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Getting the notification Copley wondered who it would be this time only to find that Nile was on the screen. She looked defiant and a bit battled but that fire in her eyes was just as bright.

Smiling Copley sent some extra funds to the account to bail out any others that were arrested.


Booker answered the phone with a soft, "Hello,"

Nicky looks at him from where he was at the stove. "Nile, where are you? Alright, Alright we'll be there shortly."

"Andy, Quynh!" the Frenchman called out to the upstairs. Looking up from his sketchbook Joe frowned, "Everything alright?"

"Nile has been arrested for being at a protest this afternoon. She is at the station," Turning off the stove and moving the pot Nicky set it to the side, Joe set his own things down. Andy and Quynh both coming downstairs to see they are getting ready to leave, "Where's the fire?" The Scythian questioned.

"Nile got arrested," Nicky replied.

That was all they needed to hear before getting themselves in gear to go.

Arriving at the station there is chaos. Andy took charge going to the counter and giving Nile's current identity. The cop looked her up and down sneering causing Andy to get huffy. She looked at a group of people to the right of her and told him she'd be bailing them out as well. Quynh was right by her side telling him not to try it and the three rather murderous looking men behind them.

They had Nile into their arms five minutes later, the elders looking rather proud of her actions that day. The other kids that had been on the wall Andy pointed at were also released. Getting into the street Joe kissed her cheek, "See I told you, depends on the century."