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trying to prank my childhood friend with my butthole!!

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Wei Wuxian grins as he pushes up the half-open window so there’s enough room for him to climb into Jiang Cheng’s bedroom. He’d been meaning to surprise him, maybe rearrange his room and make a mess or hide in his closet and rush in to scare him while he was pooping, or something. He had rung the doorbell and had less than probably a minute to put his plan into effect before Jiang Cheng returned.


His eyes widen when he sees what is on Jiang Cheng’s bed. The blankets are messily arranged, and close to the edge, there is no doubt perched a realistic looking sex toy in the shape of a round bottom! The silicone skin is smooth, almost close to life, but likely harder than real skin would be. There’s only a butthole, with no cock attachment, but it’s hidden under the blanket. 


Inspiration for his prank struck. He quickly pulls off his own jeans and boxers and drops them behind the bed, unseen from the doorway, before snatching the toy and balancing it on his clothes. He then climbs into the bed himself, hugging his legs to his chest under the blanket so that his position mimics the toy, thighs spread. Good thing he often went to get waxed for his hookups!


Oh yeah, the scandalized expression on Jiang Cheng’s expression would be so worth it. 


He hears the footsteps plod down the hallway, as well as Jiang Cheng muttering angrily about pranksters (hah! Little does he know!) and then he enters the room.


Wei Wuxian waits. It’s a little claustrophobic under the blankets but he breathes slowly, heart hammering with excitement. He plans to reveal all when Jiang Cheng is right in front of him. For a moment, nothing happens, though he hears a drawer open and then a cap pops and something is being… squeezed wetly? 


Jiang Cheng starts walking again until he’s probably right in front of Wei Wuxian, who hesitates. He’s so silent on the carpet that he can’t figure out where he is, exactly. Wei Wuxian’s about to jump up and reveal all when a lubed finger presses against his hole.


Oh god.


Wei Wuxian bites down on his lower lip to suppress a squeal. 


This is definitely not part of the plan, nope, not at all. 


Two long fingers rub all over his entrance, and Wei Wuxian can’t help but shiver at the way they intimately rub the cool lube into his skin. The other hand grabs his bottom and he has to resist a squeal, and Jiang Cheng moans as he squeezes his ass. Who the hell performs foreplay on their toy? What on earth is Jiang Cheng doing? Did he figure it all out, and this is actually his reverse-prank? Maybe he should jump up and reveal now, before it gets any further...


“Gege,” moans Jiang Cheng, before sliding in the two fingers, to the knuckle. “Your hole’s so warm…” 


Wei Wuxian breathes shallowly, trying not to gasp. He can feel colour rise to his cheeks. The stretch is a little uncomfortable with how sudden it is, but not unbearably so. There generally needs to be a little bit more prep than that. He just can’t believe that Jiang Cheng’s fingers are inside him right now, his butthole. Cute little Jiang Cheng, who he had grown up with as childhood friends, doted on like a younger brother. He’s off limits! Yes, they had wanked together to porn together in the past, but that’s just what horny bros do! Yes, Wei Wuxian had the odd sexual dream about him, and noticed he had grown tall and handsome, but that’s just a physical reaction! He’s the type of man categorised firmly into “bros only,” and he appreciates his looks aesthetically only! Jiang Cheng just isn’t Wei Wuxian’s type. That’s all!


And yet here he is, legs clutched to his chest and spread under Jiang Cheng’s blanket, which smells so strongly of him, while said man is also… finger blasting him. 


Anyway, Wei Wuxian had never known that Jiang Cheng’s… proclivities leaned this way! Who’s he thinking of when he calls “gege” so cutely, huh?! 


Wei Wuxian bites into the blanket as those fingers clumsily brush past his prostate. Jiang Cheng’s fingering is as endearing as it is unskilled. That he plays out his fantasy of his crush on this toy, even enjoying the sight of his fingers inserted into what should be a silicone hole... is quite cute. 


Though it’s not a silicone hole. No, it’s his hole.


“Fuck… your hole… it’s clinging onto my fingers… you’re such a bitch… I’m gonna fuck some obedience into you, gege…” 


So Jiang Cheng could talk dirty, huh! The fingers are removed and Wei Wuxian unwittingly clamps down around air as the words go straight to his groin. His cock is hidden under the blanket, where it presses hard against the fabric. Wei Wuxian can feel his pre stain the fabric. 


“Gege… so badly behaved… this is punishment for your stupid pranks…” 


Something is squeezed again and slick noises fill the air. Wei Wuxian wondered just who this naughty gege is who also likes to prank his Jiang Cheng. He doesn’t get to wonder for long, because then the blunt tip of Jiang Cheng’s cock is pressed to his rim and it’s spearing him open, the sweet drag of the hardness against his sensitive walls sending his mind spinning with pleasure. 


He doesn’t remember Jiang Cheng’s cock being this thick. Sure, he had sneaked a glance here or there in the past, compared cocks as one did with their bros, and he was certain that Jiang Cheng’s had been smaller than that. Then again, that was years and years ago. 


It’s pushed inside him into the hilt, and Wei Wuxian barely has time to breathe out before it’s being pulled out. The air under the blanket becomes hot, stuffy, but he doesn’t dare to react. Just what has he come here for, anyway? That doesn’t matter though, because it feels damn fucking good. 


Palms press against his thighs, slightly digging into his skin, and Jiang Cheng sets a harsh pace, driving into Wei Wuxian with every snap of his hips. 


Oh god, oh god, Wei Wuxian thinks, mind blanking out with pleasure. The weight of the cock presses against his prostate with each thrust, the tip reaching deep inside him every time he bottoms out. The pace is relentless and Wei Wuxian feels so used, nothing more than the sex toy Jiang Cheng thinks that he’s fucking, and it has him shivering slightly, clamping down. 


“You’re so tight… I’m gonna breed you… ahhh gege …" 


Wei Wuxian wants to scream. He wants to scream back that Jiang Cheng can breed him all he wants, anytime if he wants, just use him, use him and fuck him until he’s dripping with his cum. He’s not sure he can hold this position anymore under the blanket, the pleasure is too much as he’s being rammed to and silent gasps are muffled into his mouthful of fabric. He feels way too warm under here and it’s the familiar scent of Jiang Cheng and he feels like he’s going to cum, he’s going to cum all over Jiang Cheng’s blanket and so what if everything is revealed now? It feels good, he could think about the consequences later. 


Hands press down on him harder and Jiang Cheng drives himself so hard inside him, the sound of skin slapping wetly and the lurid noises of the cock slamming into him filling the air. Wei Wuxian feels ravenous for Jiang Cheng’s cock, determined to keep that thick girth inside him, stretching him open so nicely. Tears streak down his face as he tries to hold back his noises, and then he hears Jiang Cheng moaning his name gutturally and slamming into him one last time, spilling deep inside him, and he can’t hold back anymore.


He sobs as he cums, loud even with the blanket stuffed in his mouth, and the warm body that had been breeding him freezes and suddenly pulls away. The blanket is pulled off over him and light hits his eyes. He blinks through his tears to see Jiang Cheng’s mildly horrified gaze looking down on him. Wei Wuxian knows he looks like a debauched wreck, and his arms loosen around his legs, which he had pulled to his chest. And then he lets his legs fall over the edge of the bed, feels his hole drip with Jiang Cheng’s cum as he laughs weakly.


“You! What are you… what are you doing here?!” says Jiang Cheng, as if he hadn’t been balls deep inside Wei Wuxian. 

“Here to… prank you,” and Wei Wuxian laughs at the ridiculousness of it all as he spreads himself open. “Don’t be shy, come here and give gege some punishment for his prank, hmm?”