over the edge right then and there.

“Get on the bed,” Kurt commanded. “On your belly with your knees tucked under, hands on the headboard. Wait for me.”


Blaine scrambled onto the bed, spreading his thighs wide before lowering himself so his chest was on the mattress, head on the pillow and hands firmly gripping the headboard. A thrill ran through him at the position, and he couldn’t help but arch his back even more, presenting himself. He gazed over the top of his own bicep and watched Kurt, lithe and strong and beautifully naked, disappear into his walk-in closet for a moment before re-appearing with an olive green silk scarf. Kurt stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Blaine, bracing himself against the doorframe of his closet and groaning as his cock visibly twitched and his eyes went dark and feral.

            “Jesus fucking Christ, look at you,” Kurt growled, stalking toward Blaine like he was a hunter and Blaine was a small, helpless animal caught in his trap. When he reached Blaine he ran the scarf along his thighs, up across his ass--the whisper of sensation as it dipped the slightest bit between his cheeks making him gasp-- and up across his back. “It brings out the green in your eyes,” Kurt whispered as he trailed the silk across Blaine’s cheek. He pressed a tiny kiss behind Blaine’s ear, then lifted his hands from the bedpost one by one, looping the scarf around the slats and tying the ends firmly but comfortably around Blaine’s wrists.

            “Give that a tug, lovely,” Kurt instructed. “And don’t worry about the fabric; it’s not real silk. It’s, um, meant to take a beating.” The slight bashfulness in Kurt’s words did nothing but turn Blaine on more, a reminder that Kurt was new to this too, that he’d never touched anyone else like this. Never tied another boy to his bedpost. Blaine pulled hard against his restraints, grinding down into the mattress a bit when he realized that he truly was trapped; that Kurt could do absolutely anything he wanted to him and he couldn’t get away.

“None of that,” Kurt admonished, giving Blaine’s ass a small smack, just hard enough to sting. Blaine gasped, biting down on his lip hard as he fought to keep his hips still. “You’re not going to come until I say you can come, is that understood?”

“Yes sir,” Blaine breathed.

“Good. It looks like you’re trapped. Can you get away, lovely boy?”

Blaine pulled against the restraints again. “No,” he whimpered.

“Well then,” Kurt purred, running his hands slowly down Blaine’s back. “I suppose you’re mine to do with as I please, aren’t you?” he pulled Blaine’s cheeks apart roughly, kneading the plump flesh in his hands. “This ass…do you have any idea how glorious this ass is, sweetheart?”

Blaine just whimpered.

“So round and ripe, like a perfect juicy peach.” He bit down hard on one of his handfuls, the sharp pleasure-pain of it sending jolts to Blaine’s hole and making his cock pulse.

“Has anyone ever told you how sexy this ass is?” Kurt asked, licking over the place he had bitten with broad, slow strokes of his tongue. He glanced up at Blaine, clearly expecting an answer.

“I…y-yes,” Blaine admitted. The handful of Doms that had openly responded to Blaine during mating season had all mentioned it, making Blaine realize that the time he’d spent feeling self-conscious about his big butt had perhaps been wasted.

“Mmmm. Tell me who,” Kurt demanded, showering Blaine’s ass and thighs with tiny nips, licks and kisses as he spread the cheeks apart, thumbs dipping into the heat between them.

“Th-there was a man at the grocery store. He was older, but he wanted me. Cooper was there to keep him from pushing it, but—“

“What did he say?” Kurt bit down hard on the fullest part of Blaine’s ass.

Blaine keened loudly, bucking his hips and then giving out another cry when Kurt smacked his ass to punish him for it. “You’re going to need to keep those gorgeous hips still, lovely, or I’m going to have to give you a real spanking,” he admonished. Blaine nearly bucked his hips again at the idea.

“H-he said i-it was the most fuckable ass he’d ever seen,” Blaine whispered, cheeks flaming red.

“He was right,” Kurt confirmed, ducking in to give a quick, hard lick over Blaine’s hole. Blaine wailed at the unexpected sensation, somehow managing to keep his hips still even as his upper body thrashed, arms straining against the scarf. “Did you want him to fuck you?”

“I—I didn’t want to be claimed by—“

“That’s not what I asked.” Kurt ran his finger in gentle circles around Blaine’s hole, his lips and tongue traveling across one of the cheeks of his ass. “I asked, did you want him to fuck you? To just take you, bend you over right there in the store, show the world how well you’re built to take a cock?”

“Yes,” Blaine sobbed as Kurt licked over his hole once again. “I didn’t—I didn’t really want him, but I wanted—I—yes.”

“Who else?” Kurt’s voice had gone rough with restrained lust.

“These guys I crossed paths with when I was jogging with my friends once. A-a friend of my mother’s. S-Sebastian.” Blaine gasped, pulling against his restraints as Kurt dove between Blaine’s cheeks, licking against his hole hard and unrelenting. Kurt kept licking, harder and deeper until he breached Blaine, working him open as Blaine fought to keep his hips still.

“Please,” Blaine whined.

“Please what?” Kurt asked, retrieving a small bottle from a bedside drawer and snapping it open.

“Please fuck me, Sir, please, want you so badly—”

“I’ll just bet you do,” Kurt purred, a cool, wet finger circling Blaine’s hole and then plunging inside. “Running around with that ass of yours like a little tease, drawing all the Doms wild. You’re just yearning to stretch this tiny little hole around a big, thick cock, aren’t you, sweetheart?”

“Yes,” Blaine cried as Kurt began to stretch him, a second finger slipping in along with the first and causing an exquisite burn. “Want you, Sir, just you, only you—”

“Only me,” Kurt growled into Blaine’s ear, and pushed his fingers against a spot so sweet inside of Blaine that it made him scream.

“Gonna claim you, lovely. Gonna claim this plump, perfect ass, gonna claim every fucking inch of you.”

“Yes,” Blaine sobbed.

“Check in,” Kurt demanded, settling between Blaine’s legs, the wet sound of what had to be Kurt lubing up his cock making Blaine tremble in anticipation.

“Barefoot,” Blaine said. “Please, please—” he cut himself off with a gasp as his hole began to spread around the blunt tip of Kurt’s wide, wet cock.

Kurt gripped one of Blaine’s hips, grunting and swearing under his breath as he sank into Blaine, millimeter by millimeter. When he was most of the way in, he gripped Blaine’s other hip, holding him firm and steady and pulling him back until his ass slapped soundly against Kurt’s hips.

Blaine couldn’t hold back the small sounds, the gasps, the way every single bit of his body, inside and out, was completely filled by Kurt. It was beyond a physical sensation, almost too much, and if Kurt hadn’t been holding him up by the hips he wasn’t sure he would have been able to stop his legs from giving out.

Kurt leaned forward, his voice rough and breathless against Blaine’s ear. “I’m going to move now, lovely. You can move too. Show me what feels good.” He kissed the shell of Blaine’s ear. “But don’t come until I give you permission.”

Blaine’s hands scrabbled against the mattress, wrists straining against their confines as Kurt slid his thick length back slowly before plunging all the way back inside, and Blaine couldn’t help but push back against him hard, taking him in as deep as possible, pleasure and pain winding through him like an electric shock and making him keen.

Every sensation was beyond heightened; the sweat at the small of his back, the bruising clench of Kurt’s broad hands on his hips, the drag of his hard nipples against the sheet beneath him as Kurt roughly dragged Blaine’s small body back and forth with the force of his thrusts, the smack and jiggle of his ass as it bounced off Kurt’s hips, Kurt’s low grunts of pleasure as he stretched and fucked and slammed in and out of Blaine’s body, pressing into his prostate and making Blaine cry out.

“Gorgeous boy,” Kurt gasped, moving his hands to squeeze at Blaine’s ass and spread his cheeks apart, his breaths rough and erratic. “Fuck,” Kurt hissed, obviously watching as he plunged his cock into Blaine over and over again with hard, rough, deep strokes. “Look at that sweet little virgin asshole just take me. You were born for this, weren’t you, sweetheart? Just built to take a nice, thick cock?”

Blaine whined and twisted in response, overwhelmed by Kurt’s arousal in combination with his own, by Kurt’s hands on his body, Kurt’s cock inside of him, Kurt’s eyes fixed on the sight of Blaine’s hole stretched around him, taking him, helplessly bound and fucked open beneath him, mercilessly and wonderfully used for Kurt’s pleasure.

He wasn’t sure precisely when began to float. Every sound from Kurt was crystal clear, every touch an explosion of torturous pleasure, but it was as if Blaine himself, the part of him that worried over details and weighed his options, was observing everything from a happy, somnolent, soft-edged distance. Kurt was there. Kurt was taking him. Had him. Would take care of him. There was nothing left to do but surrender to the ripples of pleasure and tiny bursts of delicious pain, the low, throaty murmur of Kurt’s voice as he began to delicately tease Blaine’s rock-hard cock and whisper into Blaine’s ear, telling him how amazing he was. How tight he felt. How gorgeous he looked. How he was Kurt’s perfect little fuck doll. The words echoed through him from somewhere far away, points of pleasure coiling tight in his body, and it didn’t matter how close he was. How long he had been that close. How desperate the need had become. All that mattered was Kurt. All that mattered was don’t come until I give you permission. So Blaine floated, pain and pleasure and torture and urgency all folded into one sweet and singular entity, and he had never felt more peaceful or more alive.

“Come, lovely,” came Kurt’s voice at last, a low growl against Blaine’s ear. “Come for me, my sweet, perfect boy.”

Blaine didn’t think. He came.

He came so hard that his body seized up, his fingers white-knuckled around the scarf as he threw his head back and screamed, only half-floating now, pleasure tearing through him like fire as Kurt buried himself deep and let out a howl and collapsed on top of Blaine.

The weight on top of him, Kurt’s cock still inside of him, Blaine’s sweat-soaked skin and chafed wrists and raw hole, all of it was absolutely perfect. Blaine closed his eyes and breathed deep, lips spreading into a smile as he exhaled and sunk into the deepest and most profound sense of security he’d ever experienced in his life.


When Blaine came back to himself, he was lying on his back, a cool tingle on his abdomen, belly and balls telling of where a washcloth had wiped him clean. His head was on Kurt’s softest pillow, and the blankets were pulled up to his chest. Kurt was sitting on the bed in his boxer briefs, rubbing some sort of soothing cream onto Blaine’s wrists. Kurt’s gaze on him was soft and warm, and as Blaine blinked his eyes open Kurt gave him a smile that made Blaine tingle from his head to his toes.

“Hi,” Blaine croaked, eyes widening slightly at the hoarseness in his own voice. Kurt gently lowered Blaine’s wrist to the bed and guided him into a sitting position, then lifted a glass of dark liquid, cool with condensation and sporting a bendy straw, from the bedside table. Kurt guided the straw to Blaine’s lips and Blaine sipped the drink, murmuring happily when the sweet taste of cold grape juice hit his tongue.

“How are you feeling?” Kurt asked when Blaine pulled back from the drink. Blaine smiled in response, took the glass from Kurt’s hand, returned it to the table, and surged toward Kurt to kiss his lips.

“Amazing,” Blaine whispered, pulling back. “And exhausted. And…God, safe. More than safe. Perfectly secure. Like I’ve never really known what safety felt like before.”

“Mmmmm, that would be the claim settling in,” Kurt answered, running his fingers through Blaine’s hair and tucking a curl behind his ear. “I feel…like I just won a gold medal and got named emperor of the known universe. It’s pretty incredible.” Kurt leaned in until their foreheads were touching. “You’re pretty incredible. You…I didn’t know it was possible for anyone to be that sexy or beautiful or…just…”

“Your perfect little fuck doll?” Blaine prompted with a mischievous grin.

Kurt pulled back slightly, his cheeks aflame. “I…um. I did actually say that, didn’t I?”

Blaine laughed, catching Kurt’s hands in his own and lacing their fingers together. “Several times. And that isn’t all you said. Kurt, it was so hot.”

Kurt smirked through his persistent blush. “Well, good. And you are. But now, how about being my perfect little nap doll?”

Blaine groaned and shook his head and huffed out a laugh. “Did you seriously just say that to me?”

“Yes. Hush. Now lie down and cuddle me.”

Blaine laid back down obediently, lifting the covers so that Kurt could slide in beside him and nestle close, sharing the same pillow.

“Kurt?” Blaine whispered, tracing Kurt’s jaw with his thumb.


“I’m really glad it was you.”

Kurt smiled another one of those skin-tingling smiles, kissing Blaine’s thumb softly when it trailed across his lips. “I’m really glad it was you too,” he replied, sighing against Blaine’s skin, the edges of his fingers running across Blaine’s collar as they drifted toward a perfect slumber.