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"Gentarooo," Dice whined.

Gentaro was becoming very adept at ignoring that whine. He continued reading.

Dice continued his whinging from his place next to Gentaro on the bed. "Can we have sex? It's been days."

It certainly had been days, though not through any fault of Gentaro's. Dice had gotten himself in debt to unscrupulous organizations again, had been flown against his will to Hokkaido to harvest scallops, and then hitchhiked back to Tokyo when it turned out his debtors had no intention of giving him a way back. He'd shown up at Gentaro's doorstep in fishing waders.

Gentaro had already penned a short story based on the tale, pending publication.

But right now, he really wanted to finish this book. One last chapter, and he'd happily set it down and indulge Dice. "Can't you wait?"

"Don't wanna wait, I'm already in your bed! C'mon, please? Pleeease."

How annoying. Gentaro grabbed a pillow and tossed it at his face.

That did get Dice to stop talking for a second. But, alas, it was only a second. He held the pillow and got back to his whining.

"Can't you amuse yourself until I'm done?" Gentaro sighed.

"By myself? I mean… I guess."

And then he shut up, so Gentaro ignored whatever it was he was doing over there.

Until Dice started panting. Couldn't he be quiet? What was he doing? Gentaro looked, only to see him… with his hand down his underwear. Well. Fine. That wasn't what Gentaro meant by "amuse yourself," but it was one possible interpretation, so. He'd just try to tune him out. It was keeping Dice from bothering him, at least.

He was hard to tune out. Did he need to breathe so loudly? And he was shifting the whole bed. Gentaro didn't look. He wanted to finish his book. Just a few more pages.

…What was that rhythmic noise? The bed was creaking so much. How much did he need to be moving? Was he not just touching himself? Okay, Gentaro would just take a peek, to satisfy his curiosity.

Ah. No, Dice wasn't just touching himself. He was grinding against the pillow.

Gentaro… tried not to look. Not because he was trying to read anymore. No, no, the sight of Dice was far too enticing for that. He just didn't want Dice to notice him and stop. Not before Gentaro had gotten his fill of the image in front of him.

Gentaro had only seen his hips move like that from, well… from certain angles. It was completely different getting to drink in the sight of those sinuous movements from a distance. His face was red, his breath escaping his lips as hot sighs while he humped the pillow as though he were fucking someone… He brought his hand to his face and pushed sweat-slicked hair back from his furrowed brow. Such a determined expression, one that Gentaro could normally only see above him when he was begging and pleading for Dice to go harder, deeper, more—Mm, that was a dangerous train of thought to go down right now. If he kept that up, he'd be shoving Dice down on the bed and riding him without a second thought. 

A low groan rumbled out of Dice. The pillow couldn't be enough, could it? And he still had his underwear on, as stretched as it was around his hard length… How long would he do this for? Oh, look at the way his abs flexed as he moved. And he could see his ass from this angle, too. That wasn't something he was used to seeing in these circumstances (which was truly a shame, since he did love Dice's ass). Gentaro was enthralled.

"So," Dice said, "you're not reading anymore, right?"

Damn it. Gentaro was caught. Whether Dice had really been trying to amuse himself and distracting Gentaro was just a happy coincidence for him, or if that was the goal he'd set out on from the beginning—either way, the book was sitting forgotten in his hands.

Dice knew he was right, so he stopped abusing the poor pillow. But… Hm, no, Gentaro could watch that for a little longer. "What are you doing, stopping like that?" he said. "You're the one who decided to defile my belongings. Shouldn't you at least see it through?"

"What?" Dice whined. "C'mon, I wasn't seriously trying to—"

"No, no, I told you to amuse yourself, so certainly, that must be what you're doing. Keep going, I don't want to interrupt."

Gentaro didn't mean it as an order, per se. If Dice protested, Gentaro would give in without a moment's hesitation.

But one of the wonderful things about Dice was that he was unlikely to protest anything Gentaro requested of him.

He kept going, rocking his hips against the pillow. His movements were less steady than before… Ah, well, he had been trying to put on a show earlier. He'd been trying to distract Gentaro away from the book. But now he'd succeeded at that, and his only goal was that which Gentaro gave him. His only goal was to get off.

He'd gone from a skilled, smoldering hotness to a cute, whimpering mess, trying desperately to get the right friction from the pillow. He whined. His body wasn't moving in sensual curves anymore; he was twitching, rocking, grinding, doing whatever he could to get pressure on his dick from a pillow that just wouldn't give it to him. His face was still red, but now his eyes were half-lidded as he tried to focus on pleasure that wouldn't come. 

"It's not enough," he whimpered. "Gentaro… Please, I want you."

Oh, Dice begging for him like that was too much. "Fine," he said. He'd had his fun. He'd watched Dice get his comeuppance for trying to distract him like that; he'd give in. All Gentaro's composure was surface-level. He was sure that the second Dice was on top of him, he'd fall apart. "Since you want it so badly."

Dice jumped on top of him and, predictably, Gentaro fell apart.