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Pretty Baby: Drabbles

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Your muscles had felt stiff all day. A hot shower is exactly what you needed. Closing your eyes, you tilt your head back into the falling water, the sound calming your nerves. Finally some peace.

That peace, however, did not last too long. The bathroom door swung open as Collin made his presence to be very well known.

“Oh jeez.” You mutter under your breath. That boy hadn’t left you alone all day, you had no idea why but he’d become super clingy recently, much more than usual. It's not that you didn't enjoy his company but you would have appreciated being alone, at least for a little while.

“What ya doing?” He tone sang as he closed the door behind him, locking himself in the room with you.

“What do you think?” You shrug sarcastically, water dripping down you bare form. Collin pressed his head up against the glass distorting the shape of his face. “

I’m bored and lonely.” His spoke, artificial breath steaming up the glass barrier standing between you.

You shook your head at the pathetic looking face he pulled as if he was trying out a puppy dog look. A small chuckle left your throat. “Come on.” You gestured him in to join you. You knew it’s what he was hoping for.

“Oh good." He perked up, pressing himself away from the glass now. "I need a shower you see, I’m a very  dirty boy.”

“I’m sure.” You giggled, rolling your eyes a little. Of course this was what he was after.

He grinned wide as he began to clumsily undress himself to join you. Getting into the shower his hands immediately went to your breasts. 

“Nice to see you too, Collin.”

He smirked taking your hand and placing it onto his crotch. “I missed you.”

“Oh my God, Collin. You’re so cringey.”

“Well.” He shrugs, not really giving a shit. You give him the side-eye in response, pulling your hand away to continuing washing yourself. (To Collin's dismay...) 

“Come on babe." He whines. "Don’t make me beg.”

You give him a wicked smile in response. “I think you should.”



He scoffs a little at first, think your joking but as you carry on ignoring him he finally relents his attitude.

“Fine. Please.”

“Please what?”

“Please… Touch me. Please.”

“Good boy.” You laugh before finally giving him what he was after. Placing one of your hands on his cock accompanied with some light strokes, the other delicately playing with his balls. Your nose brushes against his skin as you place a soft kiss onto his chest.

A delightful noise left his lips accompanied by his praises. “You’re too good to me.”

You hummed in response as you continued to work on him, now taking his lips in a kiss. He sucked hard down onto your bottom lip as his hands squeezed your ass tight. Already overcome with his excitement he was quick to move this forward.

“Let me put it in.” he managed to get out between kisses. “Please, baby.”

The poor boy was desperate. You nodded in compliance and turned to face the opposite direction. With his hands on your hips, and his mouth on your neck he began to slowly slip himself inside of you.

Fuck.”  A low   breath   left   his   lips, gracing the skin of your neck .

Jolting forward he bucked his hips into you, the second time with a little more force. Mumbling something incoherent under his breath his skin smashed against yours, again and again.

His speed up pace made you unstable, forcing you to stick both of your hands out in an attempt to stop you from smashing into the tiled wall.

Collin, swooping your hair in the opposite direction, stuck his teeth into the flesh of your bare neck, humming while doing so. His tongue then lapping over the sore spot he left before trailing it up to your ear only to nip and suck on the lobe. His low moan mixed with a growl echoed into your ear causing you to yelp out in delight.

“Yeah, you dirty whore.” He whispered in response to your moan, only causing you to whimper even louder.

You were close, you felt your walls growing tighter as Collin kept his relentless pace. When he finally got you there, you were crying out his name in ecstasy. As he continued ploughing himself into you, you didn’t know how much longer you could take it before passing out.

Collin had to hold your shaking legs up as he continued pushing himself into you. Stars flying around your head in overstimulation, you were about to call it quits when finally he released so loudly you were sure the whole house heard him.

His dick twitched inside you for a good couple of minutes before he leisurely pulled himself out. His cum leaking down your shaking legs. Collin had to keep his grip around you in order for you not to topple over. So much for a relaxing shower.