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Blue Moon

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Ririka had almost forgotten what it felt like to sleep and on most nights wished she still could. It had been about three centuries since she was able to, so naturally, it would be difficult to remember what such a mundane activity felt like. Yet just about forty percent of the student body at Hyakkaou Private Academy was able to sleep after school, while the other sixty percent roamed the halls and attended their nightly classes, never able to sleep even if they tried. This was natural for her kind.

Hyakkaou was the only school in all of Japan where not a single student who attended was human. It was a safe haven of sorts for vampires and werewolves alike to pursue their education with absolute safety and isolation from humans, who often hunted both kinds out of fear. However, this didn’t guarantee the safety of the students seeing as how werewolves and vampires had been natural enemies since the beginning of time.

The school was much different before Ririka’s twin sister Kirari took over as Student Council President. Before, only vampires were allowed to attend the academy. This instantly changed when Kirari instituted an acceptance for werewolf students as well. Ririka and many of the other students were shocked by this decision and even outraged at the new President’s rash decision. Though only Ririka knew what Kirari’s true intentions were: It was a mere experiment; to see just how chaotic life would be at the academy if both werewolves and vampires were forced to interact and live among each other.

Of course, life at this academy was going to be drastically different than that of a typical academy. Though students had the option of taking their classes during the day, a majority took their classes at night. The campus was most alive at night, with a surprising number of the werewolf student population coexisting with the vampires. Kirari had expected this seeing as how werewolves were nocturnal by nature and the only other daywalker on campus was her sister, so it was rare if another vampire wanted to attend any morning classes.

Ririka herself chose to take morning classes because she disliked interacting with the gambling obsessed students of Hyakkaou and wasn’t extremely social to begin with. However since she was a vampire and sleep wasn’t something she could exactly obtain, she had to attend each and every student council meeting that would be held in the dead of night, hours before the sun would rise.

This was the time she truly wished she could sleep. Being the Vice President had its perks, but this certainly wasn’t one of them. In fact, all she wished right now was to be back in her dorm room, catching up on a romance novel she had been reading. Even if the meeting wouldn’t start for another few minutes. It was the fact that she was going to have to sit through it is what bothered her.

The unignorable gaze of her sister broke her free from her thoughts. One advantage of the mask Ririka wore was it prevented Kirari from reading her thoughts. The only way for her to read someone’s thoughts was to maintain eye contact with them, hence why she was such a magnificent gambler. That power of hers certainly came to her advantage, especially when people were unaware of it. It allowed her to win practically every game she played.

Few vampires had special powers of sorts, on top of their enhanced sight, smell, and superhuman speed. One other vampire at the academy, Midari Ikishima, also had a special ability. Although her ability would be considered a curse by some. In short, her ability was damage resistant which meant it was near impossible to destroy her. Things such as the sun, holy water, or fire that would usually destroy a typical vampire would only put her through intense pain but never kill her. In a twisted way, it worked out for the masochist, but her greatest wish after being alive for nearly half a millennium was death.

Kirari, Ririka, and the rest of their family also all had such unique abilities, each one arguably more powerful than the next. It almost was unfair how powerful their kind was with the only disadvantage being sunlight. But even that didn’t apply to the Momobami’s who were all daywalkers. By all means, the Momobami’s were unstoppable. They could obtain anything they so desired. The world could be theirs if they wished.

“Would you mind removing that for a moment?” Kirari mused with a smirk.

Ririka scoffed. “Not a chance. You pick through my brain enough already.”

“I suppose so. Do forgive me for wanting to see what’s bothering my dear older sister,” Kirari chuckled sarcastically.

“And how do you know something’s bothering me?” Ririka asked.

“You’re quiet, but never this quiet,” Kirari responded calmly.

Ririka sighed. “I really just wish to be back at our dorm reading, doing anything else.”

“Ah, but as the Vice President, you signed up for this-”

“President!” Sayaka exclaimed, bursting through the room and interrupting Kirari. “There’s a werewolf phased running around on campus!”

Such an occurrence wasn’t very common. The rules for werewolves attending Hyakkaou was that if they were to phase, they would only be allowed to do so on their designated section of the campus. Vampires weren’t allowed there and the werewolves were free to phase at will whenever they pleased. However, this wasn’t allowed anywhere else. Doing so would break the rules.

Kirari raised an intrigued brow at her Secretary. “Oh? And why haven’t you tried to contain them?”

“I… didn’t want to break the rules myself. They were too fast for me to try to catch up with my human form,” Sayaka explained. “What shall we do?”

“Have Runa or Midari search for them. It shouldn’t take very long,” Kirari waved her off. “We’ll start the meeting once the werewolf is contained.”

“I’ll go. Please don’t let the meeting wait on me,” Ririka volunteered.

“Very well. It appears you got your wish after all,” Kirari grinned.

With a nod, Ririka took her leave, whooshing past Sayaka in a flash. This was one of the few things she enjoyed about being a vampire. Her speed was insanely fast, able to travel quickly to whatever destination she chose. This allowed her to search every nook and cranny of the campus, searching for this werewolf.

She didn’t bother searching anywhere indoors due to the fact that it would be blatantly obvious if there was a giant wolf running around inside the school buildings. Wherever this rule breaker was, they were going to be outside. Likely somewhere away from the general school population.

After a bit of looking around, the final outdoor place she could possibly search was the school’s track. As expected, there were no students there at this time of night seeing as how everyone was supposed to be in class or in bed. However, she did find what she was looking for.

In the center of the field was a giant wolf with light brown fur, whose golden glowing eyes stared directly at Ririka. The wolf took a few steps back, clearly not expecting to see the Vice President. Ririka obviously couldn’t tell who this was, but she knew she was soon going to find out. She hoped for her sake and the werewolf’s sake they were female for it would be rather awkward having a male phase back to his human form in front of her. A naked human form, mind you.

“Whoever you are, I’m certain you know the rules of this campus. All werewolves who phase are to be contained in their section of the campus,” Ririka explained monotone, her voice muffled by her mask. “Failing to comply will result in consequences.”

The wolf snarled at her, exposing its sharp fangs, clearly upset by her words. But, it seemed to oblige. Ririka could hear the crunching of bones being forced back into place and watched as the wolf’s form began to change. She was always fascinated by the transformation of a werewolf. She wondered if it hurt them to phase, what it felt like to be in their wolf form. That was something she would never be able to experience herself but simply admire from afar.

Ririka’s eyes widened upon seeing a semi-familiar figure before her. Mary Saotome. Though she didn’t know much about this girl, she was well aware of her cocky demeanor and unbeaten reign of gambling wins. She had seen her on several occasions before and even interacted with her once when she demanded something of Kirari a few months prior that she couldn’t remember entirely.

Mary looked her up and down in her crouched position. “Fuck off, I’m having a really horrible night. Just leave me alone!”

In the blink of an eye, Ririka was directly in front of her, startling the werewolf and causing her to flinch.

“I’m afraid I cannot,” Ririka sighed. “It appears you have caused quite a bit of panic on campus. I’m here to mainly make sure you are contained and return to your dorm without any problems.”

“Whatever, you can go now. I’ve calmed down,” Mary murmured.

Ririka knelt down. “Perhaps you misheard me. I must make sure you return to your dorm without any problems.”

“I don’t need a babysitter!” Mary hissed. “Go report back to the President that the issue was taken care of. I really just want to be alone now. It’s my last night of freedom after all.”

Ririka winced, knowing instantly what was plaguing the blonde. She didn’t need mind-reading capabilities like Kirari to know Mary had just lost a gambling match. And from the looks of it, she lost badly. So bad that she was now in debt to someone, or in other words, she was now a housepet.

“It is unfortunate that you have had a rough night,” Ririka began to say, ready to continue on about the rules but decided against it and instead offered kindness. “Would you perhaps like to talk about it?”

Mary scoffed. “Nothing much to say aside from I’m a housepet now. I’m sure you’ll find out all about it soon once the psychotic President develops a life plan for me.”

Ririka frowned upon hearing Mary call her sister that. Many people believed Kirari was psychotic, but Ririka knew her twin was perfectly sane. She was simply bored and had psychotic ways of relieving her boredom. The housepet and life plan system was a part of it. She herself didn’t approve of such a system, but to go against Kirari would be like going against a queen. In many ways, Kirari was a queen. A queen of her academy and her family name.

And people have tried to go against Kirari in the past, most commonly when they tried to challenge her to become the head of the Momobami clan. That always either ended up in banishment from the opposer or death. The Momobami name was rumored to be old as time itself, and it had been nearly two millenniums since a new leader had been in that position for the amount of time she had been.

“I will see what I can do to help make your life plan… bearable,” Ririka chose her words carefully.

“You really wanna help me? Figure out a way to get that new girl Jabami Yumeko out of my life. Kick her out for all I care. She’s the source of my problem. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be almost nine million yen in debt,” Mary snarled.

Jabami. That was a new name to Ririka. The academy quite often received new students, however, another Bami attending the school hadn’t happened before. As far as she knew, there weren’t any relatives of hers that had Jabami as a surname. Perhaps this Jabami girl was a very distant relative of hers? Whatever the case, she knew Kirari would certainly be interested and would likely have answers.

“I’m not sure how or if I can do that,” Ririka admitted. “Kirari might be able to be of assistance.”

“Kirari?” Mary snorted. “You two must be on awfully good terms if you’re able to address her by her first name.”

No one at the school knew that Kirari and Ririka were sisters, twins no less, except for the student council members. It was understandable that Mary didn’t know either.

“You could say that,” Ririka murmured. “Now, how are we going to return you back to your dorm? I’m certain you don’t have any spare clothes around here.”

Mary blushed upon hearing that. “Just leave me here. I’ll wait till the sun comes out. The chances of me being seen would be far less, ironically.”

Ririka had already begun to remove her red school suit jacket. “I have a better idea.”

“W-what the fuck are you doing?” Mary shrieked as Ririka stripped down to her bra.

The vampire had long since lost her sense of shame. Being alive for such a long time would do that to someone. Partial nakedness wasn’t much of a concern of Ririka’s right now. Besides, she still had her bra and skirt on. It wasn’t like she was fully nude.

“I am offering you a way to return to your dorm without humiliating yourself,” Ririka explained, removing her undershirt as well. “Here, wrap the shirt around your waist and put on the jacket.”

She handed Mary her clothes for her to put on, turning her head away out of modesty. Mary hesitantly accepted them and put them on. She looked very out of place wearing just those two articles of clothing, but her nakedness was concealed now at least.

“And what about you? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to return to the school in your underwear,” Mary chuckled.

“I would rather not,” Ririka admitted. “However, no one will be able to see me, I can assure you.”

“What do you-” Mary stopped mid sentence, realizing the Vice President had seemingly disappeared out of thin air.

“Start moving,” Ririka’s voice commanded, though Mary still couldn’t see her or tell where the voice was coming from.

Mary looked around, but couldn’t see her anywhere. “Where are you? Are you talking to me telepathically or something and ran off?”

“Start moving,” Ririka repeated, ignoring Mary’s question.

“Tch, fine. Don’t tell me,” Mary grumbled and got up. “You vamps think you’re so above everyone else.”

Mary heard no response to that. Instead of waiting for one, she began walking. She appeared to be alone now, but strangely felt like someone was watching her. It was like a hidden sixth sense, detecting that something wasn’t quite right. She knew Ririka had to be around here somewhere, keeping a watchful eye to be sure she didn’t try to pull any shenanigans.

The werewolf released a sigh of relief when she reached the werewolves designated section, seeing her dorm in the distance. Hardly anyone was here. Only a few housepets were scurrying about and Mary’s friend Ryota who appeared to be studying. She hoped he wouldn’t notice her and then ask her a bunch of questions about the gamble of that new vampire she lost to and why she was wearing someone else’s uniform. She wasn’t in the mood to answer any questions.

She sneaked past his view until she reached her dorm. Thankfully she knew her roommate Itsuki wasn’t home and was either in class or attending the student council meeting she had been talking about, so she had the dorm to herself.

“You're lucky there aren't many students out tonight,” Ririka said from behind her.

The vampire had seemingly reappeared, still in her bra and skirt. Mary didn’t have the patience to ask where she disappeared to or if she was hiding or not.

Mary jumped slightly and turned around to face her. “Fucking hell! Don’t sneak up on someone like that!”

Ririka snickered. “My apologies. Now I must return to the student council room. You caused a bit of a disruption.”

“So then, what’s my punishment?” Mary frowned.

Ririka thought briefly. “Well, I do believe you have been punished quite enough tonight. I will let you off with a warning.”

Mary blinked at her, genuinely surprised. “That’s… generous. Thank you, Vice President. I suppose I’ll see you around then?”

“Yes, it appears so,” Ririlka nodded. “Have a good night, Saotome. I will collect my clothes from you later.”

Mary smiled lightly. “Thank you, and… call me Mary.”

“Very well then, Mary-san,” Ririka grinned behind her mask. “I will see you around.”

With a gentle nod, Mary closed the door. Ririka inhaled and exhaled before deciding to return to the student council room. Of course, she made sure to stop by her own dorm first to cover her top half. Once she did, she returned to the student council room.

No one even batted an eye when she entered the room and sat next to Kirari. Itsuki and Midari were arguing about something she was unsure about and listened as their conversation continued to gain an input. Kirari, of course, was remaining silent in this conversation and wore an amused expression as the two argued.

“I don’t see why so many people are complaining about the vampire to werewolf ratio on the student council. Does it even really matter?” Midari groaned. “You mutts should be grateful we have werewolves on the council at all.”

Ah, that was what all the fuss was about. This topic was brought up quite often, actually. Ririka didn’t have an interest in the topic, so she usually just drowned out the conversation. She would do the same for this one.

“Now now, Ikishima,” Kirari warned. “Let us not be prejudiced toward our… fluffy comrades.”

“My kind just wished there was an equal balance on the council, that’s all,” Itsuki grumbled. “Igarashi-san, wouldn’t you agree? You’re the only other werewolf on the council, I think you should have a say in all of this.”

Sayaka flinched and turned her head towards the President, looking deeply into her eyes as if asking for permission to speak. Kirari read her Secretary’s mind like a book and gave a small nod. Sayaka was completely oblivious to Kirari’s ability and would likely pass away from embarrassment had she known her beloved President had been able to read her thoughts this entire time. Kirari herself knew this, hence why she hadn’t revealed that bit of information to Sayaka. Yet.

“I-I don’t think it is that big of an issue, personally. So long as we get work done and maintain order, it doesn’t really matter if the council is solely made up of werewolves or vampires or a mixture of the two,” Sayaka explained.

Itsuki sighed in defeat and slumped down in her chair. Ririka knew at that point the conversation was over. She heard Kirari clear her throat, a sure sign that she was about to announce something important.

“With that out of the way, I would like to know if we have any new house pets or new students to be concerned about,” Kirari grinned.

Runa excitedly shot her hand up in the air like a student in the classroom who knew the answer to a problem. Kirari raised a brow at the short, hyperactive vampire. Ririka pitied the girl in a way. Runa was changed when she was fourteen about thirty years ago. It was against vampire law to change a child, so fourteen was cutting it close. Runa at times didn’t act like she was fourteen. She either acted like a young child or a mature adult. There was no in between.

“We have six new house pets, one of which might interest you, nyhaha!” Runa exclaimed. “Mary Soatome became a house pet just earlier tonight. I’m sure you all know or have heard of her.”

Nods came from all around the room, including Ririka.

“Hm, it will certainly be interesting developing a life plan for her,” Kirari hummed in amusement. “Now, Runa, any new students?”

“There is,” Ririka spoke up before Runa could. “A new girl who goes by the name of Jabami Yumeko. She’s actually the one who caused Saotome to become a housepet.”

A subtle squint on Kirari’s part told Ririka that she knew something. It must have not been a good thing based off of Kirari’s expression alone. Ririka looked directly in Kirari’s direction, but her younger sister ignored her glare.

“Very well. We will look into this girl,” Kirari shrugged it off. “Are there any other matters we need to discuss at...”

Ririka drowned out her sister's voice, her mind trailing back to when she found Mary at the track. The sheer amount of rage in the werewolf’s eyes almost wounded Ririka to see. She knew Mary may have been an over-confident individual, but she was still a person. No one wanted to be a housepet. It didn’t matter if they were a vampire or a werewolf. The position wasn’t one anyone would ever wish to be in.

And then the image of Mary transforming back to her human form flashed through her mind. Ririka only then thought about just how strikingly beautiful she was. Her pale skin that glowed in the moonlight, her silky blonde hair that was typically in twin pigtails hung loosely at her shoulders, but what intrigued her the most was her eyes. Golden, like the color of raw honey. Ririka was surprised she didn’t drown in them the very moment she saw them. And then of course, her lips, that looked oh so inviting to-

She scolded herself at the thought and tried to think of something else. Having such a thought about a werewolf, her natural enemy, felt scandalous. Although, it wasn’t unheard of for a vampire and a werewolf to be together. Once in a blue moon, something like that would happen. She knew her sister secretly had feelings for her Secretary who happened to be a werewolf after all. But Kirari always went against the flow, so something like that wouldn’t be unexpected of her.

Besides, Ririka decided long ago that she would never get involved in the game of romance. Being an immortal, frozen in time to the age of eighteen when she was changed centuries ago, meant that finding a partner for life would have it’s difficulties.

She certainly could never be with a human, that sort of relationship would just be too painful. Forcing herself to fight back the urge to literally suck the life out of the one she loved every day wasn’t a pleasant thought. Even more so, she knew she wouldn’t dare try to change a human. After all, she never asked to be turned into a vampire. She wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. And because of that, she knew she would have to watch her human lover’s die from age or sickness or whatever causes the death for most humans. She couldn’t bear something that painful.

Being with a vampire was a possibility, however, Ririka also despised her kind. She saw them as she saw herself: a murderer. Anyone who took the life of another person was horrible, a monster. She herself wasn’t innocent by any means and every moment of her existence she tried to forget the horrifying atrocities she committed in her earlier days as a newborn vampire. Every vampire she met was just as guilty of taking the life of someone as she was. And she found that truly appalling.

Then there was the possibility of being with a werewolf. She almost laughed at that thought, knowing all too well that werewolves were also just as capable of spilling blood. The only difference was, not every werewolf was guilty of taking a life. Their temper is what determined it. If enraged enough, a werewolf could go berserk and slaughter anything or anyone in their path without even blinking an eye. She found that behavior to be rather barbaric and animal like. Even though werewolves technically were animals, that didn’t mean they needed to behave like one. Truthfully, she didn’t know very much about werewolves aside from she was taught to hate and fear them. She never feared them; a Momobami feared no one. Hate however… hate was too strong of a word. She didn’t have a liking to werewolves by any means, but she didn’t deny they were utterly fascinating. But entering a relationship, let alone a romantic one with a werewolf… that was an intriguing thought.

“How long have you been in your own world, Riri?” Kirari’s voice penetrated through Ririka’s thoughts.

Ririka snapped out of it and looked around the room. She was almost startled to see that only she and Kirari remained. How long had it been since the meeting ended? How long had she been lost in her thoughts? To be fair, whenever hours went by, it felt like minutes to Ririka. Immortality had made her lose her sense of time.

“Far too long it appears,” Ririka mumbled. “Forgive me, I was just lost in thought. Did I miss anything important?”

“Nothing that would be of concern to you,” Kirari assured. “However, you may find it interesting that the girl Saotome lost to is a daywalker like us.”

“How can you be sure?” Ririka pressed.

Kirari stepped aside and gestured to the window; golden rays of sunlight shone through. “See for yourself.”

Ririka immediately stood up and was at the window instantly. She stared all of a few seconds before her eyes locked onto a girl she didn’t recognize walking in broad daylight. She was slender, but had striking long black hair. This must have been Yumeko.

“Does this mean she is a member of our clan?” Ririka asked cautiously.

Kirari smirked. “Her last name has Bami in it, doesn’t it? If she is related to us, she is a very distant relative. The point in matter is, this daywalker will certainly draw attention. Things are about to get interesting at our humble academy.”