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Bad Trait For a Hero

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Shigaraki's cold hand closes around your throat- “Five fingers and you’ll crumble.” He warns you in that low, rasping voice that makes you shiver. He tuts, "Careful. You want to live don't you?"

You start to nod, which only makes his sadistic smile grow, before stuttering out a meek "Yes."

So you go along with it. He leads you away from the crowds, off towards a quieter part of the mall, all the while struggling to keep pace with his long legs, always aware that one wrong step, one misplaced footing and it'll all be over- it doesn't even have to be intentional. And you hate yourself because that one stupid little part of your mind latches onto it.

USJ had been weeks ago- a memory that had warped with time. The counselor had assured you it was a normal feeling, a common occurrence. Associating bad things with something better, something to give you control again. In all likelihood you'll never have to face that villain again. Oh, if only. And now, now you walk with him and he's talking, monologuing about something you can't quite keep up with considering how dark and serious his voice has gone. Your head spins; you don't remember him sounding like this, but he's so close and that scent of old clothes and death clings to him just as it had before-

"Can't even pay attention." He scoffs, fingers tightening over your throat as you tremble, struggle to breathe- "I knew you wannabe heroes were stupid but that's just pathetic, are you trying to get yourself killed?" He's too close to your ear, the threats too similar, and even if your hand had never felt so cold, it's all too real, too much like what you'd thought of in the privacy of your own head. Need burns in your belly, the raw associations of it all wash over you and you're pressing your thighs together, seeking out that meager friction before you can think twice. "Too stupid to even hold a conversation when you're being threatened! You'd never even make it to graduation! Maybe I should just dust you now, find one of your little friends instead and-"

A noise rises in your throat.

Shigaraki goes still, his sentence left hanging. Your hands fidget over your thighs, picking at the hem of your shirt as you fight to keep your focus on him this time. But he doesn't continue. A ragged breath- and his other hand touches your leg, index finger lifted away.

You snap to face him. He's close, too close- his scarred face and ruined skin and bright, wide, blood red eyes stare down at you and you think maybe it'd be better if he had that horrible hand to obscure the flat, emotionless expanse of his face. He demands, "What are you doing?"

Shaking your head, you force out a quick, "Nothing." You hadn't- you weren't planning anything, nothing to fight back, nothing that should warrant this level of suspicion. Maybe trauma had fried your brain, but you weren't stupid enough to try anything with his hand around your throat and- the thought makes your legs press together again.

Shigaraki's hand bites in harder to your thigh, leaves four indents in your skin- and his eyes burn. Goosebumps erupt over your skin, prickle under his palm on the back of your neck, that primal fear that makes every cell scream out with the need to get away from him. He's going to kill you. You don't even know what unspoken rule you've broken- you didn't fight, didn't yell, cooperated as much as you could considering what your subconscious has been bombarding you with.

"Are you..." There's something new in his voice. The menacing edge has dulled, replaced by something a little too close to uncertainty for you to feel comfortable. He licks his lips, shiny wet tip of his tongue darting over the cracked, chapped skin of his lips- and to your absolute horror, a dusting of pink appears over his cheeks. You've seen him as this disengaged monster twice now- but blushing? What are you supposed to do with that?

"Get up." He stands so abruptly, you nearly do die by his hand. Shigaraki walks with purpose, almost dragging you as you half-jog just to keep pace.

The realization that he's taking you even further away from the crowds makes your blood run cold. "Where are we going?"

"Shut up."

You do. Your lips remain tightly sealed even as he pushes open a door marked employees only and pulls you into the service halls behind the shops. The trembling starts up again as he guides you further and further into the arteries of the mall. You should be happy: if he was going to kill you, he would've already. But that only makes a ball of dread curl tighter in your belly. If he wasn't taking you somewhere to kill you discretely, what was he-

White-painted cinder blocks rush up to meet you. Your palms catch the brunt of the blow, scrape across the latex-covered cement as his hand shifts, presses hard at the base of your neck. He's right up on you now, his long, lithe body slotted against yours. Breath ghosts over your ear- and all five of his fingers drum over your skin one by one. Perfect coordination to keep you alive, the looming threat of death has you shivering and Shigaraki huffs. "Are you getting off on this?"

Shame rises hard and fast in you, exhaling a sharp "No!"

"You are." He says, but his tone lands somewhere between disgust and amazement. His voice drops low, more observational, more for himself than you. "You like when I talk. You keep shivering."

In ultimate betrayal your body proves him right, a tremor rocking your shoulder beneath his hand- "Please, stop..."

"Not even denying it." In a flash he swaps hands, his dominant right replaced with his left and a quick reminder: "Don't fight."

You wouldn't even think of it- until that right hand is reaching around you and pulling at the button of your pants. You wiggle away from his hand on instinct- which drives your hips back against his. Finding him half-hard and easily grinding against your ass has your brain short circuit, "Wait, wait- Shigaraki, I-"

"Oh, no." He laughs against your ear and your eyes are nearly rolling back. The button to your jeans pops open and he's shoving the fabric down around your thighs. "You've piqued my interest now! A useless NPC has a whole secret side quest just for me? I can't just let you go."

You twist away from him again- and his grasp on you tightens, his whole body going stiff for a moment. His chin jerks- and all at once you're aware of a soft, fluttering feeling around your hips and the cool, conditioned air of the mall against your overly warm pussy.

You should look- should know if you're slowly dying- but Shigaraki exhales darkly and answers the question for you. "That's what happens if you struggle." He'd disintegrated your underwear, that's all. "Now be still." You shiver- and nod. The hand at your throat loosens- while the other slides over your ass, down between your legs.

"You are wet." He says- and those cool fingertips squish between your sopping lower lips. Shigaraki leans in particularly close, close enough for his chapped lips to scrape against the shell of your ear. "Is it just my voice..." You bite your lower lips so hard you taste copper and still can't stop the whimper that rises in your throat. His mouth curves upwards, "Or is it the fact I could obliterate you?"

If he somehow missed your gasp, there was no way he missed your pussy clenching, desperately trying to suck his fingers inside. "Fuck." He obliges your body's whim and eases two fingers inside- and to your absolute shame, you drop your forehead against the cement wall and just let him. Shigaraki snickers, "Masochism isn't a good trait for a hero."

“I’m not.” It’s so pitiful even you don’t believe it. “You’re a-ah,

“Is it anyone or just me?” His fingers plunge deeper, long thin digits delving in until his knuckles lodge against your labia. “Say it’s me.”

The slick slide of his fingers leaves you breathless, pressing your forehead against the wall in hopes the cinder blocks will part and swallow you whole. You know the answer, have never thought of anyone else’s haunting red eyes in your dark little escapes- and bite your lip to keep from letting the it’s you escape.

As suddenly as it began, you’re left empty. Shigaraki sucks in a breath through his teeth and mutters, “it’s like an eroge.” You’re not naïve enough to think that’s it- and it isn’t. Shigaraki pulls you back by the hand on your neck- presses up close to you again so he can wrap his arm around you and show you. His pale hand comes in close to your face- and Shigaraki laughs that horrible glee-filled noise, “You’re the innocent protagonist and I’m the boss you just can’t beat!”

Clothing shuffles- and something presses between your legs. You stiffen, thoughts narrowing down to what he's going to do, what he's doing- what you've thought about too many times and-

Shigaraki leans in close to your ear, "It's alright if you enjoy it." He snickers, rubs the head of his cock along your slit, gives little teasing thrusts between your thighs that rut against your clit. "You don't have a choice; I'll kill you if you fight."

His threat has you shivering, dropping your head to the wall again- and that's all the preamble you get. There's no use in begging. He lines himself up- and slides into your waiting heat. Your nails scrape over white paint- and Shigaraki is already panting, locking his jaw. He drapes himself over you as much as he can, drops his other hand to your hip.

"I remember you." He hisses as he withdraws, pulls your slickness with him until it's gushing down over your clit. "I touched you, that's why you- mmm- why you like this." He drums the fingers over your pulse again- and the adrenaline surges in your veins, every sense sharpening in the flash of fear. You're so acutely aware of his cock inside you, stroking your walls without any care for you. "Knowing how close you were to dying- how close you are now. One finger away from crumbling away, hah- doesn't even have to be intentional, could just fuck you too hard-" His hips snap forward- and stars dance in your eyes as his cockhead bounces off your cervix.

And you're clenching around him, holding your breath- "Never thought you'd be a little slut, get your own side quest just so I could fuck you- hhng-" Eight fingers tighten their grip, dig in until purple blossoms around them. "Maybe I'll still kill you after."

"I-" Your legs shake, tears budding at the corners of your eyes- and a heat builds behind your navel, your clit tingling with each forceful stroke of his cock. "Please, Shigaraki-"

The hand at your throat constricts- and bends you back until you're arched against him. "Beg." despite the childish glee in his voice, it's a command, leaves no question in his seriousness. "Beg for me to touch you."

It's backwards, completely wrong- the thing you should despise most in the world, should be avoiding- and you're squeezing your eyes closed, gasping out, "Touch me, please, I- I want you to touch me."

"So obedient!" He laughs- and the hand at your hip slides in, squeezes his middle fingers around your clit while the rest float freely. He doesn't let up his hold on your throat, though- leaves you gasping as he fucks you, rubs your clit with an unpracticed rhythm, too hard and rough, not quite where you need him- "You do want to die, don't you?" His middle finger hovers too close over your skin, threatens to make contact and it'll all be over and that's it and-

You clench around him, hips jerking- and whatever noise you would make is caught in his chokehold. Your muscles spasm around him- and all you can do is lean back on him, stare unseeingly at the ceiling as his cock keeps on fucking you as your head spins and empties and throbs with hypoxia-

and Shigaraki is cursing under his breath, right against your ear, words completely devoid of meaning except for the low rumbling of his voice that keeps on dragging your pleasure out. Any kindness in his hips has fled, leaving you with thrusts so hard they pin you up against the wall again, sandwiched between his bony body and the hard wall- until his teeth latch onto your ear and his cock is twitching inside you.

As soon as he's done panting, he withdraws- leaves you to sink to your knees and weakly tug your pants back up, but not before watching his cum slide back out of your puffy, abused hole. You're still lightheaded, pulse pounding in your ears- and Shigaraki is stepping back, tucking his softening dick away with careful hands. You look up to him- and his expression is back to being flat, unreadable. He should kill you, you know that- there's no reason to leave you alive when he's already isolated you.

"I'll tell them," Your mouth moves, but the words don't sound right in your cotton-stuffed ears. "You'll... you'll get caught eventually."

Shigaraki grins, "Tell them what? That you're a masochistic little slut who begged to cum on a villain's cock? Go on. I don't care."

He doesn't wait to see the tears fall from your cheeks, just flips his black hood up over his head and walks back the same way you came.