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Love Sparkles More In The Ferris Wheel

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It has been three years since Luo Wenzhou and Fei Du were together. Both of them were very busy with their respective work.

One day Luo Wenzhou realized that they had never been to a proper date, like any other couple. The last time they pretended to have a date was at the location of the crime.

Luo Wenzhou remembered that the first time Fei Du asked him out, it was more like harassment. He clearly remembered Fei Du, that bastard messaged him on WeChat saying "He likes his abs."

After that incident Fei Du had never talked about going on a date. He could be shameless at times, but in his relationship with Luo Wenzhou, he was extra cautious. Matter about going to the supermarket and any other stuff was always led by Luo Wenzhou.

As always, Luo Wenzhou knew that if he did not take the first step, Fei Du would never bring up the matter about going on a date. He started planning where he would take Fei Du to.

He thought of the amusement park, like all the other couples go, to have fun and their lovey-dovey sweet times. He thought that he was too old to go there, but his little cat Fei Du was still young. He did not tell Fei Du about the date, he thought of giving him a surprise.

At night, Luo Wenzhou looked for an opportunity, he cleared his throat and asked Fei Du cautiously, not giving him any hint, "Are you free tomorrow?"

Fei Du looked at him with a smirk on his face, playfully he said, "Shixiong, what are you planning to do?"

He went towards Luo Wenzhou and put both of his hands behind Luo Wenzhou's neck. He looked at Luo Wenzhou's Adam's apple, then his lips, nose and at last in his eyes.

He smiled like a devil, ready to devour the man in front of him. He tiptoed, leaning towards Luo Wenzhou's right ear, "You are not planning to do anything excessive, right?" He asked.

He then paused, "Even if you do, I won't mind." he said.

Luo Wenzhou: "......"

"Fei Du, don't provoke me."

Fei Du said seductively, "What if I do?"

Luo Wenzhou: "You will regret it."

Fei Du: "Then Shixiong, I would love to regret it."

Fei Du smirked, he grabbed his shirt and started untucking it crazily. He was just like a wild cat treating Luo Wenzhou's body as his territory.

Fei Du started unbuttoning his shirt, his fingers touched Luo Wenzhou's chest and the next moment he pushed him on the bed. He bent down on one knee, and his messy hair came in front of his eyes. He pushed his hair behind his ear with one hand while the other hand touched Luo Wenzhou's earlobe. His lips touched Luo Wenzhou's lips, wildly kissing him. He didn't give Luo Wenzhou a chance to breathe.

Their breathing became heavy.

It was a long passionate kiss. It was like time had stopped for them at that moment.

The atmosphere was becoming hot. Luo Wenzhou was aroused by the kiss, he could smell Fei Du's scent. That very familiar scent of Mu Xiang which he could not resist at all, but he did not want to do anything excessive at that moment. He did not want to destroy his date with Fei Du tomorrow.

Luo Wenzhou grabbed Fei Du's back and turned him down, changing their positions. He grabbed his wrist and pinned it down on the bed.

Fei Du was physically weak and he possibly could not win against the captain of the criminal investigation bureau. He struggled beneath him.

Luo Wenzhou stared at him with his bloodshot eyes, and said, "Be good. Don't do anything more."

Fei Du stared at him back, "But…"

"No But." Luo Wenzhou said in a breathy voice while rubbing his nose against Fei Du's nose.

"Baby, be good. Tomorrow is an important day."

Fei Du said with pleading eyes, "Ge."

He looked exactly like an adorable cat at that moment.

Luo Wenzhou shrugged, "No."

"Or do you want me to use handcuffs?"

Fei Du looked at the handcuffs beside the bed table. He had an illusion that those handcuffs were winking at him.

Fei Du's expression was stupefied. He was most afraid of Luo Wenzhou using handcuffs. Handcuffs were his biggest sworn enemy.

He forgot all the things he was doing and acted obediently like master cat Luo Yiguo when he sensed the danger.

Luo Wenzhou relaxed, seeing him acting obediently like an adorable cat. He smiled at this other Luo Yiguo and started caressing his messy long hair.

Luo Wenzhou hugged him and kissed on his forehead with utmost care, "Baby. Sleep now. Tomorrow we have important things to do."

Fei Du's mischievous mind was now calm. He suddenly realized that he forgot to ask about it.

He said, "Oh, what are the important things? You haven't told me yet."

Luo Wenzhou thought, "Who was the one messing around a while ago?"

Anyway, he let go of it and focused on his plans for tomorrow. He had thought of an excuse beforehand, "I need your expert advice on a case." he said.

Fei Du thought for a second, and asked, "But, why tomorrow? We can discuss it now."

Luo Wenzhou: "No. You need to go to the crime scene first, to understand it."

Fei Du nodded.




The next morning, Luo Wenzhou was so excited that he woke up early. Fei Du was still sleeping.

He looked at Fei Du with an affectionate gaze. His gaze fell on his long eyelashes, he kissed on his eyelashes gently.

"Good morning." He said.

Fei Du woke up while yawning, "How come you wake up so early today?"

"It's nothing. Sometimes man should have a change." Luo Wenzhou said while surpassing his excitement.

Fei Du stared at him and thought, "I don't know from which side the sun has risen today? But this is a good change."

Luo Wenzhou quickly made breakfast and fed his little cat Fei Du and the real owner of the house, the master cat Luo Yiguo.

He wore his uniform and took his keys to go to the bureau. He kissed Fei Du on the forehead and said to him, "I will pick you up at 4:00pm. Be ready before that."

Fei Du nodded.

Actually Luo Wenzhou had already taken the leave for a day. So there was no need for him to go to the bureau. He went to buy a surprise gift for Fei Du.

He didn't buy the gift beforehand because he was afraid that Fei Du would find out.

Luo Wenzhou was so excited that he got butterflies on his stomach. He could not wait for the clock to hit 4:00pm.

Waiting for a few hours made him feel like eternity.




4:00 PM
Location - Luo Wenzhou's house

Someone knocked at the door, it was Luo Wenzhou. He was at his door on time neither one minute early nor one minute late.

Fei Du opened the gate, the master cat was also by his side.

"Are you ready?" Luo Wenzhou asked.

"Hmmm." Fei Du nodded.

"Give me a minute. I'll change quickly." Luo Wenzhou said.

"Why do you need to change to go to a crime scene? You can go with your uniform on." Fei Du said.

Luo Wenzhou stupefied. He felt like his surprise was going to get exposed. He thought of something and said, "I can't go in my uniform. It's a secret investigation."

"Just wait for 5 minutes. I'll do it quickly."

Fei Du said, "Okay." and sat on the sofa in the living room caressing Luo Yiguo's soft hair.

Luo Yiguo meowed as if asking him to take him together too.

Fei Du said to him in cat language, "I can't take you together. It's related to work. I'll take you some other day."

Luo Yiguo disappointedly meowed.

At this moment, the bedroom's door opened and Luo Wenzhou walked out. He wore a bright shining white shirt with a leather blue jacket. The shirt was unbuttoned to his chest.

Fei Du and Luo Yiguo both watched him with their mouths wide open. Then they looked at each other, then, again stared at Luo Wenzhou.

Fei Du: "Shixiong"

Luo Yiguo: "Meow."

Luo Wenzhou: "......"


Fei Du got back to his senses and asked, "Shixiong, Do you want to kill someone today by your looks?"

Fei Du suddenly stood up, walked towards Luo Wenzhou and buttoned his shirt, "You can't go out like this." He said.

Luo Wenzhou felt very happy that Fei Du showed his possessiveness towards him. He didn't say anything and let him do whatever he liked.

"Done." Fei Du said.

"Then, let's go."

Fei Du patted Luo Yiguo's head before going.

Luo Wenzhou was driving the car. Fei Du asked him, "So, where are we going?"

"You will know when we reach there." Luo Wenzhou said.

"Then at least tell me something about the case."

"I'll tell you there." Luo Wenzhou said.

Fei Du's mind started running in every direction. He thought, "Why isn't he telling me?" But he didn't pressure him, he patiently waited.

After driving for around One hour and thirty minutes, they finally reached the destination. It took them more than usual time to get there because of the heavy traffic. Luo Wenzhou took him to the Nanchang Star Amusement Park in Xinjian District.

Fei Du was bewildered. He looked at Luo Wenzhou with his peach blossom eyes, "Shixiong.. This.."

Luo Wenzhou gave him a rainbow smile full of colours. He leaned and said beside Fei Du's ear in a silvery voice, "Surprise. We are on a date. Be ready this will be the best day of your life."

Fei Du's face flushed. In the term of shamelessness, they were both on the same level. But sometimes the young man Fei Du did has normal human features like blushing.

Even with his flushed face, he counterattacked, "Shixiong, you are becoming more romantic in your old age."

"Isn't your old man amazing?" Luo Wenzhou winked at him.

"You wait, don't get off of the car yet." Luo Wenzhou got off of the car while saying this. He bought a bouquet of roses.

He went to the car and opened the door, pushed the bouquet of roses in front of Fei Du, "Baby. For you."

He took Fei Du's one hand with his right hand while he put his left hand on Fei Du's head, so he won't bump on the car's top.

They entered the amusement park while holding their hands. It was evening time. The sun is about to set. The sky is so red just like the colour of love.

The evening sky made the atmosphere romantic. They looked at each other and smiled. That one moment of smile seemed eternal. It was like no one was around them. There was only them and the evening sky.

They walked holding each other's hand while exploring the amusement park. They went to a game shop named "Shoot out the Star."

In this game, the player had to shoot the red star that was in the middle of the paper target. There were prizes for the winner.

Luo Wenzhou wanted Fei Du to try it out. The newbie in shooting Mr. Fei Du held the gun and aimed it i on the star. He fired but the bullet missed the aim.

He was disappointed.

Luo Wenzhou coaxed him, "Don't worry. Your Shixiong is here. I'll win the prize for you."

Fei Du thought, "Who wants the prizes? I'm disappointed that I didn't hit the target."

Luo Wenzhou, the captain of the criminal investigation bureau, of course his aim would not miss his target. It was "One shot, one kill."

He won the prizes for Fei Du and the prizes were a cat plushie and a cat headband.

Luo Wenzhou laughed and said, "The prizes perfectly suit you."

Fei Du turned red with anger. He stared coldly at Luo Wenzhou, he thought, "Luo Wenzhou, let's get back to the home first and then, I'll tell you which animal I really am."

Luo Wenzhou saw his angered expression and stopped laughing, "Okay okay. I'm sorry. You are not a cat, you are a tiger."

He tugged at Fei Du's sleeves, "Don't get angry. Okay?! Let's not destroy this day."

"I promised you that today will be the best day of your life. So don't get angry. I'm sorry."

"If you want I can wear this cat headband." saying this he wore the headband.

Fei Du finally smiled and took out his phone and clicked his picture and set it as his wallpaper.

After that, they went to different shops and tried different games.

At last Luo Wenzhou took Fei Du to the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel was so tall and it had rainbow sparkling lights which made it look even prettier.

Luo Wenzhou said to Fei Du, "I have never ridden this in my whole life. I want to do it with you."

He flung his right hand in front of Fei Du, calmly asked, "Will you ride it with me?"

Fei Du nodded and took his hand.

They sat on the ferris wheel's cabin. After a few minutes the ride started.

The view was amazing to look from the ferris wheel. Everything was so colourful in the evening sky.

Fei Du was looking at the scenery when Luo Wenzhou suddenly said, "Fei Du"

Fei Du turned to look at him, "Hmm"

Luo Wenzhou took something out of his jacket's pocket. It was the surprise gift he prepared for Fei Du. It was a ring.

Luo Wenzhou cleared his throat, "Young man, this old man wants to walk his life journey with you side by side. Today, tomorrow and till eternity. As long as you are willing, I'll always be by your side."

"Are you willing to walk this journey with me forever?"

Fei Du gently lowered his eyelashes and nodded, "I am willing."

They smiled at each other. Luo Wenzhou put the ring on Fei Du's ring finger.

He gently put his hands on Fei Du's cheeks and brushed his lips on Fei Du's lips. It was a light kiss full of affection and warmness.

At this beautiful moment, there were fireworks going on and rainbow colours on the ferris wheel made the surrounding more beautiful.

They held each other's hand.

Just like the sparking colours of fireworks in the sky, their love sparkled even brightly in the ferris wheel.