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(when spring and winter kissed) their lips were stained in pomegranate

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The myth



The teacher on the 111th floor read an amusing tale today. 


While the curriculum has changed since eons ago, her father once told the girl how drastically bad it was. Back then, early education for children like her with silver hair and vivid sky eyes meant bearing spears to strike another kid with. 


As the girl grew up, with kinder mentors and warmer friends, school was a second home, and the professors served like second parents.


Her teacher taught a fable: of how winter in the Tower came to be. 


After the War of Closing Three-Eyes that ended Jahad’s oppressive empire, snow engulfed half of the floors in a neverending winter. They said many have died due to the freezing temperature, and the higher the floors, the more uninhabitable it becomes.


The ones who climbed the top, the very same group that sparked the rebellion against King Jahad, battled this harsh weather ongoing for centuries. 


On top of the Tower was a beast that froze the citizens in outrage and cry. Whether the reason was because of Jahad’s fall or the rebellion stepping after the 134th floor, the people did not know why. 


Yet the group of Tower conquerors was unable to completely defeat this monster that hailed the coldest of storms. The God of Death arrived to help and locked the beast on the topmost floor with a price.


The God of Death made a deal with the monster: in exchange for the humans and creatures to live on without snow, the monster asked for the last three months of the year to wail and cry its sorrow. Three months , the beast assured, I will cry for three months and everyone can still survive then. 


So far, no winter in the Tower ever surpassed the three-month rule. 


According to the variations of the myth, there were numerous gossips and theories on what happened after. The conquerors of the Tower disappeared to the Outside, while others said they have also died from the killing ice. Some described the beast was once a very beautiful man, while others accounted that the God of Death was kind. 


“The story wasn’t far from the truth,” The girl’s father humored.


Her eyes twinkled in delight, of course, her father must have known something! He was very young during the era of the War, he must have witnessed what entirely transpired at the top of the Tower.


Did he survive the winter too…?


“What happened after?” She asked, her father picked her up and placed her on his lap. The girl steadied her seating, his father often held her in his arms when he recounted the past. 


“You see…” His father began. A long story awaiting for everyone to discover. The stories her father told were too good from the tales because it was wholly different. 


If only anyone would believe her…


“Every year, on top of the Tower, a beautiful man wakes up and falls in love with a monster…”