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Bands of Many Soul Connections

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“So how have things been going on your end?”

“Not too bad.. Started Lycee a year late and it has been kicking my butt but that’s school for you.” Marinette smiled as she watched Jason snuggle more into bed. “You don’t deal well with colds do you?”

“eh it’s kicking my butt for once.” Jason grumbled into the covers. “Think if I hallucinated, would I get to meet you quicker if you appeared in the room?”

“Don’t think that is how it works.” She giggled lightly and continued with her sewing. After recieving texts from Damian about Titus she set about making cute accessories for the pup to grow into with their name on it. “Just a couple years from now, think you could hold out till then?”

“If this cold doesn’t get me first. Sure.” Jason blew into an oversized handkerchief. He spoke with disgust and sarcasm “Ech… I feel so overly attractive right now.”

Marinette embroidery hoop up to cover her face to hide her giggling. Though her eyes were still visible so Jason could see how amused she was. “I can see the improvement from your zombie-like state. Actually some colour in those cheeks.”

“Hardie harr harr.” He genuinely laughed afterwards before choking on his own phlegm. He arched over the side of the bed away from the camera as he tried to settle the cough. “Kill me again… uuuugh”

She brought the hoop to her chest as she watched worriedly. “You good?”

“Peachy…” He flopped back down with a groan and gave Marinette a small smile. “Sorry for being such losey company but thank you for keeping me company during this hell.”

“I had the time to spare.” She placed her hoop down on her desk and picked up her phone to go through the messages. She smiled amused as she saw the ones from him. “You are quite attention seeking when sick.”

“Not my greatest quality I know…” Jason slumped and brought the duvet back up to his chin.

“It’s okay, I really don’t mind. I'm just sorry that I can’t be there in person to help out more.” She typed out a message before settling it back down on the desk. She learnt her elbows on the desk and placed her hands under her chin as she watched Jason on the screen.

His cheeks were feverish pink, which actually did make him more lively than normal, she wasn’t just saying that to tease him. She really wanted to run her hands through his hair and pat down his forehead with a damp cloth. She pouted because she really wanted to help her friend.

“Put the bottom lip away, care bear. I’ll eventually get over this.” Jason gave a crooked smile. It was nice being cared about but he really didn’t want her to worry. “I’ll be fine.”

The door to his room creaked open slowly with Damian coming in back first, turned to reveal him carrying a breakfast try. He huffed lightly as the items jiggled, he mumbled out an apology.

Jason was about to say it was okay until he heard the sound of scampering. He turned to lay on his side to spot Damian’s puppy, Titus, attempting to clamber onto his bed. He patted his bed which caught Titus’ attention. “Come ‘ere boy. Come ‘ere.”

Titus wiggled excitedly as it bounded over and was picked up by Jason. He happily started licking that had Jason scrunching his face away. Marinette was giggling again in the background.

Damian came over and placed the breakfast tray on the side desk. “Jason?”

“Yeah D?” Jason gently moved the puppy away from him but the pup didn’t stop licking.

“Tell Titus to sit. He’s still learning so you need to be firm. He’ll stop licking then.” Damian instructed from the side and pulled out a treat from the pups treat bag. “Then he can have one of these when he listens.”

“Alright.” Jason held his hand out for the treat as he shifted to sit up on the bed. With a treat in hand he gave Titus his full attention before saying sit firmly. He only had to say it twice before Titus sat and stopped licking. Jason smiled as he held out the treat for the pup to take. “Good boy.”

“So cute!” Marinette squealed into her hands at the sight of the tiny puppy sitting next to Jason. She waved when Damian noticed that he had an audience that wasn’t just his brother. “Good to see you Damian! Titus is adorable!”

“As you keep saying…” Damian muttered as Titus wandered over Jason’s body to get to his human. Damian petted him gently and gave another treat when he received just the one lick to his hand. He looked up to the screen and gave a wave back. “Hello Marinette.”

“Good to see you two getting cozy.” Jason gathered up the discarded tissue before the puppy could get at them. He tossed them in the little bucket that Alfred had got him earlier. He also put the homemade handkerchief into his pajamas pocket. “So how come you are making the delivery and not Alfred?”

“Alfred was called away by father. Think Tim needed to be picked up and Dick was away so that left Alfred. He had asked me to bring this up, to help you with your recovery.” Damian spoke frankly and gave Titus a chew toy to keep him occupied. He looked at Jason for the first time since entering the room and finally took in his brother’s state. “You look like crap.”

“I feel so loved.” Jason held a hand to his heart as he sighed. “So loved.”

Marinette kept snickering as she plittered in the background. Despite having Chloe as a soul sister, she still found the dynamics between siblings fascinating. “So what are you guys up too for the rest of the day?”

“More puppy training. Sit is going well so possibly going to be moving on to something else.” Damian handed Jason the breakfast tray and helped set it up on the bed. “Walk to heel seemed to be innate as he keeps following me around the house without telling him. Though I should probably give a command for that...”

“Are you going to continue training him in english or are you going to throw in some other languages as well?” Jason enquired as he buttered his toast before biting into it.

“Had possibly been thinking Arabic but then…” He scowled unsure, if anyone broke in he didn’t want someone to have command over Titus, can never be too sure.

“How about french?” Jason tilted his head in Marinette’s direction.

“Owh! If you don’t know french I could teach you.” Marinette brightened at the thought of being helpful. Over the years speaking with Alfred, Jason and sometimes Jagged, Adrien and Chloe in english helped her become more fluent over the years. Though she dimmed a little at realising that he may already know it since Jason already knows french and doubted they wouldn’t have taught Damian. “Though you probably already know french...”

Damian squinted in thought as he could see Marinette chew her lip from nervousness. He spoke slowly as went over his words. He didn’t want her upset. “I do know french however I'm a bit rusty as I don’t use it often. If you wish to help me train Titus in french I wouldn’t mind your assistance.”

Marinette beamed as she clapped her hands, “I would be happy too! I’ll look up the basic commands for dogs and we can work on them together yeah?”

“If you please.” Damian smiled a little at that. His hand was slightly chewed on that he looked down to see Titus getting his attention. “Ah I think it's time for us to leave. Apologies for interrupting.”

“It was welcomed. I had been starting to get light headed, so thank you for the food.” Jason tipped his glass slightly in a fake cheers and sipped the orange juice. “Hopefully won’t be in bed for much longer.”

“It was nice seeing you again Damian. Have fun training! I’ll let you know when I have the words done.” Marinette waved again with a happy smile.

“As you were.” Damian scooped up Titus into his arms and did a quick walk towards the door and sprinted once out the door.

“Guessing Titus needed to go potty.” Jason snickered but felt relief that the puppy didn’t relieve himself on his bed. “The pup has been good for him.”

“He certainly doesn’t seem as broody looking when first seen him.” Marinette poked her cheek in thought. “Looks more childish? but that’s like a good thing right? since he is like ten?”

“Yeah ten. He’ll be eleven in Feb.” Jason yawned into his hand. He moved the breakfast tray to the side so that he wouldn't accidentally throw it off when he snuggled back into bed. He blinked when he realised something. “Huh…”

“You okay Jay?”

“Yeah i’m fine…” Jason turned so that he was laying on his side with his hand under his face. He smiled at Marinette’s confused face. “Don’t think the kid has had a proper birthday before is all.”

Marinette’s eyes widened in horror. “That will not do!”

“Mar…” Jason wasn’t able to finish saying her name before she was moving around frantically in her room. He watched as she flitted between areas picking up random things and books before coming back to the desk. “You okay?”

“I just need to get this right… sorted!” Marinette scribbled on one of her organisation books that she had laying spare for occasions like this. “It’s months away but we gotta plan it now to ensure that he has the bestest first birthday ever. So tell me what you can about him!... erm please?”

He chuckled lightly and was grateful that he didn’t start coughing again. Looking at Marinette now, all determined and looking out for someone else’s joy, made him feel something that he couldn’t really put his finger on. It was nice and comforting. He smiled as he saw her poised to write down anything he said about Damian. “Where should I start?”