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Sasara got home without much fuss, dinner and beer from the corner store in hand.

…Rosho's home. He got to Rosho's home. 

But they were dating and they'd talked about it and Sasara had a key so it was fine. It was fine. They'd even discussed him coming over beforehand! They had something special planned for tonight. He opened the door. "I'm back!"

Rosho didn't respond. He was, ah, er. Occupied, currently.

He was on the couch, being fingered by Rei.

Well, this had been the plan. He didn't think they'd start without him, but.

Rei moved his hand—Sasara couldn't see exactly how—and pulled the cutest moan out of Rosho.

But Sasara certainly wasn't complaining.

They'd talked about this. It had been a few weeks ago. Some drinks were had, lips were loosened, pasts were divulged. Sasara might've talked about a few flings he'd had between his breakup with Rosho and getting back together. When he prodded Rosho for the same— "C'mon, c'mon, you probably met some great guys or gals going through school to be a teacher, right?" —Rosho spilled that he hadn't seen anyone since Sasara. Which… Sasara felt all kinds of bad and good and weird about that, but at the time he'd mostly felt drunk, so he declared that Rosho officially had his permission to sleep with someone else, but he wanted to be a part of it. Because the more he thought about it, the hotter it got.

That someone else ended up, somehow, being Rei. So now Sasara was going to watch his boyfriend get pounded by their teammate.

He was… more excited than he'd like to admit. "I'm gonna sit here," he said, settling on the floor next to the coffee table. He cracked open a beer. This was about Rosho getting a chance to sleep with someone other than Sasara, so he didn't have any plans to join in. He just wanted to watch.

And what a sight it was. Rosho was lying down, head against the armrest of the couch. His pants were off. Rei was over him, fully clothed, hand between his thighs. The flush on Rosho's face, the noises he was making, the twitching of his hips—there was no doubt what that hand was doing.

Rosho threw his head back in pleasure, but—he caught Sasara's eye. The blissed out look on his face disappeared, replaced with concern. "S-Sasara…" he mumbled. Ah, was him watching no good? He wanted Rosho to be able to feel as good as he could through this, so he'd step out of view if need be, but… 

"Hey," Rei said. He put his free hand on Rosho's cheek, guiding his gaze back to him. "Look at me."

With those simple words (and probably some devilish maneuver of his fingers, if the way Rosho's toes curled was any indication), Rei directed all attention back to himself. Rosho went back to feeling everything Rei was giving him, unworried about Sasara's presence. So, he wouldn't need to step out, after all, huh. Rei really was the right choice for this. He had enough experience that Rosho could give himself over to him completely.

Rei pulled his hand away, and Sasara could see the sheen of lube on his fingers. "Let's change positions," he purred. He pulled Rosho up and into his lap, facing him. Facing away from Sasara.

But this position did give Sasara a great view of Rosho's ass, so. No complaints on his end.

Then Rei put his fingers back. Sasara could see what he was doing, now. He had two fingers inside of Rosho, curved at an angle that would've definitely been hitting his prostate. And Rei had such big hands, too.

When he added a third finger, Rosho's head fell to Rei's shoulder. Would he come just like this, around Rei's fingers? Sasara couldn't tell if Rei was touching him in front. Rosho certainly wasn't touching himself; his hands were on either side of Rei's head, clutching the back of the couch.

Rosho got a momentary respite when Rei pulled away to unzip his pants and roll a condom on. Sasara only saw how big he was when he lined up to enter Rosho, and… Ah. Yeah, yes. That was something Sasara wouldn't be able to give him, that's for sure. Sasara stared, watching Rei's cock slowly push in, a long whine escaping Rosho.

Sasara hadn't touched his beer.

He wanted to stay calm. He didn't want to draw their attention, distract either of them from the pleasure Rosho was getting right now. But Sasara's jeans were getting so tight.

Who was he kidding? Neither of them were going to pay any attention to him. They were completely absorbed in each other right now. Rei started to thrust his hips upwards. Slowly, not too deep. He wouldn't go any faster than Rosho wanted him to.

But Rosho wasn't having it. He lowered hips hips and started riding Rei's dick. He was so needy, so desperate to have Rei fuck him—Sasara had never seen him quite like this. This was a totally different side to Rosho. He started begging, too, little whimpers of "Please, more, please—" 

Thank god Sasara got to be here to witness it.

He groped his hard-on through his pants. Did he dare jack off to the incredible sight of his boyfriend eagerly riding another man's massive cock? To his sweet moans mixed with Rei's grunts of exertion?

Sasara would be a fool not to, honestly. Who knew when he'd get to see this again, if ever? He wasn't sure if Rosho would want to make it a regular thing, or leave it at just the once. Sasara didn't mind either way. This was all for Rosho, after all.

It was all for Rosho, but he was still thoroughly enjoying it. He tugged himself out of his pants and took himself in hand.

He tried matching their pace, but that wasn't quite working. It was a little erratic. Rosho looked like he was going to come, but—but Rei held his hips. He slowed him down. He didn't let him chase that completion.

"Wh—why?" Rosho panted.

Rei, smooth as ever, said just loud enough for Sasara to hear—"Your boyfriend's just starting to enjoy himself. Let's give him some time to catch up."

Ah… So Rei had been keeping an eye on him the whole time.

Rosho's twitching stilled. He really had forgotten that Sasara was there… Was he alright being reminded of that? Had the evening come to an end, just like that? Sasara watched him. Rosho didn't try to turn around and look at him… What was going through his head?

He started moving again.

Slowly. Slowly, Rosho raised and lowered himself, a far cry from the desperate rhythm from before.

Then he put a hand behind himself, and he spread his asscheeks.



He wanted Sasara to watch. Well, Sasara was happy to oblige. The view had been just fine before, but now Sasara could fully see where the two of them were connected, could watch Rei's cock slide in and out of Rosho as he rode him.

This was a pace Sasara could match. Oh, Rosho was so hot. Maybe moreso when he was desperate, earlier, but—right now, putting on a show just for Sasara? How could he not be completely enamored?

Rei took one of his hands off of Rosho's hips. What was he planning on doing with—ah. Rosho moaned and lost all that composure he'd just had. Rei'd likely wrapped a hand around his cock.

"If you do that, I'm going to—"

"Don't you think he'll want to see you come?"


Rei thrust up into him to drive his point home, and to drive Rosho back to the brink of orgasm. Rosho wasn't holding himself open or showing off anymore, but Sasara didn't care. He just wanted to watch Rosho enjoy himself. Sasara pumped his cock, all thoughts of timing or making himself last completely gone as he saw Rosho come undone. When Rosho moaned and cried out Rei's name, whole body tensing—Sasara came with him.

Rei came inside of Rosho with a groan.

After a second of panting, coming down from his orgasm, Rosho muttered, "I can't believe I did that…"

"He seemed to like it," Rei said, nodding in Sasara's direction.

Rosho finally turned to look at Sasara. His face was… uncertain, maybe? Like Rosho wasn't quite sure how to react to this situation. Yeah, Sasara wasn't sure how to act, either.

"Uh…" he said, "thank you very cuck…?"

Rosho threw the used condom at him.