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Moving to Karakura town was say the least.

Especially the area that he wound up moving into. It was a nice place, with a lot of elderly people and kids running around. Decent shops, stores, cafe's and restaurants- most of which were within walking distance.

The people were friendly.

Well, mostly anyways.

There was like one or two people that he'd tried to engage in conversation earlier only for them to quickly excuse themselves and practically run screaming from him as if he were a villain of some sort. One of their friends had been kind enough to tell him not to take it personally. Some people were just freaked out by how tall he was.

Which was understandable. Seven foot three was pretty tall even by normal standards. And the impressive height coupled with his muscular and athletic build, made him doubly intimidating to a lot of people.

Still, it was slightly hurtful. I mean, it wasn't like he was a bad guy or anything. Despite the fact that logically no one had any way of knowing that for themselves before getting to know him any.

He'd finally finished unpacking everything and was stepping out of the house to hang out on his porch when he heard something slam into his front door hard enough to rattle it. Causing him to freeze up for a moment with his hand on the knob and his head canted to the side a little bit as he heard a distinctly muffled voice hiss out, "Shit, again." From the other side of the door, and he slowly opened the door to find himself looking at a gorgeous young woman's profile, absently rubbing at her forehead as she glared at something.

Glancing down, he found his slightly bunched up welcome mat and then quickly let his electric blue eyes flicker back to the woman as he guessed what must have happened.

"Are you alright?" He asked, causing the woman to jump a little bit and quickly turn to look at him with the prettiest wide turquoise eyes that he'd ever seen as soon as she saw him.

His eyes focused on her face for a moment, taking in her features. She had some very distinct ones due to her mixed blooded heritage. But from what he could tell, she had some American in her. Her eyes and long, wear waist length strawberry blond hair were a dead give away.

"Oh wow, you are tall." She muttered almost distractedly. She had to tip her head back on her neck just to look him in the eye since he towered over her by a foot and three inches. Her comment about his height had his lips twitching a little bit in amusement as she quickly recovered her wits enough to give him an slightly awkward but friendly smile and hold one of her hands out to him. "Hi, sorry about the...weird-ish comment about you're height. My name is Ichigo Kurosaki, I'm the doctor that works at the clinic across the street."

"Toshinori Yagi," He said as he reached out and took possession of her hand in his own. Jesus, she had small and delicate hands. So much so that he almost feared bothering to apply any strength to his grip. He worried about shattering the fragile bones within it. "It's nice to meet you Miss Kurosaki. Or should I call you doctor?"

"Neither, actually. Most people around here call me Ichigo." She said as he released her hand, which upon being released went back to absently rub at her forehead again.

"Are you okay?" He asked again. Mostly because she still hadn't answered him yet and the fact that she was still rubbing at her head meant that she might have actually hurt herself, worried him a tad.

"I'm okay. Just a...sudden headache."

"Do you need some medicine for it?" He asked politely, wanting to help her if he could. Especially since it was sort of his welcome mat's fault that she had her...headache in the first place.

Her smile faltered a little bit and she seemed to be deliberating with herself on whether or not she should take him up on his offer. She must have hit her head pretty hard on his door if she was willing to take the chance of being handed something possibly harmful by a stranger.

"Actually if you have any cold bottles of water- I'll take that instead." She said once she was done thinking. He nodded his head and held up a finger and then quickly disappeared back into his house to fetch what she'd asked for. And returned a moment later with the bottled water and handed it to her.

She gave him a grateful smile as she took the bottle from him and then said awkwardly, "So- you're new to the neighborhood." It wasn't a question. And he was pretty sure that she might have seen the moving truck in front of his new home a few days prior.

"I am." He said as he leaned his shoulder against the door frame a little bit in an effort to rest himself some.

"I thought so. One of my sisters saw you the other day while you were unpacking and tried to take a picture of you bent over picking a box. She said something about the way that you're pants looked on your butt."

He made a dismayed choking sound. Because out of the many, many things that he had never thought that he'd hear from someone that he'd just met- that pretty much ranked in the number one spot. So naturally, he was not only incredibly embarrassed but fairly shocked as well.

"You're lucky that I was there to take her phone from her."

He coughed a few times, and absently nodded his head. Wondering how many times he'd have to dodge some of his new neighbors now because of 'the way his pants looked on his butt?'. Oh god.

She stopped talking for a few moments and allowed him to sufficiently calm down before then asking, "So..what did you move here for? I mean, not that it isn't a nice town and everything. But...well...the people around here are a little bit...uh...excitable? And sometimes do really, really strange and stupid stuff."

"I ah- I'm currently taking a break from work and moved here in the hopes of meeting someone nice and starting a family."

"Really?" She seemed startled at his admission.

Almost as if she couldn't believe that he'd moved to her town simply to meet and start a family with someone. Were his reasons for being there really so...incredulous? He wondered to himself, his expression carefully masking his thoughts.

"Yeah," He finally said as he reached up and absently rubbed a knuckle along one of his eye brows nervously as he went on to say. "I figured 'why not'. I'm...young-ish, easy to look at, outrageously successful at my job, financially secure enough to take care of myself and a...woman and maybe three or four kids-"

"You'll have a lot of people's interests then. Especially if you tell them all of that. There's a lot of would be match makers around here eager to marry off their daughters and granddaughters."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah. Though to be perfectly honest, while not all of them are bad or anything. A number of the girls that the elders try to marry off are either in their thirties and forties or in their teens. carful about that."

"I will," He assured her before then blurting out. "What about you?" And then immediately kicked himself for asking such a thing. After all, there was no way in hell that a beauty like her was unattached. And even if she was- she was a doctor and probably tended to not have much time at all for dating much less a family.


"Uh...yeah." He said awkwardly, not really expecting anything from her in lieu of a response.

"My dad has 'secretly' been trying to marry me off since I was twelve."

"And no one has snatched you up yet?"

"Well...some have tried. But- I'm not really interested in child abusers and such." That had to be number two on his list of things not expected to hear from a new neighbor. And if he hadn't been gritting his teeth, he might have choked, again.

"Please, tell me that your joking." He said in a semi pleading tone. His blue eyes suddenly looking unfathomably worried.

She opened her mouth to say something, but the sound of her cell phone going off like an alarm had her quickly snapping her mouth shut and she quickly dug her phone out and flipped it open. A look of intense anger crossing pretty her face before she suddenly flipped it closed and gave him an apologetic look.

"Sorry, duty calls."

"I understand." And he did. After all, how many times had he had to drop everything to run off and do his job as a pro-hero?

" you have any food allergies?" She asked all of a sudden.


"Cool. Come have dinner with me in...two hours. I'll fix something good and I'll get rid of both of my sisters for a little bit."