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A Good Night's Sleep

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It is quarter to nine when Lan Wangji stands up from in front of his desk in the Jingshi and walks towards his door. He was reviewing some of the reports submitted by the juniors while Wei Wuxian was outside, wanting some fresh air. Lan Wangji was worried, and had wanted to follow, but Wei Wuxian assured him that he would be fine and if he truly felt like he needed Lan Wangji, he would come to him right away. So Lan Wangji had sighed and let Wei Wuxian go, trying to give him the space he needed despite wanting to hover.


Opening the door, and feeling the cool night air brush against his skin, Lan Wangji steps out, wanting to find Wei Wuxian. He just wants to make sure if his husband is doing alright. He walks across the rabbit garden, and stops as he spots Wei Wuxian sitting on a rooftop of one of the rooms. He is clutching a jar of Emperor's Smile in his hands as he stares upwards towards the sky, taking long slow sips.


Lan Wangji is taken back to the first time they had met, Wei Wuxian wanting to sneak in alcohol into Cloud Recesses and Lan Wangji stopping him and getting him punished. A fond smile plays on his lips as he relives the times after the fateful encounter. He is still surprised by the fact that someone like Wei Wuxian was interested in someone who was as strict and rigid as Lan Wangji. 


Coming back to the present, and looking back up at Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji is mesmerized. He has been married to this beautiful man for almost a year now but every time he looks at him, his breath is taken away. Wei Wuxian’s silky dark hair is in its usual ponytail, tied with a red ribbon, a few stray strands at the front framing his face. His silver eyes are staring up at the sky as a light smile plays on his thin lips and his cheeks are flushed from the cold and the alcohol. His body is relaxed, and he is leaning back on his elbow while one of his legs is propped up. 


Lan Wangji is filled with so much emotion that he feels like he is going to burst into a rainbow. This amazing, strong, gorgeous man is his husband now. Wei Wuxian is his and he is Wei Wuxian’s. 




Lan Wangji feels a sense of pride at that. He is so proud to have a husband as kind and loving as Wei Wuxian. Someone so amazing, how did he get so lucky? 


Lan Wangji loves Wei Wuxian so much he wants to protect him forever. He wants to take him in his arms and he wants to shield him from all the ugliness of this world. He wants to hold him when he is sad or doubting himself and remind him just how beautiful he is. Remind him that he loves Wei Ying with all his self. 


After making sure that Wei Wuxian is not sad or hurt, Lan Wangji makes his way back to Jingshi. He could have joined his husband, but he knew that Wei Wuxian sometimes needs to be on his own and he doesn’t mind giving him that as long as Wei Wuxian is not hiding too much pain inside him. Besides, he knows Wei Wuxian will be back soon, after finishing his drink. 


It’s almost nine when Lan Wangji gets in their bed and pulls the cover over himself. Even though he hates it sometimes, he has become a slave to his routine of sleeping 9 to 5 on a normal day. He can stay awake on days of night hunt, or when Wei Wuxian was talking to him about anything and everything (which is almost everyday), or when they were making love (which was also almost everyday). But there was no reason for him to stay up tonight, so when the clock strikes nine, Lan Wangji is already being pulled into a dreamless sleep. 



Wei Wuxian stumbles into the Jingshi at ten. He is not drunk, just a bit tipsy. His eyes land on a heap of white on the bed and his heart blooms. Lan Wangji is laying perfectly still on their bed, wearing his night clothes, his forehead ribbon removed, folded neatly and kept on the side table. Wei Wuxian removed his own outer robes and skips towards the bed to join Wangji. He stops at the foot of the bed and looks down at the sleeping form of his partner. He sleeps completely still, in a straight form unlike Wei Wuxian who is always sprawled across the bed, his limbs spread out. But Lan Wangji doesn’t mind, letting their limbs entangle. His beautiful dark hair is spread around like a halo. He truly looks like the angel he is. 


As he gets into the bed for the night, he feels a shift, and looks up to see Lan Zhan’s eyes slightly open. His beautiful golden orbs are only half visible as his eyelids hang heavy due to sleep. He extends his arms to Wei Wuxian’s side of the bed, letting Wei Wuxian rest his head on his arm. They both turn to face each other as Wei Wuxian snuggled further into Lan Zhan curling himself and placing his head on Wangji’s chest. They let their legs tangle, trying to be as close as possible. Lan Wangji’s other free hand drapes across his waist, holding him securely to himself. Wei Wuxian can feel the warm breath of his husband on the top of his head. He shudders in delight at the closeness, enjoying the cold sandalwood scent that had surrounded him in the embrace. He can stay like this forever. 


Wei Wuxian knows that Lan Zhan has probably gone back to sleep now. He sighs contentedly as he hears the steady heartbeat below him. It feels so safe and amazing that Wei Wuxian might actually cry. He loves Lan Zhan so much. He loves how he wakes up from his sleep just to hold Wei Wuxian. He shifts a bit to look up at that face of his beloved. His face is completely relaxed, his eyes closed, just like before. But now, if he looks closely, he can see a light content smile play on Wangji’s lips and Wei Wuxian’s heart bursts. Such a beautiful smile, only for him. Only with him.


“Lan Zhan,” He whispers, suddenly wanting to say something, “I love you.” Its all he can say even though he has so much he wants to say to him.


“Mn,” Lan Wangji hums after a few seconds, sleepy and groggy, “I love you too.” A small kiss is planted on his forehead and Wei Wuxian smiles broadly. No other things need to be said. This is enough between them. This is perfect. Staying like this in each other's arms. 


Wei Wuxian kisses his Wangji's lips once again, before snuggling back into his chest and going into another night of peaceful sleep.