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Knot Interested

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If someone had told Bucky he would dread Steve going into heat, he wouldn’t have believed them. But that was before two days of relentlessly working Steve’s glands. After the first 24 hours the experience shifted from really hot but intense and exhausting to something like a siege where the troops had been at it for too long. 

They both need a break.

Bucky has to keep reminding them both of the objective- a functioning gland. And why it’s wanted- so Steve feels like a proper omega. The acts of spank, fill and plug are being carried out with a determined sort of tunnel vision now. And Steve’s need for come isn’t helping. He wants to feel Bucky inside him, needs to be wet for his daddy. He doesn’t just ask for it, he begs. He’s sobbed more than once and Bucky finds it nearly impossible to resist him. 

Steve feels inadequate, needs constant reassurance that he’s good even though he can’t feel Bucky inside him. If Bucky came in him, he’d settle. The substitutions are not working.

Between Steve’s frantic sucking, nursing and desperation to be bred, Bucky is also ready for a break. Just eight hours. Or ten. A solid ten hour sleep and they’d both be so much better off. 

And Steve’s heat hasn’t even hit yet. It’s his first, which makes it even more unpredictable. It’s either going to be drawn out or very short. If Steve’s body tries to make up for lost time then it might be days. If it’s in any way normal, it will be light. An afternoon. Maybe twelve hours. 

That would be best for Steve. Introduce him to the idea and not have it be too stressful. There will already be fall out from how needy Steve has been, the wanton way he’s begged for come that will likely embarrass him later. 

Bucky’s stomach rumbles. He’s dehydrated. It’s six am. He wants coffee, and he wants breakfast. Ideally, it’ll be half a dozen eggs and a pound of bacon for each of them after all the calories they’ve been burning. 

But, he has to get out of the bed first. If Steve can sleep longer than Bucky wants to let him. He just needs to get out from behind him. He reaches carefully over Steve and drags the alpha pillow close. 

Steve’s nostrils flare and he grabs it, hauling it close, burying his nose in Bucky’s shirt. That shirt is definitely come stained. He’d tried to switch it out and Steve hadn’t let him. He’s almost positive Steve is settled in near some dried come. Considering what all they’ve been getting up to, Steve would have to be. Bucky’s been coming on his face and his chest, his genitals or in his mouth, all of it a poor substitute for where his omega actually needs it. Steve will get Bucky’s come, swallow or rub it in and settle temporarily, pulling the pillow closer for more self-soothing. So, yes, he must have his face near or in dried come because there’s just been too much of it.  

When this is all over he wonders if Steve will be revolted by how animalistic he behaved. Most likely. Bucky will need to reassure him and make sure the message gets through so he can get used to his urges. 

He slips out of bed, takes a shower and has a cup of coffee. He’s just finishing cooking when Steve comes out wearing a towel, also freshly showered. 

“I didn’t know you were up,” Bucky says, pouring him a mug. 

Steve is flushed from the shower, his nipples pink and prominent from all the attention they’ve been getting and his encroaching heat. His neck is flushed and the area where his mating bite is looks a little swollen. But, he’s clear eyed and calm.

His independence and calmness are a relief. 

There’s a container of orange juice out and Steve drains a glass before saying a word. “I wish I hadn’t just brushed my teeth but it was good anyway.” He refills the glass with water, draining it and then reaches for a piece of bacon. He eats it in two bites, trying to move into Bucky for a hug at the same time but then frowns and goes back to the bacon. 

“Let’s eat,” Bucky says, and they carry their plates to the table. Steve sits next to him, angled close, hand on Bucky’s thigh but otherwise very independent. 

“Do you need a cushion, sweetheart?” 

“No, I’m fine,” he says, blushing. “I don’t… I don’t have the plug in. I showered and cleaned it and it’s… it didn’t seem right to put it back in myself.”

“Is that daddy’s job?”

“Bucky,” he says, repressively. His cheeks are pink and it goes all the way down to his nipples he’s so embarrassed. Bucky refuses to get sidetracked. Is breakfast too much to ask for?

“You can be shy but not that shy.”

“Why not?” Steve asks, quietly, staring at his plate.

“Because you have to be able to assert yourself. I need to know I can trust you to tell me if your wants and needs aren’t being met. Omegas can get confused, sweetheart. If you feel shy and don’t tell me something, let it fester and grow, it can become fear. You’ll feel afraid to say and you won’t know why and then we have a problem. And you spiral into a negative space much too quickly, so fast that we have to be vigilant, sweetheart. For your safety. If you need daddy to plug you up so you feel good then we do that.”

“Okay,” he says, and eats food. There’s something stiff and slightly distant about Steve and Bucky’s instincts are telling him they need to talk about this more, that it isn’t this easy. What is easy with his boy?

“How about ‘yes, daddy.’” Bucky orders, rubbing a hand up and down Steve’s back so he doesn’t think Bucky is upset. 

Steve eats slowly. Swallows. “Yes, daddy.” His hand squeezes on Bucky’s thigh. 

“Was that difficult?”

“I don’t want it to be,” he says. Which isn’t an answer.

“You’ve had a lot of time to train yourself into doing things a certain way so you don’t get hurt. It’s not bad. I’m not angry. It’s something to work through. You must always say daddy. We have to keep it easy. This is your task and I expect you to do it, understand?”

“Yes, daddy,” he says, and leans close, blinking quickly as he presses against Bucky and breathes him in. 

“Is that a relief, honey? If I expect it of you?”

He nods into Bucky’s shoulder and then sits back, wipes at his eye and eats some more food. 

“Good boy. That makes me happy. Now then, do you hurt too much or can you wait til after breakfast for your plug?”

Steve shakes his head in denial. “Hurt? I wouldn’t describe it that way, daddy.”

“How would you describe it?”

Steve eats another bite of eggs. He might be stalling for time. “Maybe just… not full.”

“Empty?” Bucky prompts.

“I…. Yes. Daddy.”

“If something is empty doesn’t it imply that it needs to be filled?”

“Yes, but there are worse things that do actually hurt. Not feeling empty and wanting something to be inside. Just… silicone. That’s not actual hurt.”

“What is then? What qualifies?”

“Broken bones,” he says. He shrugs. “That’s real hurt, daddy.” 

“If you had to choose a broken bone or no daddy for 24 hours what would you choose?”

“But, I’m not like most people, broken bones don’t bother me.”

“What does bother you?” Bucky asks, unwilling to let it go.

Steve sighs, puts his fork down. “I understand the point you’re making, but I’m already demanding. Your life is in upheaval and everything revolves around me being a needy omega. Why normalize it more? If not having you plug me in the morning is harm then where does it stop? It’s just being practical, you should be relieved I don’t want to put that on you.”

“I’m not relieved. You don’t get to think and make decisions when it comes to how needy you are. You don’t know. I do. You offer it up to me and if it’s too much then we talk about it or I will guide you to a solution. But you can’t be the one who decides. All that does is create more problems for me in the future. ”

Steve is quiet for longer than Bucky expects. 

“I’m sorry but no, daddy. Don’t you want to eat breakfast in peace? Don’t you want an hour to yourself without worrying about me or having to deal with my… bottom?”

“Let’s pretend you’re right. How long should daddy get to not worry about your pussy?”

Steve glances at him and then away. His cheeks going pink at the word pussy. “More than an hour, daddy.” 

“Two hours? Three? A day? Just at night?”

“Maybe,” he says. “That’s a good goal.” 

“A goal? That isn’t a goal. Dragging out and depriving you for longer than you want is not a goal. It’s dangerous. Steve, are you aware that the law expects you to go to work with me? The doctor has classified you as traumatized. That means you’ll be with me all the time. It will be normal for me to cancel meetings to settle you down. That is what’s expected.”

“That can’t be right. I don’t want to interrupt your work.”

“You are more important to me than my work. You are very special and you have needs that can’t be ignored. Even the law knows it. We won’t be going entire days without your bottom being seen to. We won’t skip or put your needs off. And they aren’t just your needs. Seeing to you makes me content. I can tell when you’re content. It’s in your scent and how you open, how receptive you are, how in tune you are to my needs. If you deny what you need it will unsettle me. Do you want to cause me distress?”

“Of course not! Daddy, I don’t.”

“I know, princess. So, you tell me. You make me proud by being very honest with your daddy and trusting that I’ll meet all of your needs. Let’s try again. Do you hurt?”

Steve’s shoulders hike up, shy about it. “I can wait, daddy. We’re almost done. Maybe… maybe if we stop the hurting before cleaning the kitchen? That’s only a few minutes, daddy. I promise that’s okay.”

Bucky takes a bite of his food, figures that’s a good enough resolution for now. They’ll have to work on it. “We’ll see to it as soon as we’re finished. Because you’re hurting but it’s not too bad, is that right?”

“Yes, daddy. That’s right. It’s… inside it feels empty and it’s lonely but I know you’re here and that it won’t be much longer.”

“Good boy,” he says, and means it. Bucky eats. Steve puts his fork down a moment later. 

“Um, Bucky?”  

“What, sweetheart.” 

“I don’t actually feel all that well,” he says, and the tears slip down his cheeks. “I promise I did. It’s just really hot and I’m dizzy now.” 

He starts to stand up and lists to the side. Bucky grabs him, stopping him from going down to the floor. Steve whimpers. His skin is boiling. Bucky helps him to the bedroom. Steve goes straight down to the bed and gets his ass into the air. His fingers are pressing inside, unable to wait at all. He makes a desperate and lost little sound, harsher than a whimper and one an alpha is unable to ignore. It means an omega is in distress. 

Steve has gone into heat. 

Bucky gets him full of lubricant and tries to feel for his gland but Steve’s so swollen inside he can’t find it. And Steve is furious at the idea of fingers. He wants Bucky’s cock, demands his come. 

“It’s over, daddy. Isn’t it? Do I get it now? It’s hot, daddy.” 

“Yeah, sweetheart. You’ll get it now. All done with that. No more mean cream, no more spankings and you get all the come you want.”  

Happily, the breeding isn’t all that different than it usually is. Steve is needy and impatient. He isn’t all that helpful and he’s lethargic, expects Bucky to breed him while he’s receptive and still. 

He needs it badly, pulling on his soft cock and releasing heavily while Bucky gets inside him. It’s for the best that he’s so passive. He’s much too swollen and sore as it is. Steve needs gentleness. 


“I know, princess. You’re really tight, honey. I’m being careful with my good boy.”

“You… I feel you leaking. It’s good, daddy,” he says, sniffling. He’s quiet after that, his passage molten and clenching too tight in a quest to get the relief Bucky’s come will give him. 

Bucky comes, Steve’s passage rippling and squeezing so intensely that Bucky is pushed out fairly quickly, his come staying tucked in Steve’s hole. Steve goes straight to sleep then, cheeks flushed a vibrant pink. Literal heat then. It affects all omegas a little differently. Bucky takes his temperature, finds him fevered and puts a cool cloth over him to make him more comfortable. He turns the air conditioning on and leaves Steve to sleep. 

Steve’s heat lasts three hours and it’s a fucking relief that Steve sleeps through it. The fever breaks and his hole releases Bucky’s come as the swelling goes down, a sign that it’s over. 

Steve wakes up and Bucky has juice and fruit for him, helps him take a shower and gets him back to bed. Steve curls into him, quiet and almost scared. His pupils are blown and he’s clutching Bucky to him.

“What happened, daddy?”

“You went into heat, sweetheart.”

“Is it over?”

“It is. A light heat.”

“Did I… was I a slut?”

Bucky chuckles and pulls him close. “No, you were actually really quiet. You got come and you passed out. You had a fever and you released a hell of a lot, but that was it. Then it was over. All done. It was only a few hours.”

“Is that too short?”

“No, that’s what your body needed.”

“Am I… could I be pregnant? When it was so short and you only came in me once?”

“No, sweetheart. You have to be regular first.”

Steve breathes him in. 

 “Maybe in a year, if that was something you wanted, we could see if you were ovulating. Your body just isn’t ready yet. That’s why it was over so quickly. You did get a shot to prevent conception at the doctor. Do you not remember?”

He shakes his head. “No, daddy. I don’t remember.”

“Well, it’s incredibly rare to conceive so quickly but it can happen. But omegas get a shot before heat and it prevents pregnancy, just in case. You don’t have to worry.”

Steve is quiet for a moment. Then he sniffles. Bucky grabs him a tissue. “Is it bad that I wanted a baby?”

“No, it’s not bad. See if you still feel that way in a couple of days.”

“You don’t think I will?” Steve asks, a little defensive.

“I don’t know. But most omegas get a little sad when it’s over and they know they don’t get a baby. It usually goes away, sweetheart. You’ll have to let me know. ”

“I can do that, daddy.”








Bucky goes into work for a meeting with Fury three days later while Natasha comes over to hang out. She brings her omega Clint with her, and they spend the entire time talking about their alphas, what it’s like to be a male omega, and what an absolute slut Jasper Sitwell is. 

They decide to get together regularly. 

A week after that, they go back to work and Steve isn’t sure what to expect. He’s a submissive omega and SHIELD knows. It was a big deal and Steve is relieved Bucky dealt with it. He’s no longer Captain America and he feels guilty that it’s a relief, but he’s started having nightmares, people he knew and lost, horrible things he saw during the war. PTSD. He wakes up crying or needing his daddy to grip and be inside him, and the idea of picking up the shield and engaging in more violence is beyond him.

Bucky says it’s very traumatizing for a submissive omega to do what he did and go to war. 

“That’s why you need your daddy so much right now, sweetheart. You’ve gotta work through it.”

“What if it doesn’t get better?” 

“It will, baby. I promise,” he says. 

Steve starts going to a traumatized omega support group. It does get better.  

The amount he’s going to be getting for his pension is astonishing and is frankly a relief, because the idea of Bucky going to work and dealing with omegas and alphas in such an intimate way is beyond what he can handle. 

Fury brings Jasper in and Bucky spends the next month training him but it’s clear he isn’t suited for the role. The department gets bigger and they hire a beta friend of Bucky’s named Sam to do the hands on work while Bucky takes over a big picture approach to reorganizing SHIELD. Bucky enjoys it and it means he gets a different office. There’s no stream, but Bucky doesn’t seem to care. He’s happy no one wanders into his office or wants to eat lunch there. Plus, his office has a lock.  

Because Steve is frequently mounted at work. He’s now the omega with damp pants.

Clint talks him into writing about his experiences growing up and what it’s like to discover he’s an omega later in life. It’s just meant to be a little piece about why he’s giving up the shield but he gets offered to write a magazine column in Back There and he says yes.  He’ll be their submissive omega contributor at large and write about his life. It’s called Letters from the Back. Steve isn’t sure about the title but he enjoys it and Bucky is proud of him. It gives him something to do while Bucky is working.

Steve typically goes to the gym with Clint, spars with Natasha and spends the rest of the day with Bucky in his office. 

Bucky’d checked to make sure his gland was gone and had warned him that his body would start getting wet and Steve has been dreading it. He’s glad he won’t need as much lube and he knows Bucky is very excited about him getting wet, but the idea of it is upsetting. 

He’s terrified it’s going to happen at work. Bucky has started leaving him messy to get him used to the idea. He doesn’t get to leave the house now without his daddy coming inside him first.

And every lunch time he gets more come. Bucky will lock his door and sit down in his chair and Steve has a hand on his cocklet even before the lock clicks. By lunchtime he always needs it badly. Bucky will take his cock out and he’s always hard, which is good because somedays Steve thinks he’d start weeping if he had to wait for Bucky to get aroused.

Bucky will slick his cock up and Steve sits straight down, taking him inside with ease while his daddy grips his cocklet. He likes to ride Bucky but he likes it even more when Bucky growls and pushes him down onto the desk so he can use him hard enough for Steve to feel it for a few hours.

Bucky will come in him, pull up Steve’s panties and press his fingers between Steve’s cheeks, rubbing the come all over so he’s damp and soaked. The first few days were very difficult and he had to hide under Bucky’s desk for the afternoon, nursing his cock until it was time to go home. But now he’s okay. He’s wet and he can chat with people and as long as no one sees it he’s fine. 


He gets wet a week after they get back. He’d gone to the gym and then to take a shower, started thinking about his alpha as he cleaned himself and hurried back to Bucky’s office so he could get mounted early, when his pants were suddenly wet. He fumbles for his phone, stops the elevator in case someone gets on and fortunately Bucky picks up the phone on the first ring. 

“What is it, sweetheart?” He asks, concerned. 

“Daddy, I’m wet.” 

“Where are you, good boy?”

“In the elevator. I was coming back to you. It’s wet, daddy.” 

“I’ll meet you. I’m on my way. Do you want to stay on the phone?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Pretty baby. I’m waiting for you,” he says, and Steve gets the elevator going again. The doors open and Bucky looks him up and down. He’s hard and big in his pants which is a relief. Bucky puts an arm around him, leads him to his office and locks the door. 

Steve bursts into tears. Bucky gets him to the couch, pants down and has his face buried between Steve’s cheeks before Steve can catch a breath. 

“You are, honey. You’re so wet for daddy,” he moans, tongue pressing inside Steve. 


“You smell so good and you taste perfect, baby. I’m so proud of you.”

“I… is it very wet?” 

“What do you think?” Bucky asks. 

“Daddy, I’m really wet.”

Bucky pulls back, wipes his mouth with his arm and gets his cock out. He’s pressing into Steve and groaning almost instantly. “Fuck, that’s so much better than lube. Oh, honey.”

Steve sobs. “Daddy? You like it?” 

“So good, sweetheart.” He pulls out and slides back in easy. There’s a squelching sound and Steve sobs again, pulls the pillow closer. 

Bucky hauls him up, grabs his cocklet firmly and mouths Steve’s neck. 

“Daddy, no! It’s wetter now,” he complains, feels it dripping down his thigh as Bucky sucks on his claiming scar. He fills Steve up with come but doesn’t stop, keeps working away inside of him, unable to stop he’s so overcome with lust. 

“You’re so good. You’re perfect. Honey, you’ve got the wettest pussy. I didn’t even know you’d get this wet. We’ll get you different panties, baby. More absorbent.”

Which is good. Steve always likes a trip to McLeod’s.