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Hey Lucy (I Remember Your Name)

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1: Name

Hey Lucy, I remember your name / I left a dozen roses on your grave today


“Shove out the way, princess,” Someone squalled from above, and Lucy pulled a headphone out of her ear, looking up to see just who had decided it would be fun to torment her today. She wasn’t surprised when she was met with Larcade’s toned face and blonde hair, and that half-smirk half-sneer she knew too well. She held back a glare. There were plenty of seats around the library he and his pals could’ve sat at, an open table literally right next to where Lucy was seated.

And yet, they had to bother her. Sometimes Lucy wondered if they had anything better to do. At the same time she was so used to it that she didn’t say anything, just neatly packed her supplies into her bag, and grabbed her textbook, standing to walk away. Larcade reached out just as she was moving away, squeezing her ass, Lucy flinching but not bothering to yell at him. She walked all the way out of the library, her head focused on the ground, until she hit the outside courtyard. 

It was fall semester, and Lucy’s school had only been in session for about a month. She had hoped junior year meant her classmates were older and more mature, and that it’d been enough time for healing. Of course, she underestimated the capacity of high schoolers being decent humans, and was dealing with the same crap as her past years. She didn’t blame them either. No one liked the daughter of the money-grabbing, non-empathetic, extremely rude ‘businessman’, as he would call himself. He was a tyrant, really. A tyrant ruling the small town of Magnolia.

Lucy sat down on a ledge in the courtyard, towards the corner that was backed by a concrete wall. The otherside of the wall was a classroom, so it was the only side that wasn’t made of long windows. Lucy didn’t like leaning against the windows. She never knew who could be watching from behind. 

She put her bag down next to her and put both headphones in. Breaks in the day were the worst, since she didn’t have any friends to talk to, and she didn’t have much to do. Of course, it was hard to study when she was constantly being pestered. She thought of what her mom would say. It’s not their fault, they don’t know any better. Though a small part in the back of Lucy’s brain would say, you deserve it anyways.  

After her mom passed her life was really a downhill spiral. Her mom and dad never got along. Her mom hadn’t even wanted to marry her dad, but her family had forced it on her. Lucy’s dad was not kind, or loving, or anything of the sort. He may have been a decent husband, or kind a few times to her mom, but Lucy hadn't seen it. All she ever got from her father was thorough hate. 

The break bell rang and Lucy let out a sigh. Her next class was the one she dreaded the most. Chemistry. Not because she didn’t like the class, she very much enjoyed the material, but sciences meant labs which meant partners which meant having to work with people. No one ever wanted to work with Lucy, either. As she began through the halls she heard the noises of girls gossiping and boys yelling and lockers slamming and phones ringing. 

As she made her way into the chemistry classroom she took a seat in the back of the room, where she could see the whole classroom as well as the board and the teacher. She’d dealt with people behind her throwing things at her back and she was tired of having the distraction of not knowing what was behind her. 

A group of three girls Lucy had tried to befriend before sat in front of her, quietly chatting about who knows what. The shortest one, who had blue hair, as if she’d dipped it straight into the sea, Levy, whispered something about a student in their grade who was returning from his trip to LA where he was modeling. “Natsu Dragneel, he’s like the hottest, dreamiest boy out there,” the girl said, and her friend, Mirajane, who was tall, with blonde hair that was borderline white, slapped her arm playfully. 

“Hey, you already have a boyfriend, leave him for us miserable singles,” She scolded, and Levy giggled. The third girl, who had short light purple hair she kept in pigtails and a smaller body frame that Lucy had been jealous of for a while now, hissed at both the girls. Mirajane smiled. “Don’t worry, Lisanna, we’d never steal him from you. Besides, you’re both models. Wait until you get to shoot together. He’ll fall head over heels.”

Lucy pulled her chemistry book out of her bag, placing it on her desk along with her notebook and pencil. She’d heard of this Natsu Dragneel. Apparently he grew up and went to school here in Magnolia and then ended up getting recruited to LA to be a model. She’d never met him, as she’d been homeschooled up until freshman year, and he left a few months into freshman year. Why would he come back now, though? He’s already missed a month of school. Plus, models didn’t need to be smart or educated. They just needed to be flashy and pretty. Not that Lucy had ever met any models before, but she did enjoy reading online gossip about celebrities.

Lucy cleared her thoughts. She couldn’t interest herself in petty gossip or she’d end up actually thinking she belonged at the school. She’d find herself wishing she had a friend to discuss this stuff with. The teacher walked in, just on time, and Lucy shoved everything besides the converting of chemical elements and stoichiometry out of her head.


- ♛ & 🔥-


Lucy parked her car on the driveway, stepping out and staring at the giant mansion that was her home. It was exotic, large, beautiful, a house anyone would be pleased to own. Lucy hated it with all her being. So empty, so bleh. She went in through the garage, hoping to go unnoticed, not wanting any of her father’s attention. She didn’t see his car in the driveway, but she was always wary, especially in this shitshow of a house. 

She went up to her room, grabbing her work outfit. She’d been surprised when her dad had allowed her to get a job, but considering it was at the public library, he didn’t seem to mind, as it meant she wasn’t doing anything “bad” and had extra time to do schoolwork. She changed out of her grey sweatpants and band hoodie, and into the nice khakis and knit sweater. Though there was no uniform, she was supposed to dress nicer for the library. Her dad would prefer her to wear nice clothes all the time to show their wealth off, but she hated getting teased for being dressed up, so she stuck with the least noticeable clothes. Better to blend in and be invisible than be seen and hated.

She put her hair up in a ponytail, and decided she looked nice enough, grabbing her bag and heading out of her room, back down the stairs and to the garage. There were pictures of Lucy, her mom and her dad hanging on the stairs from right before her mom had died, but Lucy didn’t like looking at them, as they gave her a sour feeling. What could’ve been if she hadn’t lost her mom. The house when it was still full of life and love.

Closing the garage, she made her way to her car, glad that her dad hadn’t come home. She threw her bag in the passenger seat and started the car, heading towards the library. It wasn’t too far, and the ride was nice, as Lucy could see the mountains surrounding Magnolia on clear days. The town of Magnolia was relatively small, but big enough that it wasn’t a you-know-everyone-else-in-the-town kind of place. It was tucked in a valley, surrounded by mountains. In order to get to the town, people had to drive through the mountain pass, but it got a lot of snow in the winter, which meant many people came for the snow. 

That’s where her dad came into play. He owned two of the three ski resorts in the town, as well as much of the real estate, tourist or not, in the town, plus two of the three main hotels. Pretty soon he’d own the whole town. If only he wasn’t such a prick to everyone, maybe then the town wouldn’t care that he owned their lives. People never liked having to pay for things. She couldn’t blame them, though. Her dad wasn’t the generous type.

Lucy reached the library, parking in the staff lot and walking to the front door, locking her car behind her. As she entered, she saw kids gathered around the children section, playing with some of the toys and listening to some of the audio books. There were elder citizens in the quiet area, watching dvds and reading magazines. Teens crowded the computers, many of them playing video games, some of them actually studying. It was refreshing, so normal and beautiful. 

Heading directly back to sign in, Lucy greeted the other library assistant, Cana, who was one of the only people in this town who didn’t hate her. Given, Cana was an alcoholic who ended up leaving her husband in the closest big city and moving here to get some peace and rehab. But, Cana didn’t grow up here and wasn’t the judgemental sort of person so she didn’t have a longstanding grudge against the last name Heartfilia. 

Lucy clocked in as Cana began spewing orders. “There’s some books that need to be shelved in the teen section. Left them for you since I know you love reading the summaries of those romance novels,” Cana winked, giving Lucy a small smile. Lucy shrugged and didn’t deny it. She couldn’t help if she was hopelessly into the lovely romance tales. She’d take what she could get, and all she could get was stories. No one would ever fall in love with her in real life, at least not in Magnolia. 

“Right. You’re the best, Cana,” Lucy said, nodding to her with a small smile before making her way to the section. She avoided tables where kids her age were hanging out, not wanting to deal with any snard remarks. Most kids who chose to go to the library weren’t mean ones, but Lucy didn’t like taking chances.  

She reached the teen/young adult section, noticing some of the kids in her grade huddled around a table talking. 

She pulled the cart into the isle, beginning to shelve the books. It was second nature to her now, especially since she knew the dewey decimal system to a T. If she had any luck, she’d end up running the library when she graduated. Actually, if she had any luck, she’d end up out of this town, writing books that would end up in this library for some other young girl to read.

She shook off the thought. Better to face reality than to fantasize. She picked up one of her favorite romance novels from the cart, one about a socially awkward college girl meeting the popular boy and him falling for her. She sighed, running her hand over the laminated cover. Maybe she could fantasize about a few things.

She placed the book in its spot, one she knew too well, considering she had grabbed it from there many times. 

She turned her head to look at the group of kids from her grade, who’s voices had reached above the library level. She grimaced, knowing she should tell them to quiet down, but not wanting anyone to hate her more. Cana would deal with it. One smell of Cana’s boozy breath and sharp comment and the kids would flee from the library.

Looking closer, Lucy recognized it was the three girls who sat in front of her in chemistry, the ones she tried to befriend when she first started highschool. They were with Juvia and Gray, two of the other most popular kids in her grade. Juvia was so pretty, she was practically Magnolia royalty. A few other boys she recognized were there with them, but there was one she didn’t recognize. 

Knowing she was staring but not being able to look away, Lucy took in the appearance of the unknown boy. He had to be around her age, magenta hair spiking and framing a tan muscular face, and eyes so dark they could be onyx jewels. He was sex on a stick, if Lucy had anything to say about it. 

Lucy shook her head and went back to her shelving. Of course she didn’t have anything to say about it. That would mean she actually cared about what was happening at her school. Which she didn’t. Care about what happened at her school. Definitely not. 

What Lucy was is observant. She blended in most of the time, unless she was getting picked on. But blending in meant easily gathering information, hearing things she probably wasn’t supposed to hear. Which made it that much harder for her to not care. Everyone likes a good amount of drama, right?

She finished the last book on the cart meant for the teen section, sighing. Not too many new romance books she hadn’t read. To be fair, she’d probably read every romance book in existence by now. She did want to be a romance author someday, so it was technically research. 

She pulled the car out of the aisle, keeping her eyes on the ground, watching her feet and the wheels as she headed for the nonfiction section, as the rest of the books on the cart were of that genre. She rounded around the main table section, passing the students. Raising her eyes, wanting to get one more look at the pink haired boy, she jolted when she found his eyes trained on her. He had an unreadable look on his face, and Lucy felt seen. 

She did not like feeling seen. Seen meant people noticing her, which meant people learning her last name, which meant people hating her. She couldn’t seem to take her eyes away from him, though. It was as if his gaze had captured her, nailed her down to that spot, stopping her from turning her head away. 

His lips parted, and Lucy tracked the movement. He couldn’t have been 10 feet away, but Lucy felt as if he was across the world, in a whole different dimension than she. 

Then Lisanna jumped up, placing her hand on his shoulder, and the moment was over. Lucy peeled her eyes away with great difficulty, being brought back to reality. No traveling to other dimensions for her. Just plain old miserable Magnolia under her father's unyielding hand.