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Coming Home Someday

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Two Years Later...


Muted sunlight is streaming in through the windows when she wakes and Felicity sighs happily before she nestles deeper beneath the blankets. Beside her, there’s a soft stirring and then a strong arm wraps around her middle, drawing her against a familiar, broad chest. 

“Good morning, beautiful.” 

“Mmm… Good morning yourself, handsome,” Felicity exhales as she turns over in his embrace so she’s nose to nose with Oliver. She smiles at him and nuzzles his face with her nose. This? This is something she never tires of. Waking up to him. Especially when she’s spent the last week out of town for one of her biannual visits to National City to ensure that Smoak Tech’s office there is running smoothly. Even now, two years after starting it up, she likes to be involved in all her major Smoak Tech offices - which now also include Metropolis, Gotham, and Central City locations. 

The growth of her company has been great. But as much as she enjoys traveling and seeing how successful the company she created has grown, there’s nothing quite like coming home. Spending a week away from Oliver always leaves her hungering for time with him. And she is positively drinking it up now. Pressing a soft kiss to the corner of his lips, she murmurs softly to him. “What time is it?” 

“Five forty two,” Oliver answers her with a drowsy grin and Felicity’s lips pull into a smile just before he closes the gap between them with a soft and slow, still sleepy kiss. 

“Eighteen minutes before the alarm goes off. Hmm… I wonder what we could do in eighteen minutes …?” Felicity trails off playfully as they break apart, giggling as she feels one of Oliver’s hands slip beneath the faded Starling City Thunder tee - his tee, though she’s never given it back to him since the morning after their first time together more than two years ago. She’d attempted to give it back to him, of course, but he’d insisted he liked it better on her. And well… she does like wearing his clothes.

His fingers tickle along her sides before slipping up higher still with one hand, while the other begins to slowly pull the shirt up as if to pull it off of her. It’s right about then that there’s a knock on the bedroom door and Felicity and Oliver freeze. Felicity swallows back a laugh even as Oliver quietly groans and buries his face against her. 

“Dad? I can’t sleep.” 

William’s voice is muffled by the closed door and Felicity knows that Oliver is going to be incorrigible until he can get her to himself, but interruptions, she has learned, are a part of parenthood. 

“Come on in buddy!” Oliver answers just before he lifts his head up and plants a serious smooch on her lips. “We’re going to resume this later,” he growls playfully at her after he pulls away and she grins back up at him as the door to their bedroom opens. 

“I’m going to hold you to that,” Felicity murmurs back suggestively. 

Her attention immediately jumps from Oliver to William though, and Felicity sits up in bed and spreads her arms out wide and invitingly to the boy opens the door and slips inside the master bedroom. These visits have grown less frequent over the last couple years, what with William nearing thirteen now, so they are all the more precious now. “Bubs! What’s up? Did you have a bad dream? Come here, your dad and I will help you sleep.” 

William trots over to the bed and wastes little time in clambering up in between the couple. Oliver tousles the boy’s hair lovingly and gives him a fierce bear hug before William scoots over so he’s flush against Felicity in the most perfect little kid little spoon she’s ever seen. Her arms wrap around him fondly and Felicity presses a kiss to the top of his head as she lays back down on the bed, still cradling William in her arms.

“No, I didn’t have a nightmare. I just couldn’t sleep any longer,” William sighs and Felicity smiles as she rubs his back comfortingly, delighted to be receiving these sorts of cuddles. She has a feeling the boy won’t be much for cuddles with his dad’s girlfriend for much longer. Teenage years, she’s told, can be a real rough go of it. So she’s going to soak up every minute with this kid while he’ll still let her. 

Yes, it would have been nice to kick the day off with a romantic wakeup call with Oliver. But this? Holding William close while lying in bed with Oliver? There’s something pretty incredible about that too. It stirs something deep inside her heart that she never knew was there before. Motherly instincts she never knew she had come roaring to life anytime William is involved and while she knows she’s not his mom, she loves him as if he were her own son. 

She nuzzles the top of his head for a moment longer before she glances at the man lying in the bed opposite of her and what she sees makes her fall still. Oliver is watching her with eyes that positively glow. How that man is capable of just oozing and radiating love, she’ll never know. But he is. And he does so now, as he watches her with William. His lips are quirked in a faint, tender smile and as he realizes she’s caught him staring, it becomes a full blown grin.

I. Love. You. He mouths the words at her, careful and slow and Felicity smiles at him as her heart swells. Never in a million years would she have guessed that she would find ‘home’ laying in bed with Oliver Queen, with his son snuggled against her. But this is home. It’s home more than any place she rented on her own before she moved in with the guys last year. It’s more ‘home’ even than her childhood home back in Nevada. It occurs to her that maybe, she’s been searching for home all this time. And she never found it before now but it was right here all along. With Oliver - and William. 

‘Home’ is unexpected in a million wonderful ways. And she loves it so much it hurts. 

‘Home’ is wherever her boys are. Home is in their embrace and in their eyes and in their smiles. Felicity relaxes with a sigh and reaches one hand across William’s still little figure, her fingers touching lightly on Oliver’s arm. He smiles back at her and his hand reaches up to snare her own and he holds it tight. As she watches, he scoots closer, so that the space between them is only as big as the area that William takes up. Face to face, their eyes lock, matching smiles stealing across their lips. 

Never, in all her life, has Felicity felt such pure, unadulterated love as she does when Oliver looks at her. But even as they stare at each other, she senses something else in his gaze. Mischief.

“Hey bud,” Oliver murmurs in William’s ear and the boy turns his head to face his father, blinking at him with surprisingly alert eyes. “Do you think we should ask Felicity our questions now?” Oliver prods and William flashes a glowing smile and nods. Felicity quirks a brow at Oliver, puzzled, but he refuses to meet her gaze as William sits up in between the pair, Oliver quickly following suit.

Well this is definitely a deviation from their normal morning routine.

Felicity has learned that Oliver is very much a fan of romantic gestures. It’s not unusual for him to make her breakfast in bed, to surprise her with dessert, send flowers to her office, or buy her little gifts ‘just because’. She assumes this right now is more of that same brand of sweet and thoughtful.

It isn’t. This is something else entirely, as it turns out.  

William scrambles off of the bed and goes tearing out of the bedroom so fast he doesn’t even bother to close the door behind him. In a flash, he ducks back into the room, holding his baseball glove reverently between both hands. He looks to Oliver for encouragement and she watches as Oliver nods and gives William a supportive smile before he hops off the bed and goes to the nightstand. After grabbing something out of the drawer, Oliver comes to stand behind his son, beaming proudly. 

“Felicity, we have a question for you,” Oliver explains brightly only to be interrupted by William.

“TWO questions!” he corrects his father enthusiastically and Felicity chuckles as she sits up in bed, regarding both boys smilingly. 

Two whole questions huh? Sounds serious,” she teases, feeling content and relaxed until she meets Oliver’s eyes and sees something there. She can’t say why precisely but there’s something in his eyes that tells her this mischief of his is serious. And suddenly, Felicity is sitting up a little straighter, staring at the pair even more attentively. 

Oliver makes a move first; he places a folder in her lap very carefully before retreating back behind William, one hand on the boy’s shoulder as he watches her. Felicity’s eyes flick from the folder to Oliver and back again, completely puzzled. What is so serious that he’s put it in a folder? 

“Am I being served?” Felicity jokes softly, though Oliver’s silence doesn’t precisely reassure. Her fingers flip the folder open easily and as she withdraws the papers within, Felicity feels her heart darn near stop working. Emblazoned at the top of the page in bold, uppercase letters are the words that are about to change her life - their lives - forever. 


For a moment, she can’t breathe. She’s distantly aware of tears crowding the corners of her eyes and blurring her vision as she scans the rest of the page, hardly daring to believe it as she sees William and Oliver’s names both printed in the blanks and Oliver’s signature. There’s a line with her name neatly typed and a blank line awaiting her signature. 

“Remember when you and Dad told me you were dating? And you said that what we call each other didn’t have to change?” William supplies and Felicity looks at the boy in teary wonder and nods. “Felicity, I wanna change what I call you,” William elaborates with a wide smile before he looks up  at his father expectantly.

“Felicity,” Oliver murmurs tenderly from his vantage behind William, “we would like to ask you to officially adopt William.” 

Felicity feels her heart take off like a jackrabbit and she looks at William first and then at Oliver, opening and closing her mouth a few times though no words come out. Adopt William? She never dreamed this day would come. But she loves that boy in front of her so much, there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for him. He already feels like family to her. She would lay down her life for him. Adopt him? It’s an easy question on its own. The hard part is all the other questions that it raises. 

What does that mean for her and Oliver? How does that change their relationship? If she’s adopting William, she wants a say in his life and his upbringing and her opinions may not always match Oliver’s. But when that happens, if she does this, Felicity expects these decisions to be conversations between her and Oliver. They have to co-parent. Together. One team, always fighting for William. Together. 

That’s a bold move for a woman that is only the girlfriend. But if Felicity is going to adopt William, she’s not half assing it. She’s going to do everything in her power to take care of him and to be the best adoptive mother she can be.

Holy frak. This is really happening. Being a mom is officially really seriously truly on the table. 

What will William’s grandparents think of this? They’ve been largely supportive of Felicity and Oliver’s relationship so far, even going so far as to warm up to Oliver in the last two years. But will they still like her when she’s poised to legally become their grandson’s adoptive mother? And what of Oliver’s own family? Thea has been over the moon about Felicity and Oliver dating but Moira has been cold and distant. It’s only been in the last few months that Felicity has really seen any signs of thaw there. She seems reluctantly tolerant at best of the couple. What will she say about Felicity adopting William? Felicity doesn’t want to cause any drama for Oliver or for William. Even if the very idea of legally adopting William has her heart fit to burst with love. 

“You’re serious?” Felicity confirms, still a little blown away that this is happening. William and Oliver both smile and nod. “Oliver...I-If I do this… I’m in all the way. I’m not doing this in half measures. If I adopt him… We are co-parents. Forever. A-Are you ready for that? Because I don’t want him to get hurt. No matter what happens with us, with our relationship? I would be William’s adoptive Mom. You’d be stuck with me - permanently. Parenting? That is a lifelong commitment. For as long as I live, I’d be William’s adoptive mother.”

Felicity pauses and fixes her attention on William, not wanting him to feel overlooked or forgotten or for her concerns to make him feel unwanted.

“You mean the world to me, big man. I love you so much. I only want to do this if this is the best thing for you. Does that make sense?” 

William nods, still clutching his baseball glove between his hands as Oliver tousles the boy’s hair, glancing down at his son with a gentle smile. 

“We’re very serious, Felicity. I - we - have given this a lot of thought. We’ve talked about it. A lot. We’ve even talked with his grandparents about it and they’re supportive. William and I both love you very much and we want you to be part of this family. Forever. Permanently. For life,” he smiles, repeating some of her earlier words to emphasize his point. At this point, Oliver pats William and the boy grins even wider. 

“Felicity, will you play catch with me?” 

Still reeling, Felicity blinks at the boy and then at Oliver but nods faintly, sensing that there is a reason for this question, though what it is, she has no idea.

“S-Sure, Bubs,” she breathes, watching as William bounces in place, clutching his glove in his hands. With a quick motion, he winds up his arm and with a light toss, Felicity instinctively finds herself grabbing for the dark object he throws. To her great surprise, she catches it and instead of the ball she has been expecting, she finds herself looking at a small wooden box.

With shaking fingers, she locates a seam and pops the box open; it splits neatly in two along its hinges, revealing a not insubstantial diamond engagement ring within. 

Felicity draws a quavering breath and looks up to the boys, only to find them both down on one knee in front of her and she nearly laughs and cries all at once. 

“Felicity Megan Smoak,” Oliver sighs quietly, beaming at her with the force of the sun, “-would you do us the great joy of joining our family by marrying me and adopting William?” 

Butterflies. Sunshine. Warmth. 

It is as if the final piece of a puzzle has been fitted into place. Felicity’s chest feels tight with the ever expanding bubble of her profound joy but instead of bursting, it just keeps growing. Oliver has asked her to adopt William. He has asked her to marry him. And William has been a part of the conversation - he wants her. 

It is impossible to say which question and which declaration of forever means more. All she knows is that she deeply, profoundly, utterly loves the Queen boys. And she has every intention of making them hers forever. 

“Yes,” she half cries, half laughs. “Yes!”

“To which question?” Oliver beams playfully and she laughs as she slips the ring over her finger and grabs up the folder with the adoption papers. Thankfully, Oliver has thought to clip a pen on the inside flap and she uses it now, signing her name with a flourish on the blank line. 

“To both. To all of it. To both of you. To us. To our family. To forever,” she breathes, drawing William into her arms so she can pepper kisses all over his face and head. “Yes, I will adopt you!” She then grabs Oliver by his white tee and hauls him to her lips so she can plant a deep, joyous kiss on him. When they break apart her lips hover over his, her eyes twinkling as she looks at him. 

“And yes, I will marry you, Oliver Queen.”

She’s come home.