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Bands of Many Soul Connections

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First connection that Marinette ever made was when she was little, around four, and had crashed into Nino on the way to the park right by her house.

“Maman! Maman! Pleeeeease I wanna goooooo!” Little Marinette tugged insistently on her mother's clothes trying her best to drag her out the door.

“Calm yourself Marinette, please.” Sabine smiled good naturally as she stumbled her way to the door whilst putting on her cardigan. She picked up Marinette’s and wrangled her daughter into it. “It’s a little cold out dear.”

Marinette whined as it messed up her pigtails but stopped resisting as she put her hands through the sleeves. She huffed. “Okay okay. It’s on! Can we go now pleeease.”

Sabine chuckled lightly at her daughter’s antics and pressed a light kiss against her forehead. “Let’s go then shall we?”

“Yes! Allons-y!” Marinette fist bumped the air with her tiny fists and absconded out the door at rapid speed before her mother could change her mind. She ignored her mother when she yelled at her to wait and made her way without care towards the park by her house.

She squealed in joy then screeched when she couldn’t stop herself quick enough from bowling over another kid her age.


They tumbled to a slow stop and both of them felt a small warmth on their left arms. They sat there for a moment gathering their breath before scrambling to roll up their sleeves to see what the warmth was.

Their mothers had walked over statedly when there weren't any cries of pain but jumped back when their children squealed and rushed them in excitement.

Sabine patted her daughters head in order to calm down the excited babble. “Dear you are talking to me too quickly. I need you to take a breath to calm down a smidge for me to understand you please.”

Marinette squirmed in place as she excitedly waved her left arm in front of her mother. She was huffing her little heart out in order to calm herself down but wasn’t very well as she was overwhelmed with excitement. “Look look look look!”

Her mother sighed in fondness as she gently took a hold of her daughter’s and the squirmed lessened. Her eyes widened when she saw just above her daughter's elbow was her first soulband.

The band was blush pink that transitioned to a stormy grey. The word Platonic was in black loopy writing but the letters Pla had turned into lapis blue to fern green. Indicating that Marinette had just met her first Platonic soulmate.

“Owh wow! Congratulations dear. Your first soul friend!” Sabine smiled at the grin upon her daughter's face and saw a similar one upon the boy's face when he came over with his mother.

Marinette bounced on her feet once again which was different to the boy who was swaying from side to side. She thrust her little hand out towards the boy. “I’m Marinette!”

“Hey! I’m Nino!” He shook her hand and was immediately bowled back over to the amusement of their mothers.

“Maman, Maman! Can Nino come over and bake cookies with us? Please please pleeease?” Marinette giggled as she clung around Nino’s neck and he didn’t seem to mind too much as he held onto one of her arms in return.

“Cookies! Can I please mam?” Nino smiled up at his mother.

Both parents looked at each other and shrugged in agreement. “Sure, why not.”

“Yes!” Marinette squealed but quickly realised that she hadn’t played in the park yet. “Can we play first though?”

Sabine rolled her eyes and shooed them onwards to play while she talked to Nino’s mother. “I’ve got the first playdate. You got second?”

“Deal.” They shook on it and exchanged numbers as the children ran circles around them in delight.

They were glued to each other's hips through maternelle and part of école élémentaire before they hit their first bump in the road. Marinette really wasn’t expecting her first family bond to be so… buzzingly annoying.