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Proposal Planning

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"So, I got this today," says P'Type, without preamble, when their weekly video call connects. He's holding a small blue box up to the webcam, but Tine can't quite make out what it's supposed to be.

"Got what?" asks Tine, leaning forward to try and get a better look at it.

P'Type raises an eyebrow. "The ring, Tine," he says. "What else?"

Tine stares at his brother through the screen. He knows P'Type moves quickly once he's set his mind to something, but it's only been two days since he got back to Phuket and he's been working for both of them. Tine can't even imagine when P'Type found the time to go get the thing.

"Oh!" he says, and P'Type rolls his eyes, fondly. "Well, let's see it then."

P'Type opens the box, moving it close to the camera so Tine can get a good look at it. It's a nice enough ring - simple, with diamonds laid into the side. It's not something that Tine or Sarawat would like, but it's perfect for Man, and that's all that really matters.

"Oh, that's nice!" says Tine, and P'Type grins, closing the box and setting it on the desk in front of him. "I think Man will really like it."

"I think so too," says P'Type. He rubs the back of his neck, a little sheepishly. "So, about the proposal. The end of the month isn't a good time to take off, apparently, so I'm coming up on the sixth instead."

"Okay," says Tine, nodding. Moving it forward a few weeks doesn't change very much, it just gives P'Type less time to learn the dance, and since dance has like three moves he can definitely learn it by... "Wait the sixth?" he asks, and P'Type hums an affirmative. "That's in two weeks, P'Type."

"It is," says P'Type. "And I know it's soon, but the alternative was waiting another month. I'm already committed to this plan, I just want to do it."

Tine glances at the photo on his desk. It's one that Man had given them, of the day they got back together, at the music concert. They look so happy, but Tine can't help but think about how much time they wasted dancing around each other every time he looks at it.

"You're right," says Tine. "There's no point in waiting."

"Yeah," says P'Type. "You'll be free to help me shoot it then?"

"Of course," says Tine, without even glancing at his calendar. He'll make himself free if he isn't already. "I'll make sure of it."

"Alright," says P'Type, nodding a few more times than necessary. His nerves are palpable through the screen. It makes Tine smile, seeing his brother so vulnerable, so human. P'Type exhales, sharply. "I guess I'm really doing this then."

"You're really doing this," Tine confirms. He smiles. "I'm really happy for you, P'Type."

P'Type rolls his eyes. "Save it for when he says yes," P'Type says. "If he says yes."

"He'll say yes, P'," Tine says.

P'Type nods. "Yeah, I think he will," he says, with a smile. "Anyway, I gotta get back to work. Talk soon, okay, Tine?"

"Of course," says Tine. "Have fun at work, P’Type. Bye."

P'Type ends the call, and Tine smiles at the screen. He gets out of his chair and stretches, before going off to look for his boyfriend.

It's going to be a very interesting two weeks.

"So?" asks P'Type, pausing the music and sliding back into his seat in front of the webcam. "What did you think?"

Tine bites his lip as he considers whether he should give his honest opinion or not. It's the first time he's seen his brother dance in years, and while it wasn't the worst dancing Tine's ever seen, it... wasn't good. P'Type had looked so awkward and stiff, which is definitely not the way someone should look when proposing marriage.

"Ugh," P'Type says, burying his face into his hands. He's evidently used his big-brother powers to read Tine's feelings from his face. "I'm never going to get this."

"No, it wasn't that bad," says Tine. P'Type glances up from his hands, an incredulous eyebrow raised at his camera. "No, really, P', it wasn't. You were on beat and the moves were right. You just have to loosen up a little bit."

"Don't know if you've noticed this, Tine, but I'm not exactly a loose kind of guy," P'Type says.

Tine snorts. That's the understatement of the century right there. "Trust me, I know," he says. "But Wat isn't a loose kind of guy either, and even he can dance better than you."

"Great," says P'Type, sarcastically, running a hand through his hair. "Maybe Wat can propose to Man, then."

Tine laughs. "Come on, P'," he says. "You're overthinking it. Try to focus less on the moves and more on the flow. Man's always just going with the flow, so imagine you're with him, listening to the music and letting it guide you."

"It's not that easy," says P'Type, leaning forward to rest his head on the desk.

Tine rolls his eyes. Of course he has to be cursed with the most stubborn older brother in the world. P'Type is lucky Tine loves him so much. He rolls his eyes and pulls up the song on Spotify, pressing play. P'Type looks up as Tine gets out of his chair, moving to stand just behind it.

"Come on, P'," Tine says, doing the moves he saw in the TikTok video. "It's just you and me, now. Don't stress about it. Just try to feel it out."

P'Type groans, but pulls himself out of his chair to awkwardly copy Tine's movements. Tine doesn't say anything to help, just keeps grooving to the music on his own, hoping his own carefree attitude will have some effect on his brother. It takes time, but P'Type slowly relaxes into the beat and actually looks fairly confident in his movements by the time the song ends.

"That was much better," Tine says. P'Type looks unconvinced. "Really, you look like you're actually enjoying yourself. Now you just gotta refine your movements a bit."

P'Type fidgets with his hands. P'Type never usually fidgets with his hands. "Can we try again?" he asks.

Tine leans forward to play the track again. This goddamn siren beat is going to be stuck in his head for the next few days, but it just might be worth it.

For as far back as Tine can remember, P'Type has been a stickler for routines. So when he calls Tine two days after their weekly scheduled Skype call, he knows something's wrong.

"What happened?" Tine says, in greeting.

"Why do you assume something happened?" asks P'Type. "Am I not allowed to call my baby brother, who I miss..."

"P'Type," Tine interrupts.

There's a pause on the other side of the line. P'Type takes a big breath. "Man thinks you're cheating on Wat!" he says.

Tine blinks, of all the things he could've expected from the call, this was not one of them. "I... he... What?" he asks.

"He thinks you didn't want Wat to know about the TikTok because you're cheating on him," P'Type explains.

Tine pinches the bridge of his nose. Man is actually a pretty smart guy, especially compared to his two best friends, but his ability to jump to completely incorrect conclusions is truly unparalleled.

"And you told him I'd never do that, right?" says Tine. The line is suspiciously quiet. "You told him that I'd never cheat on Wat, right, P'Type?"

"Well... not exactly," P'Type says. "I didn't know how to without making him suspicious!"

"So you just let him think I'm cheating on his best friend?" Tine says. Shit, he thinks, this is going to end so badly. "He's going to kill me, P'Type. And Wat's going to leave me and..."

"No, no, no," says P'Type. "None of that will happen, Tine. Man won't kill you, he'll just... threaten you a bit. And he won't tell Wat."

"You don't know that," Tine says.

"I'm sure he won't," says P'Type. "But if it'll make you feel better, I'll call Sarawat and explain the whole thing to him now. Screw the surprise. I trust him and this is way more important."

Tine takes a deep breath and tries to think this through logically. It's probably not going to be the end of the world. Man might be angry at him for a little while, but they'll be able to clear the air after the proposal. And Sarawat... well, he and Sarawat actually know how to communicate now. They trust each other. He can just tell Sarawat he's helping P'Type and keep the proposal a secret and it'll be okay.

"No, it's okay," says Tine. "I'll talk to Wat. And to Man, I guess. I won't admit to cheating on Wat because I'm not cheating on Wat, but maybe I can distract him enough he won't make me deny it."

"That would be ideal," says P'Type. He sighs. "I'm really sorry you have to do this, Tine. I'll make it up to you one day. I promise."

“It’s okay,” says Tine. “You can just help me propose to Wat and we’ll call it even.”

There’s a pause on the other end of the line, and Tine’s words finally catch up to him.

Where did that come from?

“I mean not now!” he rushes to clarify. “I’m not proposing to Wat now. Or ever, necessarily! I just meant that if I do happen to propose, one day, to… someone, then you can help me… do that.”

“Don’t worry, Tine,” says P’Type, and Tine can imagine the dumb, smug smirk currently on his brothers face. “I’ll help you propose to Sarawat.”

Tine groans. “I hate you, you know that?” he says.

“Love you too, Tine” says P’Type. “Okay, I gotta get back to work. See you Monday! Have fun with your future fiancé!”

P’Type hangs up before Tine can respond, and Tine stares at his phone in disbelief. He can’t believe he just implied he wanted to propose to Sarawat! He knows they’re in this for the long haul, but they only just said ‘I love you’ a few weeks ago! It would be ridiculous to be thinking of marriage already.

Wouldn’t it?

His phone buzzes, a text from Sarawat asking to meet at the music room for lunch. Tine runs a hand through his hair, pockets his phone and heads over to meet his boyfriend. He can worry about marriage and proposals later, he needs to make sure Sarawat doesn’t dump him for ‘cheating’ on him first.

P’Type insists on setting up the tripod to film himself, taking his time to make sure the tripod is secure, and the angle is right, and that the sunlight hits the roof in a flattering way. Tine patiently lets him fuss over it for exactly three minutes before he forces his brother out from behind the camera.

"The sun is going to set before we even start, P'Type," he says, moving his brother into position. "You ready or what?"

P'Type exhales, loudly. "I'm ready," he says. He's fiddling with his hands in a way that implies he's very much not ready.

"You got the ring in your pocket?" Tine asks. P'Type nods. "Alright, I'm going to start the camera on three and the music just after, okay?" Another nod. "Okay! One, two..."

Tine starts the camera and the music. P'Type does not start dancing. Tine stops the camera and the music.

"You know you actually have to dance, P'Type," says Tine.

"I know that," Type snaps. "I just... What if he says no?"

Tine sighs. They've been over this ten times already, but P'Type continues to be dramatic and insecure about this. Tine knows he’d be 1000x worse if he were ever theoretically in the same position, but Tine’s supposed to be the dramatic, insecure, overly emotional brother. P’Type is supposed to be the logical one.

There’s no logic when it comes to things like this though, Tine supposes. P’Type already knows that Man is going to say yes, but he needs reassurance, just in case.

"He's not going to say no," says Tine. "Do you know how many times he's called himself my brother-in-law this week, P'? I think he thinks you're already married."

P'Type smiles, and the faintest hint of a blush colours his cheeks. He buries his face in his hands. "I just... there's a difference between him saying that and him actually wanting us to get married right now," P'Type says. "I don't want to mess this up, Tine. I can't lose him."

Tine shakes his head, smiling fondly. He understands why P'Type is so nervous but he's also seen the way Man looks at his brother. P'Type honestly has nothing to worry about, he wouldn’t be able to get rid of Man if he tried.

"You're not going to lose him, P'Type," Tine says, stepping out from behind the camera. He walks up to his brother, and pulls his hands away from his face. "Look, the worst thing he could say is that he wants a long engagement and even that’s a good outcome, right?”

P’Type bites his lip. “Yeah,” he admits, softly. “I guess that would be alright.”

“Man sees his future with you, P'Type,” Tine says. “You just have to ask him."

P'Type exhales loudly, but nods his head, seemingly finally accepting the truth. Tine exhales through his nose in relief that the pep talk actually worked.

"You're right," says P'Type. He looks up at Tine, a fond expression on his face. "When did my baby brother get so smart?"

"Since you decided to be a dumbass," says Tine. P'Type laughs and pushes him away, back towards the camera. "One of us has to carry the family braincell."

P'Type frowns. "What?" he asks.

"Doesn't matter," says Tine. He steps back behind the camera and raises a hand to his brother. "Okay, let's go again. On three! One, two..."

This time when Tine starts the music, P’Type actually starts dancing. He’s improved so much since their Skype call last week and Tine’s so proud of him - both for the dance, and for having the courage to go for what he wants.

Man’s not going to know what hit him.

Tine lies awake in bed, staring at Sarawat's sleeping form, unable to sleep. It's been hours since he texted Man the link to P'Type's TikTok, and he hasn't heard from either of them since. He knows that it's probably because Man said yes and they're busy celebrating right now, and Tine desperately does not want to think about how his older brother might be celebrating, but there's a tiny part of him that needs confirmation that everything went okay.

Because everything had to have gone okay, Tine thinks as he pushes a stray strand of hair away from Sarawat's face. P'Type can't afford for things to have not gone okay. P'Type and Man need to stay happily together for the rest of their lives. There's no other option.

There's a buzzing from behind him, and Tine turns around lightning fast to pick his phone off his bedside table. It's a Line message from P'Type, and the notification shows the entire text.

P'Type 😠
He said yes!