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Knot Interested

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He wakes up to Steve grinding into the bed, pressing his cocklet into the mattress, trying to come. 

“Stop,” Bucky orders. 

Steve sobs and presses close to Bucky. Bucky fumbles on the nightstand, gets Steve’s cocklet protector and secures it on him. He’d had to take it off of him after Steve had wet, and he’d been soft when he went to bed, but the cream is definitely affecting him. 

He can make Steve out in the dark, had left the bathroom light on and the door cracked just in case. There’s so much unpredictability with Steve, so many possibilities for him to react badly and quickly, and even the few seconds it takes to turn on the light is more than he’s willing to risk at this point. 

“I’m sorry, daddy,” he whispers, kissing Bucky’s chest.

“I know. It’s okay. I shouldn’t have taken your protector off. It’s daddy’s fault.” He doesn’t tell Steve that he’d soaked it thoroughly and Bucky’d had to wash it, because the wetting is a sensitive subject and his omega is under enough strain. “You went soft, honey. I didn’t think you’d need it. That was my mistake. Distressing, isn’t it? Waking up hard and hurting.”

Steve whimpers and nuzzles into Bucky’s neck, but he can feel Steve’s hand pressing against the protector, trying to rub himself through it. Does he think Bucky can’t tell or is he so aroused he can’t help himself?

“Sweetheart, I know you’re frustrated and unsettled, but that’s not going to make it any easier. You can’t have it, honey. Let’s just take that hand away. ” 

Steve doesn’t listen and Bucky has to push him back to the bed, lift his hand away and pin it above him. Steve sobs, trying to rub against Bucky’s hip, drag him closer by wrapping his leg around Bucky. Steve raises his head, kisses him, clumsy and with a whimper that goes straight to Bucky’s dick. Steve is trembling with how aroused he is and Bucky strokes his fingers over Steve’s nipple, cock throbbing when Steve’s hips jerk in response. 

“Shh, you’re really struggling, aren’t you, princess?”

“Daddy! Daddy it’s difficult,” he sobs. Bucky gets a good grip on his boy’s ass, the clench of his cheek indicative of just how hard he’s trying to work the plug buried inside him. His palm presses flat and Steve grinds back into him, Steve’s hand leaving the pillow, pressing against Bucky’s, urging him to press harder. 

“How hard, sweetheart?” He asks, kissing his lips and then his jaw. “Show daddy what you like,” he murmurs, more than a little obsessed with the idea of Steve being so needy he overcomes his embarrassment. Steve will never be uninhibited but Bucky would like for Steve to at least be able to let Bucky know what he wants. Just a secret between them. 

“Daddy,” he sobs, and Bucky lets him touch, takes his hand away and sets it over Steve’s so he can get an idea of what Steve likes. 

“That’s too hard, honey. You have to be nice to that pretty hole. You don’t want your rim to get all swollen and sore. Not when your heat is so close and you’re going to be spanked and needing. Gentle, baby. I need you to try.” 

“But, it’s not deep enough. It’s close but it’s not… daddy, you need to breed me. Bare. You need it so much, daddy.” 

“Thigh up, let’s work that pretty gland and see where we wind up.”

“You say everything is pretty,” Steve grumbles. He’s tight against Bucky’s side, covered with a light sheen of sweat, absolutely boiling and his scent alluring. His heat is closing in. Probably tomorrow, Bucky thinks. Steve can’t find a good position for his cocklet, pressing it above Bucky’s hip, his anxiety rising.  

“Give up on that,” Bucky says, firmly. “You can present if you want to, but you’re done fixating on that little cocklet. That’s daddy’s. You don’t touch it unless I say you can, sweetheart. Not when it’s hard.”

“No, want to kiss you,” Steve complains, gets his lips on Bucky’s neck, soothing himself by sucking on his skin, but his hips won’t stop rocking, trying to get friction on his cocklet. There’s a hint of teeth on Bucky’s neck and Steve hauls in a noisy breath. His anxiety is getting worse.

“If you can’t settle then you tell me and I’ll help you.” 

“I need help,” he says, instantly. 

“Struggle and give in then. Go on. A tiny struggle and surrender for daddy. It’s okay,” Bucky says, rubbing Steve’s tense back. 

“Daddy,” he whimpers, but shivers hard and with a soft growl he presses frantically into Bucky, humping at him, as he sucks on Bucky’s neck. He’s thrusting, gets himself over Bucky and grinds down into him and then cries out in frustration, hand shoving between them as Steve jiggles and fumbles at the protector. 

He’s out of control. Anxiety peaking, crying out when Bucky decides it’s enough. That he should be forced to submit and remember who he is and where he belongs. Steve needs the contrast. He’s too out of it and the little orders and gentleness isn’t getting through.

Bucky gets a hand fisted in his hair, drags his head to the side. 

He spanks Steve’s hole, directly over the plug and then bites his neck, bites hard into the flesh, surprised at how long it takes for Steve to finally go lax and slump onto Bucky’s chest. “Goodness, what a state you’re in,” Bucky murmurs, touching him all over. His own cock is unbearably hard now. He loves watching his baby struggle and give in. He cuddles Steve closer, wanting to anchor in the idea that fighting and giving in are normal. That he gets bred and mounted after he struggles. Rewarded. Steve doesn’t have to be completely submissive every moment of the day. He can still fight and everything will be okay. He can be naughty and Bucky will still want him.   

Steve cries for a few minutes and Bucky knows that if he took off the protector Steve’s cocklet would be wet and very dark with frustrated lust. “You’re so good, sweetheart,” he says, again and again, waiting for Steve to come back to him.


“What is it, princess?”

He doesn’t answer quickly. “I hate how much I want to touch it.”  

“It’s the cream, sweetheart. Soon you won’t want to do that anymore.” 

“It’s just… I wanna touch it,” he says. “And it is unusual, it doesn’t happen, ever, so why can’t I? Maybe just once?”

“You want to come like an alpha?”

“No, I… daddy. You like it and I… I like giving it to you, so maybe you should like giving that to me? Why can I touch it when it’s soft, but not when it’s hard?” 

“It isn’t about that, honey. If I could let you do it, I would. But, that’s not for omegas for a reason. Alphas come and omegas release. You’re not built for it, sweetheart. Cocklets are too little. You’ll get come backed up in your balls and it will hurt. It will ache and bruise inside.”

 “I could… but I’m a super soldier. I can come,” he pleads. “I won’t bruise and if I do it won’t be for long.” 

“Stevie. An orgasm is a lot of sensation. I know you’re anxious and overly excited but it’s just too much feeling for one as dainty as you are. You panic and get stressed out when you release. That’s a gentle pleasure and even that seems to be too much for you. I can’t allow it. I’m sorry. It would just be too frightening, sweetheart. Daddy wouldn’t be taking care of you properly if he let you come like an alpha.”

Steve nods into his neck, clutching him closer. There’s a hitched sob as Steve accepts that it isn’t happening.

“Good boy. All done with that idea now. I think we need to focus on something else. Get you some fingers in that hole and stroking you sweetly. You should release. Maybe a reminder of how that makes you feel will help?”

“No, I don’t need to release,” he says, and whimpers quietly.

Bucky chuckles. “Then why would you come when that’s like a release but amplified?”

“I don’t know,” he finally says. 

“I think my good boy is touch starved. And your pretty little hole is very touch-starved. And this cream gets you all riled up inside, and you don’t know what to do. Isn’t that right, baby? Your pretty little pussy doesn’t know what to do with all this want.”

“Maybe, daddy. It’s… it’s confusing,” he says, and sighs. 

Bucky grips him tight by the back of the neck, rubbing his thumb into the bite.  

“What do I do?” Steve shivers. 

“What do you think?” 

His answer takes a long time. 

“Neck… daddy… stop. Can’t think,” he murmurs. 

“What do you do when you have a needy pussy? You know.”

“Give— give it to daddy?”

“That’s right. Daddy will take care of your needy pussy. Daddy knows what you need.” 

Steve is quiet then, relaxes as that message gets through to him. He’d give anything to know what Steve was thinking, especially now, when he’s lax and content. Bucky eases the plug out of him and sets it on the little towel he’d put out before going to bed. There’s a moment of indecision. Should he just give Steve some cream on his fingers or give him the full dose with the syringe? 

“Daddy?” Steve whispers. 

“What, sweetheart?”

“Do I get come?”

“Not in your bottom, but you can have it in your mouth.”

“Do you… do you need my slick like I need your come?”

“It’s a bit different because you release. Daddy gets that. If you don’t ever get slick, I won’t mind.”

“No, I mean…if I got slick… back there, you’d like that? The magazines make it seem like a good thing. It’s in all the pages, daddy. Maybe I’m not a real omega if I don’t get slick?”

“You are a real omega. Daddy doesn’t leak enough to get you wet, either. Does that mean I’m not your alpha?”

Steve sobs. “You are my alpha.”

“I know, sweetheart. And you’re my omega.” He kisses him on the forehead and grabs the syringe. The cream is a temporary problem. Steve’s doubt over how good he is as an omega will be lifelong if they can’t get the gland functional. Bucky has to be strong enough to do this properly, even if it does break his heart to put Steve through this much discomfort. 

“You’re gonna get another dose of medicine, sweetheart. I know it’s difficult and you’re doing such a good job. I’m proud of you.”

Bucky untangles himself from Steve’s octopus-like grip, getting him to hold onto his alpha shaped pillow instead and turns on the light. 

“Present for daddy,” he orders, and Steve lifts his bottom into the air. His hole is open from the plug. He’s very red and swollen. Bucky wishes he could come in Steve, because he’d find it soothing and it’s obvious that this is taking a toll on him. He inserts the syringe and fills him up with cream. 

Steve whimpers and buries his face in the pillow. Bucky gets a condom on so he’s prepared, puts a little cream on his fingers for lube and slides two fingers easily into Steve’s hole. 

“Oh sweetheart. You’re getting really sore, aren’t you?” He touches the gland with his fingertips, steadying Steve with one hand so he doesn’t press too hard, and Steve whimpers. Bucky’s positive he can feel the difference already. In fact, it’s dramatic, the nub of a gland not as hard or small as it was. It’s already changing, forming properly, likely something to do with being a super-soldier and the healing affects of the serum. It reaffirms the decision to keep Steve as swollen and soaked with medicine as he can. If he can already feel a change like this then who knows, maybe they can get the gland fully functional?

God, Steve would get so wet then. As submissive as he is? Soaked. It would be good for Steve. And Bucky can already imagine how sweet and difficult it would be for his omega to get soaked and needy for his daddy. His omega side would be satisfied. His submissive side would love how much Bucky got off on it. The rational part of Steve might be mortified, might even get overwhelmed sometimes, but Bucky could cuddle him and swaddle him if it got too bad. Plug him if he leaked too much throughout the day. 

It would make his omega content.

He’d tend to Steve personally if that happened, imagines Steve coming to his office at lunch time, getting bent over the desk as the plug is removed and he gets tidied up, filled up with come and replugged for the afternoon. 

Bucky works him for long minutes, Steve slowly coming back to himself and participating. He humps back against the fingers, hole opening and swallowing, clutching at Bucky’s fingers, and then there’s frustration and sobbing and Bucky has to get him turned so he can suck on Bucky’s cock while the fingering continues. Steve sucks on him aggressively, desperate for come, pleased when Steve swallows him down eagerly.

That calms him, settles him down so much he’s almost asleep, his hole open and no longer clenching, his scent sweet again. His hole is very swollen and sore but there’s a bit of a gape, just a little, from being plugged and aroused for so long, fucked and fingered and now he’s got his heat coming on.

“What a good boy you are for me. Pretty princess. Do you feel better now?”

“Empty,” He murmurs, before Bucky’s fingers are even out.

“Plug goes back inside,” he says, and Steve sighs in relief. “Good boy. You’re doing so well, baby.” 

“I… I want to be wet for you, daddy. Even if it’s gross,” Steve says, exhaustion slurring his words.

“I think you will, angel. But, you’re perfect either way.”