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Rey isn’t ready for her first breeding.


Her collar feels tight when the two men walk into the room—her handler, she recognizes. The taller of the two is unknown to her, though he looks like all the buyers she’s seen before: tall, expensive suit, a cruel slant to his mouth. His eyes pin her in place where she’s kneeling on the floor, ready to be appraised.


“Sixteen in a week; young, but not too young. Snoke said you like to mold them—she responded very well to training, both punishment and reward based structures, so you’d have options.”


The stranger crossed the room and knelt, grasping her jaw with tight fingers, turning her head as if to inspect her. Rey knew not to fight back—the alternatives ranged from restraints to the unspeakable, especially if she embarrassed the institute in front of a buyer.


“Open your mouth, sweetheart.”


The nickname rolls through her with a shiver as Rey does exactly that, parting her lips for the easy violation of his gloved fingers. They taste heady. She must not be the first girl he’s seen today. Rey sucks his fingers as he slowly thrusts them in between her lips, but soon he’s prying open her mouth for more.


He swipes around her tongue, carefully watching her expression as he presses further down her throat until she’s forced to gag, the wet sound echoing loudly against the cement walls. Fear runs cold in the pit of her stomach—the handlers have been trying to fuck the reflex out of her with toys to no avail. She flicks her gaze to the handler present, who appears to be furiously biting down a reprimand.


The strange man lets out a hum, an empty smile on his face, so slight it could be a mirage. “You’re in luck, little one. I like the ones who cry easy when they suck too deep.” He turns his head slightly, eyes not leaving her face as she hiccups around the intrusion. “May I?”


The handler nods. “Of course, Mr. Ren. Rey, suck the nice man’s cock.”


Rey shifts as the fingers leave her mouth, replaced with something bigger, more velvety. His hands cup her head, coaxing her to swallow even as she chokes. It’s overwhelming—there’s nothing but this big man in his nice suit, absolutely owning one of her holes, commanding it easily, making room where there should be none. Rey licks and sucks and whimpers, drool soon dripping down her chin and onto her naked thighs.


“Everyone wants one who can deep throat,” Ren says, like he’s discussing the weather, voice slightly hoarse. “But they’re so much sweeter like this, when they struggle. Don’t you think so, Rey?”


He speaks as though she’s allowed to answer.


A resounding sob is lost among the other filthy sounds. It’s as if she can’t remember not having his cock in her throat—like it’s all she’s ever been made for, opening up and taking him in where it’s warm and wet. Ren dips in one last time, pressing like a bruise before allowing her off to gasp for air, cheeks red and hair mussed.


“Show your other holes to Mr. Ren, Rey. Good girl.”


She nods, trembling as she nearly collapses onto her forearms, sinking into the pose until her meager breasts hit the floor. Rey prefers to bury her face into the safety of her elbow. The inspection is always the worst part—she gets so wet and they always tease her for it.


“All that from sucking cock?”


“She’s been denied for nearly two months, Sir. Daily edges to keep her in line.”


“Must be aching. Poor thing.”


Something brushes between her legs, making her whine. It’s his gloved hand again, tracing up and down through the slick she’s made, thumb finding her asshole and pressing inside with just the tip, just enough that she’s forced to moan.


“You said this one hasn’t been fucked by anything but a toy. What about her ass?”


There’s a pause of shuffled paper. “Just toys—small ones. Standard treatment, so she hasn’t gone bigger than the training plug yet.”


“She’s a bit small to get her ass fucked, isn’t she? Rey, would you like that?”


Before she can answer, the handler clears his throat awkwardly. “We typically request payment before anything involving—“


“Charge the card,” Ren snarls, temper flaring. “I’ll take this one. Arch your back, sweetheart. Let me in your pussy.”


“Of course, sir. Rey, Mr. Ren is going to fuck you now. Be good.”


She doesn’t hear the handler leave over the two fingers wormed into her pussy, stroking inside at a decadent pace, crooked until it milks from her more slippery liquid, coating her thighs. A knuckle bumps her clit—Rey spreads her legs wider in response, feeling less than human, led around by that swollen bundle.


“This little button here is nice, hm? Clench down for me. It has so many uses—I could make you come until you hate it, until it’s raw and red. Or I could crush it with a clothespin while I fuck you.” His fingers push deeper, and Rey chokes on it. “There’s a doctor I know who brings you to the edge for hours and then numbs it—permanently, if you’re bad. But you won’t be.”


The circles around her clit building higher and higher abruptly end; Rey feels bare cock nudging inside her soaked cunt. She stays still as he takes her virgin pussy, breaking it in, like she’s trained her whole life for. It hurts enough that she begins to cry, body tense and poised to snap.


“God. So tight.” There’s a sucking sound—must be cleaning his gloves. “Sometimes I think I got into the wrong profession. Could’ve been spending my days teaching girls like you to take a man’s cock.”


Rey sobs. Remembers spreading her skinny legs, watching the handlers rub her clit and push in a single finger. They’d fuck her for hours, slow and even strokes until she stopped fighting it and fell asleep with exhaustion.


“Can I come, sir? Please?” She whispers, drooling from her holes onto the floor, tear stained face hidden.


“No. Not until I’ve finished with your ass, sweetheart.”


He fucks her hard, knees scraping the floor. Deep enough to make her lose her mind—thick cock stretching her open, nestling inside her slippery mess of a cunt and then pulling out again—relief and yet not. She sobs and takes it until he’s holding her up, her thighs useless. 


“What a good girl, letting me ruin you. Let’s see now—“


That’s all the warning she gets before a finger slick with her own juices is pushed, slowly and steadily into her asshole to the last knuckle. She tries to squirm at the intrusion despite her training—the stranger tsks and only pushes in another before she’s ready, making her wail.


“Both holes, little one. It’s too bad I don’t have two cocks. Or that I don’t like to share. I’d stuff you to the brim until you cried.” He wiggles the fingers experimentally, stroking his cock still in her pussy. “Maybe I’ll make you a special belt with cocks to live inside you, so you’re always ready. Would you like that? Or would you miss the stretch?”


Shamefully, she nods, even as the fingers begin to fuck her ass despite her squealing noises of protest. They’re bigger than any toy that’s been forced inside her, the rim of her hole trembling with effort as it’s pulled open. He keeps pace, alternating spearing her with his cock.


Eventually he pulls out, wrenching her up by the hair so she can’t muffle her cries into the floor. The tip of his cock slides into her ass bit by bit, pushing past the resistance of her body. It burns—Rey gulps air, unable to soothe the pain, knowing it would be useless to try and run. She’s better off letting him abuse her like a toy. 


“So sweet,” he coos, hips drawing in and out an inch. “Will you be a good little hole while I cum in your ass?”


“Yes,” she sobs, tears dripping down her face. “Yes sir, I will.”


“So well behaved. Ass-fucking does that to a girl though.”


Her toes curl as he fucks deeper, sliding in to the base of his cock, until his balls slap her empty, leaking pussy. It makes her clench hard, searching to be filled: she has to concentrate not to tighten her asshole to the point of searing pain.


“I’ll only do this every once and awhile,” he pants, the hand in her hair curling tighter. “Got to keep your poor little hole on edge. Nice and tight. Your pussy though—that I’ll take whenever I want.”


“Ye-yes sir.”


“Bend you over my desk for lunch,” he muses. “I tend to work late, so I’ll stick my cock in you when you’re sleeping too. Just spread you open and put my cum inside. You’ll wake up with it leaking out of you, little one.”


“Thank you,” she hiccups as her body finally relaxes into her breeding, accepting it’s inevitability. The man must notice, because praise: good girl sweet girl so nice drips from his lips as he fucks harder, splashing her insides with hot cum. 


He pulls out with a hiss, replacing his cock with a steel plug, fucking her with that too while he pets her clit with lazy strokes, allowing her a soft orgasm. His spend sloshes around, coating everything as she’s pulled up to kneel again on her shaking limbs.


“When we get into the car,” he murmurs, wrapping her up in his coat, helping her stand. “You’re to sit on my cock and keep it warm the whole ride home, understood? I know you’re sore but it’s important you get fucked often, pet. You might forget your place.”


She won’t.