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Preferences and Positions

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If you asked Jeon Jungkook what his preference in bed was, he’d probably try to deflect to something else because, honestly, he had no idea. Now, Jungkook was no virgin, he’s had many one night stands and committed relationships in the past. But his preference in bed and how he had sex was two different things. 


See, Jeon Jungkook has a humongous cock. Seriously, the man’s dick is huge. Gargantuan. Any adjective to describe something large would fit his penis well. Therefore, everyone expects him to be the top, because of his humongous cock. Secretly though, and you better not tell anyone this, Jeon Jungkook is a bottom. He fingers himself all the time, has multiple dildos in various sizes, would absolutely love to have a real-life dick inside him for a change. But it’s like other bottoms have some huge-cock radar that makes them flock to him, and when they see his dick in the bedroom, they immediately want it inside them. And Jungkook is just too insecure about his own “ability” to bottom to ask someone to switch the positions for a change. 




Jungkook is in one of those aforementioned relationships right now, and honestly, he might be in love. Kim Namjoon, his boyfriend, is the most amazing person to ever walk the earth. You might think that’s hyperbole, but Jungkook is 100 percent serious. 


Kim Namjoon is smart, but not in a pretentious way, in a never-ending desire to learn more about the world way. He’s funny, with humor that is witty but Jungkook still understands. And finally, Kim Namjoon is hot, like drooling all over the floor hot. 


If Jungkook were to describe his ideal man, Namjoon would perfectly fit that description. He looks like he was sculpted in marble, with his thick thighs, broad chest, and beautiful jawline. Jungkook would willingly worship the ground Namjoon walks on, and he’d gladly let Namjoon use his cock for his own pleasure in any way he wants. 


But he’d really like Namjoon to top him. Just the image of Namjoon thrusting into him, thighs bulging and abs clenched, has Jungkook instantly hard. He wants Namjoon to use his hole like a common whore, with his humongous dick flopping uselessly between his legs. 


If only he could push the insecurity of all his past sexual relationships down and ask Namjoon fuck the life out of him.




“Is Namjoon a top?” 


But instead, he’s asking Jimin. Jimin knows everything about everyone. He’s good like that.


“Have you still not been fucked?” Jimin asks, incredulous like it’s unbelievable that Jungkook still hasn’t had a real dick inside of him.


“No, hyung, can you please just answer my question?” he begs. 


Jungkook’s laid flat on the floor, eyes on the ceiling, having a crisis at 2:20 in the afternoon. 


“Alright, I guess. Hyung doesn’t have a specific preference, at least not that he’s told me. He will definitely fuck you within an inch of your life, babe, don’t worry about it,” Jimin says, full attention on the drama they were supposed to be watching.


“But… what if he doesn’t want to fuck me. I—I’m not one of those cute twinks. I’m big and muscly and—“


That pulled Jimin away from the TV. 


“You better stop right there Jeon Jungkook. You are so unbelievably sexy. Your ass is golden, any man would be so lucky to be able to fuck you,” Jimin says with such conviction, Jungkook just almost believes it. Almost.


“Next time you and Namjoon are together, and things are getting a little heated, you’re going to ask him to fuck you. I promise he will be absolutely thrilled. You’re gonna get your ass pounded exactly like you deserve, and then you’re gonna tell me all about it afterward.”


“You say he doesn’t have a preference. Maybe he’ll want to bottom. That always happens as soon as they see my dick,” he pouts.


Jimin clicks his tongue and rolls his eyes at Jungkook’s worries, “Just talk to him, babe. Tell him all the things you want him to do to you, and I assure you he will do everything in his power to make them happen. You didn’t hear this from me, but his dick is even bigger than yours.”


Jungkook sits up ram-rod straight at that admission, long bangs flopping around his face as his eyes widen comically. “Nuh-uh, hyung, don’t lie to me!” he whines in a way that would be annoying if anyone else did it. With Jungkook, it’s just adorable.


“Yes-huh! His past girlfriend was always ranting to me about how she could never walk the next day. Now, can we please just watch the tv, you came over so we could watch this together.”


Jungkook just rolled his eyes, still pouting. He tried to concentrate back on the show, but his mind was instead just on Namjoon’s cock and how he was going to get the courage to ask him about sex.




Now you’re probably wondering, there’s got to be another reason that Jungkook is afraid to ask about bottoming. Has he seriously always just gone along with his partner and not asked if he could bottom for once?


Well, you’d be right that there’s more to the story. 


At eighteen, Jungkook was a baby gay virgin. He’d just started college and was so excited to meet other lgbt+ people, maybe even get to date some. Well, that wish was granted pretty quickly. 


Jimin and Jungkook grew up together, two years apart, so when Jungkook came to college, Jimin was already a junior and brought the younger into his friend group immediately. The group tended to go partying and clubbing on the weekends, and naturally, Jungkook tagged along.


He met [redacted] at one of these parties. He prefers not to think about his first boyfriend, likes to ignore that relationship like it never existed. But it always comes up when he tries to convince himself to ask a new partner if he can bottom.


It was after the third time sleeping together, nervous but excited, that Jungkook asked if he could bottom next time. His boyfriend laughed in his face. 


“Oh, come on Jungkook. You’re too big to be the bottom. No one wants someone like you under them. If you tried to ride someone you’d crush them. Not to mention your huge dick would go to waste and we can’t have that can we.” 


After that, Jungkook tried to be smaller. He wanted his boyfriend to want to fuck him. He stopped working out, took out his piercings, dyed his hair a cherry red. But still, “you’re too big Jungkookie, no one wants to fuck someone like that. People like pretty bottoms.”


So he gave up that track. He worked out like he wanted and saw what he liked in the mirror. He just accepted he’d never get the sexual satisfaction he was craving. 


Then he found out [redacted] had been cheating on him, and that broke him. He holed up in his dorm, more depressed and insecure than he’d ever been, blaming his own shortcomings for his boyfriend’s infidelity. 


Jimin pulled him out of his slump, threatening to kill the guy if he ever saw him again. And since then it’s just been a string of one-night stands and short relationships with Jungkook still never having bottomed at the age of 23, still plagued by the insecurity his first relationship planted in his head.




Jungkook returned from Jimin’s feeling only mildly better about the sex position situation. Maybe Namjoon being bigger than Jungkook would make a difference. Isn’t that what being top and bottom is all about anyway? The top being larger and overpowering the bottom? 


He went through the motions of a simple ramen dinner, mind occupied by his fears. There were really only two reactions Namjoon could have, Jungkook realizes. He could be totally down to fuck Jungkook into the mattress, or he could react how his first boyfriend did. Jungkook knows Namjoon will probably be a lot nicer about the rejection of Jungkook bottoming, but the rejection at all is terrifying.


As he eats, he convinces himself more and more to just call Namjoon and ask to talk about it. He will never know if he never asks, and if Namjoon says no, then at least he won’t be agonizing over his answer anymore. Jungkook could top for Namjoon, as previously stated, he’d do anything for Namjoon.


He puts his used bowl in the sink and pulls up Namjoon’s contact on his phone. His heart quickens as he sinks into the couch cushions, breathing in deep before pushing the call button.


It only rings once before Namjoon is answering, his deep “hello” coming from the speakers.


“Hi, hyung,” he chews the inside of his cheek and cringes at how shaky his voice sounds.


“Hi, baby,” Namjoon laughs, and he can picture the dimples on Namjoon’s cheeks. He can see his eyes, kind and understanding. 


It puts him at ease remembering that this is Namjoon, a sweet giant who wants to be with him. 


“Are you busy right now?” Jungkook asked, now deciding that it’s best if Namjoon can come over and talk now so he doesn’t drag it out any longer.


“Nope, I’m just leaving the studio. Do you want me to come over?” he asks, and Jungkook can now hear the busy street sounds behind him.


“Y-yes please, hyung, if you can. I have something I want to talk to you about,” he almost whispers the last part, nerves rising again.


“Ok, baby, I’ll be there in about 20 minutes. See you soon.”


“Ok, hyung, see you then,” he says and disconnects the call. He lets out the breath he was holding and relaxes on the couch. This was really happening.




He busies himself trying to straighten up his already neat apartment. He washes the one bowl in the sink, wipes the counters, then moves to the bedroom to change his clothes. 


He cringes at his reflection, still in his ratty sweats and t-shirt from hanging out with Jimin. All the clothes he owns looked too formal or too casual. He settles on a t-shirt and ripped skinny jeans that make his ass look great, according to Jimin.


Next, he works on his face. A little eyeshadow goes on his eyes to hopefully make them look less like a wide-eyed bunny and more seductive. He pulls his hair out of the little ponytail and lets in fall around his face. A few brushes to the curls and he looks as good as it’s gonna get on such short notice. 


He moves back into the living area and plops on the couch. He scrolls through social media a bit, but can’t concentrate. He’s too pent up with nerves to care what twitter drama is going on or about what his friend is doing on vacation.


Thankfully, there’s a knock on the door not long after he sits down, and his heartbeat kicks up a notch.


He slowly makes his way to the door, checking the peephole to be sure it’s Namjoon. Even through the small opening, he looks stunning. He’s just in a sweatshirt and jeans, the hood pulled up over a baseball cap to fight off the chill. Jungkook is still just smitten at the sight.


The lock clicks and he pulls the door open to allow Namjoon inside, and seeing his blinding smile in person is even better.


“Hi, Jungkookie,” Namjoon says, his whole being projecting warmth.


“Hi, um, come in.” Smooth, Jungkook, real smooth.


He moves out of the doorway to let Namjoon enter, and lets the door slam behind him once he’s in the apartment. 


Namjoon removes his shoes before he turns to Jungkook, “What did you want to talk about?” 


His face is suddenly serious, almost nervous looking.


“Here, let’s sit on the couch,” Jungkook leads him further into the living room. 


Namjoon does, and Jungkook sits on the other side. They were still close, their knees touching, but it was obviously awkward.


“Ok, so, um,” god get a hold of yourself Jungkook. 


His thoughts race, anxiety filling his stomach. He keeps his eyes on his hands so he won’t have to meet Namjoon’s gaze. There’s still such a huge chance Namjoon won’t want him.


“I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and we don’t have to do it at all, I’m totally open to anything you want. But I just have to ask.”


He chances a look up at Namjoon, finding him listening intently, hanging onto every word Jungkook says. 


“Could, um, when, or actually if, we don’t have to ever if you don’t want. Could I bottom, maybe, when we have sex? It only has to be once, I’m totally happy topping but I’ve always wanted to bottom so I was hoping you would—“


The last bit of his sentence is swallowed by Namjoon’s lips on his, a surprised noise morphing into a moan into the kiss.


Namjoon pulls away from the kiss before it gets too heated, still wanting to finish this very important discussion they were having about sexual preferences.


“I would love to fuck you, baby,” Namjoon smirks as Jungkook sputters from the sudden kiss and crass words.


“Are you sure? I know I’m not really 'bottom material’ b-but I’ve always wanted to.”


Namjoon’s eyebrows furrowed, “What do you mean ‘bottom material’ baby?” He tucks Jungkook long bangs behind his ear from where they fell in front of his eyes.


“You know, I’m not cute and small like most bottoms. I’m not like Jimin, ’m big and muscly, I’m not really the type people want under them,” Jungkook says, curling into himself in shame of having to explain his insecurities aloud.


“Jungkookie, baby,” Namjoon says softly, the hand previously in Jungkook’s hair now going below his chin to lift up his head and meet Namjoon’s eyes. “There’s no one type of bottom. Sexual preference has nothing to do with physical appearance. Who told you you’re not the type people want?”


Jungkook feels tears forming in relief. Namjoon understands. He had nothing to be worried about.


“M-my first boyfriend said I wasn’t pretty enough to bottom,” he sniffles, wiping his eyes with his sleeves to catch the tears.


“Well, he must be stupid to not want someone as pretty as you. I’ve wanted you under me since the first time Jimin introduced us and you got me hard just from a little grinding on the dance floor."


“Really hyung?” Jungkook asks, pretty eyes shining from the tears and stars that live inside them. 


“Can I show you?” Namjoon asks, eyes turning dark and voice deepening.


Jungkook’s head nods before his brain can catch up with it.


“Yes, please, hyung,” he begs, and Namjoon groans.


“God, you’re so perfect.” Namjoon joins their lips again, this time the kiss quickly got a lot more heated than the last. Jungkook climbed in Namjoon’s lap to get as close as possible to his plump lips.


Namjoon tried to put all the desire and want for Jungkook into the kiss. He wanted Jungkook to know how desperate he was. 


A sweet whine left Jungkook’s lips as Namjoon moved down his neck, sucking red marks on the skin. He pulled the neckline of his t-shirt down roughly like he would die if he didn’t get to taste more of Jungkook’s skin. Jungkook was grinding against Namjoon’s thigh in between his legs, letting out little whines at the friction.


“Just take it off me, hyungie,” Jungkook panted from the rough abuse on his neck and the stimulation to his clothed cock.


Namjoon didn’t need to be told twice, tearing Jungkook’s shirt off to reveal the flushed skin of his chest. 


“Fuck, you’re so perfect,” Namjoon said, mesmerized. He ran his fingertips reverently around Jungkook’s upper body. “Look at these biceps, these pecs, how could anyone not want you?”


He flicked a nipple, causing Jungkook to arch into his hand, looking positively debauched with his mouth open in pleasure.


“And so sensitive too. I’m gonna have so much fun playing with you baby,” he growled, before diving to suck hard on Jungkook’s nipple.


The sounds leaving Jungkook were akin to screams of pleasure at the onslaught of his nipples. They had barely gotten started, but he could feel himself on the edge. He’d made himself come from just his nipples being played with before, but never this soon. It was like Namjoon’s mouth was magic.


He whined out, “H-hyung, please, ‘m gonna come, please!”


Namjoon pulled away from the nipple, “Little slut’s gonna come just from his nipples being played with? I think you’re too sensitive for my cock, baby, maybe I should just make you come like this.”


His fingers were now twisting the other nipple, Jungkook sobbing at the added abuse and implication that he won’t get hyung’s cock inside him.


“No! Hyung, please, I can take it! Please give me your cock, wan’ it, wan’ it so bad,” he cries, moving his ass against where Namjoon’s cock is covered by his pants.


He removes his fingers and stops Jungkook’s hips, pulling himself closer to suck on his earlobe and whisper, “Want hyung to fuck you, baby?”


Jungkook nods frantically, tears about to fall down his cheeks in desperation. 


Namjoon chuckles. “Then lead me to the bedroom baby, so I can fuck you into the mattress.”

Jungkook joins their lips again for a chaste but deep kiss before hopping off Namjoon’s lap.


When they get to the bedroom, Jungkook instantly unbuttons his jeans and pulls down his briefs before getting on the bed. He lays out, spreading his legs wide so Namjoon can see everything.


From the way Namjoon is looking at him from the doorway, you’d think Jungkook was a five-course meal. 


Namjoon smirks as he tears the hat off his head and pulls the sweatshirt off, revealing his own defined chest.


Jungkook feels himself clench at all the newly revealed skin. He somehow feels even harder seeing how broad Namjoon is and thinking about how he will look fucking his cock into his hole.


Next to go are his jeans, the loose fabric covering up those gorgeous thighs should be a crime. Jungkook vows that next time he’s going to mark every inch of those thighs.


As he pulls his gaze from the honey golden thighs, his eyes hone in on the absolute monster in Namjoon’s boxers. The feeling of it through the fabric does not nearly do justice to how large it is. And when the last stitch of clothing is removed, it bobs against his stomach, red and drooling pre-cum.


“Oh, fuck,” Jungkook groans, and for the first time ever, his own dick feels small. 

“Like what you see baby?” Namjoon smirks, and Jungkook doesn’t hesitate to nod to the rhetorical question.


He climbs over Jungkook on the bed, taking his lips as he grinds their cocks together. Jungkook whimpers at the feeling and sight. Namjoon is only a few centimeters longer but definitely thicker, and it’s a stretch Jungkook can’t wait to feel.


“Mm, I see why everyone wanted to sit on your cock baby. Too bad it goes to waste from you bottoming,” he picks up the pace of his grinds, pulling sounds out of Jungkook with his words as much as his cock. “What a pretty cock you have, Jungkookie. A pretty, useless cock. All you want is a cock inside your hole, you have that big dick for nothing.”


“Hyungggg,” he drawls out, “please just get inside me already, please use my hole.”


“How can I say no to that?” Namjoon croons, kissing the side of Jungkook’s head before moving off of him to get the lube.


When he returns, he pours a good amount on his first two fingers and warms it up. 


“Spread those legs for me, baby, show me that pretty hole.”


Jungkook listens, exposing his ass to Namjoon’s heavy eyes. He circles the rim with his fingers a few times, “Relax, Jungkookie,” he says before slowly easing one in. He massages his walls until they seem loose enough to take another finger, and he adds his middle finger. He scissors them to spread the muscles and searches for Jungkook’s prostate.


Jungkook is used to this, as he’s done it many times to himself before, but still moans like a porn star when Namjoon’s fingers graze over his prostate. 


“Just a few more fingers baby,” Namjoon promised, quickly fucking another in to spread Jungkook wider. 


“H-hurts, hyung,” he whines as Namjoon adds his fourth finger in, his hole stretched around Namjoon’s long fingers.


“I know baby. Do you want me to take them out? We don’t have to fuck tonight, we can work you up to my cock gradually,” Namjoon says, concerned for his boyfriend.


Jungkook instantly grabs Namjoon’s wrist to make sure he doesn’t pull it out. “N-no, I want hyung, just give me a moment,” he begs, clenching his eyes to help with the pain. 


Namjoon rubs against his prostate to ease the pain, and soon, it’s ebbing away to feel pleasurable to be stretched like this. 


“O-ok hyung, I’m ready,” Jungkook pants out.


“Are you sure, baby?” Namjoon asks as he tears open the condom.


“Yes, hyung, I can take it,” he smiles, cock still hard despite the earlier pain. That might be something they needed to explore in the future.


Namjoon lines up his cock, slowly pushing the tip in. “Fuck,” he groans at the tightness and the feeling of Jungkook clenching as he pushes in.


“Almost there baby,” Namjoon pants out, sweat already beading on his forehead.


Jungkook has his eyes shut tight, his mouth wide open in an “o” shape as his hole stretches impossibly wide around Namjoon’s cock.


He lets out a whimper as it glides over past his prostate, and it’s finally in all the way. He’s never felt this stretched or full. It was like he could feel Namjoon in his stomach. He was sure he’d be gaping after this but didn’t care one bit as Namjoon began thrusting.


He went slow and deep, trying to get Jungkook acclimated before he really started pounding him into the mattress. 


“Faster, hyung, I won’t break,” Jungkook whines petulantly at the slow pace.


Namjoon chuckles at that. “I’m not sure you know what you just asked for baby.”


“W—“ he starts, but is cut off by Namjoon’s cock ramming into his prostate over and over.


All that leaves Jungkook’s mouth is a chorus of whines and moans. His brain can no longer form sentences, all he can think about is Namjoon’s cock inside him. 


“Is this what you wanted baby? Look at that pathetic cock between your legs, uselessly flopping around,” Namjoon pants out, “this whole time just begging to have your hold filled by a cock even bigger than your own. What a pretty, little slut.”


Jungkook felt like he was floating, his cock throbbing and twitching between their stomachs with Namjoon’s words.


“Hyung, hyung, you’re in my stomach, fuck!” he finally gets out, watching the tip of Namjoon’s cock poking at the skin of his lower abdomen. The sight is so obscene, it pulls him closer to the edge. 


“Shit, baby, look at that. You’re so perfect on my cock,” he increases his speed, trying to get Jungkook there before he comes himself.

“C’mon Jungkookie, come for me, baby.”


That pushes Jungkook over the edge, hole clenching and cock spurting out thick white as he’s thrown into bliss. Everything goes black as he’s thrown over the cliff of pleasure.


Namjoon isn’t far behind, filling the condom a few strokes later, exhaustion setting in and causing him to almost collapse on top of Jungkook. 


He catches himself before he does and pulls out with a hiss. He smiles when he sees Jungkook already asleep, not blaming him a bit with how intense that was.


He wobbles on his jelly legs to the bathroom, removing the condom and cleaning himself of lube and come. They’d definitely need a shower, but that was a morning issue.


He wets a washcloth and returns to the bedroom to clean up Jungkook. Namjoon coos at Jungkook’s clenched eyebrows and moves to clean his stomach and hole of various fluids.


He winces at the sight of Jungkook’s gaping hole and hopes he’s not in too much pain when he wakes up. Namjoon was going to have to apologize for that.


The washcloth goes in the hamper and he cuddles up to Jungkook on the bed. Sure, his legs were screaming at him in pain, but laying wrapped up with Jungkook now made that all worth it.




It’s his phone ringing that pulls his out of sweet slumber. The next thing he notices how warm he is, Namjoon wrapped around his back. And lastly, he realizes how in pain he feels. His muscles ache and he can feel his hole gaping open. Fuck, that was a crazy night.


He sits up and reaches for his phone, seeing it was Jimin who called. He dials him back, and the first thing Jimin does is scream.