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Male Order Bride

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Turns out renovating a kitchen was actually fun, the whole week Katsuki worked with Izuku to turn the kitchen around. He made the design to use wood flooring instead of tile, sanded and repainted the cabinets, helped hang curtains...

The joy on Izuku's face was worth it..especially as they stood in the newly renovated kitchen hugging "This is amazing! Thank you Kacchan!" He said gleefully kissing the alpha.

Katsuki smiled as he kissed back happily, as he pulled Izuku in close resting his head on top and breathing in the scent he had come to adore.

They ate a light lunch and were getting ready to practice horseback riding, "Pretty soon I'll take you riding on a trail," Katsuki said smiling as Izuku pulled on his boots.

His eyes lit up "I'll prepare a picnic lunch for us!" He said feeling excited as he stood up. He loved the new boots Katsuki got him! They were perfect!

Katsuki pulled opened the door and froze...standing at the door in mid-knock was a woman with green hair...she looked identical to Izuku minus
the freckles "Hello Ms.." He said

"MOM!" Izuku shouted wrapping the woman up in a hug "Izuku!" Inko cried hugging her baby and kissing his forehead. He pulled away with a confused look on his face "Why are you here?" He asked

Inko blushed and fidgeted "Your letter gave me peace of mind, but I needed to see for myself that you were happy!" She said with a worried tone and tears gleaming in her eyes.

Katsuki was sweating, he quickly sat his soon-to-be mother-in-law at the table and pulled out a kettle to make her some tea. Izuku pulled out some muffins that he made yesterday and took a seat beside her smiling happily.

Inko eyed the alpha, "So what were you doing before?" She asked as Katsuki placed a cup of steam tea in front of her along with milk and sugar.

"We just finished working in the kitchen!" Izuku said excitedly and began pointing out everything they had done, "He's been so kind! I still can't believe he actually bought the fridge I wanted!" He said

Katsuki took his seat next to Izuku wondering how badly Inko was judging him, he kept his head bowed down respectfully towards her. Showed no posturing, "It's just a fridge honey, if it makes you happy I'd buy ten more," He teased smiling at the blooming red on his face.

"We were about to horseback riding! Or rather practice...Kacchan said he'll take me on a trail soon! You have to meet Lady and Aka-chan!" Izuku gushed happily.

The practice was forgotten and Katsuki called his own parents, much to Inko's surprise "We'll meet up at the dinner for diner, there eager to meet you Ms. Midoriya," He said respectfully

Inko felt a little better when she received Izuku's letter but she needed to see him, needed to know her baby wasn't being taken advantage of...and seeing this alpha being so...soft...put her at ease "Please call me Mom," She said smiling gently.

"Izuku gets his smile from you...mesmerizing," He said turning his gaze to Izuku and gently touching his face, Inko watched as he leaned into the touch. They looked so tenderly at each reminded Inko of her late husband... the way he used to look at her.


Both men watched at Mitsuki practically slung herself at Inko wrapping her up in a tight hug and welcoming her to the family even before they entered the dinner. Izuku and Katsuki had their hands intertwined as they walked behind their parents, Inko was having the best day it seemed as the two women talked happily sitting next to each other.

"I always imagined Izuku having a fall wedding, nice cool weather maybe somewhere outside," Inko said dreamily as Mitsuki giggled like a schoolgirl. "We could have it in the old barn, well we'd have to fix it up first..." Mitsuki said seemingly on board with this "That way if it rains we'd have a backup plan!"

Inko clapped her hands clearly happy, "Oh that sounds lovely! I saw the barn on the way here, it was surrounded by all those lovely trees!" She gushed happily, Masaru quickly spoke "I think if we time it right, those trees will have apples sprouting all over them!"

"Or apple blossoms!" Mitsuki squealed a huge smile on her face, "On the other hand if you wait I could make some apple cider for the wedding party" Came the voice of Ochako "And maybe an apple cake instead of a traditional cake!"

Both women oohed and awed at the suggestion, Mitsuki lamenting how she wished she'd brought a calendar to start marking dates!

"Ochako please get back to work!" Tenya shouted over the wedding planners and their giggles

Katsuki just rolled his eyes as he pulled Izuku closer, the smeller man leaning into him and cuddling in his warm embrace, "I've never had apple cider before...or apple cake..." He commented offhandedly.

"We'll have the wedding during peak apple season," Katsuki declared as Izuku laughed, Katsuki just pressed a kiss to his forehead and blinked at the sudden flash.

Inko was holding a polaroid camera smiling as a picture slowly printed out. Mitsuki watched over Inko's shoulder as the picture faded in "Awww," they both cooed.

Katsuki and Mitsuki argued about where Inko would stay, Katsuki insisting she stay with them and Mitsuki insisting she stay in town. In the end, Mitsuki won the fight through an arm-wrestling match

"I'm just tired is all! That's the only reason ya won ya old hag!" He said seethingly with a pout as Mitsuki just laughed as she dragged Inko away...

That night as they entered the house, electricity seemed to spark between them as they kissed. Hands moving everywhere, purring and moaning as they tumbled into Katsuki's room that night...

Izuku woke the next morning, Katsuki's arms wrapped around his naked body, he couldn't help the blush blooming on his face as he laid his head on Katsuki's well-endowed chest enjoying the warmth and the feeling of contentment.

"Deku..." Katsuki mumbled drowsily planting a kiss, Izuku looked up with an eyebrow raised "Deku?" He echoed with a laugh, Katsuki snorted "Half tired..." He said

"Marry me," Katsuki said suddenly, "This feels right, I don't wanna wait," He continued sitting up pulling Izuku into his lap. He stifled a soft moan feeling Katsuki's growing need rubbing against him "I'd be a Deku to say no," He teased rubbing his hips into Katsuki.

The alpha smirked trailing kisses down his neck, "Let's sleep in~" Katsuki purred, Izuku laughed "Careful I might or I'll be pregnant before the wedding" He teased. That only seemed to spur Katsuki on further "I wouldn't abject never too soon to start our family," He said smiling

The smell of happy omega emanated through the whole room, yes this was everything Izuku could have ever dreamed of as he shifted in his alpha's lap to face him "Give me lots of pups than alpha~" he purred pushing Katsuki down on to the bed.



After some extra morning activities, Katsuki all but rushed into town! He needed to get the old barn ready! He needed a ring! Fuck he needed permission from Inko! He sincerely hoped she couldn't smell her son all over him!

His first stop was the local bulletin board at the town hall, he posted up a quickly made flying to enlist help from whoever needed some extra cash, next he drove over to his parents home only stopping to admire there tiny little vegetable garden with a mild chuckle, once a farmer always a farmer he guesses...

"You asked Izuku to marry you!" Mitsuki shouted a big smile on her face followed by a whoop as she clapped her hands together "Best bet I ever lost!"

Confused for a moment till Inko strolled over a proud smirk on her face as Mitsuki handed her some money, "I thought you'd wait a whole year before popping the question!" Mitsuki said laughing

"But I bet you'd ask later this week," Inko said clearly quite pleased with herself as she smirked at him "And from the smell of it...we might be seeing grand pups very soon,"

Katsuki blushed as he scratched the back of his head awkwardly "I actually wanted to...ask for your," He felt awkward saying such a thing, however, the gentle smile on Inko's face made it all worth it.

She nodded, "You have my blessing Katsuki, please continue making my baby happy," Inko said pulling Katsuki into a hug, "Meeting you was a blessing for Izuku and I couldn't be more pleased..."

There was a sad tone in her voice even as her smile glowed with happiness. Masaru walked over to Katsuki and took his hand "This was your grandfather's wedding ring, we figured Izuku would appreciate this over getting your grandmother's ring," He said curling Katsuki's fingers around the simple gold band.

After hugging both his parents Katsuki set off for home, lunch was waiting for him on the table along with Izuku eagerly waiting for him. The home finally felt more...homey...he hadn't had this comforting feeling in since his puppy days.

Izuku broke into tears as Katsuki gave him the ring, smothered him in kisses, and scenting him happily.

A knock on the door pulled them back to reality, Katsuki confused and curiously opened the door "BAKABRO!!!" Eijirou shouted happily, he was dressed ready for work, and behind him were several other people holding wood and tools.

Izuku blinked no way did news spread THAT fast! "We're ready to get to work!" Eijirou declared smiling brightly, "And dude we all agreed we don't want to be paid," He said sternly

Another man spoke up, a blond with yellow eyes "Yeah man! This is our wedding gift to you!" Denki cheered as the rest of the crowd followed "You stay put with your man while we do all the hard work!" Eijirou said as they turned and headed off to work...

"Is this typical?" Izuku asked finding the shocked look on Katsuki's face amusing, "More so than you know, small-town everyone knows everyone" Katsuki replied closing the door, "Don't tell those morons but... their good people," He said smirking.

By the time autumn came around, the two were even closer than before and perhaps a little more round than before...

Izuku blushed as he opted for the larger size pants to fit comfortably over his ever-growing baby wasn't a shock to either of them they had been rather active in the bedroom...

With most of Katsuki's friends fixing up the barn, it gave him time to turn Izuku's former room into a proper made Izuku cry several times over from how perfect everything was...

Even now as he looked at the two empty cribs await for their occupants to arrive, "Deku you should be sitting!" Katsuki scolded gently pushing him into the room and plopping him down in the rocking chair.

Izuku laughed "I'm fine Kacchan! Besides, I'll be standing and dancing all night today!" He said filled with excitement as Katsuki groaned "Exactly! You need to rest as much as possible!"

He loved how dotting Katsuki was! He was going to be such a good father! "But it's my wedding day! I wanna dance all night in the arms of my darling husband!" He pretended to whine. Katsuki scoffed and kissed him "Half the night if you promise to relax!" He said sternly

"Fine," Izuku lamented sitting back in his rocking chair running his hands over his belly, kissing him once more Katsuki adjusted Izuku's bow tie before scurrying off to make sure everything was going as scheduled.

Inko came in "Photos are going to be taken by the orchard in half an hour sweetie," she said smiling proudly as she touched Izuku's belly "Hello my grandpups, Nana can't wait to meet you!" She cooed kissing his belly than his forehead.

Izuku playfully batted her way with a laugh watching as she left the room...he sighed softly as he gazed out the window of the nursery enjoying the view of fall leaves gently blowing in the wind...he really loved this farm and this town and really everyone that lived here!

The photos were taken, with family, with friends, just Katsuki and Izuku together holding each other while they gazed lovingly into each other's eyes... Katsuki wanted one of him holding Izuku bridal style in his arms...the omega adamantly refused...

"I weigh more than Lady does! I'm carrying two pups in me!" He chastised lightly with a pout, "I'm not having you hurt your back on our wedding day!"

Katsuki just laughed as he scooped him up into his arms, the photographer quickly taking the shot with Izuku's look of surprise forever etched on his face. Katsuki looked smug as he replaced Izuku on the ground and flexed his muscles "Like lifting a feather pillow babe," He said smirking...

Izuku pouted lightly hitting him, "Don't complain later than," he warned but smiled anyway as Katsuki pulled him into a tender embrace gently kissing him...

Toshinori the old priest was presiding over the wedding, the aging alpha currently was courting his mother and Izuku couldn't be happier that even his mother found new joy in life "We're about to begin my boy," Toshi said smiling softly as he adjusted his coat.

Inko helped fix his tie and kissed his cheek, he chuckled "I hope you'll save a dance for me, pretty lady," He teased earning a giggling blush from Inko "Well lucky for you, my dance card is empty," She flirted back and dragged Izuku off...

Katsuki was herded into place with Toshi standing with the book before him...rows of chairs filled with people sat behind him, not a single dry eye could be found. The wedding march began to play, and all eyes landed on Izuku being escorted by Inko...

Inko stood before Katsuki "Today...I give you my become part of my family as I become part of your," She said offering Izuku's hand to Katsuki.

"Thank you, for letting me have Izuku, for letting me become your new son," Katsuki replied bowing his head as Inko stepped back and took her seat.

Toshi smiled at the two, "Today we unite this couple in matrimony, two souls that have long searched for their other half and have joined as one spirit," He said gazing at the two men, "Our grooms have written their vows and I turn the floor to them,"

Katsuki cleared his throat, "I'm a man of few words...but believe me when I complete every way possible, you complete made me realize just how lonely I was...what joy was...was life really is...Izuku I love you," Katsuki said clutching Izuku's hands tightly in his.

Tears pour down Izuku's face as he sniffled a little, "Kacchan, being sent here was the best thing to ever happen to me. I never knew how the city lights made it so hard to see the stars...but how can I notice the stars when all I want is to look into your eyes," He said wiping his eyes

"I never knew how nice peace and quiet was...but nicer still is the sound of your heart when we sleep at night, the warmth of the land is nothing compared to the warmth of your've shown me a better life, you've given me the chance to live that life...better still I get to live life with you," Izuku said smiling up at Katsuki

Toshi had to wipe his own tears away and quickly pulled out matching rings, "Now present each other with these rings," He instructed watched as they both took a ring and slide it on the opposite finger, "Let all who bare witness to this union! In this life when we find love it's the greatest gift we not only give ourselves but to the person who that love is given too," Toshi said clasping his hands over Katsuki and Izuku's

"Today I present Bakugou Katsuki and Bakugou Izuku!" He shouted followed by the roaring cheer of the crowd...

The newly renovated barn was opened and food was served while music played. Izuku and Katsuki had their first dance and newlyweds before dancing, in Katsuki's case reluctantly, with their parents and the evening turned dark.

"Come on honey time to get you into bed," Katsuki cooed to a half-asleep Izuku, "One more dance...please..."He said trying hard not to let another yawn escape his mouth.

Katsuki just smiled shaking his head, "Nope party is winding down, and all three of you need sleep," He helped Izuku into his truck rolling his eyes at the stupid tin cans now attached to the bumper...probabily Ochako's doing...

He said goodbye to his folks and Inko giving them each a hug before driving off, tomorrow was the start of their new life as a married couple...thank god he filled out the order form!

The End