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February 15, 1990 (St. Mungo's Hospital) Middle of the night

Ron looked up to see his family scattered around him. All asleep in different positions across the room. He knew they were worried about him but this seemed to be a little bit of overkill. If they wanted to visit anyone it should be Mrs. Lovegood, she was the one who barely survived a horrible spell gone wrong. He wondered if his parents would let him visit her, they shouldn't have a reason not too. He just wanted to see for his own eyes that she was okay.

He hoped that Luna was okay too, she was probably with her father, if he was back. She was so scared. No person should have to go through something like that, to see one of your parents almost die in front of you. That had to be traumatic, and he was the one who saved her, was he traumatized? He took one last look around his room before plopping back down on his bed. Might as well get some more rest before his family descends upon him in their concern, something he's all too familiar with.

February 20, 1990 (The Burrow) Afternoon

Ron sat in his room alone, thinking about the fiasco with the Lovegoods. Pandora almost died a horrible and painful death. Luna had to see her mother at her worst and couldn't do a thing to help. And Xenophilius, he didn't even know what was going on, he would have been completely oblivious to his wife's tragic death until the authorities contacted him.

Ron couldn't forget the look in Mr. Lovegood's eyes. He went to his knees and knelt in front of him and thanked him reverently. Tears slipped down his face as he whispered his thanks in a hoarse voice, Ron didn't know how to feel. Everybody kept saying he was a hero. That 'Britain's Most Powerful Seer' saved the day.

Even his own family felt that way, his brothers had visited him in the hospital. Bill and Charlie had looked so worried but relieved. Bill said he never had any doubts about him and his ability, that one day he would be helping people left and right, and it would be second nature. Bill said that was just the kind of person he was, always helping. Charlie just hugged him and said he wasn't surprised at all, that he was a brave little guy.

And he realized that it felt good when he saved Pandora, it felt like he finally did something that mattered. All the praise people have given him, it felt like he deserved it for once. His power wasn't annoying at that moment, it wasn't scary. It was helpful and good, all the things people seem to think it always was. He understood that he could help people, and he wanted to. If he could help even one person like he helped Pandora, then maybe his powers were not as bothersome as he thought.

August 25, 1991 (Diagon Alley)

"Hurry up Ron, this is a very important day," his father said proudly as they stood in front of Ollivanders, The most famous wand shop in all of Britain. His family joined him, mum, dad, the twins, Percy, and Ginny,. Everybody gave their support, he didn't understand why they all needed to be there. They all certainly made a spectacle standing outside the shop. They were waiting for him, so he took the first steps and walked into the shop.

It was just like he remembered. Old, cramped, and cluttered. Filled with stacks of boxes. All wands, each unique, no two exactly alike. He guessed that was kind of cool if you were into that sort of stuff. It was crowded, with everyone in the shop but nobody complained, just watched as he walked up to the counter. Just as he was about to call out, Mr. Ollivander popped out from behind a shelf.

"Ahh, yes. I have been waiting for you Mr. Weasley." he said with barely tinged excitement in his voice " I can't wait to see who chooses you".

"Who, what do you mean who?" Ron asked, confused.

"Why your wand of course, who will choose Britain's Most Powerful Seer, only one way to find out, really" as Mr. Ollivander finished his sentence, he went to the back of the shop. Leaving a dumbfounded Ron in his wake, he could only look at his family wondering if this man was always this batty. He didn't dare say anything though, he had a healthy dose of not wanting to get smacked by his mum, thank you very much.

"Ah, here we are," Ollivander said as he came back with an armful of wand boxes.

He set them down on the front counter and started to rifle through them.

"How did you know to pick these wands? You just met me, I remember you measuring the twins and asking all sorts of questions." Ron asked curiously.

"Silver Lime," Ollivander said as if that should answer all his questions.

"Am I supposed to know what that means or...?" he asked, just wanting a straight answer from this man.

Ollivander looked at him closely and started to speak " Silver lime is a peculiar wood that has a very specific taste in users. They work best for those who have an affinity for the mysterious arts. Legilimens and Seers are the most common recipients of a Silver Lime Wand. I had a hope that with you being a Seer that one of these wands would pick you" .

"One will," he said.

"I knew it! Let's see, Ah-ha!" he exclaimed and picked up a box and opened it. In his hand was a beautiful long pale white wand with what looked like a floral pattern carved into it from tip to handle. It was gorgeous and Ron immediately wanted to get his hands on it.

"Silver lime, Unicorn hair, 14 inches, and Supple" he said as if Ron knew what any of that meant. "Here, go on try it".

Ron didn't have to be told twice and gently took hold of the wand and immediately felt a warmth travel up his arm to his chest. A shower of golden sparks shot out of the wand. He smiled and held the wand to his chest, it just felt right. He looked up to see a surprised look on Mr. Ollivanders face.

"It chose you… the first wand… the first try." he mumbled to himself, he looked disappointed.

"Isn't that the point, to get a wand?" he asked, not knowing what the big deal was. "It chose me, that's a good thing. Isn't it?"

His mum interrupted whatever Ollivander was going to say "Of course it is, and what a lovely wand at that."

Ollivander nodded in agreement "Yes, a beautiful wand, gorgeous one could say."

Before he could agree with the slightly weird statement. The twins decided to add their two knuts.

"Congratulation's Ronnie, you're finally a… well not quite a man " Fred said,

"No, I wouldn't go that far, maybe a ..." George started but didn't finish due to their mum.

"BOYS" she admonished " I will not have you ruin this moment for your brother, you remember what a big occasion this was for you so I expect you to show Ron a little courtesy."

The twins just snickered in response and started to whisper to themselves.

After they left the shop on their way home, they passed by Eeylops Owl Emporium .

"It's too bad I couldn't get an owl," Percy said sullenly "I made Prefect, an owl would have been a perfect gift too."

Their parents sighed and looked at their son,

"And we are very proud of you too, but we talked about this." Arthur said

Percy nodded "Yeah I know, we only had just enough money for the school supplies this year and barely scraped by with Ron's wand to boot"

"What would you have us do, give Ron what, Charlie's old wand, just so we could get you another pet." Mum said trying to make Percy understand "We are very proud of you, and we don't need to spend money to prove it and you still have Scabbers." she said as she tried to cheer Percy up.

Percy still looked upset but he nodded his head anyway, and Ron felt bad. He knew how much this meant to his brother and he couldn't do anything to help.

September 1, 1991 (Kings Cross Station )

"Hurry up now, don't want to be late do we, OH," his mum said as she bumped into a muggle woman. "So many Muggle's, I can barely get through it so packed"

"You really should be a bit more discreet mother, The Statute of Secrecy is in place for a reason." Percy said quietly to her as they made their way to the Platform.

Their mum laughed before she replied "Nobody's listening and even if they were they wouldn't understand our jargon anyway dear. Ah, here we are Platform 9 ¾, " .

As she finished talking they finally arrived at the platform's entrance, and all he could feel was nervous. Here he was, on his way to Hogwarts.

Percy went first of the children to go through, second after their father. He confidently strode through the barrier and was followed by the twins who ran away from their mother after poking fun at her inability to tell them apart. And then it was his turn, but before he could go a boy shyly approached them. He was a skinny pale boy with messy black hair and round glasses who spoke in a soft and quiet voice.

"Excuse me, how do you.. I've never… can you help me?" He finished his broken sentence by pointing to the barrier.

Ron could see his mother's heart soften before his very eyes. She started to speak as if the boy was some skittish animal or something " Of course dear, all you have to do is walk through the wall, you'll pass right through, but it's best to take a running start if you're nervous" she said, "no need to feel bad, it's Ronnies first year too, he'll show you, won't you?"

He could tell it wasn't a question and nodded his head, and he saw the boy look at him with a small smile on his face. He smiled back and started to run at the wall. He came through the other side with the smile still on his face, he looked at The Hogwarts express and his smile got even bigger. It was more beautiful than he remembered. He walked to where his brothers and father were and waited for the others. When Mum and Ginny finally arrived he knew it was time to say goodbye.

His family crowded around each other like they always did, and said their goodbyes. His mother was crying like she always did and he could see his father's eyes water a little too. When it was his turn for hugs, his mother may as well have been a boa constrictor with how tight she hugged him. He had to plead for her to loosen her grip cause he couldn't breathe and felt like he was going to pass out. But if he was being honest with himself, he enjoyed it as much as she had. His father patted him on the shoulder and pulled him into a hug too, one much more gentle than his mum's but no less loving.

After everybody said their goodbyes, he and his brothers got everything ready to go and headed to the train. The Twins helped him get his trunk on the train in a rare act of kindness, but no sooner did his trunk hit the floor did they leave him alone. He passed by compartment after compartment and all he could see were droves of people in each one. He supposed it was too much to ask for a compartment alone, huh. He finally found one that looked empty and headed inside only to see the same boy his mum helped earlier. The boy looked up and his eyes lit up in recognition.

"Do you mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full." He asked.

The boy nodded with a small smile on his face, so Ron took that as the obvious yes it was and sat opposite the other boy after he got his trunk situated. They looked at each other, and Ron decided to introduce himself first since the boy seemed the shy sort.

"I'm Ron Weasley, It's nice to meet you again" he said as he held out his hand waiting for the other boy to do the same. The boy sat up more and took his hand and shook it.

"You too, I'm Harry... Potter" he said the last part more quietly.

All Ron could think of was that he was sitting in front of The Harry Potter. He had so many questions, he wondered what the scar looked like! But he stopped himself before he asked, this was the exact behavior he hated experiencing from people he met. It would be rude and insensitive to ask to see his scar and annoying at the very least. He took a deep breath and looked at Harry, not The Boy Who Lived, just Harry like he wasn't Britain's Most Powerful Seer, he was just Ron.

"Hi Harry" he said simply instead of all the things that ran through his mind.

Harry looked at him with a bigger smile than before, probably happy to have not been bombarded with praise and rude questions. Something he was all too familiar with.

"So you excited about Hogwarts, I know I am," He asked, trying to start a conversation.

Harry nodded his head and eagerly replied "YES! I didn't even know I was a wizard so it was quite the surprise, the best one I've ever had" and he laughed.

Ron was in shock, How did he not know? He wanted to ask more but he kept his thoughts to himself once again.

"My whole family's magic, I have five older brothers who have gone to Hogwarts, Three of them are here this year with me so it wasn't a surprise at all".

"You must be good at magic then, I don't even know a single spell," Harry said sullenly.

Ron felt bad for him and wanted to cheer him up "Nah, we're not allowed to practice magic anywhere else but Hogwarts, but we can study together if you'd like".

Before Harry could speak, a woman opened their door and asked if they wanted anything off the trolly, which was packed with all sorts of sweet treats and snacks. He politely declined and took out his bag of food. He got out his sandwich his mum made and smiled, Turkey, his favorite. There were even a couple of the chocolate chip cookies he had baked stashed at the bottom, he had thought everybody ate them all. He looked up at Harry who was staring at his food and he wondered if he had anything to eat.

"Would you like half" He offered " It's a big sandwich and I even have some cookies I baked we could share."

Harry looked surprised, "Really, I'd love that," he said happily and turned to the Trolly Woman "We're good here, but thank you." he said.

The woman smiled and nodded. As the door closed Ron gave Harry half of his sandwich and a cookie and they started to eat. As Harry took a bite of the Cookie he looked up in surprise.

"This is the best cookie I've ever had," He said after he finished his first bite "Better than anything I've ever made."

Once again Harry surprised Ron "You bake? Really." He asked in disbelief.

Harry nodded and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly "Yeah, I can cook too, I guess I'm good at it, but I don't enjoy it. What about you?"

"I love to cook and bake! It's so calm and relaxing and I always get to eat delicious food after I'm finished" He smiled, he couldn't believe that someone knew about his girly hobbies and wasn't making fun of him. Well, the only people who ever did that were the twins and he really shouldn't base how people are going to react on how the twins did he supposed.

"I feel the same way about Chess, I'm good at it but I don't enjoy playing much since my ability kinda ruins it."

Harry looked at him curiously "Ability, what ability?" he asked.

Ron suddenly remembered that Harry had no idea about him, that he was famous like he was. Not nearly as famous if he was being honest, but still famous. He felt hesitant about explaining his power, something he never had to do before since everybody always knew who he was.

"I'm a Se.."

Before he could finish the compartment door was opened again, this time more forcefully by a much younger girl with bushy brown hair who looked to be around their age.

"Have you seen a toad? A boy named Neville's lost one" She asked in a haughty voice as she looked at them.

"Trevor will be on the Honeydukes Express" he said.

Harry and the girl looked at him strangely before he broke the awkward silence.

"umm, I would check the sweet trolly in a bit, he should be there sometime before we get off the train".

The girl continued to stare at him " How would you know that, and how did you know the toad's name was Trevor, I didn't mention that."

He laughed awkwardly " Well you see, I'm … umm. I'm a Seer."

"What's a Seer?" Harry asked.

" A Seer is a Witch or Wizard who has the ability to predict the future, most commonly in the form of visions or prophecies." The girl said, it sounded like she was quoting some book word for word.

"You can see the future, that's amazing Ron!" Harry exclaimed.

"Wait Ron, as in Ronald Weasley, Britain's Most Powerful Seer, I've heard all about you" The girl explained excitedly. "You're almost as famous as Harry Potter" she finished and Harry looked at him.

"You're almost as famous as me."

Well, this was not at all how he expected this conversation to go "Yes, I guess I am, sorry for not telling you" Ron apologized but Harry dismissed it saying he understood, and he guessed Harry would understand better than anyone. "So still friends" he asked.

Harry's head snapped up and he looked at him "You want to be my friend" Harry asked in disbelief.

"I mean unless you don't want to."

"No, no I do" Harry said and looked at Ron happily "Friends, that sounds nice"

"I think we're all glossing over the fact that you're Harry Potter, I've read all about you." she said as she looked him over carefully, "Did you know your glasses are broken? I could fix them for you" she said.

Harry looked dubiously at her and then at Ron. Ron shrugged his shoulders at him.

"Uhh, I guess so, and uh who are you again?" Harry asked, still wondering who this girl was.

"I'm Hermione Granger, pleasure to meet you" she said as she sat next to The Harry Potter. She pointed her wand at Harry's face and did the movement's from the book and made sure she spoke in a clear voice like it said .


The cracks in Harry's lens vanished as she finished the spell. He and by the looks of it Harry too were impressed.

"It's hard to imagine that I only just found out that I'm a witch, I have been absolutely fascinated with the magical world, I just want to learn everything about it" She said and stood back up again "Well, it was a pleasure to meet you both, and thank you, Ronald, I'm sure that Neville will be happy to get his pet back."

And just like that, she left. They just looked at each other and Harry seemed to be upset again "She just found out about magic like me and she already knows spells."

"It's alright mate, we just have to study and work hard and we'll be golden" he said reassuringly "At least that's what Percy say's, he's one of my brothers and the smart one of the family."

Harry nodded and once again the door to the compartment opened, this time by three boys. Two large boys behind a smaller one. The small one had white-blond hair and storm grey eyes, which seemed familiar.

"I was told that Harry Potter was on the train and I was skeptical, but here you are," the boy said "I'm…"

"DRACO" he yelled, finally remembering the boy's name "I remember you, you got lost and I helped you find your parent's"

Draco turned a little pink at the comment but brushed it off and continued to speak "Pleasure to meet you again Weasley, I see you and Potter are already acquainted and yes" he said talking to Harry " I'm Malfoy, Draco Malfoy and these are my acquaintances Vincent Crabb and Gregory Goyle".

Harry looked overwhelmed at all the people coming to visit him and just stared at the boys in the doorway for a moment before he replied.


Draco appeared satisfied with the simple response and continued to talk "I can't wait to get to Hogwarts, I already know my house is going to be Slytherin. What about you Potter where do you think you'll be placed?"


Draco looked at Harry curiously but held his tongue about the fact that Harry didn't know what the Hogwarts houses were. He decided to be polite so he sat down next to him then started to explain the Houses.

"The four houses are where you will live for the duration of your schooling at Hogwarts with your fellow housemates. Each have their own traits that they represent and value. The short version is that Slytherin is Ambitious, Ravenclaw is Intelligent, Gryffindor is Courageous, and Hufflepuff is Hardworking. How they sort us is a secret that is kept from first years so I couldn't tell you even if I wanted too"

"Wow, I have no idea, they all sound good" Harry said and wondered how he would be sorted, what if he didn't fit in anywhere, would they kick him out. He didn't care what house he was put in as long as he was at Hogwarts. But one thing bothered him so he decided to ask Draco since he seemed to know a lot about this.

"Wasn't Voldemort a Slytherin too?" Harry asked worriedly and Draco flinched and looked at him sharply .

" Slytherin is a house rich in history and influence, Merlin himself was a Slytherin you know. But He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was indeed also a Slytherin. You shouldn't condemn an entire house because of one man, the other houses have had their fair share of Dark wizards as well" Draco said as he looked at The-Boy-Who-Lived "And I would appreciate it if you would please refrain from saying that name in my presence".

Harry apologized to Draco and nodded in thought, then he looked at Ron "What house do you think you'll be in".

"Probably Gryffindor since that's where my entire family has gone, I can't imagine being sorted any other way. " he answered. And he couldn't, where else would he go if not Gryffindor.

Draco stood up and nodded his head at them "I hope to see you again Potter, perhaps we could get more acquainted at Hogwarts, you as well Weasley. I'll be looking forward to it" said Draco.

He held his hand out towards Harry to shake and Harry looked at it for a second before he stood and shook Draco's hand. Draco smiled and nodded satisfied before coming over to Ron and doing the same thing. After they all shook hands Draco started to leave but before he did he started to talk yet again.

"You two should get dressed into your robes, we'll be at Hogwarts soon" and then he left with Vincent and Gregory right behind him.

They both looked at their clothes and decided to do as Draco said and got changed. After they finished they continued to talk, thankfully with no more interruptions. Before they knew it the train came to a stop and everyone started to deboard. He and Harry left after he assured him that his owl Hedwig would be alright and his stuff would be brought to his new room.

When they got off the train they heard a loud booming voice calling for all the first years to come over. Ron looked and saw the largest man ever. He towered over the first years and Harry just walked right up to him and started to talk excitedly.

"Hagrid this is my new friend Ron, Ron this is Hagrid, he showed me the wizarding world and even got me Hedwig as a Birthday present"

"Nice to meet you Hagrid" he said proud that his voice only shook a little.

"Ron Weasley righ', I'm Good Frien's with ya paren's, good ta see you lad" he said jollily

"Righ' now, ev'ryone, four to a boat, go on" he kept calling until all the first years were in and then the boats started to row.

Ron finally got a good look at Hogwarts, It was beautiful. Lit up in front of the starry sky. It was huge with Towers that stretched to the sky and he knew there were basements that were woven underground as well. It was breathtaking and intimidating and even better than he ever could have imagined. As he was lost in thought, the boats docked and it was time for them to all get out.

After they got out of the boats Hagrid led them to a huge door with an old Woman in front of it who seemed stern and somehow more intimidating than anybody he's ever met. With a skinny wrinkled face, thin lips, and a scowl on her face he knew immediately that this was Professor McGonagall.

She confirmed his suspicions when she introduced herself, she explained what he already knew, that they would be sorted and gave a brief description of the houses. They also learned that there was a house cup and they could earn and lose points for good and bad behavior respectively.

After she was finished she had them get into two single file lines and then the doors opened. They walked into the Great Hall and found out that all the upperclassmen and faculty were waiting for them. As they walked for what seemed like forever they stopped in front of a Hat. It was old and worn and entirely unimpressive until it started to sing. It was a jolly tune about the four houses and fun to listen to. When it was over Professor McGonagall stood next to it and started to call out names.

With each name called the kid had the hat put on them, it would call a House and they would sit down. This went on for a while, it got boring real quick, he half-listened to the sorting more focused on the Great Hall, It was huge with four tables and a ceiling that showed the sky.

His attention was caught by the bushy-haired girl who was being sorted, Hermione was it and was surprised when she was sorted into Gryffindor, he had her pegged as a Ravenclaw. The sorting was boring but he noticed that Draco went to Slytherin like he said, the hat barely touched his head before it was announced. What caught everyone's attention was when Harry's name was called. He patted Harry's back as he walked to the front. Everybody stopped talking and watched. It took longer than he thought it would but the hat finally made a decision.

"Better be GRYFFINDOR"

The Gryffindor table cheered and he even heard the twins gloat about how they got Potter. When the hat was taken off his head he smiled at Harry who smiled back. He went and sat down next to his brothers too. The excitement was over and the sorting continued until it was just him and some other boy. Then he heard his name.

"Weasley, Ronald"

Once again the Great Hall fell silent, and he made his way up to the stool and the hat. He sat down and looked out at all the people watching him. The sorting hat was placed on his head, the entirety of Hogwarts eyes were on him. All he could do was close them hoping that this would be over soon.

'Over soon, I don't think so, we have much to go through. You are unique among your family Ronald, so much potential.'

"Did you just talk in my head?" He whispered aloud.

'Indeed, now on to your House, " the hat continued to speak, in his head no less. 'While you are very intelligent, I don't believe you to be a Ravenclaw, the desire for unanswered questions and the unending curiosity just does not dwell within your heart. Hmmm.' the hat hummed in concentration 'Perhaps Gryffindor, but I see so much more for your future than just another Weasley, Ha you get it, see your future" the hat cackled and everyone in the Great Hall jumped at the sound, so engrossed in waiting for the hats verdict of Ron Weasley's Sorting.

'You're hilarious' deadpanned Ron as he continued to listen to the hats' whole analysis on him.

'Let's see, oh I think we might have a winner, you would say your desire to use your power to help save people is ambitious"

He thought about it, was he Slytherin material. Not only would he be the first Weasley to ever be sorted into Slytherin, but his family were blood traitors as well. That couldn't bode well for him in any capacity in the den of snakes. He was disappointed, and scared. But more importantly, he was determined. If the hat thought it was best he would work hard to make it his own house. To have friends and be the best Slytherin he could be. Maybe change how people think of the house. He sat up in the chair and looked at all the students who stared right back at him. Then the hat made their verdict.

"Ahh, yes my mind is made up now, without a doubt in my mind, It better be… HUFFLEPUFF!"

He could hear the Hufflepuff table as they cheered loudly, it filled the Great Hall, and he even heard some of them cheer like the twins did about Harry. They cheered, "We Got Ronald. We Got Ronald" and he looked at his brothers. They didn't look too shocked and even clapped for him. He saw the smirks Fred and George gave him and he knew that he was never going to live this down, the amount of shite he was going to get from them was astounding. But what he felt the most at the moment was confusion, so he directed it at the hat.

'What? You said I was going to Slytherin, I was prepared and everything.'

As he finished the thought the hat was lifted by Professor McGonagall before she was interrupted by the hat.

"Minerva dear, I would appreciate it if you would lay me on young Ronald's head once more. I have some parting wisdom I would like to share with him if you don't mind."

She looked confused and shook her head "After the sorting the child goes to his or her house, you have never stayed on the head of a child already sorted,"

The hat sounded smug as they replied " Yes, I am well aware of that, as I have been doing this much longer than you dear."

Professor McGonagall looked flustered at that and looked to the Headmaster for support.

"I don't see why we shouldn't, it could be in Ronald's best interest to hear such wise words from one older than us all" The Headmaster agreed and added a genial nod for good measure.

McGonagall looked resigned and laid the hat on his head once more.

If the Great Hall had been interested before, it's curiosity had burst and overflowed now. Once again all eyes were on him, as they always tended to be.

'Quite the spectacle we're making,' the hat laughed.

'You said I was going to be sorted into Slytherin, why put me through that if I wasn't going'

The hat hummed and replied ' I wanted to see how you reacted, at first you were disappointed but then you decided to make the most of the opportunity you had been given. You vowed that with hard work you would make friends, fit in, and be the best Slytherin you could. If that's not a Hufflepuff response, I don't know what is'

Ron just wanted to sit down and eat and this hat was taking the piss' Please just get to the point'

'I don't have one I'm afraid. I just wanted to see if they'd let me do this. I'm honestly quite shocked that they did, didn't think i'd get this far. Well, I suppose I could scrounge up some wise words for you anyway. Remember Ronald the House doesn't define the wizard but it will always be a part of them.'

'That's it, that's the best you got' he said in disbelief at the barmy hat

'I suppose so, for now anyway"

'Wait what do you mean for now?, Hat!'

"Minerva you can take me off now, I believe I have said everything needed to be said, now onto the last boy who seems to have endless patience" the hat said

And like that the hat was off his head and he was herded towards his table. He walked and sat down. He listened to his housemates congratulate him and pat him on the back. But all he could think about was the hat's words. Despite how utterly insane that hat was he did have a point. What he couldn't understand was why anybody would think that a person was destined to be a certain way because of the sorting. He might have thought so once upon a time but he was a child at the time and he certainly didn't think so anymore. That was probably a lie, but he was starting to understand that now at least. Almost being sorted into Slytherin and being sorted into Hufflepuff made him think about the different reputations each house had.

Hufflepuff's were supposed to be duffers and here he sat amongst them. He sighed and looked around at his housemates, at all the smiling faces, and listened to the laughter. He was a little sad to not have been in Gryffindor, but he couldn't help but feel that he was exactly where he was supposed to be.