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Doppo had gained weight recently.

Not a lot , but enough for Hifumi to notice. It didn't show so much in his face, but his body was a little thicker, a little softer… Well, it made sense. Doppo had a desk job, he didn't have the greatest diet (calorie bars and instant noodles for lunch, oh boy), and… maybe Hifumi had been going a little hard with the buttery recipes for dinner lately.

He'd spotted Doppo worrying about it. Staring at himself in the mirror, poking at his stomach. He'd gotten self-conscious. Hifumi didn't like it, didn't like seeing Doppo so unsure of himself.

Because he loved Doppo, of course, and didn't like seeing him upset, but also because, uh. Hifumi really liked how Doppo looked. He thought it was adorable, and he just wanted to hug him and squeeze him and tell him how cute he was. And also do more than just hug and squeeze Doppo, because on top of being adorable, he was… kind of hot? Hifumi kind of thought the extra padding around his chest and his ass and his thighs was just… really hot. Yeah. He couldn't deny that he was into it.

Doppo must not've been, though. They hadn't had sex in a while. Like, they were both busy, sure, but it'd seriously been a while. Hifumi wasn't sure how much longer he could take it.

So, one lovely Saturday morning, Hifumi snuck into Doppo's bedroom and crawled under the covers. He'd done this dozens of times. What better way to wake Doppo up than to make him feel good, right? Hopefully he'd be too sleepy to be self-conscious. He tugged Doppo's sweatpants down and put his mouth to work, tonguing over the spots he knew from years of experience that Doppo just loved. He heard him groan above him. Was he waking up? Good! Hifumi wanted his efforts to be appreciated. He loved Doppo's dick, of course, but he'd much rather have him as an enthusiastic participant.

"Hifumi…" Doppo said. He lifted up the covers and looked down at him.

"Mnnppo!" Hifumi said, so excited that he didn't even pull off before he started talking. "Mm, good morning, Doppomine!"

Doppo replied, "Good morning," and, oh, what was on his lips but the sweetest little smile! Hifumi's day was made already. He couldn't help but jump up and give him a hug.

"We haven't done it lately, so I thought you might like some encouragement this morning," Hifumi said.

"Ah, I guess we haven't, huh… Sorry. I haven't been… up to it."

"You're feeling bad 'cause you've gained weight, right?" Hifumi said, not bothering with subtlety. Better to be honest, so that they could clear the air as soon as possible! "I don't mind, though! I'll love you no matter what size you are."

"I… well, yes, that's it, but… really? Why in the world would you love someone that can't even take care of himself…"

Hifumi giggled. "You couldn't take care of yourself before you gained weight, either, though."

"N-no, I guess I couldn't…"

"And, y'know, it's not really just about loving you at any size… Having a little extra junk in the trunk has its perks, right?" He reached around and groped Doppo's ass (lovingly). Oh, he hadn't gotten to do that in forever. It was so soft. Hifumi kneaded his fingers into him; Doppo squeaked. "It's kinda hot."

"It's… hot," Doppo said, disbelieving. 

Hifumi gave him another squeeze for good measure and said, "Mm-hmm. There's more of you to love. In all the right places, too."

Doppo still looked dubious. That was definitely something Hifumi could fix. He just needed to show him how much he loved him.

He (reluctantly) pulled his hands away from Doppo's cute butt and lifted up his shirt. He felt over his stomach, which was of course soft and adorable and worthy of kisses, but not his goal right now. No, his goal was his pecs, which had grown to a delightful size. Perfectly suited to Hifumi's grope-happy hands. Oh, but he'd left Doppo hanging down there, hadn't he? One hand went back to Doppo's hard dick, and the other felt up his chest. And he licked the nipple on the other side, just so that it didn't feel left out.

He felt Doppo squirming and heard him groaning… All the sights and sounds were getting to Hifumi. He wanted Doppo to feel good, absolutely, that was the number one goal, but Hifumi was seriously horny. Better to be up front about these things: "Doppo, I really want to fuck you right now."

Because that ass was just so cute and soft and Hifumi wanted to pound it.

Doppo nodded.

Hifumi tossed off the blanket, got the lube from the nightstand, and settled back between Doppo's legs. He tugged his sweatpants off in half a second, and got on to the important things, like squeezing Doppo's thighs. His thick, supple thighs that Hifumi's fingers sunk right into when he gripped them. His hands wandered a little higher, too, up to Doppo's ass that he'd so sadly had to stop touching earlier. With the pants gone, Hifumi could see and feel just how round it was now, feel the way the soft flesh melded to his fingers when he groped it, feel—

"Um," Doppo said, "Aren't you going to fuck me…"

"Oops." Hifumi giggled. "I got distracted. You're too sexy, Doppo."

He could still have one hand feeling up Doppo's ass while he prepped him, so he gladly kept it there. One finger, two fingers, lots of lube—that should do it. Doppo was whining, so he'd probably appreciate Hifumi moving things along.

Before he thrust in, Hifumi couldn't help but slide his cock between Doppo's asscheeks a bit. Oh, he hoped Doppo would let him fuck his thighs some day. That'd feel great.

Hifumi moaned as he thrust into Doppo's entrance. He was holding his ass to keep him up at the right angle, and he made sure to appreciate the handfuls of softness he was getting the chance to grope while he fucked him.

And Doppo's ass wasn't even the only good thing about this right now. He looked up, and oh—with every thrust, Doppo's stomach and pecs shook. So cute. And his face? All flushed red and with eyes closed in pleasure and with moans falling from his lips each time Hifumi hit his sweet spot? Adorable! Hifumi thrust harder. He wanted Doppo to feel good, to come around him, to know how much Hifumi loved him.

He'd always love him, no matter what size he was. But this size might really be the best.