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One Month Challenge

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Atsumu leaned on the hair styling tools table, staring at the glass wall behind the customers after he has finished hair styling a customer's hair just now, it's four in the afternoon, and the summer sun has fallen looking down on them among the tall buildings, sending a golden light that adds to the aesthetics of the place.

Today there are not many customers, and he has a reservation with some customer to get his hair done after an hour, that's why he headed to the staff room, took off his gloves and examined social media posts with a laugh and kept doing this for several minutes until his name was called to let his phone off quickly and re-swear his gloves. Leaving the staff room.

The staff told him that there was a customer wanted him, and as soon as Atsumu turned to the customer, it was no one but the short shrimp, his loyal customer who does not trust leaving his hair to any other hairdresser but him, this time he was accompanied by a taller young man wearing a beige cap on his head and a white cotton jacket with long sleeves exceeding the middle of his fingers, and a tight brown pants

The shortest of them smiled at him, "Hey Miya-san! I haven't seen you in a long time!" The other laughed, "Hey, what's up with your new job?"

The other frowned, “Would you close this subject? I have taken a sick leave today to avoid seeing the director’s disgusting face! Without him, my career would have been perfect!”

The other laughed, "This is why he exists, because perfectness does not really exist!"

Shouyou snorted, "Wah, I didn't know you were a philosopher!"

The other chuckled, "So why are you here?"

The shorter eyes widened, as if he had forgotten the real reason he was here before he smiled and raised his hand and gestured to his friend who was standing fidgetly behind him, “I would like you to style my friend's hair! We have made a bet that he will look better with a wavy or curly hair than he normally looks, and maybe he will get a date,” He added the last part sarcastically, and his friend finally raised his head, showing his face to the hairdresser, rolling his eyes, "I thought you had a partner because you like them for their personalities, not their appearance." 

The other frowned upon him "Appearance matters, too!"

Atsumu stared at the other's face, broad, deep blue eyes, long eyelashes, and a long nose, the contours of his face perfectly balanced, and this is something that many do not have. He quickly showed a quick smirk "If you didn't get a date even after what I will do with your hair, contact me to try the new restaurant that has recently opened after few blocks." The nature of Atsumu is to flirt with everyone, this is why he is popular and half of his customers develop a crush on him, but his percentage of flirting rises when the other side is his type.

"What makes you think I would agree to take me on a date with you? Unlike you, I do not develop an interest in anyone based on their appearance." and Hinata gasped, having fun witnessing this. 

"What makes you think I'm interested because of your looks?"

The other sighed, as if this was the last thing he wanted to do, and maybe it is "because we have only met now" He raised his head several centimeters more while tilting his head to the side "and because I know that I am good looking."

Atsumu's smile widened as he stared at him for several silent seconds before he replied, "love the confidence, you are totally right about this."

Tobio went to the hairdressing chair that the blond led him to, Tobio sat and took off his hat, revealing his silky black hair that had fallen smoothly on his face and the other thought of many hairstyles that would look so beautiful on the other's face.

He grabbed his tools while breaking the silent atmosphere between them "So, what's your way of dating?"

Tobio looked at him through the mirror "When I spend time with someone, I happen to be attracted to them by their behavior, habits, and beliefs."

Atsumu focused on styling the other's hair, he is very soft as if it were silk, he would like to touch it with his free fingers from any glove "So you are telling me that you do not find anyone's appearance attractive until you develop feelings for them?"

"Yeah,  I'll admit they are good-looking as a fact or my personal opinion of them, but I won't really have any real interest in them just because how good looking they are."

The other's giggle while sucking the fruity flavor of his gum "What if everyone around you wasn't emotionally attracting to you?"

"Then I will not date, it is not something of great importance that I cannot live without, I am not trying to find the emotional attraction in them to date, I am dating because I am emotionally attracted to them."

Atsumu attached the other's hair to the side with a hair clip “And I belong to which category?”

The other snorted with his arms folded on his chest, "None, I cannot really find you good looking, just as your ego bothering me and the way you flirt, not because of spontaneity and spreading positive energy, but because you are playful and you think that the other party definitely fell in love with you from the first sight, which is just cringe."

The other chuckled, before putting the hair iron back on the tools table and turning the chair toward him, surprising the other, placing his hand on the chair's surface next to Tobio's head while bending down, narrowing the distance between their faces to only a few inches. "Knowing that you are attractive is confidence to you, but knowing that I am also as attractive is arrogance to you?"

"I know my level"

The other tilted his head with a playful smile, "So do I, that's why I am asking you to check my face again and tell me which category I belong to."

To be honest, the dark-haired with this close looks delicious, and Atsumu tried not to drop his eyes down to his lips, and make the other feel uncomfortable while he had no attraction towards him, but he secretly thought if his lips were as soft to the touch as they seemed, this and his blue eyes that seemed to be swallowing him. 

His intriguing chain of thoughts interrupted the movement of another's lips, saying, "Well, maybe you are attractive in appearance, but I still stand by my words and opinion about you."

The other moved away, straightened while my other's eyes did not leave him for a single moment, still sharp, and his facial expressions tended to be indifferent.

"Really? But you shouldn't judge a person from only your first impression of them! That's why I would like to correct your first impression of me, what do you think about eating dinner together tomorrow night?"

The other raised his left eyebrow, "try again."

Atsumu showed a smirk on his face, "Sure, I will! And I bet that by the end of this month you will go out on a date with me."

The other came forward by several inches, with a look hiding a fire inside "Challenge is accepted"

Besides that Atsumu loves the view of the other from this angle, but he loves more to prove to others that they are wrong, he didn't know how that turned into a challenge though, but he is not backing off. The taste of victory he receives is really delicious, if he is interested in the appearance of the other and the way he talks at first, then he is now more interested in proving to him that he is wrong, and he is more and better than how he described him. 

Shouyou from far away quickly texted their friends group chat 

From Puppy energy: 

I think we have a potential date for Kageyama already guys! And he still didn't get his hair fully done!