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8 years had passed since the death of a madman, a boogeyman shared in stories for Cultivators and common folks alike, 

Yiling Laozu, Wei Ying, Wei Wuxian, and the story about him continued to spread out and spoken here and there among the people. 

What kind of person this legendary madman was? The one who had been remembered by the common folks and was even more popular than the five great ancestor of the former five great sects, or now the current four great sects?

There were many versions of it.

Even among the cultivation family whose story of Yiling Laozu should have been clearer, the history often changed to suit the version in which the Patriarch of the Clan favored.


At Baling Ouyang, the disciples were often told that Yiling Laozu was a greedy and an ungrateful scourge.

He betrayed the YunmengJiang sect who was once so kindly took him and raised him from the gutter he came from. Not only did he cause the massacre of YunmengJiang sect2 , he even almost killed the current Sect Leader Sandu Sengshou of whom he coveted the position of a Sect Leader.

More than a decade ago, after he was defeated by Sandu Sengshou in a life and death fight, Yiling Laozu was stabbed in the abdomen, even the instestines was gouged out, dangling from his stomach, and the great Sandu Sengshou who was so strong and so amazing had only suffer one disclocated arm3 !

Finally the great Sandu Sengshou announced to the whole world that Wei Wuxian had defected from YunmengJiang and declared to be an enemy to the cultivation world. Yiling Laozu after he failed to snatch the position of sect leader in YunmengJiang, he was driven to a mountain of corpse and built his corpse palace, with the suspected to be his queen Wen Qing, and his other female ghost concubines.

After his failure in coveting the position of a Sect leader, that Wei Ying finally defected from YunmengJiang and chose to form a demonic army and gathered the remaining Wens by himself in Burial Mound, waiting for the perfect time to dominate the world with his corpses.

2 years after his defeat from Sandu Sengshou, this scourge Wei Ying went out again and did a killing frenzy. He got his revenge by killing Sandu Sengshou’s brother in law, Jin Zixuan, killed his once senior sister, Jiang Yanli, and finally killed 3,000 cultivators in the Bloodbath of Nightless City.

Fortunately Sandu Sengshou was truly a great hero, he drew a plan with the rest of the cultivation’s world, aiming at Wei Wuxian's weakness, and took the first charge on the siege of the Burial Mound, finally killed Wei Wuxian’s Wen army, threw them to a blood pool, make them suffer for eternity, unable to reincarnate ever again4. Wei Wuxian once again wanted to make a killing frenzy using his pride artifact, Stygian Tiger Seal, alas, the God was merciful, instead of fulfilling his crazy desire, finally the madman got his retribution, being bitten to dust by 10,000 corpses, not even a soul remained.

---Or so that the patriarch of Baling Ouyang often told his disciples in order to alleviate the positions of Sandu Senghshou in which Baling Ouyang was under5.


It’s merely the story told in Yunmeng region.


But of course the story got wilder and worsened from one region to another.

And the baddest of them all was told in Lanling region.

No need to mention the long list of thousands great sins Yiling Laozu committed that were shared and told among the common folks in Lanling.

It’s so filthy, nauseating, and made the people who heard it couldn’t sleep for 9 days and 9 nights, being disturbed by the horrifying deeds that scourge Wei Ying apparently did!

Those great sins, if the God of the underworld ever heard of the thousands charge this Wei Wuxian apparently bear on his shoulder, the God would even be afraid to put him in the underworld, in fear he would occupy the 18th layer, the lowest layer of Hell, and became the native resident in there for eternity in order to repay those great sins.


The mildest rumors about Yiling Laozu was shared in Gusu region.

Nevertheless, even in Gusu region, the region where the most righteous sect and a place where the cultivators who resided there prohibited gossips and didn’t share the story to the civilian, the story about this scourge Wei Wuxian still came in the dinner table shared among the common folks. The mildest story of him was told that Wei Ying was a heretic who cultivated the evil way, someone who defied the order of the Heaven, someone who disrespected the dead and had an immoral conduct.


What’s funny though, the Yiling Region where the name of the Laozu was taken from, it had the least gossips and stories of them all.

There’s no cultivation sect in Yiling.  

There was once the Yiling Supervision Office the Wen Sect built there and was governed by Qishan Genius Doctor, Wen Qing. But after the end of Sunshot Campaign, the cultivators who resided there were all captured, and the building itself was burned to the ground. After that, no other sect had the thought to erect a supervision office there, or even built a sect in Yiling.

The nearest cultivation sect was YunmengJiang.

But the lord and their disciples were too busy capturing demonic cultivator and busy hating people with surnamed Wen after the death of Yiling Laozu. Even the haunted cases in Yunmeng region was hardly dealt with, because Sandu Senghshou apparently had the policy of “if there’s no death, there’s no need of mentioning6. Of course, with this kind of sect, YunmengJiang cultivators didn’t even bother to build a supervision office in Yiling, even just a leisure walk was hardly ever done to this town.

The Yiling region itself was not a bustling city like Lanling or a port city like Yunmeng or Gusu, nor was it a place near the capital like Qinghe. Yiling was countryside, and there’s no attraction for people to visit Yiling often. What stories existed there was purely originated from the local folks.

Strangely enough, the stories shared in Yiling were limited to;


 “An unknown person who suddenly came and lived in the uninhabited mountain Burial Mound. In which when and what the man do, the people who lived in Yiling didn’t know anything about. There’s nothing happening during the years the supposed Yiling Laozu lived in their area. Perhaps the only thing changed was the fact that those few years Yiling was free of haunted ghosts and corpses problem.”

When the cultivation world suddenly came into their door many years ago, and caused a ruckus towards the mountain, it was the first time “something was happening” in Yiling. And also the first time they got the information that apparently a villain was living in their area and was named Yiling Laozu.

The people of Yiling didn’t know what to make up for the information though.

Should they be afraid?

But what should they be afraid of?

There’s no case of murder, kidnapping, and even haunting from evil creatures.

Even when they were informed that there was apparently a BIG VILLAIN resided in their region, the said villain was dead the moment the information was passed on.

And they honestly never knew that there’s a villain living there if the hundreds of cultivation family had not suddenly barged in Yiling, made a great fanfare and chaos, yelling in triumph as if they’re going and coming out of a big war.

They came and gone as quick as summer rain.

It’s really hard and difficult to digest the information and hard to make the idea bigger, when there’s truly nothing happening in their life at all.

Thus, even though the people of Yiling were afraid at first to the sudden knowledge, they were really quick to forget about it since seriously, the Yiling Laozu things really never had any extreme impact in their life!


As for other common folks in different region, the story of Yiling Laozu was told in many different kinds, depending on how good the story teller weaved the plot of the story, and depending on how well the story teller adding the spices within their story.

Sometimes, the common folks often didn’t even know the name, or even if they had heard of it, the name’s often mistaken into something else. And yet, they’re still telling the story of Yiling Laozu, because it’s people favorites to past the time and riled up the long nights.


For example, a young waiter in Yueyang who’s very good in entertaining the guests in the tavern he worked at. During the 3 years he worked at the tavern, he had always been giving out a story about a big villain named “Wei Wuqian” (Wei With No Money instead of Wei With No Envy) full of confidences as if he were there witnessing the life of the Laozu himself7.

Some Samaritan at Qinghe even painted the most gruesome picture resembling a shura, a demonic entity with uneven head, messy hair, big and sharp teeths, with six arms and six legs, and claimed it as the true appearance of Yiling Laozu8. The more worse the picture turned out to be, the more the common folks believe it as the “true face” of the Longlasting Boogeyman, Yiling Laozu!

Neither the person who told the stories knew the reality, nor the people who listened to the stories knew the facts.

Either way, those people didn’t care and kept telling the stories as good and as exciting as they could create.

After all, no matter what they talked about the said VILLAIN was already dead.

After all, not even one of the cultivators, whether from a big or small family, ever clarified the truths or reprimand people from creating any outrageous stories.

So, why not?


Such is the reality of the world. Facts were often twisted. Stories were often tweaked. And rumors were often thought to be the truth.

Over the years what people believed about the Yiling Laozu was rendered into a scary man with a face of a deformed demon and a rotten heart.


The world had passed like this for 8 years after the death of Wei Wuxian.




And yet, what it took was only a single painting for those stories and rumors to be buried completely and changed into more exhilarating rumors.


It’s all started when the painter of the royal family died of old age.

The painter was a man who had served the Tang Dynasty for two generations, from the previous emperor to the current emperor. He had painted the emperor’s portrait and the royal family portraits. The emperor favored the painter so much for his talent and his keen eyes of beauty. The painter really knew how to capture the most beautiful moment of the emperor and the royal families.

All of the paintings this royal painter painted in his life were all known to be true to the real appearances of the objects, but what made it even more wonderful was because it captured the most beautiful scenes the object was in.

When the other orthodox painter had always painted the emperor in the golden robes and in his dragon throne sitting rigidly, this certain painter did not always paint in that style. What made The emperor was impressed by the paintings was because this old painter had a unique sense of art, which in some scenes of the paintings the emperor didn’t even aware that he was being painted (ancient candid style painting, lmao~), and would never thought that it was a beautiful sight before the scene was immortalized into a painting.

Such as when the emperor walked in a hallway in the palace, the emperor had never thought this mundane act he did could be immortalized into such a grand thing, and yet it turned out to be a very beautiful and majestic painting. The painting was surreal and it emphasizes the grace of the emperor who was walking within his majestic palace in a dignified manner. It emphasized the elegant nature of the emperor whether in court or in daily life, and promoted the beauty of the palace ground. 


Every paintings of his held certain charm and drew the viewer as if they were there witnessing the scenes in the painting themselves. His every finished painting was indeed breathtaking piece of art worthy of many praises.

Hence, when the old royal painter was in his death bed, he asked one favor to the emperor to let his paintings to be viewed freely by the common folks. The emperor had of course agreed to it. He immediately allocated a section in the capital’s plaza specifically used to display all of the paintings except the paintings of the royal family , to be displayed and viewed in free.


All of the paintings were beautiful.

But there was one painting that particularly drew all the visitors in just a first glance.

It was the painting of a young man, with long black hair fluttering behind, and around him was a horde of corpses.

The man was very handsome, with sharp features, long eyelashes, peach blossom eyes, thin and high nose, and a very tempting body figure.

In his hand was a black dizi, wearing a black robe with the front of the robes messily tied, causing a large part of his chest uncovered, inviting many secret thoughts to be made.

Within the veils of smokes from who knows what was burned, and despite the gloomy atmosphere with the appearances of those terrifying corpses around him, the man truly looked devilishly beautiful, and the scenes turned out to be….eerily enchanting.

At the right side of the painting there was a scroll provided, just like the other paintings that were displayed that had an addition of one scroll beside it. The scroll contained information about the paintings, the scenes it was taken, and the painter’s thoughts about it.

What it said was :

XuanZheng Year 22

I came back to my home village to visit my family near Langya.

In the week I was supposed to be back to the capital, I was caught in between the war of the immortal families.

The Wen family was once stationed near our village. We were banned to go to another region once the war started. We were forced to serve the family for months.

Suddenly at one silent night, the shrill sounds of a flute echoed in the whole village. There were the roars of corpses, the shrill and yet eerily beautiful melody from the flute evoked a strange feeling in my chest, and the screams of man falling down one after another was nothing but a background noise behind the flute’s melody.

The Wen family were finally defeated.

We were finally freed.

And yet some cultivators who were the opposition of the Wen accused the people of my village to be in cahoots with the Wen family. We were rounded up and were ready to be sent into the dungeon no matter how much we denied, explained our positions, or even plead.

And then a man came.

He came under the guard of beautiful ghost in red. In his hand the black flute dangled loosely along with the sway of his long sleeves.

The man walked around the bloodied corpses from the Wen family in a calm steps, eerily graceful as if the bloodied ground and those terrifying corpses following him were just nothing but an accessory, a mere background to accentuate his graces.

 He saw us huddled together, disheveled and scared. He shut the other cultivator's complain against our village in just a short glance and a few sentences.

Just as quick as he freed us from hideous fate of being falsely accused and tortured for no reason in prison, the man was also quick to leave us alone without sparing us another glance.

As if he didn’t just save us a mere seconds ago, saved our entire village, and saved us and our entire generations ahead, from the unjust accuses and perhaps dying in prison out of unfair charges.

Later, I heard that the man’s name was Wei Wuxian.

I had lost my chance to express my gratitude for saving me, my entire village, and our future generations from being slaughtered.

I was lost in a trance ever since he came out.

The sight in which I witnessed was too fascinating I can’t form a word to describe the feelings he evoked within me.

That man, no, he was a benevolent Deity borrowing a devil skin…



The painting was displayed.

The additional information in the scroll was read.

And the story was told.

One man to the other.

One village to another.

One city to all of the cities.

In a mere few weeks since the paintings was displayed, it had spread far and wide.


Shocking news! It was the true appearance of Yiling Laozu, Wei Wuxian!


The gruesome paintings that the Samaritans drew before were thrown to the dirt.

What a joke! How could a cheap drawing from a no name Samaritan compared to this painting! The one who painted the true painting of Yiling Laozu was the royal painter!

The one who ordered for the painting to be displayed was the Emperor!

Even an idiot would know which one to believe!


In this world, all lands under the heavens belong to the Emperor.

No matter how filthy the Jins tried to make the common folks believed Yiling Laozu was, in the end they were just one immortal family, in the end whatever they told and the media campaign they spread about their cultivation war, cultivation conspiracy, cultivation tragedy, and cultivation business, all of them had nothing to do with the mortal human, and in the end whatever they told was actually could not be fully understood by the simple-minded civilian.

In the end, the Emperor and his every royal confidant including the royal painter held more meaning in the common folks mind and heart.



It was the starting point where other different sides of Yiling Laozu came out one after another beside the Boogeyman tales he was in before.

For example, after the emergence of this painting, the fact that Yiling Laozu, Wei Wuxian, was once admitted as the 4th of “in the list of Young Masters” in immortal families9. This guy despite the fact that he had nothing to count for, neither his birth status, family backing, inheritance, or wealth, merely depending on his looks and talents was put on the 4th list, with only the famous and unshakeable model of the cultivation world twin jades of Gusulan, and the one and only heir of the MEGA RICH LanlingJin, above Wei Wuxian.

Another fact emergence was, how in the age of 17 Yiling Laozu defeated the Xuanwu Of Slaughter,the more than 400 years old deformed beast, along with Hanguang-Jun10.

---Or the fact that Yiling Laozu was someone who EXCELLED of the six arts (Rites, Music, Archery, Chariotry, Calligraphy, Mathematics)11

---Or the fact that Yiling Laozu was the one who created the newest invention of the cultivation world that make the nighthunts even more easy nowadays, with the Compass of Evil and Spirits attraction flags12.

---Or the newly fact exposed by the living witness and life-saving grace recipient, rogue cultivator Luo Qingyang, with the fact that Yiling Laozu was once saved the hundreds of cultivation sect heirs from Wen Chao and Xuanwu of Slaughter, and even saved a woman from being branded by the spiritual iron brand.

---Or how Yiling Laozu was once trying to flirt with the Damsel of Annual Blossom in a garden at Tanzhou. Despite the large volume of people who came to this garden, no one had ever seen the Damsel's face. Curious, Wei Wuxian came to Tanzhou and purposefully recited poetry incorrectly. She struck him with flowers and threw him out time and time again. After over twenty times, he finally managed to glimpse her face. Afterwards, Wei Wuxian went about everywhere praising how beautiful she looked. The irritated Damsel, however, did not appear in her garden for quite a while. Whenever Wei Wuxian returned, she would pound him with a rain of flowers, creating a wondrous scene13


One by one the “untold stories” of Yiling Laozu, Wei Wuxian, appeared accompanying the emergence of the Yiling Laozu paintings from the now deceased royal painter.

One by one the “untold stories” of how the people were saved directly, or indirectly by Yiling Laozu popped out from every corner of the world.

Many HIDDEN FACTS about Yiling Laozu that was recently emerged and spread far and wide made the maiden in all regions sighed forlornly.

Yiling Laozu, He was such a fine young man!

He was the very picture of gentlemen of whom the maiden in that era admired most.

A prince in shining armor, with charming eyes, beautiful smiles, and heroic nature!

Which kind of woman wouldn’t quickly give up their surnames to this kind of young man???


Without they realized it, the persona of a demonic creature with six arms and six legs-Yiling Laozu was buried and forgotten, being laughed at as something outrageous.

Without they realized it, everyone finally knew that Yiling Laozu was someone with a good looks and apparently had many heroic deeds and life-saving graces.

Instead of being sold off in ghost story, right now the character of Yiling Laozu was occupying the site of romance literature, and even went to Confucian literatures written by the scholar. Apparently, the very life of Yiling Laozu, and many incidents related to him was actually very appetizing for those scholars with deep thinking, because the incidents related on him was full of political intrigues, and reeked of conspiracies.

Many pro and contra theories began to emerge one by one.

The theories didn’t directly point finger to a certain perpetrator. The literatures were merely analyzing Yiling Laozu’s life experience and the incidents happened that was related to him. But the world didn’t lack a person who can see the subtle gesture of finger-pointing toward some cultivation clans of which the conspiracies tied with.


The emperor neither commented on it nor stopped it.


Jin Guangyao as the immortal governor at that time finally spared his time to visit the palace and asking for an audience with the emperor regarding this case, bringing many gifts from LanlingJin treasure chests.

Fortunately, The emperor turned out to be very generous and very easy to talk to.

Jin Guangyao, a person who was more suited as a shrewd politician, of course knew the heart of the emperor.

If he came to the palace without bringing anything and threatened the emperor, the emperor would of course refuse to take down the painting in the name of honoring the deceased royal painter's wish.

What did you think the royal family is? Did you think that if a cultivator came to threaten him, the emperor would suddenly acquiesce to his whims?

What a joke! The emperor had his own temper and pride! From hundreds of years ago, the emperor and the cultivators were tacitly never intervened with each other’s business, and neither they had higher position between each other, even at Wen Ruohan’s reign, he never once disrespected the emperor.

The royal palace didn’t lack a series of JIANGHU martial artist. There were merely 10,000 capable cultivators in the whole cultivation world (not to mention among those 10,000 just how much cultivators who would want to fight against the emperor, perhaps only 1,000 who's stupid enough dared to do it), while the emperor owned almost 1,000,000 soldiers under his command.

Even though they’re not as skilled as cultivators in term of dealing with evil creatures, but even a huge elephant would fall under the crusades of thousands ants.

And what if Jin Guangyao was killed in return of threatening the emperor? Please don’t underestimate the art of assassination from the weak people.

Even Wen Ruohan could fall to his death from assassination, and Jin Guangyao was not particularly strong either.


But of course Jin Guangyao wouldn’t follow this ridiculous method. A person like him who had brain, and could use his brain, instead of letting it wasted as a mere decoration, was really different after all.

In the end, the emperor took down the painting of Wei Wuxian and gave it to Jin Guangyao under the saying of giving the immortal painting to immortal cultivators.

Though at the end Lan Xichen from Gusulan volunteered to take the painting and keep it in their famous library secretly right after Jin Guangyao went back from the palace.

---Or so as what Lan Xichen said, as for whose bedroom this painting later ended up in was something no outsider needed to know.

 Jin Guangyao had already prepared a series of gifts (in which later Gusulan generously replaced this loss of treasures after retrieving the painting), the emperor agreed to give the possession related to the cultivation world to be taken care of by cultivators themselves, and even warned the scholars to stop writing out literatures about Yiling Laozu.


The farce about the painting finally ended.

But what was already known far and wide was really hard to erase.

The literatures about Yiling Laozu was already published and spread around.

It couldn’t be retrieved.

And even though the scholars were forbidden to write about Yiling Laozu, the emperor didn’t say that he forbid the scholars to write a literature about Yiling Laozu’s life experience and wrote a series of argument and analysis about it under the guise of fictional characters.

That being the case, no matter how the cultivators from some clan later on trying to paint the image of Yiling Laozu, Wei Wuxian, as a bloodthirsty demon, the HIDDEN FACTS that was revealed before was already embedded deeply in the mind of common folks, the young generation of cultivators, and some population of wise-minded cultivators.

In the end, the stubborn cultivators who hated Wei Wuxian could only compete with publishing more and more dirty and filthy deeds of Yiling Laozu to contradict his good reputation.



Even so, everyone knew that the world was changing.

Jin Guangyao knew that he couldn’t force the people to believe the “of course ridiculous facts” about the scourge Yiling Laozu.

The more he forced it, or the more he tried to cover it, the more people became suspicious, and his own reputation would only fell even more.

Who was Jin Guangyao if not someone who could quickly predict the gain and loss of a problem?

Right now, between covering up the facts and kept on insisting the idea of Wei Wuxian as a boogeyman, it’s more advantageous for him to clear up Wei Wuxian’s name and rectify his reputation.

Why did he think so?

Of course, first of all, if Wei Wuxian’s name was cleared, Lan Wangji would be very happy, and when Lan Wangji was happy, Lan Xichen would be even more grateful toward Jin Guangyao, tying the Gusulan clan even more into LanlingJin, extremely advantageous for future planning with this unconditional support.

Second of all, even though Wei Wuxian’s name was cleared up, the person had already dead! No matter how much benefits he might have with his name cleared, the person could not get it or use it since he’s already dead!

Oh please, Jin Guangyao of course was not someone who was so stupid to think that Wei Wuxian was omnipotent and was eager to go back to the living.

He knew that once someone died it would be dead no matter what. He knew that once the soul couldn’t even be called back using evocation or any other method, meant that Wei Wuxian truly didn’t have any chance or will to go back to the living.

Honestly, clearing up Wei Wuxian’s name was really no problem at all for Jin Guangyao. If anything, if he, as the immortal governor voluntarily rectifying Wei Wuxian’s name, it’d only make his reputation much better, his name was even more beautiful, he will be known as a leader who was benevolent, wise and kind.

God bless Jin-smart-Yao! What a perfect plan! 100% benefits and 0% loss!



As for whom the buckle of pot should be thrown to, of course there’s already the REAL culprit who was already dead, Jin Guangshan, whom reputation was already plummeted during his life and even smellier when he died. And of course, the very wonder Sect Leader Jiang, was also the perfect and indeed one of the culprit who made Wei Wuxian’s name was bad before.

Just open up the fact of Jin Guangshan's greedy ambition for inheriting th King of Wen before and trying to covet the Stygian Tiger Seal, thus ended up killing his own son in his plan, and even dare to use his daughter in law in his plan in Nightless City Massacre.

And just open up the fact of the ungratefulness and the deep jealousy from Sect Leader Jiang towards Wei Wuxian and Wen Qing’s lines. Jin Guangyao had always been collecting every deeds and information from other sects in order to execute his many plans. Of course, uncovering the graces of the Wen Sibling who saved Jiang Wanyin and Wei Wuxian before, and even helped taking back the body of Jiang Fengmian and Madam Yu was really a piece of cake.

If this life saving grace and retrieving the ancestor's body was being made public, Jiang Wanyin who not only refused to pay back the debt before, but even condemned Wei Wuxian and the Wen Sibling for it, was undoubtedly be branded as Ungrateful! Remembering grudges but forgot gratitudes, what kind of person is this!?

Jin Guangshan had already got a smelly reputation, once his dirty deeds was uncovered, people wouldn't doubt it not even one bit.

While Sect Leader Jiang, fortunately , in these past 8 years after Wei Wuxian's death, he had already created his own smelly reputation!

Jiang Wanyin, just like his mother before who created her own fantasy of cuckolding and being a rival with Cangse Sanren and spread the gossip of her supposed miserable “my husband didn’t love me but love another woman”, or “I suspect my husband had an affair with a deceased woman”, or “I suspect my husband had an illegitimate kid with another woman”, and thus succesfully created her own fantasy of miserable married life till her death.

Jiang Wanyin was indeed worthy of being the son of Purple Spider, Yu Ziyuan. He was once a proper hero out from the Sunshot campaign with a clean reputation before. Alas, he couldn't help but very eager to blacken his own reputation by hunting down every demonic cultivators and hating those with surnamed Wen in these past 8 years...

What could Jin Guangyao do? He's so blessed that the people he needed to include in his plan were so eager to contribute in blackening their own reputation!

As expected of myself!

---by Jin Guangyao.




Afterward, the rest of the plan of rectifying Yiling Laozu, Wei Wuxian's name went easily and smoothly.

Ahh…one more thing though, please don’t misunderstand that Jin Guangyao had no plan to annex YunmengJiang clan and swallowed it under his reign along with the execution of this plan.

Of course he had a plan for it!


Yunmeng, a place with abundant resources, a strategic place with well-maintained waterway, a sect built in this place was bound to prosper in every ways!

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for Jin Guangyao, the current sect leader Jiang didn’t know how to cherish this sect and this place.

Aside from hunting and arresting demonic cultivators, arresting and tortured people who was suspected to be possessed, he didn’t have a proper way to nurture his disciples in eliminating evil.

Even the way Sect leader Jiang taught Jin Ling to execute a nighthunt was truly ridiculous and too overbearing 14.


Jin Guangyao was born in Yunping, a region under YunmengJiang jurisdiction. A person who cherish his mother so much like him, who built a temple in the place where he was born, would of course wanted his hometown to be in prosperous place instead of a place where civilian live in a frightened manner.

If Jin Guangyao said he didn’t have a desire to govern his own hometown, it would be a big lie!

After all, he already killed and burned a whole house of famous prostitution site in Yunping and even built a Guanyin temple in it, but Jiang Wanyin didn’t even know.

He even secretly raised a whole special guard under the guise of training monks in this Buddhist temple15, and Jiang Wanyin didn’t even know this action that was done right under his nose! Didn’t even realize that Jin Guangyao had stretched his hand and pierced his claw to his territory.

Sometimes Jin Guangyao wondered if his own self was too smart and too careful or perhaps other people really just….has a weird way to use his brain?

To be able to fixate on, not in just one year or two, but almost a decade, to a whole different wrong focus was a skill indeed…!!!

Jin Guangyao sometimes wanted to kowtow to this....otherworldly way of thinking! If his mother was able to be jealous for a dead woman for almost 20 years and even created her own cuckolding story, of course her son would not disappoint his mother's achievements and would try to surpass her!

---Just like how Sect leader Jiang who had lost his sister, his brother in law, and his shixiong in a mere days, and his newborn nephew was orphaned overnight, but he never once investigate the matter at all! And instead venting and shifted his hatred and anger to a whole WRONG different focus, that's hunting down a series of demonic cultivators and people who had signed to be possessed, no matter the fact that they're people who had no relation at all for his tragedy, and had an inexplicable hatred towards people with surnamed Wen who never even touched his family in any way.




Some people gained a clearer mind and wider perspective after a tragedy.

Just like how Lan Wangji who grieved over Wei Wuxian’s death, being punished into an almost disabled person, and his 3 views in life was being thwarted by his very own family he grew up from. This person later on was able to become an even more mature adult,  a good teacher to Gusulan new generations, and a good senior to guide Gusulan disciples, creating a series of disciples with good conduct and outstanding ability. Jin Guangyao honestly judged between Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen, he would put more guard in front of Lan Wangji for his keen thoughts and observation.

Unfortunately, some people succumbed under the pressure of tragedy.

Just like Jiang Wanyin. Instead of getting better, this person was getting worse. Instead of growing up, this person was even more regressed in mentality, always being drowned in past events and past jealousy, always complaining over past resentment.  

What an interesting character…

Truly... a perfect candidate for Jin Guangyao’s new stepping stone towards his goal.


Sometimes, Jin Guangyao also wondered if perhaps Sect leader Jiang was too drown in griefs of his relatives to even think about investigating properly…or perhaps in his eyes, his whole family didn’t matter at all?

As long as his position as sect leader Jiang was still safe, as long as his YunmengJiang sect still erected high and tall, he would not risk to offend other sects, not even for seeking justices for his relatives’ death…


Or perhaps Jin Guangyao valued his intelligent too much?


Perhaps this person was just never had any thought at all, never think that his relatives’ death was too strange.

After all, this person was someone whom Jin Guangyao had prepared a dozen of plans to break his relationship with his backer Yiling Laozu, but in the end what it needed was just a few sentences of provocation from Jin Guangshan, and a few events of where some people “accidentally” praised Wei Wuxian too much near Sect leader Jiang.

So…perhaps Jin Guangyao really just thinking too much~



In the end, whatever possibility it was, it didn’t erase the fact that it’s easy for Jin Guangyao to completely swallow YunmengJiang under his reign.

After all, Jin Ling was the nephew of Sect leader Jiang, right?

So, if later Sect leader Jiang who neither had any wife, and of course had no descendants, fell in reputation, and “accidentally” being ganged-up by many demonic cultivators who resented him for his past actions, and then “accidentally” dead, or at least in condition of unable to lead the sect, in this case YunmengJiang could only fall into the hand of his nephew, Jin Ling.

And of course, in the meantime when Jin Ling was still a brat, Jin Guangyao would be the one who took care of YunmengJiang along with LanlingJin.

And if many years later Jin Ling who was hotheaded, impulsive, after being “nurtured” by sect leader Jiang, and had no good relationship in his generations within LanlingJin, was busy to ascertain his place in LanlingJin, ergo wouldn’t be able to take care of YunmengJiang, it wouldn’t be strange if YunmengJiang was taken care of by Jin Guangyao.

And if many years later YunmengJiang was carefully changed name into YunmengMeng , from Meng  in Meng Yao, no one would be opposed to it, no?

After all, Jin Guangyao wanted to elevate his mother's reputation as high as possible. Naturally, his mother's surname, Meng, must be used for it!


Ahhh, seriously, rectifying Wei Wuxian’s name really brought so much benefit to Jin Guangyao!

Jin Guangyao was too smart!

But, Please keep it a secret~

What if a certain someone later would complain to him;

Jin Guangyao, you are so smart, so great, and What am I !?. Why are you so smart? Why do you have to be smart and cunning!? Why do you have to think for a plan to rectify other people's name!? Why do you have to try being a benevolent leader!? You have to do all the best thing, you see what happened now because of your Heroic Cunning Disease! Because of it my YunmengJiang turn into YunmengMeng!

Please do forgive…Jin Guangyao didn’t want to hear those sentences, alright!

Unlike a certain idiotic genius, Jin Guangyao didn’t have a good temper that can bear many spiteful remarks toward him, and absolutely refused to bear the faults and received the blames he didn’t commit! And of course refused to be blamed for the fact that he's simply smart and outstanding!

Why did people have to feel guilty for being born amazing? Why did we need to suppress our talent and hushed our achievements and benevolent acts just to accomodate others? Why did we have to feel sorry for being talented because other children will be scolded and compared to us by their sharp-tongued mother? Why? Just so that a person who had a jealous and bitter personality wouldn't feel inferior? Why? Please do forgive, Jin Guangyao didn't have a bleeding heart that's enough to always cater other's needs and ignore his own happiness~



Someone once said that 10 years is never considered long for a gentleman to take a revenge.

And someone once said that a great leader will have a vision for a few years and even decades later in his plan.


Jin Guangyao was indeed a gentleman and a great leader, a very shrewd politician no one can compare in the world where cultivators mostly used their muscles instead of brain, someone who'd draw a plan for decades in the future from today…



As for what would happen later when Wei Wuxian went back to the living and saw his reputation had apparently washed clean and all of the false charges against him was clarified, looking at his picture becoming even more handsome from one stall to another, becoming more charming from one romance book to another romance book, and becoming more miserable genius from one essays to another,

---it’s really something Jin Guangyao would never think of!

As for whether how his decades long plan ended up in jeopardy in a mere 5 years later, or 13 years after Wei Wuxian's death, when Wei Wuxian was eventually resurrected from the dead,

---it could only be a talk for another day…

After all, even though Jin Guangyao had a vision for decades in his plan,

He’s not someone who could see nor predict the future, lamentably~



All of it was started from a single painting for the world to change so much~