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(when spring and winter kissed) their lips were stained in pomegranate

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The alternative



On the day the Tower crumbled down, brick by brick, floor by floor, it was a summer afternoon and the skies were cloudless clear.


But it rained.


It rained cold and terrible and the showers fell like diamonds, glinting sharp in direct sunlight.


And it quaked.


The gilded columns reverberated, revealing marks and gaps filled with ice. These lines, almost-like lightning strikes, were the scars of the first time the Tower quaked. The Administrators, Rankers, Regulars, shivered in anxiety as the foreboding feeling of disaster impended.


All the floor residents, regardless of races and religions, status and ranks giving each other a worried glance. An earthquake? A test obstacle? A catastrophe nobody was prepared?


Rain poured harder, droplets into snowflakes. Floors shook harsher, pockets, lighthouses, shinsu losing gravity.


Then the Tower cracked.



On the brightest day of Summer Solstice, Bam was oddly somber for such a sunny day.


Aguero felt the intense pull, the tantalizing magnetism between their skins, and the urge of his lips to place on top of those sadly toned ones. 


However, there was no kiss.


Only a promise as Aguero cupped those memorable cheeks, his palms never forgetting the sensation. His Bam never once hesitating to lean onto the affectionate gesture.


“Bam,” Aguero breathed on those lips confidently, “I love you.”


“Aguero—“ Bam gasped, there were tears on those eyes and Aguero refused to let them fall. There was a sorrow that welled too deep within his emptiness whenever Aguero got too close.


Not again. Not this time.


“We know how it ends,” Aguero eyed the butterfly pin cleverly placed on the branch of the tree. His hands caressed the top of Bam’s chest, a hairpin, the moon to be exact embedded underneath the onyx robes.


“Aguero, please, I’m so so tired.” Bam’s voice was the sound of broken edges, crashing waters.


This was not worth it. Staying on the topmost floor, preserving the millions of lives in floors below down them. Keeping the walls of the Tower frozen, so it won’t deliriously fall.


What Aguero and Bam were protecting everyone from will be nothing , Aguero understood.


It will be nothing if his God of Death will cry in loneliness forever, for three months because of him. Aguero wanted a future, for them to be together.


Let the Tower crumble, Bam doesn’t want to save lives anymore. Bam looks at him pleadingly, clutches his hands strong and tight and he kisses Bam as he knew the truth.


“Let’s flee, love, let’s destroy the curse of us that is this Tower.”


Bam wants him. Only him.


There was no split second hesitation, only a blasphemous tugging on their lips as their hands intertwined together. The cave, the tree, the 183rd floor rumbled, and this , glory kissing as their tongues fought in with a rebellion to their fate.


The yellow, the color of happiness was finally back in Bam’s irises. His hand, once cold and blue was finally warm as he held hands with Bam.


“I love you, Aguero, this Tower doesn’t deserve you.”


The magical tree swayed, the moon hairpin cascading from the branch. The approval of their dearest friend and priest heard as Aguero caught the jeweled accessory.


“This Tower doesn’t deserve us.”


For the first time in a year, Winter never came.



The Tower.


Stone by stone constructed by gods of dragons and fishes, step by step climbed by creatures of folly and pride, test by test forming friendships and breaking bonds.


Floor to floor tilting upside down, dust to dust crumbling sideways, and tear by tear snow drizzling under rays of light.


There was once a Tower designed to take everything away from its climbers, and there was a pair of lovers who conquered the said Tower.


They have brought Spring and Winter, Life and Death in an endless cycle. The God of Death, together with his beautiful monstrous Spring.


When the Tower fell, only those who knew the truth knew what was happening.


“The God of Death will take his Spring away from this Tower.”



When Bam woke up, he was in a cave.


A real cave.


Something heavy and heady rest on his shoulder and when Bam turned, his partner was there. Mesmerizing eyes opened, irises no longer shrinking in icicles, and there was a fond recognition that had Bam hitching in breath.


“Where are we, love?” Aguero yawned, but the man was not tired. Bam thought Aguero was the most beautiful to exist, and he was the luckiest man to have him.


Never mind the debris, ashes and ashes of the Tower with its millions of lives buried by bricks. Bam cannot think about it, not when the repercussions of mirth disappeared, not when the realization dawned on their skins.


“In the cave Outside the Tower...where I woke up.”


“Where Rachel found you?” Aguero teased.


“I built a pile of rocks to reach the ceiling, she’s the one standing there.” Bam rolled his eyes.


When Bam reached to tuck a stray hair of Aguero, he noticed there was something in his palm. Cold and metal rod, Bam didn’t have to check.


Bam pinned the hairpin again in Aguero’s hair, it must have transferred in his hand earlier when they held hands as light engulfed them both in the Tower.


Aguero blushed as Bam finished fixing the silky hair, whispering, “Marry me, Aguero.”


“How many times have we married already?”


“I want to marry you Outside the Tower.” Bam proclaimed, standing up and brushing away the dust in his robes. He offered his hand to Aguero who stared at him in confusion.


“Where are we going?” Aguero asked but took his hand snugly.


“I told you, I built pile of rocks—“


“We’re climbing again?”


“I didn’t get to explore before entering, remember? Besides, your father was an Irregular from the Outside too.”


Aguero snorted, letting Bam pull him up.


“I supposed I’d rather climb this Tower you made, Bam.”


Bam smiled, truthfully, gently, and once they’re both Outside the cave, then maybe, they can forget the memories of the Tower that was made in brokenness.