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Nanba's "Heroes"

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In Nanba Prison, the greatest prison in history...

Building 13, Cell 13

"What're you in for?" the inmate, Uno asks the newbie.

The new guy, Naofumi Iwatani, or Shield, sighs, "Honestly... I was framed for some things that I didn't do... because I trusted the wrong person. But no one would listen to me, so I ran."

"I heard there were three other inmates. What about them?" Nico asks.

"It's their own faults...those idiots..." Shield mutters as he explains.

Motoyasu got tricked into causing the infestation of a whole town because he trusted the wrong person, Itsuki caused a whole town to go bankrupt because of his vigilantism, and Ren caused a famine when he decided not to bury a corpse and letting it rot because his communication skills suck.

"Seitarou, where are the other three inmates we heard about?" Rock asks.

"They're actually here at Nanba too, just in different buildings," Seitarou answers as he passes by.

"Thank God I'm not in the same building nor the same cell as them," Naofumi sighs in relief.


"Hey Kuu…"

Kuu rubs up against Naofumi and Jyugo, making them smile.


Building 4

Itsuki or Bow is being taught a lesson about real justice from Kenshirou. Plus, petting all the dog guards.

Building 5

Ren or Sword joined in a training session with Liang…and already regrets it.

Building 3

Motoyasu or Spear is being gushed over by Kiji. Trois and Honey attempt to show him the ropes, and up his game on flirting in preparation for the girls that visit.

However, he goes get dragged back into his cell by the pheasant if he so much as thinks about escaping to get a date.

In short, they're adjusting…but of course, everyone loves the food and the Game Room.

A few days later…

Building 13 Guard Room

'Seems the new inmate's doing well… and he's so well behaved. He doesn't even seem interested in escaping with the others…yet, I suppose, but still,' Hajime thinks as he smokes in the Break Room.



"We have a new guard coming in. Show him the ropes."

"Yes sir!"

The new guard comes in and introduces himself, "I'm L'Arc Berg. Call me Scythe if you want. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too!" Seitarou smiles as this guy seems nice.

"May I ask why you decided to become a guard here?"

"Well…I'm here for someone special," L'Arc answers, a strange predatory gleam in his eyes as he smiles.

It gave Seitarou goosebumps, so he stops asking.

Cell 13

"Seems we have a new guard coming in today," Rock comments.

"Really? I hope he's nice!" Nico has stars in his eyes.

Uno taps his chin, "I think his name is…Scythe or something?"

Shield stiffens as soon as he heard that name.

"Wanna escape with us this time?" Jyugo asks.


As they're in mid-escape attempt, Uno asks as they're running, "Uh…why are you joining in now? You had no interest before."

Naofumi shivers before he says, "L'Arc's kind of my stalker..."


"He betrayed me and tried to kill me. I trusted him…" Shield shakes his head, "I don't want to be betrayed again…but Scythe just keeps chasing me, so I ran away from him."

"We'll help you out, dude!" Uno, Rock, Jyugo, and Nico agree.

Shield smiles, "Thanks, guys."


L'Arc smiles as he hunts them down.

"Hey! You can take care of the other four, Hajime-san. I'll take care of Shield."

"…fine," Hajime had no choice but to agree…since it looks like Scythe's only objective is to hunt Shield down. L'Arc is the only person who can catch Shield after all.

As Hajime rounds up the others, L'Arc focuses on Naofumi.

As soon as L'Arc catches Naofumi, hugging him in his arms so he can't escape, he says, "I'm sorry. What I did is unforgivable. I regret it, and I want to make up for it."

He stares into Naofumi's eyes, begging him, "Can we start over with a walk together?"

Naofumi sighs, finally giving up, "Fine! funny business."

L'Arc smiles, "Of course not," before he carries Naofumi like a princess back to his cell.

When he gets there, the other four are complaining, bumps on their heads.

They see Scythe and Shield together and…turn bright red as they look away.

'They're like THAT?!'


In Building 2, Kyo is in a cell.

Building 1, Takt is in a cell and works as a mechanic.

In Nanba Women's Prison, Malty and Takt's harem are all in cells.

Omake 2:

If Shield, Spear, Bow, and Sword shared the same prison cell together…

Shield would probably just kill them all in their sleep if he gets pissed enough.

Scythe, their guard, wouldn't report it. He'd actually help destroy the evidence since he has a soft spot for Shield.