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Pretty Baby: Drabbles

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“Finally.” Collin sighs upon entering into the Living-room, almost ripping off his bow tie. “That dinner was fucking dreadful.”

“It wasn’t that bad.” Connor rolls his eyes at Collin’s dramatics, shrugging off his blazer before neatly draping it over the back of the plush sofa.

“Are you kidding? I hated every minute of it. I hate those goddamn snobs that Richard calls friends.” Collin huffed out, crossing his arms tight across his chest.

It caused your lip to curl up a bit. Yeah, some of Richard’s crowd wasn’t the greatest but they did have a lot of influence. Something that you knew was going to help with getting Markus re-elected again, something you all wanted. It was probably why Richard had kept them so close in the first place.

You smoothed your hands over Collin’s shoulders as you settled yourself into the seat beside him. Collin leaned back into you and gave you a weary smile. You replied by planting a soft kiss on his temple and stroking his cheek, you knew how worked up he could get.

Connor looked down at his phone with a sigh as it buzzed violently in his hand. It was Markus. “I got to take this, I’ll be back in a minute.” He excused himself to go take the call.

Collin threw his head back. “How do you do it?” his eyes close shut for a moment before he turns his head to look at you again.

“Do what?” Your hands skimming over his shoulders.

“Remain so positive in front of those assholes?”

“Took years of practice.” You giggle. He supposed that was true. You were raised to be compliant and were bossed around most of your life. Collin’s brows furrowed together the more he thought about it.

“Baby…” He sighs.

“What is it?”

Collin didn’t really reply, he just pulls you forward onto his lap, into his chest. You rest your head against his shoulder and rub his chest a little. Releasing a sigh you begin to play with the top buttons of his shirt, allowing yourself to fully relax into him. Everything is quiet until a devilish idea pops into your mind.

You begin to undo one of his buttons and before he can ask what you are up to you lick a small stripe up his neck. You were immediately gratified with a shakey moan releasing from his throat so you began to kiss more up his neck. Collin ruts his hips against you as you softly bite down on his synthetic skin.

Your hands dip down into his shirt to feel at his firm chest, it isn’t long until he is frustrated and is ripping his shirt off of himself, buttons scattering on the floor.

“Collin! Your good shirt!” Your voice raises in disbelief at his carelessness.

Really, he couldn’t just take it off like a normal person?

“It’s fine babe.” He speaks quickly before smashing his mouth into yours again. When you feel his hands start to pull at your new dress you push him off you slightly. 

“No, no! Not my dress mister.” You dismiss him, Collin replies with a whine as you pull yourself away from him.

You give him a smirk before you take a few steps back to undress yourself in front of him, teasingly slow.

“You’re killing me.” He grumbles in complaint. Once your dress is on the floor you notice a new smirk forming on Collin’s face, more of an amused one. Before you have the chance to wonder why you feel a large pair of hands placed firmly on your hips, pulling you back against someone’s hard form.

“Can we play too?” Richard’s low voice slivers against the nape of your neck. You then notice Connor had also appeared, leaning in the doorway.

Your breath hitched as Richard began to bite at your ear. Your startled reaction had caused a grin to form on Connor’s face.

Your eyes closed for a moment, caught up in the ecstasy of Richard’s tongue trailing down your neck. A soft caress of your face was the only thing to make your eyes flutter open again. It was Connor, he moved quickly. 

His eyes now fully locked on yours, mouth parting a little, still carrying a hint of that grin from earlier. You breathed out his name as his hand continued to stroke your cheek.

“You’re so beautiful.” He cocked his head, now running his thumb along your lips. A hot blush now burned across your face.

Richard was still continuing his attack on your neck, his wandering hands now cupping your breasts. Connor pressed this thumb into your mouth, you rolled your tongue around it in response. “mmh, good girl.” He exhales.

Collin, growing frustrated stands up and edges his way over to you. Pushing his brothers aside slightly “I was here first.” He complains before he moves his fingers into your underwear to feel your growing wetness against his fingertips.

You breathed deeply and threw your head back against Richard’s shoulder who was still standing firmly against your back. Collin pushes you back further against Richard as he dives his fingers into you.

“Easy.” Connor barks at him. “We’ll all get our turn.”

Collin slows up a little, giving you a bit more time to catch up as he rhythmically pumps his fingers inside of you. Connor traces soft kisses over your left shoulder as Richard guides you face towards him into a deep, smothering kiss.

Your legs start to shake a little in all the excitement. Collin eventually pulls his fingers out of you and tries to rip at your panties, tearing them a little. You try to muffle his name out in protest. He keeps ruining all your nice things because of his damn impatience.

Richard seemingly knew that you were pissed. He knew he had to de-escalate before the situation you end up giving off to Collin. “Don’t worry little lamb, daddy will get you new ones tomorrow.” He whispers to you whilst unhooking your bra.

Connor immediately latches on to one of your breasts once they are free, licking and sucking on it, removing all your previous thoughts, you could be mad at Collin later. 

You felt hands moving behind you, grabbing both your wrists and placing them behind your back. A leg moved forward kicking yours apart to stand spread open. The sound of Collin’s zipper went down, as did his trousers. Richard’s hand moved across your bareback leaving you with a cool tingle as he pushed you forward to bend over.
In front of you now stood Connor who was also removing the bottom half of his clothes, allowing his hard cock to bounce out, free from his underwear. His hands eventually making their way towards your soft hair, playing with it lovingly as you opened your mouth for him to enter. 

As he inched closer you licked your lips in anticipation, opening wide for him to do as he pleased. He hummed lowly as he felt your warm mouth around himself.

While you began working on Connor, Collin still had both of your arms locked behind your back, he rubbed his length along the outside of your pussy, toying with you a bit before he finally gave in and pressed himself into you, bit by bit. Cursing under his breath while doing so.

Richard hunched down looking at your face and touching himself while you were being impaled by both of his brothers.

“Do you like it little one?” He hummed. “Do you like it when we use you for our pleasure like this?”

You whine around Connor’s cock as you continued to bob your head up and down his shaft.

“Don’t worry kitten once these two are done toying around with you, I’m going to fuck you into oblivion.”

You cried out in pleasure as Collin pounded into you harder. Between the slapping noises of your bodies, all of your moans and the sloppy noises your mouth was making around Connor, well… it was easily one of the most obscene things you had ever heard. 

The boys kept up their paces as they both thrust their cocks into you. The unnerving feeling of Richard watching sent a shiver down your spine. He reached out to one of your breasts and began to play and tease one of your nipples.

You tried your best to keep your eyes shut tight, you thought the sight of what was going on would be far too much for you to handle right now. You couldn’t bare to look up to see Connors moaning face or Richards assessing gaze. Not when you were already so damn close. 

“Come on, baby. Come on.” Collin mumbles under his breath. “Cum for me, Baby.” He hisses, slapping your ass. “Cum for me you dirty little slut.”

“Collin!” Connor shouts over, his voice fuming in anger. He absolutely hated when Collin would use that type of language around you, especially to you.

Surprisingly it was actually the sound of Connor’s yelling which sent you over the edge. Being filled up with your orgasm you clench yourself hard around Collin causing him to spill out inside of you as well. Both of you a simultaneously whining mess. 

Your mouth had detached from Connor as you came but once your orgasm had ended and Collin had freed both your wrists, your hands had moved to stroke Connor.

Connor threw his head back, moaning your name when you took him back into your mouth, sucking faster to try and get his where he needed to be. His hands fished their way through your hair and he held on to it tight as he came into your mouth. Huffing hard as he released his grip on your hair and you swallowed him down.

“What a good girl.” Richard praised you, kneeling down to meet you at eye level. He wiped a tear that had formed in the corner of your eye, “You having fun?” he asks.

You nod submissively in response and he lifts you up off of the ground bridal style, carrying you over to the couch. Placing you down he plants a soft kiss on your temple, his hands trailing down your legs before he spreads them. 

“You ready for round two, princess?”

You whimper and nod in response.