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Progress 1, 2, 3%

“How long will this take?” Winter filtered silver fingers into Tony’s hair, wound through the loose curls and spread his hand as wide as it would go to cradle the back of Tony’s head. He knew his Anton had a migraine, he recognized the furrow at Tony’s brow and the tension lines around the perfect mouth-- he was in pain but there was so much at stake right now, Tony would rather suffer in silence then ever say a word. 

So Winter scratched purposefully along Tony’s scalp, massaged at the base of his neck and behind his ears and bit by bit the tension drained from Tony’s shoulders and frame until he was limp, pliant in Winter’s lap and breathing slow as weeks worth of headaches finally started to ease. 

“Mmmthanksbabe.” Tony mumbled and Winter settled his right arm a little firmer at Tony’s waist murmured something soft and sweet into his ear in answer. “I don’t know how long with this take. Thor helped upload Vision with a lightning blast, but I’m not willing to risk rushing anything and losing Bucky, so we’ll just have to wait.” 

Winter rumbled in agreement and they fell quiet for a moment watching the progress bar inch higher. 

“I didn’t know Strange was going to grab you like that.” Tony admitted, and his voice wavered so sad that Winter automatically curled tighter around him, held him closer over his heart. “Did it hurt? I promised I wouldn’t let anything hurt you again, but I honestly didn’t put any thought into how he was going to pull Bucky from you.” 

“It didn’t hurt, dorogoi.” the Soldier assured Tony quietly, but he cut pale, angry eyes at Stephen Strange. “But I am not happy the moment upset you.” 

Dr. Strange only barely refrained from rolling his eyes at the show of protectiveness, but managed a conciliatory tone to explain, “Both Bucky and Winter’s souls had to be at rest for the movement to work. If I’d warned either of you ahead of time, one or both would hold on to the other too tight and the extraction would have been painful, if not a complete failure.”

“You could have told Anton.” Winter insisted flatly, and Stephen answered just as flatly, “Yes, because the man that loves you both more than breathing would have been perfectly relaxed knowing I would have to reach into the center of your being and forcefully separate you from the other soul inhabiting your body. Tell me, Winter, how calm would you have been if Tony was stressed out?” 

“Tell me if it hurt you.” Tony shut Stephen out and turned back to Winter, scratched his fingers through the coarse beard and looked deep into glacial eyes where only Winter was looking back at him. “Be honest with me.”

“It was only a pull at my heart, Anton.” Winter swore, and lay his palm over the arc reactor scars on Tony's chest. “My heart is not as fragile as yours, I can take it.”

Progress 15, 16, 17%

“I’m sorry I never told you you were beautiful.” Tony said later as he picked listlessly at one of the muffins from Dr. Cho's work station. Winter furrowed his brow in confusion and Tony reached to smooth it out, gentle gentle over the Soldier's forehead. “When we were talking about Bucky before, you said you wished I thought you were beautiful like I did Bucky, and I want you to know I'm sorry I don't ever say it.”

“Ah.” Winter's throat moved as he swallowed. “You were so quick to want something different. I was only wishing that I was the something different.”

“I wanted something different for Bucky, not for you.” Tony brushed his lips over Winter's cheek, down along his jaw line. “And I only want the difference because Bucky does. I wouldn't have changed anything about you and Bucky together, and now that you will be separate, I would never change a thing about you.”

“Not a thing, Anton?”

“Nothing.” Tony flattened his fingers to Winter's silver palm, smiled over the size difference and the way Winter instinctively turned their hands so his was covering Tony's, protective and safe. “Winter, I wouldn't change anything about you, I'm in love with every inch of you.”

“Even the inches you have not seen yet, koshka?” Winter was teasing, pale eyes sparking playfully and grip tightening at Tony's waist before sliding purposefully to his thigh, fingers spread wide and palm hot through Tony's trousers. “What about those inches?”

“Trust me.” Tony flushed to the tip of his ears, leaned in for a long kiss. Winter didn't tease often and it always caught him by surprise. “I'm even in love with the seven...eight? Maybe, hopefully nine? Inches that I haven't seen yet.”

Ya tebya obozhayu.” Winter laughed quietly into another kiss. “I adore when you are blushing, Anton.”

“Mmm.” Tony sighed in contentment when Winter tucked him close again. “You are beautiful, sweetheart. From now on, I'll tell you all the time.”

“I do not need words.” Winter kissed Tony's knuckles and resettled them comfortably in the chair. “You are not afraid to be close to me, and that is enough. Your touch is praise enough.”

Progress 32, 33, 34%

Tony fell into a restless sleep hours later, and Winter sat stock still on the chair holding him, eyes blank as he stared unseeingly at the Cradle and the progress bar that inched too slowly towards complete, heart rate low enough to be alarming and chest barely moving with shallow breaths.

Tony was asleep but Winter was almost offline and it was eerie and unsettling and honestly, sort of creepy.

“When Tony isn't around, is the Soldier always like this?” Dr. Cho peered through the viewing glass of the Cradle to the still not quite human body inside. “Cold? Robotic? It's almost like he powered down the moment Tony fell asleep.”

“Captain Rogers has said many times that loving Tony gave Winter and Bucky a reason to be human.” Dr. Strange had woven a net of protection over the Cradle and was focused on holding Bucky's soul in tact while the body was brought into awareness. “Apparently even when Bucky is himself, he is never more himself than when he is with Tony, and Winter--” the sorcerer inclined his head towards the pair. “--well, you see how they are. He is human with Tony, and without Tony he is something else altogether.”

“I cannot imagine the pressure of keeping not one, but two other people fully functioning and fully happy.” she shook her head. “The stress on Tony must be unimaginable.”

“I am sure there are benefits to being the entire reason a hundred year old super soldier and his rather murderous counterpart have managed to turn their back on seventy years of instincts, skill and torture.” Stephen glanced up when Tony sighed and stirred, when Winter snapped aware and tucked Tony in closer, brushed over his cheek and into his hair and then smoothed down his back. “How many people do you know that turn to mush when their billionaire boyfriend makes sleepy noises?”

Helen just smiled and went back to work, and on the Cradle the progress bar ticked slowly, slowly, higher.

Progress 57, 58, 59%

“We are over halfway there.” Dr. Cho said quietly. “The next several hours are crucial. Any blip in power, any skip in the connection and we run the risk of losing Sergeant Barnes completely. Dr. Strange please reinforce your protective barrier, I will watch the vital statistics and power input myself. Tony--”

“Do not wake him.” Winter shook his head and held Tony closer. “He needs the sleep. Do not wake him until necessary.”

Helen and Stephen kept working, and Winter swallowed back the ever present fear in the back of his throat.

Please please wake up, Bucky. I and our love are not whole without you.

Progress 73, 74, 75%

Tony went through three cups of coffee in a matter of minutes, then slid off Winter's lap to go and find the restroom, ran back to Winter for a desperate, afraid kiss and ran as fast as he could to the bathroom so he wouldn't take too long and miss anything.

“I will be here, Anton.” Winter assured him softly. “No matter what, I will still be here.” and Tony squeezed his eyes shut trying not to cry and nodded.

Progress 88, 89, 90%

Tony watched as Winter unpacked a bag full of clothes and lay them precisely out over a chair close to the cradle. Soft underclothes and higher waisted, fitted trousers. A long sleeve red shirt and a blue textured jacket that tapered at the waist and fit broad over the shoulders. An old fashioned shaving kit, pomade instead of hair gel, a wood handled comb and a bottle of Sutton's aftershave.


“I could hear Bucky sometimes in my mind.” Winter arranged the toiletries on a tray. “About how he missed his clothes, how he wished he could shave, how hair gel felt different than pomade and how he missed the smell of his aftershave. I have adjusted to this world decade by decade as Hydra saw fit, but for Bucky even the basic things are different and gone.”

“You asked Steve for help.” Tony realized. “You asked him to help you with what Bucky would want to wear or finding things that he used to wear.”


“That’s amazing, thank you.” Tony picked up the bottle of aftershave and sniffed it experimentally. “This reminds me of what my dad used to wear.”

“Captain Rogers told me that all the Commandos wore that aftershave, Howard and associates included.”

“Don't know how I feel about my boyfriend smelling like my dad.” Tony remarked, and when Winter's expression flickered uncertainly, he rushed to clarify, “It's a joke, Winter. This is all perfect, you did exactly the right thing and I'm so glad you remembered, cos I didn't think about it at all.”

“You have too much on your mind to think about clothes, Anton.” Winter gestured briefly towards Tony's current wear of borrowed pajama pants and what must be the Widow's sparkly t-shirt. “And Bucky has been a part of me since the very beginning. I wanted to give something to this moment.”

“How...” Tony picked at one of the sequins on Tasha's shirt. “How do you feel without him there with you?”

“As if I am waiting permission to exhale.” Winter finished setting everything up and returned to sit next to Tony. “As if I have breathed in and cannot breathe out unless he is there to complete the motion.”

“...You love him?”

“Your name is the only name that means love to me, milaya.” he corrected softly. “But I am not whole with out Bucky.”

“You're worried he will be whole without you.” Tony realized in a wash of grief. “You think Bucky will wake up and walk away and never look back at who the two of you used to be.”

“I am the super soldier.” Winter reached for Tony's hand and for the first time maybe ever, his steady grip was shaking. “But Bucky is the stronger of us two. I am preparing myself for when he turns his back and leaves me behind.”

“Bucky wouldn't do that!”

“You wouldn't leave your nightmares behind if you could?” Winter asked, and Tony just frowned, sat back and frowned because he didn't know what to say.


“It is alright, Anton. All we can do now is wait and see.”

Progress 96, 97, 98%

Here we go.

The lid of the Cradle opened with a hiss, with a cloud of steam and a wash of heat and slowly slowly, the form inside moved, shifted, the chest rose once, twice with new breath and red lips parted in a noisy exhale.

Then the body sat up, Bucky sat up and swung his legs over the side of the Cradle, flattened bare feet to the cold floor and flexed his toes, reached with trembling fingers to feel his hair, his face, his left arm...

“Bucky?” Tony couldn't look away from his boyfriends, from Winter pale and glacial, black pants and black shirt and black hair down over his eyes, silver arm gleaming in the bright lights and from Bucky who was flawless and tan and glistening with sweat, a chiseled jaw and tousled hair and blue green eyes wide with wonder.

“... Bucky?”

“Tony.” Bucky's voice was different now, tenor pitched and smoother with none of the growl that marked Winter's words, the roll of a Brooklyn accent that Tony had only ever heard a few times before. “Tony, what---”

Bucky stopped, paused and sucked in a quick breath and clenched his fists hard when he finally met Winter's eyes, when he was looking at the man who had been himself sitting a few feet away, close enough to touch...

...or close enough to kill if that was anger burning in newly opened eyes.

“A moment, dorogoi.” Winter murmured after Bucky kept simply staring, when the new body remained impossibly stiff, tense and wary and all the other emotions Winter had been afraid Bucky would rush to feel. “Give Bucky and I a moment together.”

“No, I don't want--” Tony covered his mouth with his hand when two sets of blue eyes swiveled his way, one silently pleading and the other still shocked enough to be almost vacant. “Okay.” he nodded. “Okay okay. Just a minute though, okay? Please come find me?”

It took every bit of Tony's strength to walk out of the lab, to order JARVIS to draw a wall around Bucky and Winter so they had some privacy. Dr. Strange and Dr. Cho were still monitoring vitals but with the wall drawn and tinted dark, the soldiers couldn't see anyone except each other.

They really were different now. Bucky was so young, while Winter had the decades of stress carved into the lines at his mouth, the wariness in his eyes. Bucky's hair was close shaved at the sides and longer on top, falling over his forehead and into a more deeply colored gaze, and Winter's shoulder length hair fell in a wash past his jaw and shading over his face. Winter was dark and still, dressed in black and as static as the night and Bucky was bare skin, golden skin, long lines of warm, perfect skin except for a white line at his side from that one time with Steve...

...and a patchwork of scars along his left shoulder...

“Tony.” Natasha was curled up in Steve's lap in the living room, but she moved over and made room for Tony when he stumbled through the door and made a beeline for their couch. “How are you? How are they?”

“Is Bucky...” Steve held Natasha tight with one hand, rubbed the other over his face in obvious worry. “Is Bucky back again? Is he okay?”

“He definitely looks like Bucky.” Tony burrowed into the Captain's side and closed his eyes when Natasha clicked her tongue and murmured something in Russian, reached for a blanket and covered him up gently. “But I don't know other than that. He and Winter needed some time alone...”


“Yeah.” Tony bit at his tongue and tried not to give in to the fear strangling him from the inside out. “Yeah, I don't know what that means, or what to think, or anything.”

Down in the lab, neither Bucky nor Winter knew what to think either.

“Why did you keep these?” Winter pressed at his own left shoulder, over the scars and marks left from the removal of and subsequent replacement of Bucky's left arm. “I thought you would want to be perfect for Tony. I thought you would want to be in the body you remember before me, not the one we share.”

Bucky mirrored his motion, flattening his hand to his matching scars. “These are us.” his voice hitched over an uncertain breath. “You and me. Winter and Bucky. This-- these scars, this is where we began. I asked Tony to keep them. I-- I wanted to keep them. To remember.” 

Winter swallowed hard but didn't say anything, the simple admission that Bucky hadn't rejected everything, that Bucky hadn't rejected Winter enough to render the Soldier speechless. He had expected anger, perhaps even a punch and Winter would have taken a hit if that was what Bucky wanted, but instead the Brooklyn soldier had kept their scars, their mess, their hurt.

Bucky had kept them even after being given the chance to reject everything that was even slightly Winter, and the acknowledgment of their bond, of their entwined souls and shared hearts had the Soldier stunned to silence.

Neither soldier said anything for a long time, then it was Bucky who broke the stare, it was Bucky who reached out to touch Winter's face just lightly. Winter flinched away out of habit, out of fear, maybe because he thought it was a mistake and Bucky wouldn't actually want to touch him, but Bucky persisted until he could brush his knuckles across Winter's cheek and then push the long hair out of Winter's eyes.

“I used to think I was looking at a stranger in the mirror.” Bucky whispered and dragged Winter in closer and then closer again until their foreheads touched. “I used to think you were a stranger, but Winter I'm so glad to know you. I know you. I know you and I'm so glad.”

“I know you too.” Winter answered softly, silver fingers flexing at the base of Bucky's neck and holding him just there. “I know you too.”

For too long Bucky and Winter had struggled with feeling like they were each only partial, each only borrowing space and lucidity as they moved back and forth into consciousness in their shared body. But now they were separate and whole and apart but they knew each other and it was a relief.

Like exhaling.

Like the lines that had blurred between them and caused so much angst had both sharpened and also melted away all together.


“I am sorry for the nightmares, Bucky. I am sorry my memories hurt you so badly.” Winter said sometime later, and without moving away, without lifting his forehead or loosening his hold at Winter's shoulder, Bucky returned, “I'm sorry my nightmares are your memories. I’m sorry I hear echoes of what would have been the worst times of your life. Thank you for holding the worst of them, for letting Tony hold me when I woke up screaming. I know those nights you wanted to scream too.”

“Now our Anton can hold us both when the nightmares and memories come haunting.”

“Now we can both hold Tony when the days are long and the nights are even longer.”

They were quiet again, breathing in sync and letting Bucky's heart rate settle to something more mortal, his body cool as the effects of the Cradle lessened.

“Our Anton will want to see you.” Winter broke the silence yet again, and Bucky shook his head, held on a little tighter-- “I want to see Tony, but I just need some time. Will you stay with me?”

“You want me?”

“It's easier to breathe when you're here. Easier to-- to exhale.”

“...then I will stay.”


Tony didn't sleep at all that night. He spent the hours tossing and turning and staring up at the ceiling, rolling over to look at the pillow where Bucky and Winter had slept, asking JARVIS for updates every twenty minutes just so he knew everything was okay down in the lab.

The minutes crawled by endless, the digital seconds ticking away at Tony's clock painfully slow and when the first rays of sunrise hit the window and neither soldier had come to find him, Tony gave up on sleeping and dragged himself into some clothes to go find some coffee.

He could respect Bucky's need for space, he would make himself be okay with Winter not wanting to come to him right away. They were very suddenly two different people and Tony couldn't expect everything to be resolved immediately, he couldn't expect Bucky to be himself enough to come and find Tony for a kiss or Winter to be settled enough to feel comfortable being in the same room with Bucky and Tony...

It was fine. Tony would make sure it was fine, he would make himself be okay and he'd just go squeeze in between Steve and Natasha again if he started feeling too lonely and anxious and worried--

“You ready for coffee, sweet thing?”

Oh oh oh it was Bucky standing in the kitchen this morning, tall and lean and gorgeous as he held up a cup of coffee prepared exactly the way Tony liked it. He looked perfect with messy, sleepy hair and blue green eyes lit with a smile and when he put down the cup and reached for Tony with both hands, Tony just ran for him.

“C'mere sugar.” Bucky caught him easily, swung Tony around in a hug and then wrapped him up tight, held the little brunette close to his heart and then framed Tony's face in both hands and crushed their mouths together in a too sweet, too long awaited kiss hello.

“Hey, I know you.” Tony hiccuped a laugh. “You taste the same as you always did.” He coaxed Bucky back down, sifted through the shorter hair until he found a handful to pull and used the leverage to push the kiss long and then deep, shoving his tongue into Bucky's mouth and moaning out loud when Bucky kissed him right back, wet and filthy and so so hungry.

“Brooklyn.” Tony gasped when they tore apart for a split second. “Oh my god you-- you're okay? You're here with me and you're okay right? Can we do this?”

“Babydoll, I'm more than okay and we can definitely do this..” Bucky was lighter in this body, moved without thinking about whether or not he'd frighten someone, grabbed Tony up without worrying about bruises. Dr. Strange had explained there were still traces of super soldier serum in his blood, just enough to help him heal better and maybe age a little slower but nothing like there was in Winter or Steve, nothing that meant he couldn't cling to Tony just as tight as he wanted and feel his love breathe against his mouth.

“I love you.” Bucky whispered then, brushing his knuckles over Tony's cheek and marveling when he could feel everything, when silver fingers didn't dull the sensation. “Oh Tony, I love you so much. Thank you so much for this, for me. I can finally love you the way I want and I can't wait--”

He glanced up and over Tony's shoulder, and then corrected. “--we can't wait to do all somethin' about it.”

“We?” Tony turned around but Winter was already there to catch him, easing Tony through the movement and bringing him up against his body, solid muscles wrapping gentle around the smaller frame, rough stubble scratching Tony's lips just a split second before their mouths met. “Oh—oh we...”

Dorogoi.” Winter crooned, tipped Tony's chin up and tapped coaxingly at his jaw, “Let me in, Anton, let me have you right here.”

Tony opened obediently, instinctively and for a long moment it was just Winter around him-- calloused fingers and heavy hands, big shoulders and a thick thigh that shoved between Tony's legs and brought him in closer, tighter, lost in a kiss that they would have pulled away from before, the sort of kiss where Tony would have cursed and wiped his mouth and forced himself back, where Winter would have gone down to the gym or out for a run to sweat the need out from his pores before they crossed a line that had been set in stone to protect them all.

But there was no line now, no issue of consent or question of whose body was being used while which conscious was in control.

No lines and no space between them and Tony's head fell back, his mouth open in a surprised, helpless pant when Bucky crowded up behind him and mouthed a hot kiss down to his pulse.

“Sweet thing--”


“Let's go to our room.”

Our room, and Tony found himself breathless and almost delirious as he was hurried out of the kitchen and back towards the bedroom. He was surrounded on either side by soldier-- Winter's bulk at his left, silver arm like a steel band around his waist and metal palm sweeping low over Tony's rear as they walked, and Bucky at his right, warm and real and almost too good to be true as he coasted over the front of Tony's pajama pants, dug his teeth into Tony's throat until a bruise bloomed purple beneath his tongue and Tony stumbled and nearly fell until Winter caught him easily.

Our room, and Tony felt like this had to be the best dream ever when the door clicked locked behind them and Winter stripped off his shirt and dragged Tony up into his bare chest, asking in a hoarse voice, “Touch me, koshka, touch me before I burn for want of you.”

Bucky was next, stripping down to next to nothing because he knew his body now and he knew Tony would moan if he rubbed the bulge of his cock into that ridiculous rear, if he pressed a hand at Winter's left shoulder and pushed them all towards the bed until Winter hit the pillows and Tony could climb up over him.

Our room, and the lines between them blurred as they kissed and touched and learned each other, first Winter and Tony gasping and licking into each others mouth and then Bucky taking over, turning Tony's head so their lips could meet and tongues could tangle as Winter tugged Tony's pants down to his hips and Bucky helped pull them off.

It was Winter staring up into Tony's eyes, but then he looked over and saw something on Bucky's expression that had him rolling, had the super soldier holding Tony secure and grabbing at Bucky with the other hand and simply rolling them in the bed so Tony was straddling Bucky's thighs now and Winter could loom over them both.

“Oh god, do that again.” Bucky thrust up against Tony's weight, cursed when skin met skin and he could finally feel Tony throbbing against him, leaking against his stomach, hot and hungry with every kiss and every stuttered breath. 

“Do that again.” he hissed, but the words weren't for Tony, they were for Winter who had dragged his teeth down the gorgeous arch of Tony's back and then circled silver fingers around Tony's cock and stroked once, twice and it had been Bucky who saw the way Tony's eyes rolled back, the way kiss swollen lips had parted in pure need.

Winter did it again and Tony arced up into it, thrust forward into the tight grip and tried to turn so they could kiss and kiss and kiss while Bucky ran new hands up and over his hips and waist and chest, up into his hair and down again to connect with and then skip away from Winter's hands following the same track.

“Again, like that.” Winter growled and Bucky went back to tease and pluck at Tony's nipples, using his thumbs over the sensitive nubs, leaning up and fastening his mouth around them to suckle and pull and try to wring every high pitched cry from their loves mouth. Winter had heard it first, caught the hold in Tony's breath and the nearly inaudible eep! and he wanted to hear it again, again and again so he kept Tony close with one hand and drove the other into Bucky's hair to hold him there at Tony's nipples until the little brunette was squirming and writhing and grinding down against Bucky's lap, pushing back to rub into Winter's cock where it lay heavy at his lower back.

“Tony, you're so beautiful like this.” Bucky praised and Winter echoed, “Ty krasivaya, Anton. Tell us what you need, tell us what you want.”

“Just you.” Tony panted, and everything blurred all over again when he wasn't sure if it was Bucky or Winter stroking at him, if it was Winter or Bucky circling his entrance with suddenly slick, knowing fingers, if it was Bucky or Winter who coaxed him through that first shattering orgasm when he came around their fingers, surrounded by their arms, held safe between their heartbeats.

“Mine.” Bucky said first, and Winter nodded because for so long it had been this body that had been able to kiss and hold and know Tony and Bucky deserved the chance first.

“Tony?” Bucky stopped to ask because he would always stop to ask even though Tony had never once told him no. “Sweet thing, can I--”


Winter held Tony steady as Bucky pulled him down and down over his cock, the tip disappearing into Tony's body with a jolt that made all three of them groan, the first stroke inside after being so careful for so long intense enough to make Bucky gasp and thrust up too fast. It was Winter that quieted Tony's answering shout with a messy, dirty kiss, Bucky with both hands on Tony's ass coaxing him to move, Winter's huge hand planted on the bed next to Bucky's frame that kept them all together.

“C'mere and kiss me, sweet thing, can I kiss ya?” Bucky asked over and over as their mouths met time and again, as Tony opened up gorgeous around his cock and the edges of the room got hazy, blurry with the heat pouring off their bodies. “Babydoll, I want you so bad.”

“Give me your mouth, lyubovnik.” Winter growled into Tony's ear after Bucky had pulled out of Tony to make room for him, after Tony had bit out a curse and stretched wider around Winter than he had around Bucky. “I want your mouth.”

Winter didn't just want Tony's mouth, he wanted Tony's very center of being and Bucky was right there with him stealing soul shattering kisses and scorching possessive trails down their love's body, filling Tony to the point of seeing stars and then swearing and grunting for the few seconds they were apart, the barest breath that they weren't connected, bottomed out, driving into the one man whose name was love in both their minds.

“I love you.” Tony gasped ragged through another orgasm, filled Bucky's palm and dripped over Winter's fingers when they brought him to the edge and over again.

“I love you.” Bucky murmured when the feel of Tony writhing on top of him, spilling over him and thrusting through the slick mess tore pleasure from his veins and he came with Tony's hands on him and Winter's mirrored eyes flickering bright.

Ya lyublyu tebla.” Winter groaned, shredding sheets between his fingers so he didn't crush Tony in his grip, groaning louder when Bucky pushed Tony back further into him so Winter's hips could stutter, snap forward and the Soldier could lose himself deep into Tony's core.

...and later when Tony was lying spread eagle on the blankets and still leaking from between his thighs, when Winter lay on one side with a sheet pulled up to his hips and Bucky sprawled on the other nude and lax, Tony closed his eyes and shook through a sigh-- “I thought we would have a conversation before ending up in bed together. I didn't even think the three of us would end up in bed together, I thought it would be one at a time or maybe we would have to switch and share...”

“Regrets, Anton?” Winter brought cool fingers between Tony's thighs to where he was slick and sore, and Bucky propped up on his elbow to nuzzle at the darkening hickey's at Tony's throat, to brush just gently over the swollen and sensitive nipples-- “You wanna take all this back and jus' talk for a little bit, sugar?”

“Not in the slightest.” Tony's smile was so self satisfied, so pleased, so damn happy that neither Bucky nor Winter could resist kissing him, the moment blurring between the two soldiers until Tony didn't know who had kissed him first or last, just that he'd been kissed and kissed and loved until his heart was pounding and body stirring all over again.

“There is plenty of time for talk.” Winter again, linking their fingers and kissing Tony's knuckles. “Now that we are all together, we will have hours for talk. Days for conversation and nights for--”

“--this.” Bucky wove their legs together and Tony sucked in a harsh breath when he felt his Brooklyn hard at his thigh so quickly. “I told you I'd been waitin' too long to love ya like I wanted. You're never getting' outta this bed, Tony.”

“I told you sometime soon I would find a way to have you.” Winter growled and Tony turned nearly scarlet when the Soldier led their linked hands down below his waist to where he was hard again too. “You will need help walking when we are done with you.”

“Christ.” Tony flopped back onto the pillows and threw his arm over his eyes, forcing out a shaky breath and suddenly much closer to tears than he wanted to admit. It felt foolish, felt embarrassing to want to cry when both his boyfriends were so eager for a different sort of activity, but Tony couldn't help it.


Koshka, do not cry.” Winter pulled Tony's arm away and kissed both his eyelids. “Everything is alright.”

“Everything's okay, Tony.” Bucky smelled like that old school aftershave and Tony snuggled into his hug, pushed his nose into Bucky's throat and quieted a whimper when Winter immediately curled around behind him and held them both. “Ah sugar, it's okay. I know you were real stressed about this but hey, it worked out. I'm okay and Winter is okay and now we both get to hold you....s'all good things, babydoll. All good things.”

“I feel like getting naked right away and coming my brains out twice should have happened like, three months down the road.” Tony sniffed, but he smiled a tiny bit when both his soldiers shook with laughter around him. “I kept trying to figure out what to say or how to address any issues that would come up or god forbid one of you wanting to leave--”

“Neither one of us are going anywhere.” Winter checked on Bucky over Tony's head, and the corner of his mouth ticked up in a smile when Bucky nodded firmly. “And any issues that come we will face together.”

“Together.” Bucky agreed. “We're not goin' anywhere Tony. You'll never be alone, alright? Promise.”

Obeschayu. Promise.”

“I love you.” Tony finally finally relaxed, finally finally closed his eyes without being scared that he would wake up and one of his boyfriends would be gone, finally finally slept held by both the men he loved instead of just one at a time...

….and downstairs in the kitchen, Natasha sipped at her coffee and glanced over at Steve, sipped at her coffee and cleared her throat, sipped at her coffee and when Steve finally threw up his hands in exasperation and asked, “What Tasha? Just say it already!”

“...when Bucky and Winter fuck Tony, do you think they also fuck each other, or is it a 'Tony loves them and they only love Tony' sort of thing?”

“...I...” Steve went very white, then very red. “Ms. Romanoff, I don't know how to respond to my sort of girlfriend asking me if my best friend and the alter ego of my best friend have sex with each other and with my co-worker and teammate Iron Man. I don't-- I can't do that. I can't do that.”

“I'm just saying.” Natasha lifted a shoulder casually as if she hadn't just blue-screened her sort of boyfriend. “Do you think those are firmly drawn lines between Tony and Bucky and Tony and Winter, or do you think they... blur?”

“I'm leaving.”

“Normal couples in healthy relationships can talk about things like this!”

“Good-bye Natasha.”

“Steve! I thought you wanted me to be more open and honest with you!”

“Yeah, I'm going to go bleach my ears.”

“Come back!”

“Yep. We're breaking up.”


“... is it weird if I want to see you guys kiss?” Tony asked sleepily. He’d been all but comatose for a moment there but then Winter had gone tense and Bucky had straightened up and now all three were listening to the sounds of Steve shouting downstairs about breaking up and inappropriate conversations and ripping his ears out

“You want me and Winter to kiss?” Bucky asked in surprise, and Winter raised skeptical eyebrows. “Why?” 

“Cos who wouldn’t want to see the two most beautiful men in the world kiss?” Tony stretched and yawned and burrowed back between them. “M’just saying, maybe we should think about it. It’s not like it would be the weirdest thing to happen lately, right?” 




Chapter Notes: 

I'm obsessed with this dynamic. Bucky being sweet and charming and Winter just straight up "I want your mouth". Excuse me while I fan myself. 

Natasha and Steve are hilarious here, we need a side story of them with Winter/Tony/Bucky figured their stuff out. 

...where'd we land on Winter and Bucky kissing?? 

I hope you guys loved this verse as much as I did. Always and forever grateful for readers who commission me and then give me free rein to write whatever I want and fangirl cheer me on the entire way. #lovemyreaders

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