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The beginning of the end starts right where Midoriya Inko doesn’t expect it. It starts right under her nose, preparing for a new beginning. After all, her husband has decided to retire early, to take care of their son, expand their family. Jokingly, they’d said he’d been more than eager to leave a corporate life behind to live off his old money and become a house husband. Hisashi had laughed himself silly when Inko had first called him that. It was, after all, mostly true. 


The morning they send him off is only a little anxious, considering Inko and Izuku are who they are. Everything is rather normal, despite the finality of it hanging over their heads. Izuku almost nods off into his breakfast, mumbling under his breath. Hisashi burns his tongue on his coffee, despite knowing better than to try and chug it. Inko watches it all with a tiny smile and double checks that everyone is actually awake enough to be eating before she dishes anything out.




“Excited?” Hisashi asks after finally waking up enough to shovel his breakfast down. Depositing his plate in the sink, he looks over his shoulder with a grin. “It’s the last stretch! Soon I’ll be home and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!” 


Giggling, Inko shakes her head at him. “Oh don’t you even start with me! Just because you’ll have free reign while Izuku and I are out doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, y’know!” Wagging her finger at him only makes him laugh harder, throwing his head back, and he grabs her and Izuku’s plates, shoulders still shaking. 


“Sure, darling, whatever you say!” Planting a kiss on the edge of her mouth makes their son groan at them, slipping away from the table with comments on how gross the two of them are, and Inko laughs at that too. 


It's a good morning. 




“Are you really sure about this, Hisashi? I mean, you don’t have to quit your job, you know I’d never make you! And, well, I know we’ve joked about you being a house husband, and I don’t want you to feel like-like, you’re not appreciated, just because you’re at home, instead of in an office, and-!” 


“Inko.” Hisashi stops her rambling in it's tracks, gently grabbing the hand closest to him. Kissing at the back of her knuckles, he smiles. “I love you. I love Izuku. There’s nothing I want more than to spend as much time as I can with the both of you,” He assured her. “If retiring early is the way to do that, then I’ll do it. With no regrets.” 


Inko can only take her eyes off the road for a second, and she melts at her husband’s expression. He’s being genuine. He wants to retire. And if he goes back to work later, well, then she certainly can’t fault him. But for now… she can enjoy this. “As long as you’re sure.” She smiles and turns her attention back to the train’s parking lot, trying to find a spot to drop him off at. Pulling into a space, she squeezes his hand. “Four days.” 


“A week, maximum,” Hisashi says quietly. Something passes over his face, faster than Inko can keep track of, but she leans over to kiss him anyway. She’s sure it's nothing! Just jitters!


“A week, maximum.” She repeats with a shaky smile. “And then you’ll be home for good.” 


“Home for good. I love you, darling.”


“ love you too.” 


It's the last words they’ll ever say to each other.




The first day without Hisashi passes like any other. His business trips are frequent, after all, especially after coming back from his first few years in America. This is all just part of their routine. The only real difference is the anticipation that comes with knowing that after this, there won’t be any more trips. Just Hisashi at home, waiting for the two of them, doing… whatever it is a house husband does. Masaru would probably know, maybe she should call him-?


Picking up her son after school, scuffed up and bleeding a little, is part of the routine, too. Neither of them bring any attention to it, hiding anxieties behind wide grins and hurried conversations. They both know better than to make a big deal out of it. It’d only set the other off into a vicious cycle of tears and apologies. There’s no real point to it, not after the first couple fights about it. And Hisashi isn’t there to insist they talk about it. 


The third day is when it all goes to hell. Inko’s alarm doesn’t go off, and she wakes up thirty five minutes late, not nearly enough time to make breakfast, but maybe enough to hurriedly make some toast and coffee. Which she promptly drops down her front, scalding herself, and then she’s in a rush to change. Izuku is no better, knocking his hip into the table when he trips on his own feet, forgetting where his homework is, the bristles of his brush snapping clean off in his own hair. 


They barely make it out the door and into the car fast enough to get Izuku to elementary school, shoving toast into their mouths like some kind of wild cliche. But if it works, it works, right?


At the very least, Inko makes it to work on time, brushing crumbs off of herself as she clocks in. Really, she should have been suspicious why work ran so smoothly after such a disastrous morning. She’d thought it’d just been the end of the bad luck streak. 


She should have known better. 


It's the news that brings it all crashing down around her. It plays in the break room all the time, the volume low enough not to disturb anyone not on their break. Nobody really thinks much of it. It's just what they have on, and they might spend a cursitory moment to pay attention or a stray comment on what they see, if the day’s slow.


Today is not like those days. 


“Guys! Guys you gotta come see this,” Shouts Okano, breaking the delicate peace of the day. While normally, the rest of the firm wouldn’t be distracted by the intern’s antics, he sounds terrified. The growing sound of a battle on the television doesn’t help any. 


“Oh, what the hell is this?” Kato asks shortly, already stressed from her workload, flinging her papers to her desk. “Don’t you have-” 


“All Might’s fighting some villain!”


“So? That’s not new, Okano, All Might fight’s villains all the time!” 


“But, but, he’s not winning! They said the fight’s been going on for fifteen minutes already and they’re still going head to head! I-I think he might lose this one!” 


The entire office quiets in shock. If the sound of battle wasn’t so loud, you might have been able to hear pens dropping from their hands. 


“All Might doesn’t lose .” 


“This time, he might.” 


Really, that’s all it takes. Everyone, even the senior partners, are crowding into the break room to watch, to see just what’s going on. 


It’s a bloodbath. 


It's not unusual for hero fights, especially hero fights against All Might, to have a large amount of collateral damage. Buildings, cars, trains, businesses, whatever you could think of, it got destroyed. But this is different. This isn’t a villain faking to the left so a blow busts the windows out of a clothing store as they try to run away. This isn’t a villain purposely endangering civilians to see the hero’s falter. 


This villain clearly doesn’t care about any of that. His only goal is to keep hitting All Might with everything he has. The collateral is just an afterthought.


There are other heroes on the scene, obviously, they can see them on the edges of the feed.  Catching rubble or herding away families, carrying away the injured. But it isn’t enough. Not nearly enough.


Inko flinches against a coworker as they focus in on a hero that’s blown into a wall by the backlash. She can practically taste the blood coming from his nose as he struggles to get up. Another hero pulls him up and pulls him away and their attention all turns back to All Might and the unnamed villain, still coming to blows. 


It's clear All Might is trying to absorb as many hits as he can from the grotesquely swollen limbs throwing punch after punch, but he can’t catch them all. He blast the villain back with a hit to the other’s stomach, and he jumps to follow. 


The video cuts from shaking footage from someone on the ground, to a view from above. “We’re reporting from downtown Yokohama, as All Might battles it out with this unknown villain of mass-!” 


“Midoriya? Hey, Midoriya, are you okay?” Kato shakes her shoulder gently. “C’mon, I know it loks bad now, but it’s All Might! Right? He’s the number one hero! He’ll beat this guy!” 


“Did… Did they say they were reporting from Yokohama?” 


“Yeah? Why?” 


“Hisashi’s there on a business trip right now.” Her voice comes out harsh and thick and she can see Kato paling, even as she turns away. Elbowing through her coworkers, they’re too preoccupied by the fight to care that Inko is fighting to get back to the lockers, to get back to her phone. 


She has to know , she thinks through the panic. She has to make sure Hisashi’s safe!  


It takes her three minutes to sprint down the hall as fast as she dares in heels, almost falling down the stairs in her haste. Two tries to get her lock combination correct, to rip open her locker and dig out her phone and dial his number. All in all it's not that much time. But it feels like an eternity. 


The phone doesn’t even ring. It just goes straight to voicemail. 


Her knees hit the floor and Inko hits redial. Gets his voicemail. Is his phone dead? Is there just no reception in Yokohama right now? Had he turned his phone to decline all calls because of a meeting? Now wasn’t the time to be overly cautious Hisashi! 


Pulling herself to her feet, she stumbles back to the stairs.


Redial. Voicemail. 


She grips the handrail and drags herself back up to the offices. 


Redial. Voicemail. 


Redial. Voicemail.  


She keeps trying. She has to keep trying until she finds out where he is. She refuses to believe that he’s dead. Injured, maybe. Hisashi is tough, he’s always known how to take care of himself! Inko refuses to believe anything else of him, until she hears word otherwise! He can’t be, be-! 


She refuses to believe it. 


The sound of the fight is deafening against the silence of the office, everyone’s eyes glued to the screen. Kota looks over her shoulder and mouths, “Is he okay?” 


Inko shakes her head, gripping her phone with white knuckles, and turns her attention away from her coworker. Her friend.


She hits redial again. Her own tears hit the screen as she gets another voicemail. 


All Might still hasn’t won the fight. She thinks this might be the longest fight they’ve ever televised for him. How long ago did it start-? She can’t seem to remember. 


The number one hero had crushed half of the villain’s helmet, showing off slicked back hair, bloodied and ruffled. But not the rest of his face. For half a moment, Inko feels her heart jump into her throat at the sight of white hair. But no, no. Hisashi had never slicked his hair back like that. And his quirk was fire breathing! This villain probably had a, a strength quirk, with how much damage he was doing! Stop jumping to conclusions, Inko! 


Yet the vicious thought won’t go away, her heart beating against her chest in a quick staccato. Hisashi still isn’t answering her. 


The villain hasn’t won yet. But they haven’t lost either. 




Since she’d left, it seems the hero’s had cleared the area of the fight. Or, maybe All Might had pushed the villain back into the wreckage?


All Might is forced back, again, and again. He can’t seem to gain his footing against the other man’s constant barrage of hits, and then- then. 


The man manipulates the concrete around them, throwing it at All Might’s head. He punches it, barely dodging the blast of wind the villain sends right after. 


“Did he just-?” 


“I thought he had a strength quirk!” 


“You can’t just use multiple powers like that, right?”


“It doesn’t make any sense!” 


“What the hell?!” 


People only have one quirk. That’s how it works. But the longer the fight goes on, the more this particular villain seems to defy this universal truth. He pulls more and more quirks out of his arsenal. He manipulates the concrete around them, plants come to trip their hero’s feet under him, he shoots long black whips from his fingers in an attempt to hold the hero’s limbs still, electricity cackles from him, fire shoots from his hands. It just doesn’t end. 


It’s almost like he knows the world is watching. Like he’s putting on a show for them.


All Might is shouting at the villain, but they can’t hear them over the sound of the city breaking around them. The helicopter can barely keep up with the fight itself, constantly fighting to stay afloat and right side up. Several times the footage cuts out as the crew struggles not to fall out of the sky. 


They can all tell when the villain laughs, throwing his shoulders and head back as his body shakes. He holds his thumbs near where his mouth would be and All Might seems enraged, running forward with a punch the villain catches with just one hand. For now, it seems more like a battle of wills as they push against one another, power crackling all around them. 


The blast knocks back so much pressure the reporting helicopter is practically thrown from the sight, showing a motion sickening blur of the sky and shattered buildings, of the handful of people within the copter itself. 


Once they’ve righted themselves, they hurry back to the sight of the fight. “We’ve lost sight of All Might and the villain! There’s no sign of-”


“There, over there!” There’s a finger pointing off from offscreen, at the smallest patch of blue and red in the washed out greys of destruction. “Where’s the villain-? Look, look, somebody find him!” 


The camera zooms in and All Might is, is. Oh my god. 


Inko can feel a fresh wave of tears slip down her eyes as she sobs. The Symbol of Peace is lying back in the dust, arms clutching around his stomach as he struggles to get back up. Through his arms they can see just how much blood is pouring from his side, how much he struggles to breathe. 


Had he lost? Where’s the villain? Was it the final blow that pushed the crew away that did this? Or did it happen when they weren’t looking? Where was the villain?


“Over there, there!” The camera pans out and swings to the far south, where they can see a large splatter of red next to a prone body. It's the villain, or at least what’s left of him. His head is practically gone, lying limp across the rubble he’d strewn across the city. Nothing more than a body now. “Ladies and gentlemen he’s done it! He won! The Symbol of Peace is victorious!” 


The whole office is a ruckus of noise, cheering loudly, and Inko wipes at her eyes in relief. He won. Of course he won, All Might didn’t lose! Even if, if-! 


Their joy is short lived, the camera just catching their hero stumbling to his feet, only to collapse, his hands falling from his side as he loses consciousness. A mess of blood and viscera falls with it, and there’s a blur of white that comes from the side to catch him, hardly managing it. 


Their hero won. But at a cost. Their hero is dying. 


Inko can hear her ears ringing as she struggles to collect her thoughts over the din of voices all around her. All Might hadn’t lost, but he’d barely won. He was dying. 


What did this mean for them?




The rest of the day isn’t filled with work. It's filled with an overwhelming sense of doom covering them, as loved ones call each other to make sure they’re okay, as the news continues to broadcast about what happened. Already they’re analyzing what happened, even after All Might is rushed to surgery, the best and brightest pulled from hospitals all across the country. 


The villain is brought to a secure morgue, the only information anyone is able to drag up about him is that he was responsible for the death of another hero some years ago, and the destruction of an island off the coast with her. The hero who had saved All Might from faceplanting over his own insides refuses to comment, going so far as to kick several reporters in the face and break cameras under his foot. All anyone is able to get out of him is the name All for One. 


Inko still can’t get ahold of her husband. As the death toll continues to rise, she can feel the ache in her throat grow stronger. Everyone keeps saying that his phone had probably been destroyed in the chaos, there’s no way for anyone to communicate in Yokohama right now. The government is encouraging them all to remain calm and give themselves a week to see if their loved ones are still alive. As if a week isn’t a lifetime to know if her husband will ever get to come back home. As if a week isn’t a torturously long time to see if she’ll have to count her husband as a casualty of one of the most dangerous villains the world has ever seen. 


Kato pulls her chair over from her desk, sitting next to Inko and holding her hand. She provides tissues and gives her quiet reassurances. Inko knows she means every word of them, but they aren’t any help. Everything has come to a standstill as the storm rages around them. None of them know when it will end, or what the cost will be. Already, it's far too high. 


Some of her coworkers pass by, gripping her shoulder as she occasionally tries to call. Just once more. Maybe this time, he’ll answer. 


He doesn’t. 




Inko drives to pick up her son in a daze. Should she tell him? Does he already know? Has he figured it out? What will he say? What should she say? She can hardly manage a whisper past the lump in her throat, but she knows she’ll have to say something. Anything. Her son is only seven. He’s… he’s going to need her to be strong. She has to be strong!


Whatever reassurances she has die on her tongue as Izuku runs to the car. She can see from here that his eyes are red and puffy, just like her own. He’s not scuffed and beaten today, but he’s more scared than she’s ever seen him. 


The sound of the door opening and slamming shut brings her out of her thoughts and she looks her son is the face and. All she can manage is his name. That’s all it takes to set them both off again, tears leaking from their eyes as Inko leans over and wraps her arms around her son’s shoulders. He knows. His favorite hero, in surgery. His father, lost in the chaos. There’s nothing he can do. No amount of smiles or analysis will fix this. 


“C-c’mon, baby, we gotta-gotta pull ourselves together, huh-?” She gently pulls away, running her fingers over Iuzku’s face. “We gotta be ready for news, o-okay? We should get home and, and make sure everything’s ready.”


Ready for a funeral, or ready for a homecoming? 


Gods, Inko hopes it's the second. If it's the first, she’s not sure she’ll ever be able to pull herself back together again. 




The night is filled with tears and sobs and muttered pleas and Inko can hardly manage a simple dinner after the disastrous day, but she does it. The television and computer and radio are silent, her phone plugged in with it's volume all the way up. It's a waiting game, now. 


She tries to distract Izuku with laundry and organizing their first aid kit and tries to help him with his homework as best she can. His tears stain everything he touches, just like hers do, and she struggles to ensure they both drink enough water. She can already feel the headache coming on top of everything else and she just wants to sit down on the floor and not deal with reality for a minute. 


But she can’t , she reminds herself. She has to be strong. For Izuku. For Hisashi, when he calls them. She has to keep everyone functioning and ready to go. She can’t just fall to pieces and hope her husband will pick them up for her. 


She compartmentalizes and hopes for the best. She deals with her still sobbing seven year old and puts him to bed, carefully and quietly. She lays with him and every sound while he tries to fall asleep wants to pull her away from him. She thinks she hears the echo of her phone but no. She knows better. She wraps her son in her arms and cuddles him close in the night and listens. 


She doesn’t sleep much that night. Izuku pretends, eventually falling into a fitful half sleep. Better than nothing at all.


The next morning is quiet. They’ve almost cried themselves out. Almost. A few tears slip out here and there, but they have to go about their day like it's normal. Pretend that they aren’t waiting for something else to happen. Any sort of news would be a welcome distraction at this point. She carefully pockets her phone, with no missed calls, and leaves everything off. She even shuts off the radio in the car, the two of them sitting in silence that seems so much louder than it is. 


“Mom. Do I, do I really have to go?” Her son asks, voice hoarse and eyes wide as he looks up at her from the passenger seat. 


“I. I’m so sorry Izuku. You, just for today, okay? I’ll see if I can stay home tomorrow, sweetheart. Alright?” She’s sure her boss won’t mind. Terasaki has always been a reasonable man, she’s sure considering the, the circumstances. He won’t mind her taking a few days. Just to sort herself out.


“Okay,” Izuku whispers, and she leans over to wrap an arm around his shoulders and kisses his forehead. 


“If you need me, baby, you go to the office and you call me, okay? I mean it, Izuku.” And he nods, carefully slipping out of her arms. Her grip tightens for just a second, and he looks back at her and she lets go. He’ll be safe at school. Where the other kids can’t get onto the internet or watch the news and work him up. It’s… it's better. She’s sure she’ll hear something today and they can stay home tomorrow. It’ll be fine. 


It has to be fine. 




Of course it isn’t fine. Inko staves off the panic attack her whole way to work, but as she pulls into the parking lot, she can feel the wave crash over her and she buries her face into her hands and tries to breathe. She can’t be like this! Not right now! Where’s the fearless lawyer that looked everyday villains in the eye? Where was the girl who grinned at the man who would become her husband and demand he give her the time of day? Where was she when the world was falling apart? 


Hiding behind her panic and tears and wondering if she could really pull it together and pretend to do her job, apparently.


The wave recedes, eventually. Realizing she left her briefcase at home almost starts it up again. But no. No , she tells herself. She takes each step up to the office, with her head held high, even if she can feel her hands shaking.

She can do this. She will do this. She doesn’t trip on the stairs, doesn’t mess up her locker combination, and goes upstairs without an issue. Sits her cell phone on the edge of the desk, sound on high, and turns her attention to her paperwork. Granted there isn’t much, not today. Today seems to be more of a prep day. Everything is on pause as they wait for news about the Symbol of Peace as he sits in the hospital. If he’s recovered, yet. If the villain has been identified.


But even here in Musutafu, hours away from Yokohama, their paperwork for the day has everything to do with the fight. Wrongful deaths, lawsuits, property damage, villain’s using the chaos to their advantage, what to do when or if a client has disappeared in the madness. Kato drops by and checks in on her. She doesn’t mention the phone that shouldn’t be on her desk, or how little paperwork Inko is actually going through. Nobody does. She’s the only one in the office who still hasn’t heard from a family member. She can feel their eyes burning into the back of her head and she sits tall and says no. No she’s done crying for right now. She can’t fall to pieces at work. 


But it's hard. It's hard to focus on a distraction, even if it would be more welcome than the overwhelming urge to hide under her desk and cry like a child. 


It's Okano who breaks the silence again, in the break room flipping through channels like his life depends on it during his ‘break.’ Inko’s not even paying attention really, not until she hears her own name. 


“-Midoriya Hisashi. Rookie reporter Tokuda Taneo researched through the night to find out the identity of the illusive villain known only as All for One, frequently considered the boogieman of the underworld. All for One, better known as the mild mannered Midoriya Hisashi, is responsible for-” 


Inko can’t breath. She can’t breath. 


This can’t be right. But she can hear the woman’s voice recounting the villain’s many crimes, his supposed fingers in many criminal pies. She can hear the recounts of her husband hiding his villainous activities under the guise of a business focusing on poorer areas as a sort of philanthropy. How clever he had been to act so kind when really he had been trying to tear down their society right out from under them. 


Her husband. They’re accusing her husband of these things. 


Swallowing thickly, she forces herself up and to the break room, disbelieving. 


But there’s her husband’s picture, her own face blurred out as they dance at their wedding. Another of the lower half of a face, it's top half blown away. It's just gone. And then, another of the villain in the middle of the fight, helmet shattered, white hair on full view. 


Okano is gaping at the screen, looking between her and it. Kato is hastily grabbing files and paperwork, hurrying to a conference room. She can vaguely hear Terasaki arguing with another partner, gesturing at her. 


But it's all fading into the background in a sort of disjumbled white noise as she tries to focus. 


They’re calling her husband a villain. Her sweet Hisashi. Secretive, yes, he always had been. They had never divulged all their secrets to one another. There were far too many for that.


But should she have been suspicious? She’d never known the details of his work. All she’d really known is that he had thrown himself into it after the wrongful death of his brother, that he found it boring, more of a way to pass the time than anything else. Very rarely could he ever make real change in the world, he’d said. Should she have asked? Should she have pushed? Traded her own secrets for his? 


No. No, this had to be a mistake. There were all sorts of men in Yokohama with white hair and muscular builds, she decided. This couldn’t be true. It just couldn’t.


Kato is herding her gently away from the room, away from the stares of their coworkers, into the conference room, speaking all the while.


“Midoriya. Inko. Don’t you worry, we’ll get them for this. Slander, defamation of character,” Kato says, voice stern. “They can’t do this to you. It's all circumstantial, they never should have aired this shit. But they’ll get what’s coming to them, don’t you worry. I’ve never even heard of that reporter, I’m sure he’s full of shit.” 


Inko breathes, and nods. She can’t manage to say anything just yet, trying to focus through the white noise.


Terasaki is rubbing at his temples, eyes closed, at the head of the conference table. She wonders if they’ll fire her for this. They might. Relation to a villain, even a suspected relation, can bring a whole workplace into suspicion. But Terasaki opens dark eyes, nods at her. “We’ll take care of this, Midoriya. Come now, let's look through the paperwork. Nakagawa is collecting the ‘evidence,’ as well as articles that are being published as we speak.”


They don’t make it that far. Inko only makes it through looking over some papers and setting them aside before there are government men storming into the office, heroes at their shoulders. They say they’re with the HPSC, and they’re taking her in for questioning. Terasaki takes one look at them and demands to see their warrant for arrest. They give it to him and he looks over his shoulder back at Inko and she wants to cry. She thinks she might be already. There’s not much they can do if the HPSC has involved itself. But her boss is already telling them that he’s her lawyer, and he’ll be accompanying them to her interrogation.


A hero is already pushing their way past as an argument breaks out. That, as a civilian, Inko is still subject to her rights. That, as the wife of Japan’s largest and oldest terrorist, she has none now. She doesn't think she’s ever seen Terasaki losing his composure like this. The hero ignores both of them and reads her her rights, as they are, grabbing at her wrists and pulling her out of the doorway. 


The whole office breaks into a roar of objections. Kato, loudest among them, pushes at the hero even as he uses his water quirk to push her back against a wall. Ha, as if that’d work against her. Practically frothing in rage and looking like a drowned cat, she gets right back up again. Still shouting. Some of the interns are loudly protesting about the due process, some of the partners are holding other’s back. Inko can hardly hear them. The hero turns her around and slaps the quirk resistant cuffs over her wrists and she thinks. This is happening. The HPSC thinks her husband really is that villain. 




“This is bullshit, you can’t do this to her-!” 






“It's fine. It's fine. I can, I can handle myself. You just, you focus on the paperwork aspect of it, alright? I can’t do that from a cell.” This artificial calm can only last so long, she knows. She needs it to last long enough to get to a police car. She can break down then, when she knows she can’t do anything more. “Pick Izuku up and, and Masaru for me? Please?” 


“No need, Mrs. Midoriya-” The closest agent asks, and Inko pries her eyes away from her friend. “Your son has already been detained and is in interrogation now.”






Izuku would be more excited to be sitting across from heroes, if he wasn’t sitting in chains. It's Sir Nighteye, after all! He’s so cool, working under All Might! Though, he bet he’s stressed, since his partner is in the hospital right now. But he’s All Might! He’ll get better! He has to, right? Right…


But Sir Nighteye doesn’t look like someone who's expecting good news, staring at him with obvious disdain over his glasses. The hero behind him, Gran Torino, a pro Izuku’s never even heard of before today-! Looks even grumpier. He wishes he understood more of what they’d been telling him on his way out of class. He’d understood some of it, from overhearing Mom when she brought work home, but not nearly enough to really get it


There’s a detective sitting next to the sidekick, smiling a little at him. He looks nice, at least! Friendly! “Hey now, Midoriya, we’re just going to ask you a few questions now, alright? There’s no reason to be nervous.” 


“O-okay,” He says quietly, fidgeting with his fingers. 


“Now, do you know what happened in Yokohama yesterday?” 


“Y-yeah! All Might fought this big scary villain! And, and, he’s in the hospital now with some injuries, but, but nobody will say how he’s doing and-” 


“That’s right, Midoriya. Now, I understand your dad was supposed to be in Yokohama, right? Do you know what he was doing there?” 


“Uh-huh. Dad said he had one last thing to take care of, and then he was gonna retire!” He’d been so excited to know his dad had been going to be home more often. It was exciting! Now, though. “He, um. Mom hasn’t heard from him since the fight, though.” 


“And I’m very sorry to hear that,” The office says, throwing a harsh look at Sir Nighteye as he snorts. Izuku doesn’t know what’s so funny. Or, is it not funny at all? He's so confused. “Now, Midoriya, did you hear anything about the villain All Might fought? Anything that might sound familiar?” 


Izuku hums, rocking a little in his seat. “Kinda? I mean. Dad said that there used to be lots of villains with super strong quirks, like All for One, but that it didn’t really happen anymore, since quirks became more specific than general as time passed-” 


“That’s nice,” Sir said, flipping a page on his clipboard. “Do you know anyone with multiple quirks, Midoriya?” 




“You don’t sound very sure, Midoriya,” The man says, and Izuku feels a chill run down his spine. He doesn’t like that look. It reminds him of Kacchan, right before be wants to ‘practice’ with his quirk. On the weaker kids. But, Sir’s quirk isn’t physical, right? Why’s he looking at Izuku like that?


“Do you know anybody that can take quirks?” 


Izuku doesn't answer, looking between the hero’s and the police officer, and then at the glass. He really wasn’t supposed to talk about it with strangers! Dad had said! 


“Midoriya,” Tsukauchi prompted. “Midoriya do you know anybody that can take quirks? Or has more than one?” 


“I’m not supposed to talk about it,” Izuku said, hunching his shoulders. He doesn’t want to see that look again!


The old man, Gran Torino, snorted, wacking his cane on the table lightly. “C’mon small fry, you can tell us. We’re hero’s, yeah? I’m sure your parents will understand.” 


Kicking his feet a little, he stared at the edge of the table, pulling at his fingers again. When they put it like that… “Well. Dad said I wasn’t supposed to tell anybody, but-! You’re right, you’re heroes! He said that, that, my quirk was like that. And so was his! But he had to, to decide on a favorite and stick with it.” 


“Really?” The detective asked, looking between the child before him and his paperwork. “You know, your file doesn’t say anything about a quirk?” 


“Dad said that I’ve got a super special one and, and-! That I have to keep it a secret until I decide on my favorite! But I can borrow other people’s quirks for awhile, and, and, when I’m done I can give them back! I just have to be extra careful, ‘cause, ‘cause I can mix them up or mush them together? And I’m not supposed to tell Mom because she doesn’t know about it, but Dad has a quirk like that too so we can practice together! I think that's why he was going to retire. So we could practice without Mom finding out?” 


Sir Nighteye’s pencil snaps clear in half, and Gran Torino curses. 


Izuku doesn’t know why they’re all looking at him like that again! Should he have kept it a secret, even though they're heroes? Oh no.




“This just in, Midoriya Inko and an unnamed minor have been arrested for ties to the villain All for One-” 


“-Speculation has put the Midoriya’s at the center of the investigation into the villainous exploits of Midoriya Hisashi, and if they had any of his involvement in-” 


“-The HPSC has confirmed through DNA testing that the villain known as All for One has been positively identified as Midoriya Hisashi-” 


“Both Midoriya Inko, late wife of the villain recently revealed to be our Symbol of Peace’s arch nemesis, as well as their son, have been taken into protective custody while the hero’s work to figure out their precise involvement in All for One’s schemes-”


“-All Might has been released from the hospital, but has remained out of the public eye for his recovery! He said he had not known his nemesis’ civilian identity or had any idea that he had had a family. He says he supports the continuous efforts of the HPSC to keep the Midoriya family out of the spotlight-!” 


“-The courts have found Midoriay Hisashi posthumously guilty of villainy, terrorism, illegal quirk usage, kidnapping, illegal experimentation, as well as first degree-”


“The Hero Public Safety Commission released a statement today, that the Midoriya family, found innocent of the crimes of Midoriya Hasashi, will be staying within their custody until they can be safely reintroduced to the public-”




“Mom? What’s... what’s going to happen to us?” 


Inko gently squishes her son to her chest, eyes focused on the hero outside of their cell. “I’m… I’m not sure baby.”