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Going Trick or Treating

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“A-Ling! A-Ling hurry up! We’re going to be late,” Jiang Cheng yelled from the living room. He checked the time on his watch. If Jin Ling didn’t come out of his room in the next five minutes, he was going in.

“I’m coming, Jiujiu!” Jin Ling replied loudly, and sure enough, he appeared in front of Jiang Cheng a minute later.

Jiang Cheng blinked at Jin Ling’s attire. He was wearing an all-white outfit. Everything from his shoes to his shirt was plain white. He looked like a ghost. “And what are you supposed to be? A ghost?” Wasn’t that a bit too common, a bit too obvious? Or as Jin Ling called it ‘too basic’?

Jin Ling was a boy that loved wearing dark colours. Purple, red, navy blue sometimes, but not black. Never black. That was a signature colour reserved for someone else.

Jin Ling levelled Jiang Cheng with an even look, completely blank, before he spoke in a neutral tone. “You are not qualified to talk to me.”

Jiang Cheng froze, starting to work up his anger as a frown made its way onto his face. He would probably say something along the lines of ‘you think you can speak to your jiujiu however you want just because you’ve grown up a little?’ But then he noticed the small curve of Jin Ling’s lips and the way his eyes had lit up with a hopeful look in them.

And it suddenly hit him. Oh.

“You’re going as Lan Wangji,” Jiang Cheng stated, and Jin Ling nodded his head enthusiastically, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

“Jiujiu, who are you dressed up as?” Jin Ling asked.

Jiang Cheng widened his arms. “Guess?” He was wearing all black with a red ribbon tied around his waist and another one on his wrist.

“Wei Wuxian!” Jin Ling excitedly exclaimed. “You’re going as Wei Wuxian for Halloween.”

“I just heard someone call out my name.” A familiar voice spoke from the entrance to Jiang Cheng’s apartment. He rolled his eyes before opening the door, with Jin Ling practically skipping behind him.

As Jiang Cheng opened the door, his jaw dropped. “What the hell?!”

Wei Wuxian’s eyes widened as he looked at Jiang Cheng too. “The fuck?!”

Standing in front of Jiang Cheng was a Wei Wuxian who wore a purple turtleneck sweater and black jeans. He had his hair tied up in a man-bun with a purple ribbon and he wore purple shoes. Jiang Cheng’s head spun. It was too much purple. Jiang Cheng did not dress up like this!

“Jin Ling, do you want to guess who I am?” Wei Wuxian asked, before he suddenly furrowed his brows and frowned deeply. “A-Ling,” his voice lowered unnaturally, “you are grounded for life!

“Jiujiu!” Jin Ling jumped as he answered. “You’re dressed up as Jiujiu.”

Jiang Cheng crossed his arms. “I do not look like that,” he replied, pretending to be offended. Wei Wuxian only shrugged, the asshole, as he walked past him and entered the apartment.

“Sure, you do,” he said. “By the way, good job trying to be me. You’ve almost got it right.”

“Almost?” Jiang Cheng icily asked, glaring at his brother.

“Well, yeah. I just never look this grumpy,” Wei Wuxian said as he casually draped himself across the sofa, putting his legs up on the glass table.

“Wei Wuxian!” Jiang Cheng pushed Wei Wuxian’s feet off of his table. “Behave yourself.”

Huffing out a breath, Wei Wuxian sat up straight. Jiang Cheng glanced over at Lan Wangji, who wasn’t dressed any differently, and then at Lan Sizhui. “Who are you supposed to be, kid?” He was dressed similar to Lan Wangji but there was something distinctly different about him. He was wearing a white beard that he kept twirling between his fingers.

“I’m supposed to be Professor Qiren,” Sizhui said, and Jiang Cheng’s eyebrows rose up.

He looked over at Wei Wuxian as he spoke. “Does he know about this?

Wei Wuxian snorted. “We’d be dead by now if he did. By the way, Jin Ling, who are you supposed to be?”

Jin Ling gave Wei Wuxian the same look he had given Jiang Cheng, and he spoke in the same voice. “You are not qualified to talk to me.”

Wei Wuxian’s eyes lit up. “Lan Zhan! You’re dressed up as Lan Zhan. Do you see that Lan Zhan? Isn’t he just the cutest you? Did you look like this when you were a child?”

“Mnn,” Lan Wangji responded, looking at Jin Ling once before his attention shifted back to Wei Wuxian.

“You do a really good impression of Dad, Jin Ling.” Sizhui said, making Jin Ling hold his head up high and tilt his chin up proudly.

“Of course, I do. You’re not bad as Grandpa Qiren either,” Jin Ling replied, observing Sizhui’s outfit carefully.

“Wasn’t my idea,” Jiang Cheng muttered, loud enough for only Wei Wuxian to hear. “Dressing him up as Lan Wangji.”

Wei Wuxian grinned at that and then happily clapped his hands as he looked at the rest of his family. “So, are we ready to go trick or treating?”