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No Strings

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You sound too good to be true.

        Meet me and find out.

Why should I meet you?

        Because I’m a cute brunette with daddy issues and I can do things to you that no one else has or will.

Ha ha!  Why do you want to meet me?  I have daddy issues too but mine dont do me any good in the sack  :)

        Because you sound like a toughguy, and I want to suck the tough right out of you.  I’m not looking for a boyfriend – just looking to give a little head this weekend.  Sound good?

Hell yeah.

       10pm tomorrow.  On the beach.  I’ll send a pic of the GPS where.

Johnny got there early – with a big bottle in the glove compartment in case he wound up with nothing but disappointment that needed drowning.  The chick really did seem too good to be true – a photo that looked like a model’s headshot, funny and teasing and nice, and willing to put out.   He knew by now that there were no nice girls on Tinder – and especially no nice girls who wanted to give free no-strings head in a stranger’s car.

(The free was important.  He wasn’t paying for it, not now and not ever.   When he was one hundred he would have the best old-man game in the nursing home, and he’d shoot for the hot nurses but settle for the ugly night nurses if he had to.).

But hope springs eternal.  And just in case there was any chance that she was what she claimed to be, here he was.

He was early.

She was late.

On reflection he decided that was good, though.  Maybe she was just flakey – otherwise perfect, but had lowered her standards to guys like him because she was too flakey to land a more serious man.

He was sitting in his car in the parking lot, window down.  He heard someone pull in.

He liked her driving – sharp and authoritative, swinging in fast and pulling up right next to him.

But then the car turned off and the door opened, and it wasn’t his date at all.

It was Daniel LaRusso.  Cheerful and clueless as ever.  “Hey, Johnny!”

What the hell?   He swallowed down a surge of anger.  Of course.  He should have borrowed some other car for this; his Challenger was fucking unmistakable and of course he ran into someone he knew.  Just his luck – horrible luck.  A chick looking to suck random cock wasn’t likely to have a lot of loyalty; if she showed up now there was every chance she’d ditch him to hop in with this prick instead.

He wanted LaRusso gone, but if he picked a fight it was likely to keep him longer.  He tried a polite approach instead.  “Hey, yeah, what’s up.  Listen… do me a favor and get out of here, man, okay?  I’m busy.  I’m meeting someone.”

“Meeting someone?”  With that stupid asshole smirk of his.  “Who?”

“Your mom.  Get lost.”

But LaRusso didn’t take the hint.  Didn’t go away.  Instead he smiled.  “Oh, really?  Because I thought you were meeting a cute brunette with daddy issues who wanted to suck you off.”  And he spread his hands.  Like: Me.

Amazingly, when he finally figured it out Johnny didn’t jump out of the car and hit him.  (Daniel was prepared for the possibility though – he had a mouthguard in his pocket to pop in if it looked like they were actually going to come to blows.  He did not want to have to explain away a chipped tooth at work tomorrow; a sore throat was going to be bad enough.).

Instead of attacking, though… Johnny just muttered a lot of curse words, put keys in the ignition, and revved his engine.

“Hey – come on!”  The window was open; he leaned down into it to be heard.  “You said you were up for this.”

“I said-?”  Johnny gaped at him.  “Are you serious?  I said I was up for head from a hot chick.  Not… you.”

“What the hell do you care who it is?”

Johnny didn’t answer that.  “Why are you on the internet pretending to be a hot chick?”

“What the hell do you care?” he said again.  But Johnny’s hand was on the stick and he knew he had about one second left to close the deal.  “Look.  I can see you’re pissed off.  But the question is:”  He saw the hand relax.  He had a shot.  “Do you just want to go home and be pissed off for the rest of the night?  Or do you want a good BJ first?”

Johnny sat still a few minutes, obviously thinking about it.  And Daniel just waited; he knew he had made exactly the right pitch.  Sure enough... eventually Johnny turned the car off and got out.  “It better be good.”

“It will.  Now come on.”  He touched Johnny softly on the arm and walked past him.  “Down to the beach.”

Johnny followed, but complained.  “Hey – whoa.  Where are we going?  Why not here?”

“Because,” Daniel said without stopping or turning, “I’m not getting on my knees in gravel for you so that you can facefuck me like an asshole and then not even say thank you.  That’s not how this is going to go.”

He heard Johnny trip in the dark – except it wasn’t actually that dark.  Ha.  “Um.”  He was hurrying to catch up.  “Then… how exactly is it going to go?”

“Come with me and find out.”

Johnny followed him all the way down the beach, sullen and wary, but nothing worse.

When they reach the spot he’d selected – dark, out of the way enough to be private, and not rocky – he didn’t waste words.  He turned, approached Johnny suddenly, and flipped him to the ground.  “Hey-!”

“Quiet,” he said, even as they were fighting for position in the sand.  “I got this.  Just lie back.”  He was mostly on top already, leaning close to Johnny’s face, one leg thrown over his to keep him down.  “Shh.”

Johnny was still squirming around and pushing him away, but it felt only reflexive – if he were really resisting, Daniel would know.  “What the hell, man.”

“Shh,” Daniel said again.  “Do you want it, or not?”  He reached down to grope Johnny firmly over his clothes – palming him, squeezing a little, and taking a good grip the minute Johnny’s legs parted enough to let him.  “That feels like yes.”

“Screw you, LaRusso.”  Airy and complaining.

He stroked with purpose and Johnny got very hard, very fast.  But he didn’t make fun of him for the obvious desperation; he really was not looking to get punched.  “Nobody’s screwing anybody,” he said instead.  “I already told you what you’re getting.”

Johnny sucked in his breath and opened his legs further, bridged his hips off the ground a little.  “Shut up and give it to me then, okay?”

He laughed and shifted position, still keeping weight on Johnny’s chest, but facing his feet.  “God you’re a jerk,” he said, as he opened the jeans.  “I am so glad I’m not kneeling in parking lot gravel for you.”

Johnny laughed too, bridged his hips up higher so that his pants could be tugged down.  He smelled like soap – he’d showered for his booty call, a consideration Daniel hadn’t really expected.  (It wasn’t great soap, though.  If they were going to make this a regular thing he would definitely recommend something better.  But they weren’t.).

And then he got started.

“Holy shit,” he said immediately.  It was the sum total of his thoughts: holy shit.  Maybe it was just that it had been a while, maybe that it was a guy he hated instead of a chick he didn’t know… or maybe it was that LaRusso had dived down and sucked half his cock in right away like he owned it.  No kissing or petting to build up to it, no teasing tongue shit, no nothing except plain old dick-sucking, hard and competent.

And upside-down, too.  LaRusso was crouched next to him and facing away, not kneeling between his legs like normal people, so the angle was all bizarre and the tongue was pressing against the top of his dick instead of the underside.  What the fuck.

“What the fuck,” he said aloud.

LaRusso stopped and looked over his shoulder – jacking slowly with his hand, at least, instead of stopping entirely.  “Problem?”

“Uh-, no, no problem.  Just- wow.  Yeah.”

“Yeah.  You like it sloppy?”

What?”  Coming from Daniel LaRusso of all people, it just wouldn’t compute.

“Let me rephrase.  I like it sloppy.  Does that work for you?”


LaRusso laughed and bent back down.  This time he went more than halfway, until Johnny felt the hard wall of throat… and then further, until he felt the give and squeeze of being swallowed all the way to the root.

Oh fuck-.”  So LaRusso could deepthroat.  He had not seen that coming.  He bucked and scrambled for something to hold on to, found sand with one hand and the back of LaRusso’s shirt with the other.

LaRusso was moving on him, moving up and back one tight inch at a time.  Deep, deep down in there, all the way where most people would-

Yup.  Johnny felt the spasm and heard him gag, a deep gurgling retch from the chest, and normally he’d apologize for causing that sound but this time he really hadn’t done it.  It was absolutely LaRusso’s own fault.

“You okay?” he said as LaRusso came up for air.

“Yeah, I’m good.”  LaRusso crawled around to between his legs and started jerking him off.

He gasped; it felt fantastic, smooth and slick, and LaRusso’s smile was smug and he realized then that the crazy son of a bitch had done it on purpose.  He’d gone too deep and gagged himself deliberately, just to make everything messy with throat slime.  The wet squelching sounds were straight of a porno too dirty to watch.  “You’re nuts,” he choked out.

“Did I not just tell you I like it sloppy?”

He bit his lip.  Guy was unbelievable.

Good, though.  Fast and strong and taking cues from the hips.  Five minutes in and he was halfway there, easy.  Jesus.  “Aright, sloppy’s fine,” he said.  “Just get back on it, will you?”

LaRusso laughed.  “Say please.”

Please suck my dick some more, you fucking asshole.”  Somehow that was good enough; he let out a big sigh of relief to be engulfed in warm and wet again.  “Thank you,” he said, because if manners were required for this then manners it would be.  “You are… really good.”

Laughter – he could feel laughter humming around him.

“Shut up.”

More laughter.

“God – how are you able to still be annoying even with a dick in your mouth?”

LaRusso pulled up.  “Would you rather I take the dick out of my mouth?”

“No!  No no.  Put it back.  Put it back in.  I’m sorry.”  When LaRusso started again he rested a hand on the back of his neck – politely, though.  Gentle and not pulling.

With the mouth busy up top and the hand down around the base it really wasn’t long.  He decided to be considerate.  “Hey,” he huffed, with plenty of time, “Heads up.  Gonna come in a minute.”

LaRusso laughed and sucked harder, deeper, most definitely did not pull off.   That was surprising, and weirdly hot, and he came almost right away.  One hand buried in the sand, and the other in LaRusso’s hair.

Afterwards reality resurfaced quick.  LaRusso turned, spit, and wiped his mouth.  Reached into his pocket and pulled out a packet of baby wipes.  They cleaned themselves up without speaking, and it was impossible to reconcile this fussy little prick with the I like it sloppy of a couple minutes earlier.

His dick twitched thinking about it, though.  Even now.  Later on after he’d had time to recover, who knew what would happen.

LaRusso watched him tuck himself away and close his jeans up.  “Told you it would be good.”  Smug and annoying as ever.


One more part.  Which is a different flavor of raunchy, but.  Still raunchy.  Let me know what you think!