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Center Of Attention

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March 3, 1980

"Congratulations, it's a boy." said their Midwife said with a surprised laugh.

The child in question was screaming and crying trying to wriggle away from the foreign touch. The Healer handed the newborn to his mother, Molly Weasley.

"It's a boy," said Molly tearfully, "You said I was having a daughter this time." Her voice thick with disappointment.

The Midwife looked at Molly carefully, five pregnancies, six babies, and no daughters. She had delivered all of the children, the first time she said it the statement was met with joy and excitement. As did the second but after that, she could see Molly get more and more discouraged. That was until her spell revealed that finally, the Weasley matriarch was going to have a daughter.

The spell she had used to identify the baby's gender had always worked for her before, the chances of a misreading were less than one percent. She told Molly this and wasn't very surprised when the woman started to cry

"I was supposed to have a girl, not another boy," Molly said.

In her mind Molly was reeling, after all these years she was finally gonna have a little girl only for the Healer to announce that it was a boy this whole time. Less than a one percent chance of the spell being wrong and it had to happen to her. She couldn't hold back her sobs as she clutched her son, not daughter, son.

"Take him Arthur, please just take him." She cried handing her husband their child.


"No Arthur, please take him to his brothers I just need some time."

Arthur decided to do as his wife said and left her in the Midwife's capable hands. He left and closed the door only to see all of his sons gathered around the door. He could hear his wife crying and suddenly realized that in his worry for his wife who went into labor he forgot to put a silencing charm on the room.

"Why doesn't mummy want the baby." said Percy

"Is there something wrong with it, let me see." Charlie added

He looked at his children with tired eyes and told them to come downstairs. After he sat down he started to explain "Your mum is just a little upset that the baby is a boy and not a girl like the Healer said, that doesn't mean that she doesn't want your brother."

"That's stupid, she should be happy that it's a boy and not an icky girl." Charlie said with disgust as if the simple notion of having a sister is the most revolting thing imaginable

"Yeah girls are boring." Percy declared trying to impress his brother with their common dislike of all things female

Arthur was too exhausted to argue with their childish exclamations. He just looked at his boys, his two eldest were staring at the baby with poorly disguised curiosity. Percy seemed pleased with himself, having given his opinion on the matter. While the twins didn't know what was going on and just seemed happy to be included.

Then he looked at his youngest, his son had stopped crying and just gazed at him with pale blue eyes. His beautiful baby boy was small, a shock of red hair atop his head. Constellations of freckles on his cherub-like cheeks. He looked at his father with the innocence only a baby could manage.

He could understand why his wife was upset, a mother's desire for a daughter is just as strong as a father's is for a son. But to cry and demand the child in question be removed from the room is inconceivable to him.

He would never truly understand women and he's okay with that. With that thought, he continued to observe the tiny little life that's half of him.

"I will do everything in my power to protect you, son, you will go on to do great things and grow up to be a great man. No matter what happens in the future you will always be loved." Arthur vowed

"My boy...Ronald"

Ronald Billus Weasley had always been a unique child. Too bad nobody noticed for the longest time. Even his own parents overlooked the ability that their youngest son possessed. Maybe they could have seen it sooner if only they paid more attention. Instead, the attention that all children crave from their parents was usually given to his elder brothers or in most cases younger sister.

Ever since he started to talk he's always said things that seemed random or out of place. If people had looked hard enough they would realize that there is no way a child could have known about the things he spoke of, but nobody ever did. Even though he usually saw the connection between his words and the world around him nobody else could. One or two words, easily written off as mindless baby talk soon became full sentences and statements. As time went on, it became more and more difficult to ignore.

August 10, 1985

"Come on Ronnie, time to wake up," said Bill as he knocked on his littlest brother's door. "Mum's made breakfast, and I definitely smell bacon." he continued trying to entice his carnivore of a brother.

He stopped when he heard groaning and the rustle of a bedspread. Nothing got Ron up faster than the promise of bacon. After a couple of minutes, the door finally opened to reveal Ron still in his pajamas, hair askew, and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"I'm up Bill, stop being so loud." Ron groaned. He had never been an early riser preferring to sleep in as long as he could. He was always being woken up by his many older brothers and even his little sister Ginny. It's annoying and usually enough to make him grumpy in the morning. Only the promise of his mum's amazing cooking was enough to lighten his mood. He wondered what was for breakfast, no matter what it was it was bound to be delicious.

"Pancakes, bacon, and fruit salad" he blurted out

"Fruit salad, really," Bill asked, never had he heard his brother ask for anything that wasn't made of meat or have enough sugar to instantly rot teeth "What kind of fruit."

"Strawberries, Bananas, Blueberries, Pineapple, and Kiwi." replied Ron

"Well you'll eat whatever mum makes you, it's no use being picky Ronnie. Its food all the same" Bill said ruffling his hair "Go on and wash up." Bill nudged him toward the bathroom and went downstairs

He didn't say that because he wanted it for breakfast, it just came out of his mouth like usual. He never understood why he says the things he does. The crazy thing is sometimes the stuff that comes out of his mouth actually happens. He would bet that pancakes, bacon, and fruit salad are what his mum made for breakfast. Too bad nobody ever believes him when he tells them. Why would they believe him anyway? Little ickle Ronniekins a Seer, yeah right. He's just really good at guessing is all. That still doesn't explain why he can't control what he says. But he has more important things to do than think about that, like eating bacon.

After he washed up he headed downstairs and went to the table to eat. Merlin, he was hungry, he hadn't eaten since dinner yesterday. In his five-year-old mind, it might as well have been a week ago. As he sat down he could see Bill looking at him with a curious expression.

"Why did you go back to bed if you were already up," asked Bill, assuming the only way Ron could have possibly known what was for breakfast, right down to the fruit in the fruit salad was for him to have already been up. But what he couldn't understand was why Ron would try to go back to sleep after seeing the feast that their mother made. Usually, if his baby brother was anywhere near food he would already be eating it.

"I didn't," He answered simply. "Mum can I have lots of bacon please." he begged.

His mother looked at him with fond exasperation before setting a plate with a pancake, two slices of bacon, and a bowl of fruit salad in front of him.

"If you finish all your food, fruit included and still have room for more, I'll give you a couple more slices of bacon." She said.

"Thank you," He replied, voice muffled since he already started to eat.

Breakfast at the Burrow was always interesting, today was no different. Bill and Charlie used their forks to try and get more bacon from the mountain off the table occasionally elbowing each other in their haste. Percy doing his best not to make a mess while actually trying to get some food before everybody else eats it. The twins who have already gotten their food are eating off each other's plates and appear to be making some sort of tower out of their fruit instead of eating it.

While the older kids fight for food and mess around he and Ginny get served since they can't reach for any of the food without making a mess. His father can almost always be seen with the paper reading about the latest news and whatnot. He's glad it's his father's day off, today and tomorrow since it's Ginny's birthday. That means he and his father can finally spend some time together.

"Gotta get to work Dad." he said

"What do you mean Ron, I have today and tomorrow off," Arthur said with confusion "You know this, you were very excited to spend some time together."

"I know that" he grumbled, "You promised to play with me."

Once again his mouth betrayed him and said stuff that he didn't mean to say. He hoped that it didn't really happen because his father said that it would just be them together and no one else. Since tomorrow's Ginny's birthday and everybody's gonna spend time doting on her, his dad said that they would get to spend some quality time together today so he didn't feel so left out tomorrow.

But the thing is he always feels left out. Bill and Charlie are too big to play with him, doing homework and playing on the brooms. Whenever he asks to play they always dismiss him or say he's too little. All Percy does is study and read. He never wants to play no matter how much fun they would have together if he just put his dumb books down. The twins are always playing pranks on him. They tell him to go away and bother somebody else when he tries to play along with them. The only person who even tries to play with him is Ginny and all she wants to do is stupid girl stuff, like playing dolls and dress up. When he doesn't play her games he gets in trouble for being mean but does she ever get in trouble for not playing his games, no.

"Finish up your breakfast and we can play some Gobstones." Arthur said knowing his son would want to start their day together early and finish it as late as possible. Just as Ron was about to reply, The Floo flared and someone called for Arthur.

Ron sat back as his father went to answer the Floo call with a feeling of dread in his stomach. No way was his father going to work, he promised today was gonna be all about them. Just as he finished that thought his dad came back into the kitchen looking at him with a sad expression on his face.

"You aren't going to work today right, you promised." he said in an unsteady voice

"Ronnie..." Arthur didn't get to finish when Ron suddenly burst into tears.

"You always do this, it was supposed to be just us today. No work or anything." he cried, whenever he tried to spend any time with his dad, it was always cut short or canceled because of work or his siblings.

"Now Ron, that's not true," Arthur said, but once again he was interrupted this time by the twins.

"Stop being such a baby," George said in a mocking tone

"Yeah, I didn't know we had two little sisters" added Fred

"I'm a boy" yelled Ron, he didn't want to stay somewhere where he clearly wasn't wanted so he decided to run upstairs and hide away from everybody.

When he got upstairs to his room he shut his door and went under his covers so he could continue to cry in peace. His dad always did this, he never got to spend time with anyone. He was always alone.

How long has he been up here? Nobody even came up after him. If Ginny went crying to her room everybody would try to comfort her, but what did he get, ignored like always. Is it too much to ask for a little attention?