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The Biochemist With A (Ghost) Bassist For A Cousin

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Jemma was working on testing some new formulas for the dendrotoxins used in the ICERs. When she received an alert on her computer that her name was referenced somewhere. She opened the alert to see that her name was credited as a songwriter on some song. She clicked play on the video attached to the alert. The song started to play out, loud enough for her to hear it but not the entire lab. She read the rest of the alert while the song continued to play. Instantly, she recognised the song name...


Home Is Where My Horse Is


She wrote that song and other than her, there were a few people who knew the song but only one person would know it well enough to be able to edit her original song to make it this masterpiece. A few tears fell down her face, it brought up some memories that she hadn't really thought of lately. She read the rest of the information in the alert. She saw a name... A name that shouldn't be there. It shouldn't be there... Because he died. She scrolled back up to the video, just to immediately recognise the bassist.

"If he died, how is he there in the video." She thought as more tears fell down her face. She never thought she would see his name or his face since her aunt and uncle's divorce and then with that he sort of faded away from family conversations. Yes, she would always remember him at times and visit his grave every year on his birthday and the day he died to talk and sing their song and play that little demo of his band from back then. But she never thought that she would see them again on something new.

She wipes away her tears as the song ended. She closed the alert and then began her research into this band. This band, Julie And The Phantoms, that her dead cousin in it and she had to know why. "An interesting name choice." She thought as she read up on the band. She manages to find an address for one Julie Molina, one of the members of the band, and makes note of the address. She sends a copy of her research to her phone. She ran out of the lab leaving the work she was doing before as it was.

Jemma grabs her travel bag that she uses for short stay travels from the back of her cupboard. She ran around her room and grabbed what she needed to take with her on this very sudden trip. She hears the door open, but she didn't look, she just continued packing for her trip.

Fitz walked in. "I heard from Daisy that you very suddenly bolted from the lab. Jemma, what's going on?" He notices the bag. "Where are you going?"

"I found something out, Fitz. And I really need to go and figure out what's going on." She replied as she folded some clothes and put them in her bag.

"What did you find out?" He asked her.

"I found that my cousin is associated with a local new and upcoming band." She says as she paused her packing.

"There's nothing weird ab-" He started.

"He died, Fitz." She interrupted him. "He died when I was 8."

Fitz's smile falls. "Oh." He says.

The room was quiet for a few moments. Jemma finishes her packing.

"Do you want me to come with you?" He asks softly.

"I appreciate you asking, Fitz. But this is something I have to do alone." She says as she zips up her bag.

Fitz nods understanding that this was personal to her.

Jemma slips her coat and bag on. She turns to face Fitz. "If anyone asks, tell them I'm taking some personal time. I would rather know more than tell everyone without having the full facts.

"I will." He replied nodding lightly.

"Goodbye, Fitz." She says then kisses him. "I'll call or text you when I get there."

Fitz kisses back. "You better." He says as she walked out of the room.

And with that, Jemma walked off base and made her way to Los Feliz.