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rose petals and dark feathers

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Kageyama sat on the wide tree branch, looking over the kingdom, his kingdom. He brought his knees up to his face, burrowing his chin in them.

He racked his brain for answers, memories coming and going in flashes so fast it made his head hurt.

He tried to remember all that had happened, every single thing he'd said to Oikawa, how they might've led his soulmate to realize he was , indeed, Tobio's soulmate.


The ball


The meetings


The nights


The evenings


The meals


The dances


A sharp pain drove through his brain, making him wince and grasp it tightly. The pounding did not stop, and surely him crying did not help it.


He knew, he knew, he knew, he knew -


Didn't he ?


What had Tobio said?


He couldn't remember anything at all -


As if someone had taken


A white stamp












Heknewheknewheknewheknewheknewheknew -


Yes. Tobio looked back towards the sun. Oikawa knew.



And he'd been a fool.