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Male Order Bride

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Katsuki wiped the sweat from his brow as he finished plowing the fields. It was another scorching summer day and he needed the fields ready for planting in the fall...he hired a few local betas to help and they had earned their money but at the end of the day...he still had more work which he was too tired to do...his own home was a mess with pots and pans piled high in the sink and dusty floors...his workers often teased him about getting an omega...honestly if he didn't find females so offensive he would have done so a few years back...but at the same time...he was getting up there in age at 35...

One of his oldest of friends Eijirou left an omega order form pleading to get a companion...he sighed sitting at his lonely table with a meager meal...he didn't even have the energy to cook something! He grabbed a pen and began filling out the question confused him...Does gender matter? Why ask that? Was it pertaining to children? He answered no...he was already biting the bullet by order an omega in the first place...a woman's touch...made him shudder in all honesty...

However, by the next morning, he handed the envelope to Denki to have it mailed off...maybe having a few pups would at least make the workload easier...

Izuku was a city omega city boy...rare as a four-leaf clover and harder to find a match...he was only 23 but he wanted a mate so badly! He signed up with a matchmaking agency as soon as he was old enough...but not only did many find it weird for an omega to be male...
but also not very wanted...when the agency said they found a possible match he didn't have much hope...probably another dumb alpha that didn't under the gender the last three and he was sent away...heartbroken... he looked at his mother and hugged her tightly.

"Maybe this will be the one baby," She said hopefully eyeing the train that would take her son far away, "I don't know...I'm not expecting much," He said glumly pulling away giving her a last-minute kiss on the cheek before grabbing his bag and jump on the train...a sad look in his he boarded. He was lead to his room where he would spend two days and one night in, told where the dining cart was and what stops they would make along the least he'd get to see a different part of the that was a plus...


It had almost been two weeks since he sent out the order form. Katsuki was on edge, any day now he was expecting his new omega to show up...some city girl that would more than likely give him a headache about all the chores...and have some overly sweet scent...he growled digging
his shovel deep into the giant pile of shit to spread over the field...he deeply regretted sending that form in...but it was too late now and he already bought some fancy nesting items to properly court the omega...

Eijirou jogged over "East field is all done bro!" He said with his normal enthusiasm and bright smile, "Good work as usual shitty hair..." He said planting the shovel in the ground "Suns going down...might as well call it a day," Katsuki said glumly, Eijirou frowned but said nothing. He knew better than to speak when Katsuki was in a bad mood...

He gave his oldest friend a pat on the back before heading off "Mina says thanks for the eggs," He said waving goodbye, Katsuki didn't reply didn't really need to...he had more than enough eggs to sell and those two had extra mouths to feed...

He washed his face and hands with the water pump by the hen house before finally heading to the main house...where he paused...the smell of gentle mint and lavender entered his nose, it relaxed him and put his tense muscles at ease...his brain clicked 'omega...' he blinked as he looked up and saw someone standing at his door looking this must be his new omega...her scent was...nice...perhaps this wasn't going to be all bad...

Izuku had arrived at the address around noon but no one was home...he didn't know if he should wait or leave or...what...part of him just wanted to leave and avoid the disappointment he was bound to receive...he sighed...his sweat from the heat all but washed away the
scent guard he had worn, if he was lucky the alpha would at least let him stay the night before sending him away...

"Hey," A rough voice spoke behind him and Izuku turned...the rejection was going to hurt even more...this alpha was devastatingly handsome

Katsuki watched as the omega turned to face him and blinked...he sniffed the air again to be sure...there was no doubt this person before him was an omega... he was shorter with large eyes and freckles...his heart was pounding in his chest at the sight, what to say?

He should say something right? Thankfully the omega spoke first "I'm Midoriya Izuku, I was sent to be your omega from UA matchmaker agency," He said and fuck if his voice wasn't that of an angel...

"You're male..." FUCK!! Why did he say something so stupid?! Izuku just frowned and looked away "'s rare...but it happens I'm a male omega..." Izuku said

Katsuki nodded and quickly placed a hand on his shoulder to guide him into his house...he was nervous "Wait here," He said rushing to get his courting gift...and praying he doesn't mess up

Izuku felt awkward as he stood there by the front door, he kept glancing back wondering if he should just make a run for it...he heard the alpha's footfalls rushing back towards him...running away was out...

He watched as the blond approached him and held out a simply wrapped parcel "This is for you, a courting gift," Katsuki said wondering if his brain melted or something as the beautiful omega took his gift his finger gently touching his skin briefly...oh how he just wanted to grab that hand and hold it! For the rest of his life!

Izuku gingerly unwrapped the gift and blinked as he held the softest blanket he ever felt! He brought it to his face and inhaled the earthy smell of campfires and heady woods a blush danced across his face as he looked at Katsuki "Do you...want me to stay?" He asked tentatively

"Yes! Please stay!" Katsuki all but blurted out, "Your...the most beautiful thing I've ever seen..." he couldn't tear his eyes away from Izuku, the omega was just so mesmerizing "I'm Bakugou Katsuki...and I'm gonna court you properly...I got a room set up for you..."

Katsuki quickly showed Izuku where he would be sleeping...until he was properly courted that is...Izuku looked around the was simple but very lovely...he could picture it one day becoming a nursery...or so...he hoped...he turned to Katsuki, who was scratching his head awkwardly.

"You're probably hungry...if you give me a few minutes to clean up...I'll take you to town for something to eat..." He said wanting to feed Izuku something nice for his first night on the farm, Izuku smiled and nodded

"Take your look really tired if not up to going out...I could try cooking something?" Izuku offered only for Katsuki to take his hands "Let me treat you tonight," He said sternly gazing into his eyes, never had anyone looked at him like this, his heart was beating so hard he was sure Katsuki could hear it!

He looked away "Alright, just tonight! Tomorrow I'll get to know the house better! I'll make you something yummy for sure!" He said determined, Katsuki nodded and quickly walked out of the room...he really hoped he had some nice clothes! Should he just wear his Sunday best?


Katsuki adjusted his shirt for the millionth time in the mirror and made sure his hair looked alright before he finally felt satisfied enough to get his truck out of the barn...He had Izuku wait on the porch as he drove around, though he suddenly wished he had cleaned the thing he helped Izuku climb in running around to the driver side to get in himself...he set off towards town...

Katsuki drove them to the only local eatery there was a small family dinner...he really hoped Izuku wasn't offended!

Izuku followed Katsuki into the dinner, he rather liked the homie feel of the place, and when a rather tall Alpha came over and greeted them or rather Katsuki.

"Katsuki it's quite rare to see you out!" He greeted extending his hand, "And you brought a guest as well, please allow me to seat you two immediately! I'm Iida Tenya owner of this fine establishment" He introduced himself as he grabbed two menus and showed the two
a table, "I'll give you a few minutes to decided before sending Ochako over," He smiled kindly as he left.

"Soo? Whose Katsuki's friend?" Ochako said eagerly grabbing Tenya, he rolled his eyes "I didn't get his name but from his scent...he is omega," He said simply watching as his wife got an excited look in her eyes "Oh! Katsuki found an omega? That means wedding bells! Which means catering!" She said thinking about the future money prospects as Tenya sighed

"Well I just hope he makes Katsuki less lonely," He said trying not to laugh as his wife made plans for a wedding party...he wasn't going to stop her, this was the most fun she had in a least since her pregnancy with little Anju...

"Don't forget to take their orders dear," He said walking away to attend to other guests...

"This is really nice," Izuku said with a gentle smile on his face as he looked around, the walls were covered in photos of whom he assumed was the restauranteurs family...

he paused a moment and noticed a photo with little Tenya, a small girl and familiar boy with wild hair he pointed to it, "Is that you?" He asked, Katsuki looked over at the photo and let out a half-smile "Yeah, I've known glasses and round face, his wife since we were pups...everyone thought I was going to be with her..." He said rubbing his chin and frowning

"But I was never attracted to her...or women in general..." He admitted, "Did you ever date anyone?" Izuku asked wanting to know and very curious...he knew same-sex couples quite common...male betas with male alphas...female omega with female betas...

female alphas were rare just like male omegas...he knew one through the agency...they tried...but there just wasn't an attraction between them...another broken heart...he was glade Momo did find an omega she loved, Jirou is a very sweet girl...

Katsuki shook his head, "No..." He said not really sure how to explain how he had felt, in his youth, he focused solely on taking over the farm and letting the old hag and old man retire in town...he wanted their life to be easier...he hadn't realized how hard taking over the farm really was...or how lonely he'd actually get...

"Once I took over the farm for my folks I never really made time for datin' or even seeing others" He admitted with a small shrug "Reminds some point I'll introduce them to ya, they live here in town..." He said thoughtfully,

"But knowing this town, they'll know I'm seeing you by morning and be visiting by noon tomorrow," He joked getting a sweet giggle from Izuku,

"I'd be honored to meet your parents...they won't be...upset," He said biting his bottom lip.

Katsuki blinked in confusion, "Upset? I don't know why, but no...the old hag wouldn't care how I met you she'd start demanding grandpups" He said feeling a slight headache, but sighed, "Nah...she'd just be happy I wasn't alone anymore..." He admitted.

Ochako came over with her notepad smiling cheerfully "Hi Katsuki and mystery omega!" She said bouncing on her feet "Oh! I gotta know! What's your name? How did ya meet? Was it that mailorder bride form that Eijirou? I never knew omegas could be male! I'm sorry if that was rude
to say," Ochako chattered happily.

"When's the wedding? I already have plans for your big party! And don't worry Katsuki I'll give you a friend catering discount!" She chirped as Izuku blushed bright red, "It's, not a problem, I'm used that that kind of thing, my name is Izuku," He said softly looking away,

"Round face can you just take our order? We just met today, and yes it was through the mailorder!" He snapped feeling his patience thinning, "And what makes you think I'll hire you for catering? Maybe I'll do a potluck for the party?" He said smugly

Ochako made a fake gasp "You wouldn't dare!" She said mockingly as Katsuki laughed "Yeah,'ll cater...but only after I've properly courted Izuku! My old hag didn't raise some scummy alpha!" He said sternly earning a giggle from Ochako.

Izuku felt his heart beating hard, for the first time ever he felt hopeful no more than that... he finally found the one...he could feel it in his core being! He was smitten with Katsuki, utterly...

The rest of the evening progressed with no incident, they talked for hours about their lives from the city to the small country town till it was closing time at the restaurant. Katsuki drove them home feeling lighter than he ever had...and he couldn't wait till tomorrow! Couldn't wait to wake up and greet Izuku in the morning with a hearty breakfast!

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The sound of the rooster crowing startled Izuku awake, he looked around momentarily forgetting where he was...the sun was just coming up, but Izuku still rubbed the sleep from his eyes and crawled out of bed. He knew Katsuki was used to waking up early from their chatting last night...

So waking up early was something he should get used to! With that thought, he forced himself out of bed and into the bathroom across the hall. He showered and dressed before heading to the kitchen, and paused...he wondered what he could do...after all Katsuki was courting him...he blushed at the thought...that means he should be of help around the farm right? He wasn't just looking for a wife...he was looking for someone to help take care of things! With determination burning in his heart he set himself the task of making breakfast for Katsuki...

He had just walked in from gathering eggs from the hen house and was surprised to find Izuku had already set the table and had a hot meal ready "I hope you don't mind...I used what was in the fridge..." He said fidgeting a little bit.

All Katsuki could do was blink as he set his basket of eggs down and took a seat at the table taking in the heavenly aromas "Looks amazing," He said piling some eggs and bacon on to his plate and grabbing some toast with butter and took a bite...

The eggs were scrambled nice and creamy, the bacon crispy, and the toast unburnt, "Here I was planning on cooking for you," He teased with a smirk as Izuku blushed, "No way! I'll do that! You're going to be work really hard right! leave the house stuff to me!" Izuku insisted,

"Whatever I can do to make your life easier...please let me," He said looking away with a blush on his pretty face, and damn if Katsuki couldn't fall any deeper,

"Tomorrow I'll show you how to collect eggs and feed the hens, and how to feed the rabbits too," Katsuki said taking another heaping plate of eggs and bacon.

Izuku blinked confused "Rabbits?" He asked, "Yeah we raise them for food and sell the fur for a good profit," Katsuki replied failing to notice the slight look of horror on Izuku's face as he wiped his face, "I'll help with the dishes and then I'm headed out to the field,"

Izuku smiled slightly awkwardly as he helped clean the breakfast table, where he came from...rabbits had often been seen as pets...not was...a culture shock...and Izuku was certain he was never gonna cook or ever eat a cute bunny!


Izuku cleaned, dusted, and tidied up the place with a smile on his face and a mop in his hands! He was going to make this house shine! He took down the curtains to beat the dust out of them and pouted...they were so old the color was faded

"Hmm...maybe I could ask Katsuki to buy some nicer curtains..." He looked around the kitchen, shades of brown that may have once been red...a few cracked tiles in an ugly yellow hue...maybe he could paint the cabinets? Something bright...or maybe a little middle of the road color...a light grayish blue? And matching curtains! But he didn't want to seem spoiled or too demanding...

A knocking at the door snapped him from his thoughts as he quickly hurried to answer the door "Hello!" He greeted shyly only to be shocked at the sight before him, a tall woman with the very same face as Katsuki stood before him standing beside a meek-looking man with a gentle smile.

The woman let out an excited cheer as she suddenly pulled him into a tight hug "You're fucking cute! Masaru our grandbabies are going to be adorable!" She shouted a big smile on her face Masaru chuckled softly

"I'm just glad Katsuki won't be alone anymore, I've always had that concern," He said sounding happy.

Izuku was dragged back into the house arms still wrapped around him and set at the table "I'm Mitsuki but you can call me Ma! And this my husband Masaru!" She introduced themselves,

"Please call me Dad!" He said an edge of excitement in his voice "Your Katsuki's parents! Oh! I'm so honored to meet!" He tried to stand up and bow but Mitsuki forced him to stay seated.

"Now, now sweetheart no formalities needed!" She scolded playfully take a seat, "Tell us about yourself! We've only heard Kat's got an omega and we came running to meet ya!" Mitsuki looked ready to burst with happiness,

"My name is Midoriya Izuku, I used to live in the city with my father...he died when I was a pup..." Izuku said scratching his head, what should he say!? This was the first time he met the parents of any potential mate! What if he screwed this up and they hated him!?

A book was placed before him "Huh?" He blinked curiously...
the book was old, obviously, hand written...he opened the first page and saw recipes...

he looked at Mitsuki "Every omega in our family get this book passed down, old family recipes dating back to my great-grandmother" She said proudly pushing the book closer to Izuku.

Tears feel free from his eyes, "This...this so wonderful!" He cried picking up the book and hugging it, "It's really okay for you to give this to me?!" He squeaked softly, Mitsuki chuckled at his reaction "Sure as hell! My brats courting you right?" She asked as Izuku nodded

"Than your practically family! Speaking of...let's make lunch! I'm sure Katsuki and the help wouldn't mind a nice meal!" Mitsuki said standing up and Izuku eagerly followed her. Izuku made some tea to serve Masaru as Mitsuki chatted with him, talking about farm life Izuku eagerly listened,

"What kind of meat is this?" He asked as Mitsuki pulled out some packages from the bag they brought "Deer meat! We're gonna make a hearty stew with some cornbread," She explained and Izuku paled

"D...deer meat?! We're eating Bambi?!" He looked a little freaked out, it was Masaru's turn to laugh "Now, now don't get upset...keeping the deer population in check is good for the environment if they overpopulate they'll eat all the vegetation...and with all the flash floods around here, it could cause a mudslide" He explained but it was still unclear to Izuku how they were connected...

with a pout he continued to help Mitsuki prepare the food...this was just something he'd have to...adjust too...Once they were finished cooking, Izuku helped pack everything up and loaded everything into Masaru's truck...the ride to the field let Izuku see more of the land "Sheep! Oh! Look how cute the babies are!" He cooed and awed when he saw cows

"There are horses too!" Izuku shouted with excitement, the drive was over before Izuku even realized how far they had gone...

Katsuki gazed up and spotted his Father's truck, with a heavy sigh he made his way to meet his folks they climbed out, the familiar scent of his omega caught his attention and the sight of Izuku holding a box filled with lunch contains made him croon.

"Hey! Lunch break!" He called out and as whoops and hollers were heard. He approached Izuku, his sole focus was on him "Nice to see ya," He said smiling softly,

Izuku blushed and tilted his head to the side "You were right, they showed up almost around noon, we made deer stew..." He said looking up as he offered the box to the alpha.

"Kiss him already!" Mitsuki shouted, Katsuki immediately turned red with embarrassment "S...shut up old hag!" He shouted as Izuku stepped forward and on his toes pressed a kiss to Katsuki's cheek causing him to short-circuit and go quiet...

He quickly took the heavy box "I'll hand these out!" Katsuki said quickly trotting off but not before pressing a kiss of his own to Izuku's cheek...

Once everyone had a lunch box, Izuku sat with Katsuki on the back of his truck both of them eating "It's very different from what I'm used to...but it isn't bad..." He said taking another bit.

Katsuki ate blissfully, it was rare he got to eat a mid-day meal...and the fact Izuku helped make this made it even better than normal! He needed to do was almost done idea came to mind

"Wanna learn how to ride a horse?" the look of utter wonder and joy Izuku had put the summer sun to shame...

After he dismissed his hired hands for the day and said his goodbyes to Mitsuki and Masaru, Katsuki took Izuku to the horse barn and introduced him to his oldest and gentlest of mares Lady Explosion or Lady for short... for his first lesson Katsuki put a helmet on his head and taught him how to get into the saddle...after a few attempts and one success, Katsuki leads him to the training area "No free-riding until you get used to being on a horse and know the basics" He said sternly as he attached Lady's lead to a pole.

Izuku trotted around learning the basics but having fun non the less! He was actually riding a horse! "Don't grip the reins too tight, see how her ears are folded back," Katsuki said snapping Izuku from his thoughts "Y...yes!" He answered doing as he was told...

The riding lesson lasted well into the evening, Katsuki just didn't want to stop seeing Izuku so happy, but eventually, they needed to let Lady rest for the evening.

He taught Izuku how to care for Lady, brushing her coat and mane, feeding her some oats and grains by the time they returned to the house, it was dark, Izuku was worried about what to make for dinner...

however, it seemed Mitsuki was way ahead of them and left roasted chicken and vegetables for them to reheat...

They ate together Izuku happily chatting about writing to his mom "I can't wait to tell her what an amazing alpha I have!" He blushed when he realized what he said,

Katsuki gently touched his hand "You are my omega..." He said blushing just as bad...what was it about Izuku that just turned his brain to utter mush? whatever it was...he didn't mind...

"What happened to the curtains?" He asked suddenly noticing they were missing, Izuku looked away "They are dirty I'm gonna beat the dust out of them... but...I.I'd like new ones...if...or not! It totally doesn't matter!" Izuku said shoveling food into his mouth.


The next morning Katsuki woke Izuku up and showed him how to get the eggs from the hen house and which eggs to take, "This pen I keep the hens separated from any roosters" He said pointing to one on the left and then turned to the right "This one has hens and roosters-
I have fancy chickens like silkies and a few others, I mostly have those for competitions" Katsuki said with a smug smile obviously proud of some of the Silkies he's raised "Aww...they are so cute and fluffy!" Izuku gushed watching the various chicken run around with babies at their heels, Katsuki couldn't help but snort a little "Your cuter if ya ask me," He teased enjoying the blush on Izuku's face, "Any way we have some turkeys over here," The tour continued as Katsuki taught Izuku the proper way to feed each bird type...

And than...Izuku met the bunnies and his heart nearly exploded at the sight of a rabbit that was almost doubled the size of his own head! A beautiful sleek black bunny that hopped over to him and even let him scratch his ears!

"That's Aka-chan, I'll be entering her in this year-state fair," Katsuki said watching Izuku play with his prize rabbit "She'll catch a pretty penny if she wins too," He said offhandedly.

Which seemed to be the worst he could say as the scent of sad omega caught his attention "You'll do no such thing! Aka-chan is too cute to be eaten! Don't please!" Izuku begged now hugging the giant bunny with both arms...Katsuki blinked in Izuku looked up at him with pleading eyes and the damn rabbit snuggled into his arms...

"Izuku...," Katsuki tried to think of something to wasn't like they were in dire need of money...the farm did great even without the sales of rabbit...he scratched the back of his neck and sighed "Alright...alright you can keep her but she stays out here! No house bunnies!" He said sternly and was rewarded with a hug and Izuku happily scenting him

"Thank you Kacchan!" He chirped and quickly pulled away covering his mouth embarrassed by the silly nickname "Sor..." Before he could apologies Katsuki spoke quickly, "I don't mind!" a blush on his face "I'll just think of what to call you later,"

After putting Aka-chan back in the rabbit pen, they walked back to the house with fresh eggs and holding hands, they made breakfast together "What kind of wedding would you like?" Katsuki asked suddenly, Izuku thought for a moment a soft smile on his face as he thought about it
a real wedding...something he had longed for...he looked at Katsuki "As long as my mother is there to watch I'd be happy with anything!" He said happily.

Katsuki really wanted to kiss him, was it okay? They had only known each other for what? A few days? But dear lord it already felt like a lifetime! This wasn't how he was taught about courting! But his brain didn't seem to listen as his body moved forward pressing his lips to Izuku and purred as he listened to the satisfying hum he already felt like a lifetime!

Izuku was melting, the smell of Katsuki combined with his warmth and the tender kiss had him feeling like jelly as he wrapped his arms around the taller man pulling him deeper into the wasn't until the smell of burning food and an actual fire did they pull apart to stop the house from burning down, Izuku couldn't stop laughing at Katsuki all drenched from the exploding sink

"Well...look like we're going into town...need to fix this plumbing...and maybe upgrade the stove..." He said eyeing the old thing wearily even he had to was a decade old stove that his grandma used...and it wasn't the first time it almost burnt the house down...

Izuku puffed out his cheeks, maybe it wouldn't hurt to ask...he gulped and took a chance "Um maybe we could...repaint the cabinets...I MEAN IF THAT'S OKAY!!!" He panicked as he spoke, Katsuki blinked, and looked at his old kitchen, scratched his head

"Sure..." he said he honestly didn't see anything wrong with the colors...but if it made his omega happy to change things then he was happy...

After cleaning up, they drove to town happily chatting about whatever came to mind. They stopped by the post office for Izuku to mail his mother a letter before walking to the hardware store, "Katsuki!" Eijirou greeted as they walked in "Shitty hair," He shot back

Eijirou just laughed as he approached the couple "What brings the happy couple to town today?" He asked smiling brightly "Sink busted today, need a few parts to fix it, Izuku wants to repaint the cabinets," He explained.

"You're finally fixing up that ugly kitchen! Praise the gods!" Eijirou said with obvious elation, "Mina! Katsuki is fixing up his kitchen!" He shouted to his mate.

A very round black-skinned woman waddled over to them "Really! That kitchen hasn't seen a fresh coat of paint since...ever!" She exclaimed with a laugh, she looked at Izuku "And you must be Izuku!" She grabbed his hand shaking it happily "I'll show you our paint selection!" She said dragging him off...

Katsuki just turned to look at Eijirou "My kitchen wasn't that bad!" He argued with a pout, " is...anything else ya shopping for?"

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Turns out renovating a kitchen was actually fun, the whole week Katsuki worked with Izuku to turn the kitchen around. He made the design to use wood flooring instead of tile, sanded and repainted the cabinets, helped hang curtains...

The joy on Izuku's face was worth it..especially as they stood in the newly renovated kitchen hugging "This is amazing! Thank you Kacchan!" He said gleefully kissing the alpha.

Katsuki smiled as he kissed back happily, as he pulled Izuku in close resting his head on top and breathing in the scent he had come to adore.

They ate a light lunch and were getting ready to practice horseback riding, "Pretty soon I'll take you riding on a trail," Katsuki said smiling as Izuku pulled on his boots.

His eyes lit up "I'll prepare a picnic lunch for us!" He said feeling excited as he stood up. He loved the new boots Katsuki got him! They were perfect!

Katsuki pulled opened the door and froze...standing at the door in mid-knock was a woman with green hair...she looked identical to Izuku minus
the freckles "Hello Ms.." He said

"MOM!" Izuku shouted wrapping the woman up in a hug "Izuku!" Inko cried hugging her baby and kissing his forehead. He pulled away with a confused look on his face "Why are you here?" He asked

Inko blushed and fidgeted "Your letter gave me peace of mind, but I needed to see for myself that you were happy!" She said with a worried tone and tears gleaming in her eyes.

Katsuki was sweating, he quickly sat his soon-to-be mother-in-law at the table and pulled out a kettle to make her some tea. Izuku pulled out some muffins that he made yesterday and took a seat beside her smiling happily.

Inko eyed the alpha, "So what were you doing before?" She asked as Katsuki placed a cup of steam tea in front of her along with milk and sugar.

"We just finished working in the kitchen!" Izuku said excitedly and began pointing out everything they had done, "He's been so kind! I still can't believe he actually bought the fridge I wanted!" He said

Katsuki took his seat next to Izuku wondering how badly Inko was judging him, he kept his head bowed down respectfully towards her. Showed no posturing, "It's just a fridge honey, if it makes you happy I'd buy ten more," He teased smiling at the blooming red on his face.

"We were about to horseback riding! Or rather practice...Kacchan said he'll take me on a trail soon! You have to meet Lady and Aka-chan!" Izuku gushed happily.

The practice was forgotten and Katsuki called his own parents, much to Inko's surprise "We'll meet up at the dinner for diner, there eager to meet you Ms. Midoriya," He said respectfully

Inko felt a little better when she received Izuku's letter but she needed to see him, needed to know her baby wasn't being taken advantage of...and seeing this alpha being so...soft...put her at ease "Please call me Mom," She said smiling gently.

"Izuku gets his smile from you...mesmerizing," He said turning his gaze to Izuku and gently touching his face, Inko watched as he leaned into the touch. They looked so tenderly at each reminded Inko of her late husband... the way he used to look at her.


Both men watched at Mitsuki practically slung herself at Inko wrapping her up in a tight hug and welcoming her to the family even before they entered the dinner. Izuku and Katsuki had their hands intertwined as they walked behind their parents, Inko was having the best day it seemed as the two women talked happily sitting next to each other.

"I always imagined Izuku having a fall wedding, nice cool weather maybe somewhere outside," Inko said dreamily as Mitsuki giggled like a schoolgirl. "We could have it in the old barn, well we'd have to fix it up first..." Mitsuki said seemingly on board with this "That way if it rains we'd have a backup plan!"

Inko clapped her hands clearly happy, "Oh that sounds lovely! I saw the barn on the way here, it was surrounded by all those lovely trees!" She gushed happily, Masaru quickly spoke "I think if we time it right, those trees will have apples sprouting all over them!"

"Or apple blossoms!" Mitsuki squealed a huge smile on her face, "On the other hand if you wait I could make some apple cider for the wedding party" Came the voice of Ochako "And maybe an apple cake instead of a traditional cake!"

Both women oohed and awed at the suggestion, Mitsuki lamenting how she wished she'd brought a calendar to start marking dates!

"Ochako please get back to work!" Tenya shouted over the wedding planners and their giggles

Katsuki just rolled his eyes as he pulled Izuku closer, the smeller man leaning into him and cuddling in his warm embrace, "I've never had apple cider before...or apple cake..." He commented offhandedly.

"We'll have the wedding during peak apple season," Katsuki declared as Izuku laughed, Katsuki just pressed a kiss to his forehead and blinked at the sudden flash.

Inko was holding a polaroid camera smiling as a picture slowly printed out. Mitsuki watched over Inko's shoulder as the picture faded in "Awww," they both cooed.

Katsuki and Mitsuki argued about where Inko would stay, Katsuki insisting she stay with them and Mitsuki insisting she stay in town. In the end, Mitsuki won the fight through an arm-wrestling match

"I'm just tired is all! That's the only reason ya won ya old hag!" He said seethingly with a pout as Mitsuki just laughed as she dragged Inko away...

That night as they entered the house, electricity seemed to spark between them as they kissed. Hands moving everywhere, purring and moaning as they tumbled into Katsuki's room that night...

Izuku woke the next morning, Katsuki's arms wrapped around his naked body, he couldn't help the blush blooming on his face as he laid his head on Katsuki's well-endowed chest enjoying the warmth and the feeling of contentment.

"Deku..." Katsuki mumbled drowsily planting a kiss, Izuku looked up with an eyebrow raised "Deku?" He echoed with a laugh, Katsuki snorted "Half tired..." He said

"Marry me," Katsuki said suddenly, "This feels right, I don't wanna wait," He continued sitting up pulling Izuku into his lap. He stifled a soft moan feeling Katsuki's growing need rubbing against him "I'd be a Deku to say no," He teased rubbing his hips into Katsuki.

The alpha smirked trailing kisses down his neck, "Let's sleep in~" Katsuki purred, Izuku laughed "Careful I might or I'll be pregnant before the wedding" He teased. That only seemed to spur Katsuki on further "I wouldn't abject never too soon to start our family," He said smiling

The smell of happy omega emanated through the whole room, yes this was everything Izuku could have ever dreamed of as he shifted in his alpha's lap to face him "Give me lots of pups than alpha~" he purred pushing Katsuki down on to the bed.



After some extra morning activities, Katsuki all but rushed into town! He needed to get the old barn ready! He needed a ring! Fuck he needed permission from Inko! He sincerely hoped she couldn't smell her son all over him!

His first stop was the local bulletin board at the town hall, he posted up a quickly made flying to enlist help from whoever needed some extra cash, next he drove over to his parents home only stopping to admire there tiny little vegetable garden with a mild chuckle, once a farmer always a farmer he guesses...

"You asked Izuku to marry you!" Mitsuki shouted a big smile on her face followed by a whoop as she clapped her hands together "Best bet I ever lost!"

Confused for a moment till Inko strolled over a proud smirk on her face as Mitsuki handed her some money, "I thought you'd wait a whole year before popping the question!" Mitsuki said laughing

"But I bet you'd ask later this week," Inko said clearly quite pleased with herself as she smirked at him "And from the smell of it...we might be seeing grand pups very soon,"

Katsuki blushed as he scratched the back of his head awkwardly "I actually wanted to...ask for your," He felt awkward saying such a thing, however, the gentle smile on Inko's face made it all worth it.

She nodded, "You have my blessing Katsuki, please continue making my baby happy," Inko said pulling Katsuki into a hug, "Meeting you was a blessing for Izuku and I couldn't be more pleased..."

There was a sad tone in her voice even as her smile glowed with happiness. Masaru walked over to Katsuki and took his hand "This was your grandfather's wedding ring, we figured Izuku would appreciate this over getting your grandmother's ring," He said curling Katsuki's fingers around the simple gold band.

After hugging both his parents Katsuki set off for home, lunch was waiting for him on the table along with Izuku eagerly waiting for him. The home finally felt more...homey...he hadn't had this comforting feeling in since his puppy days.

Izuku broke into tears as Katsuki gave him the ring, smothered him in kisses, and scenting him happily.

A knock on the door pulled them back to reality, Katsuki confused and curiously opened the door "BAKABRO!!!" Eijirou shouted happily, he was dressed ready for work, and behind him were several other people holding wood and tools.

Izuku blinked no way did news spread THAT fast! "We're ready to get to work!" Eijirou declared smiling brightly, "And dude we all agreed we don't want to be paid," He said sternly

Another man spoke up, a blond with yellow eyes "Yeah man! This is our wedding gift to you!" Denki cheered as the rest of the crowd followed "You stay put with your man while we do all the hard work!" Eijirou said as they turned and headed off to work...

"Is this typical?" Izuku asked finding the shocked look on Katsuki's face amusing, "More so than you know, small-town everyone knows everyone" Katsuki replied closing the door, "Don't tell those morons but... their good people," He said smirking.

By the time autumn came around, the two were even closer than before and perhaps a little more round than before...

Izuku blushed as he opted for the larger size pants to fit comfortably over his ever-growing baby wasn't a shock to either of them they had been rather active in the bedroom...

With most of Katsuki's friends fixing up the barn, it gave him time to turn Izuku's former room into a proper made Izuku cry several times over from how perfect everything was...

Even now as he looked at the two empty cribs await for their occupants to arrive, "Deku you should be sitting!" Katsuki scolded gently pushing him into the room and plopping him down in the rocking chair.

Izuku laughed "I'm fine Kacchan! Besides, I'll be standing and dancing all night today!" He said filled with excitement as Katsuki groaned "Exactly! You need to rest as much as possible!"

He loved how dotting Katsuki was! He was going to be such a good father! "But it's my wedding day! I wanna dance all night in the arms of my darling husband!" He pretended to whine. Katsuki scoffed and kissed him "Half the night if you promise to relax!" He said sternly

"Fine," Izuku lamented sitting back in his rocking chair running his hands over his belly, kissing him once more Katsuki adjusted Izuku's bow tie before scurrying off to make sure everything was going as scheduled.

Inko came in "Photos are going to be taken by the orchard in half an hour sweetie," she said smiling proudly as she touched Izuku's belly "Hello my grandpups, Nana can't wait to meet you!" She cooed kissing his belly than his forehead.

Izuku playfully batted her way with a laugh watching as she left the room...he sighed softly as he gazed out the window of the nursery enjoying the view of fall leaves gently blowing in the wind...he really loved this farm and this town and really everyone that lived here!

The photos were taken, with family, with friends, just Katsuki and Izuku together holding each other while they gazed lovingly into each other's eyes... Katsuki wanted one of him holding Izuku bridal style in his arms...the omega adamantly refused...

"I weigh more than Lady does! I'm carrying two pups in me!" He chastised lightly with a pout, "I'm not having you hurt your back on our wedding day!"

Katsuki just laughed as he scooped him up into his arms, the photographer quickly taking the shot with Izuku's look of surprise forever etched on his face. Katsuki looked smug as he replaced Izuku on the ground and flexed his muscles "Like lifting a feather pillow babe," He said smirking...

Izuku pouted lightly hitting him, "Don't complain later than," he warned but smiled anyway as Katsuki pulled him into a tender embrace gently kissing him...

Toshinori the old priest was presiding over the wedding, the aging alpha currently was courting his mother and Izuku couldn't be happier that even his mother found new joy in life "We're about to begin my boy," Toshi said smiling softly as he adjusted his coat.

Inko helped fix his tie and kissed his cheek, he chuckled "I hope you'll save a dance for me, pretty lady," He teased earning a giggling blush from Inko "Well lucky for you, my dance card is empty," She flirted back and dragged Izuku off...

Katsuki was herded into place with Toshi standing with the book before him...rows of chairs filled with people sat behind him, not a single dry eye could be found. The wedding march began to play, and all eyes landed on Izuku being escorted by Inko...

Inko stood before Katsuki "Today...I give you my become part of my family as I become part of your," She said offering Izuku's hand to Katsuki.

"Thank you, for letting me have Izuku, for letting me become your new son," Katsuki replied bowing his head as Inko stepped back and took her seat.

Toshi smiled at the two, "Today we unite this couple in matrimony, two souls that have long searched for their other half and have joined as one spirit," He said gazing at the two men, "Our grooms have written their vows and I turn the floor to them,"

Katsuki cleared his throat, "I'm a man of few words...but believe me when I complete every way possible, you complete made me realize just how lonely I was...what joy was...was life really is...Izuku I love you," Katsuki said clutching Izuku's hands tightly in his.

Tears pour down Izuku's face as he sniffled a little, "Kacchan, being sent here was the best thing to ever happen to me. I never knew how the city lights made it so hard to see the stars...but how can I notice the stars when all I want is to look into your eyes," He said wiping his eyes

"I never knew how nice peace and quiet was...but nicer still is the sound of your heart when we sleep at night, the warmth of the land is nothing compared to the warmth of your've shown me a better life, you've given me the chance to live that life...better still I get to live life with you," Izuku said smiling up at Katsuki

Toshi had to wipe his own tears away and quickly pulled out matching rings, "Now present each other with these rings," He instructed watched as they both took a ring and slide it on the opposite finger, "Let all who bare witness to this union! In this life when we find love it's the greatest gift we not only give ourselves but to the person who that love is given too," Toshi said clasping his hands over Katsuki and Izuku's

"Today I present Bakugou Katsuki and Bakugou Izuku!" He shouted followed by the roaring cheer of the crowd...

The newly renovated barn was opened and food was served while music played. Izuku and Katsuki had their first dance and newlyweds before dancing, in Katsuki's case reluctantly, with their parents and the evening turned dark.

"Come on honey time to get you into bed," Katsuki cooed to a half-asleep Izuku, "One more dance...please..."He said trying hard not to let another yawn escape his mouth.

Katsuki just smiled shaking his head, "Nope party is winding down, and all three of you need sleep," He helped Izuku into his truck rolling his eyes at the stupid tin cans now attached to the bumper...probabily Ochako's doing...

He said goodbye to his folks and Inko giving them each a hug before driving off, tomorrow was the start of their new life as a married couple...thank god he filled out the order form!

The End