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Doppo woke up to the smell of someone cooking. And… and he didn't have any pants on.

Right. Right. Last night a demon had broken into his house and they'd had sex and he'd let the demon live in his home. Okay. Bit of a change from his usual routine. Bit of a… a big change. Last night was a whirlwind of bad decisions, so… Doppo would take today a little slower. Maybe if he listened to the upper head a little more than he did the lower, he'd, uh. Make better choices. He threw on some pants and went out to the kitchen.

"Good morning!" Hifumi called. "I'm just fixing up breakfast."

He was wearing an apron. Only an apron.

…The upper head wasn't working right now.

But after last night's activities, neither was the lower, so instead he thought with his stomach and sat down at the kitchen table. "Do you need to eat, uh, real food?"

"It's for you, silly!" Hifumi said with a laugh. (His laugh was like sunshine and Doppo felt all the warring emotions of fondness and guilt fighting in his gut at once.) "I've always wanted to be able to make breakfast for someone the morning after. I've never gotten a chance before!"

He set a plate of eggs and toast down in front of Doppo. The eggs were maybe a little overcooked, but he did say he'd never done this before. Doppo didn't even care about that. He was just happy to get breakfast. "It's delicious," he said with the first bite.

Hifumi beamed at him. Oh, his smile was adorable.

A delicious breakfast made just for him and the beautiful man that'd made it sitting across the table—could every morning be like this? He really hadn't expected this when he'd invited Hifumi to stay. He didn't know what he was expecting, but it wasn't… demonic domesticity. "You're kind of romantic for a demon, aren't you…?"

"You gave me a meal, so it's the least I can do for you, right?"

"Mm… I guess." Hifumi's meal… that'd been thoroughly enjoyable for Doppo, too, though. At least, once he fought through the guilt and, like, various repressed priest feelings. The guilt was back now. How could he repent from this? Could God possibly forgive him?

He finished eating. Hifumi took his plate and started cleaning up, humming some song Doppo didn't know as he did.

Did he even want to repent?

Doppo needed to do his daily prayers. That was his job. What did his prayers matter, though, when he'd debased himself so thoroughly? He couldn't guide any lost souls when he'd strayed so far from the path. Who was he to try to tell other how to best reach God when he was just—

"You seem stressed," Hifumi said.

Was he that obvious…?

"You know what's a good way to de-stress?"

Doppo was pretty sure he knew where this was going, but he still said, "What…?"


That was about what he'd expected, yeah. "I can't… I have to do my prayers."

Doppo waited for Hifumi to come over to his side of the table, to start convincing him, to chip away at his resolve until Doppo was once again a desperate, whimpering mess who couldn't think about anything other than Hifumi and how sexy he was and how much he wanted to—

"Oh, okay. Later, then!"

Huh? "Aren't you going to try to… convince me? Like last night?"

Hifumi shrugged. "I told you I could feel pent-up lust and stuff, right? You haven't really got that much right now, so I'm not gonna bug you about it."

Oh. What a considerate demon. In every way, Hifumi was kind to Doppo. Was this how temptation worked? Life was suffering, following God was suffering, so of course a demon would come into his life and treat him with the kindness that he'd never gotten from anyone in the Church.

"So do your best with your prayers!" Hifumi said, jumping up in such a way that for a brief, tantalizing moment, the apron fluttered up and down again. "I'll be waiting for you here at home, and we can do whatever you'd like tonight."

Whatever he wanted?

"Then could you, uh…" Doppo hesitated. Jeez, this was embarrassing.

"Anything you want," Hifumi reiterated.

"Could you cook dinner, too…?"