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Knot Interested

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His baby wakes up sobbing, comes out of the bedroom and makes a beeline for Bucky. He’s naked. Bucky turns him back around and takes him back to the bedroom, has him sit down and hands him his pillow to hold onto while he stares blankly into space. 

“You’re good, sweetheart,” he says, and kisses the top of his head. 

Steve sighs heavily, collapses forward so he’s pressed into Bucky. 

“Let me get you something to wear,” he says. 

Steve nods. Bucky can feel him watching him the entire time. Like he’s half expecting Bucky to disappear. He dresses him in his boxer briefs, a pair that’s too small and which he should have gotten rid of but sort of kept for emergency purposes. He’d been thinking laundry crisis not omega in distress but here they are. He gets Steve into his underwear and into his robe and tries to figure out if that’s going to be enough. 

“What are you thinking?” Bucky can’t stop touching his face, needing Steve to see him, really fixate on him and connect with where he is and why. Bucky knows it won’t always be like this, that this is just a weird mix of hormones and submissive patterns shoving to the surface, ramped up and exacerbated by years of repression and likely the serum magnifying his more submissive traits, but god damn it’s debilitating for Steve. If a threat came in right now they’d both be dead.

It’s horrible and emotional and Steve is gone, sunk inside himself and regressed into his primal omega self. Submissive self. He clutches onto Bucky.

“Why would you keep me, daddy?” Steve finally asks, lower lip trembling.

“Because you’re mine now. All mine.” He knows the words aren’t really going in. Steve reeks of anxiety. He’s been covered in Bucky’s scent, and come, he’s dressed in his alpha’s things and it still isn’t enough. Bucky goes to his closet. Steve said he didn’t like the bolts, didn’t want to be tied up but that’s the answer for this. It’s primal. 

Instinct. Bucky should try. 

He pulls down the leather collar he bought for his omega. Just one of those things he’d hoped that one day he’d use. It’s still wrapped. A large pale blue silk bow. He takes it to the bed. Steve blinks at it. 


“I bought this for my omega. I’ve had it for two years, sweetheart. Do you understand? I bought it hoping to find the person who’d wear it and now I have. Daddy has been waiting for you. Of course I won’t let you go. Open the box, baby.”

Steve pulls the ribbon free, sniffling quietly. He’s chewing on his bottom lip absently and a tear drop falls onto the box. He lifts the lid off and glances at Bucky. “It’s very expensive, daddy.” 

“Yes, it was. My omega deserves the best.”

Steve carefully plucks the Bottega Veneta sticker and then parts the tissue paper. The collar is brown leather and woven. Bucky is expecting enthusiasm, is already reaching for it to help him put it on. Steve isn’t saying anything, his scent isn’t changing. Bucky waits, glances up at Steve, taking stock of how his lips are in a hard line. That he’s holding his breath, his shoulders hiking inwards. Steve blinks. “It’s beautiful, daddy.” 

“Do you want to touch it?”

Steve’s hand hovers over the collar. It’s steady but Steve’s anxiety is rising. Bucky backtracks, wonders if maybe the collar isn’t a good thing for some reason.

“I bought this for myself, really. Like a placeholder. A promise that I’d have someone to put it on someday. But, it wasn’t with you in mind. It was a few years ago and before I knew what I wanted,”  he says. 

“What do you want?” Steve asks. His voice is hollow.

Bucky picks up the collar, Steve’s hand dropping and then going to his neck. Protective. Will he stop Bucky from putting it on? Bucky can’t even guess what the objection is. “To me, a collar represents commitment and a visible sign of devotion. Maybe that’s different than what it used to mean?” He asks, hoping to depersonalize it so Steve will answer.

Steve touches the collar with two fingers and drops his hand again. “No, that’s what it meant then too.”

Bucky waits but Steve doesn’t give him anything else to work with. “You know I just want to give you what you want.”

Steve tilts his head, leaning forward a little to offer his neck so Bucky can put the collar on. 

“I said I wanted to give you what you want. You don’t want this and I don’t understand why. I really don’t mind, Steve. I don’t care about the collar at all. Only you. Keeping you content. You have to tell daddy. You don’t keep secrets from daddy, do you?”

Steve’s brows pull together. “No, I don’t keep secrets from daddy.” Steve swallows, is still thinking. He responds faster when it’s instinctive, Bucky decides. But rational thought is hard. It takes Steve a little while. He wonders if Steve’s head is filled with chaos and he can’t stay focussed or if it’s empty and he’s having trouble being present. “It was expensive.”

“Money isn’t something you need to worry your pretty little head about,” he says, and gets to his feet. He puts the collar back in the box and takes it to the closet, putting it on a high shelf. Out of sight and out of mind or something. He’ll get rid of it. “We’ll buy you something tomorrow at McLeod’s,” he promises, taking Steve’s face in his hands. “It will be just right for my perfect boy. You’ll help daddy choose it, won’t you?”

Steve closes his eyes. His hands wrap around Bucky’s wrists, tugging them down, chin lifting as Bucky’s hands circle his throat. Steve sighs in relief. His anxiety plummets. “Get daddy’s underwear off,” he orders, and Steve obeys with clumsy hands, shoving it down Bucky’s hips. He focuses on Bucky’s cock. Half hard. “Strip and get on the ground, babydoll,” he orders, and sits on the bed. He touches his cock, stroking himself to hardness almost absently. Steve watches with so much hunger Bucky groans and grips tighter. 

“You need daddy’s cock, don’t you, good boy? Pretty little omega. Can’t bear to be without daddy in you. Here I am trying to put you in a robe and that’s not good enough for my baby, is it?” Steve moves to the ground, between Bucky’s thighs and Bucky closes his legs around Steve’s head. Steve’s mouth opens, wanting Bucky’s cock but Bucky presses his face into his groin instead. Lips almost on Bucky’s balls, the hot length of his erection on Steve’s face. “Here you go. Daddy will do better.”

The surrender and relief is instantaneous. For a moment he’s afraid Steve has passed out. Just gone straight past subspace and omega surrender and into unconsciousness. But, Steve moves, his hand on his own cock as he cups himself. 

“Fingers inside, sweetheart. Two. Do you need slick?”

Steve offers his fingers and Bucky sucks them into his mouth, gets them wet and sloppy while Steve sighs happily. He lets Steve go and Steve shuffles around on the ground, pressing two fingers inside himself while Bucky tries to watch him in the mirror. His poor bottom is so swollen with arousal. The fingers sink deep into Steve’s channel and he can see the pulsing of Steve’s hole, clenching all around the fingers. 

“Daddy,” he pleads, warm breath on Bucky’s cock. 

Bucky’s phone dings with the arrival of food. Steve is hungry but his emotional state is more important and emotionally he’s a fucking wreck. “Have you ever been swaddled?” 

“I want to stay here,” he finally says. 

“We need food. The food is here. We’ll eat and then we’ll go to bed. You’ve had too emotional of a day to not eat.”

“How do I… you have to move me then. I can’t do it, daddy.” 

“That’s why you need to be swaddled. It will make everything foggy, sweetheart. Foggy and good. If it doesn’t feel nice and relaxing then you tell me and we get you out of it.” 

He runs a hand through Steve’s hair. “You like this so much I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.” 

“What do I do?” 

“Stay there. Don’t move until I come back. I’m going to count. I’ll be back before the count of ten. I won’t leave the room. You stay cupped and plugged.” 

“Yes, daddy,” he says, breath hitching. 

“You’re good. You’re fine. How beautiful you are. I love you between my legs and on your knees. At my feet. That’s where good boys belong, isn’t it?” 

“Yes, daddy,” he says. Bucky moves, shifting Steve forward so his forehead is on the bed. He picks up his underwear, lifts Steve’s head with a hand in his hair, puts it on the bed and presses Steve back down, nose buried in his underwear. Steve sighs happily. Steve counts quietly, as if even that’s difficult.

Bucky goes to his closet, pulls out his box of toys and tries to figure out how the fuck he’s going to make this work. He’s got lengths of silk. He’s got a restraint harness but it’s leather and it doesn’t feel right for Steve. It also isn’t new. And even though it’s cleaned and oiled and he keeps his leather things in good shape, the idea of something being used on Steve that has been used with someone else doesn’t sit right. Steve is so sensitive and emotional he wonders if it might cause Steve distress. 

Unopened silk ties and a set of ben wa balls will have to do. Bucky takes them to the bed. Steve is fairly relaxed, face buried in Bucky’s underwear, his breathing deep and even. His back is littered with bruised bite marks. Bucky can’t help but touch them. “So fucking pretty. You should always have daddy’s love bites on you.”

He lowers himself, presses kisses to the most bruised areas and Steve makes a pleased sound. Soft and artless, lax and receptive for whatever Bucky wants to do to him. “You’re so good for daddy. This is all you want, isn’t it, sweetheart? Just to be loved on and wrapped up and taken care of. You want to be treated like daddy’s little princess, don’t you?”

A shudder goes through Steve. Bucky pulls Steve’s hand off his cock, puts it on the bed. Steve whines. “Pretty princess can’t keep her hands off, is that it?” 

Steve is silent but his breathing is harsh and he’s shivering. Bucky kisses his ear, cups Steve’s cock and balls in his own hand and Steve thrusts forward as best he can. Bucky lightens his touch and Steve whimpers desperately. “Princess. You like that one, sweetheart?” Bucky presses close, cups him and holds him and it’s enough that Steve releases. 

“I’m sorry, daddy.” 

Bucky chuckles. “I guess we found something you like. I’m glad. And it’s better to release now before we get you put away.”

“Was it a big mess, daddy?” 

“No, just a little one. You’ve released so much there’s not much left in those cute little balls. Clean daddy’s hand, baby,” he orders, and puts his hand near Steve’s face. Steve licks him clean, the back of his neck turning red with embarrassment. “I think you taste sweet. What do you think?” 

“Like an omega?” 

“Like a very beautiful omega,” he growls, and kisses Steve’s jaw, nips him so he turns his head and Bucky can kiss him, shoving his tongue into Steve’s mouth to taste his omega. He pulls Steve’s hand from his hole, shoving those two fingers between them so they can both kiss and lick his fingers clean. Bucky gives in to the lust just a little, sucking on Steve’s fingers, nipping at him and pressing close, shoving Steve against the side of the mattress. 

“Fuck. Next time we do this I’ll slide into you, sweetheart. I’ll fill you up with come. I’ll breed you on the ground, next to our bed. Won’t be able to help myself. Daddy needs you, baby. I’m gonna breed you, I’m so fucking hard for you, baby doll. It’s going to drive me mad. Waiting for you when I need you so much.” 

“Daddy, please!” Steve begs, and tries to wiggle back. Bucky’s cock is at Steve’s hole and Steve is burning there. He’s a god damned furnace. He’s dry and swollen and he should be dripping. He should reek of lust and slick. 

Bucky grabs the lube, panting into Steve’s neck as he coats his cock, presses a glob to Steve’s hole. “Just a little, sweetheart. Not too much. You have to stay still. You have to be good for me. My very best Stevie.” 

“Yes, daddy,” he whispers. Every muscle is straining as Steve holds himself still. 

“Fuck,” Bucky growls and presses the tip inside. “You’re loose, baby. Daddy can get inside. Poor little thing. You’re so swollen. You need daddy’s cock so bad, don’t you? Stevie. Can you hear me?”

“Empty, daddy.”

“Listen now. You’re perfect inside.”

“I’m not wet.”

“Yes, you are. You’re wet and you’re swallowing daddy up in that hungry hole just like my needy omega should. Honey, you’re so hot. Daddy has never felt anything so good.” He moans and shuffles closer, presses deeper, slow and careful. He has to stop before the gland. The head of his cock is in and Steve is shaking with the effort to stay still. 

“There you go. Don’t move. You just let daddy. Baby you’ve got it.” Bucky grips the shaft tight, keeps a ring so he doesn’t fuck deeper even though he needs to. Even though Steve is mewling with how much he wants it. His movements are careful. Very precise and contained. Steve is tight and so swollen, so sensitive and this is already a lot for him. He’s shaking under Bucky. Bucky turns his head, licks at Steve’s sweat damp skin and bites hard over his claiming gland. He can feel it, the urge to bite him and claim him is intense. 

Bucky pulls all the way out, starts to press back inside, freezes at Steve’s desperate cry. 

“Don’t! Daddy don’t go. Don’t, please don’t,” he sobs. 

Sanity returns. Bucky can feel everything now, not just his cock and his urgent need to come and claim. Steve is suddenly back in focus. “Please. Daddy I need it.”

“If I claim you now it’ll hurt because of your gland.”

“I don’t care. I need to be yours.”

Bucky cups Steve’s tits in his hands, thumbs over the nipples. They’re still sore. Swollen. And his ass is clutching at Bucky, wanting him deeper. 

“Breed me.” 

He weighs Steve’s tits in his hands and Steve goes limp in surrender. “I’ve been worried about you not feeling content as an omega. It wouldn’t be pleasurable because of your gland. And if we wait we can get it fixed. Honey, that might be as soon as tomorrow.”

“Is it my choice, daddy?” 

Which is a hell of a question. Should he let it be Steve’s choice? If it’s Steve’s choice doesn’t he already know the answer? “I think there is a cost to waiting, too. The emotional strain on you and which I hadn’t taken into account. I was only thinking about making it good for you as an omega. Maybe what you need as a submissive is something different. If I claim you, you’ll know you’re home. You’ll know you’re safe with daddy. If that’s what you need, daddy will claim you now.”

“I just need to be yours. I’m strong, daddy. I’m a super soldier.”

Bucky’s mouth waters and his cock throbs. He latches on tight, bites down on Steve’s gland, claiming him with a feral growl and thrusts deeper and deeper into his channel. He knows when he hits the gland because Steve swallows back a cry. His body clenches down ruthlessly, wanting Bucky out. He squeezes Steve’s nipples hard, pinching again and again, opens his mouth and bites, Steve instinctively going lax in surrender. There’s blood in his mouth and he knows he should let go, let up and lick at the wound. Gentle. 

Bucky gets seated, ruts into him with a steady growl and comes deep inside his omega. And then he lets go of Steve’s neck, watches the blood slip down the column of his neck. He laps at it and Steve’s hands fist into the bedding. “Daddy, I’m hard. Could… could I come, daddy?”

He can’t let Steve reach for it. As much as he wants to indulge his boy, it just isn’t done. Steve must know that. He kisses the wound and folds Steve’s arms against his body, holding him securely. Using his own body and strength to swaddle him. And keep him from touching his hard cocklet.“Have you ever been hard, honey?” 

“I… a little.” 

“Have you ever come that way?”

Steve sobs. 

“Why are you hard, baby?” 

“Cause I got claimed.”

“That’s right. It’s a sign of how well we fit together. It’s special when that happens. But it’s not for omegas, is it?”

“It aches. The tip hurts.”

“I know. What a strange sensation for you.” He says, sympathetically.

Bucky’s cock is softening. He loosens his hold enough to get the ben wa balls, pulls his cock out and presses one inside Steve, having to time it against the spasming of his hole. His body clutches it tightly, sucking it in. The next one goes easy but he doesn’t want to risk a third, unclips it and presses the string flat against his perineum. He gets the ties next,  Steve’s cock and balls secured in a small package, careful with his tiny erection, another around his waist and then one between his legs so there’s silk against his hole and between his cheeks. It’s all tied together. He puts Steve’s hands all over his body, so he feels the restriction. How gentle it is. 

“Daddy. My cocklet.”

“I know, honey. It will go down, sweetheart. That’s not meant for a little omega like you. If it goes on for too long we’ll put an ice pack on it. 

“Daddy, my neck,” he whispers. His neck is bleeding sluggishly. 

“It should scar, my little angel. It’s gonna be visible. Everyone will know you have a daddy. You belong to someone.” 

Steve’s eyes close, struggling to open. Steve’s scent has gone sweet. No one would mistake him for an alpha now. He’s too far down in submission, his body reacting to Bucky’s hormones deep inside his ass and the bursting of his claiming gland. Bucky puts a pillow down, helps him collapse to the ground. Steve is so boneless and heavy he can’t even get him onto the bed. It’s ridiculous. He puts blankets over him, gets him snug and tucked up. 

Now his omega will sleep through the night.