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Day 31 - Today’s Special: Torture (temp title)

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Andy had been captured. By whom, she wasn’t entirely sure, but she was sure she’d figure it out soon enough, at least she would if they would start asking her questions.

She’d woken up blindfolded and tied to a metal table, tightly enough that she couldn’t get out unless she wanted to cut her own arms off, which would probably be more trouble than it was worth. Almost immediately after she woke up, she heard footsteps moving towards her and she froze.

“Hmm, hello,” she heard someone say. Their voice was deep, so it was probably a man, though she couldn’t be sure. Either way, it wasn’t a voice that she recognised.

“Who are you, what do you want?” she said angrily.

“Oh, nothing from you, sweetheart.” Oh, yeah, almost definitely a man. Not a lot of women could sound that creepy and that condescending at the same time. “We just want the rest of your little friends to try and rescue you.”

“Oh, they’ll come, but you won't capture them, if that’s what you’re hoping for,” she said, laughing.

“That’s not for you to worry about. Right now, I’m just here to, well, give them some incentives, make sure they know exactly where you are.”

She heard a sound that indicated a camera beginning to record, and it took all of her self control not to burst into hysterical laughter. These idiots must have a death wish. Taking her, live streaming it, and giving the others the information they would need to find her quickly? How stupid were they?

“You- you have to be one of the dumbest people I’ve ever met, and believe me, I’ve met a lot of dumb people, with how old I am.” Andy didn’t really care if she revealed that she was immortal. These people probably knew she was immortal, or had at least seen her heal, and anyway, it’s not like they’d be alive once the others found her.

The man didn’t respond, and she was instantly suspicious, and rightly so, because a few moments later, she felt a cloth being placed over her mouth and nose, and all she had time to thing was, Well, fuck.

Being waterboarded sucked. She’d experienced it a few times before, both a long, long time ago. Maybe… 600, 700 years ago, was the last time? It was hard to remember things while you were essentially drowning.

Her lungs burned as water ran down her nose and throat, into her lungs. She pulled against her restraints, unable to keep still, instinctively trying to escape. She didn’t know how long it was before he removed the cloth, letting her gasp for air, but it must not have been too long, or she would have died.

After a few minutes, he put the cloth back over her face, and this time, she tried to hold her breath for a bit, but failed pretty quickly. Whoever this man is, he must not have been very concerned about her dying, because he would waterboard her for far longer than the average human would be able to survive. Either her captors knew she was immortal, or just didn’t care if she died.

She was waterboarded a third time, and a fourth, and a fifth, and she was starting to actually panic, and then she realized something. This- this must be how she felt. How she had felt constantly for the past 500 years.

She pushed down her panic, and it was replaced with guilt. The others would find her, she knew that they would, but did she deserve to be found? She left Quynh to drown for half a millennia, so why shouldn’t she have to drown too?

Andy genuinely could not think of any reasons that she deserved to be found, not considering what she’d done to Quynh. This? This was barely anything compared to what Quynh had experienced, was still experiencing.

She held onto that thought, the thought that she deserved this, that this was a punishment for her actions, even if it was nothing in comparison to what she’d done. This was what she deserved, this was her price to pay.

Once again, she realized that this man intended to kill her. He hadn’t moved the cloth yet, like he usually had by now, and she fought to keep her panic pushed to the back of her mind. She deserved to drown, and she repeated that to herself, forcing the guilt to overshadow her fear as she breathed in water and finally died, only one thought in her mind.